Who Gave You Permission To Use My Phone?

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Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim. As a rule Islam impresses upon us not to use the item belonging or possession of any person without seeking formal consent. But the question is what happens in the event where you enjoy a very intimate relationship with someone, a very casual relationship with someone, and there isn't formal consent, but there is implied permission, your friend is not there and you use his car, or your brother is not there and you use this phone. Or sometimes the relationship is so amazing that you could take the card of another person and swipe it and you know, when he will discover he won't only approve of it now he will rejoice. Although he might apparently

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counter it and say yeah, you know you I won't forgive you, you use my car without permission. So behind Allah there is a beautiful explanation to the permissibility of using such an item when there is implied permission from a verse of the Quran and that is the richness and the beauty of the Quran. So today we look at juice 27 chapter 52 verse 23, Allah subhanho wa Taala speaks about the dwellers of Jenna and May Allah make us from amongst them, they will be celebrating they will be merrymaking they will be enjoying. And part of this ambience of happiness and joy is yet another room Effie hi Casa La one fi theme, they will be passing around a glass a vessel a utensil, yet

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another room, they'll be contending with each other, they will be snatching it from each other learner one but there'll be no idle talk, there'll be no blurting of absurd language in it one theme and there will be no sin or obscene language. So they will be pulling the the vessel the the glass from one another. And this is just part of the spirit of happiness and joy. And this will be part of that bliss and excitement and jubilation. So in biannual Ronnie, it is written della Elijah, was it the sole roofie female, right, is that they are gonna be pleased with Toby. He were Enza hammer who fifth law here that this is released as a hint that it is permissible to access the belonging of

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another like how in general, one will take the glass of the goblet or the vessel from the other. It's permissible to access to use in that manner when you convince between the talebi knowing that the owner will be happy that you took that item. We're Enza Hama horfield law here, though, outwardly he might challenge you and tell you that you took it without his permission. So that is the beauty of Islam. Though there is rigidity in certain acts aspects. There is also flexibility in other aspects. May Allah grant us the balance and the moderation of our beautiful Dean. I mean, you're behind me