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of the praising Allah Subhana Allah in sending humans greetings and salutations upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa early or seldom, we stopped, we looked at surah Tucker's or speaking about the mutual rivalry and the piling of this wealth, how so many of us individually are engaged inside this dunya will begin to lose track towards an era and the theme of this continues for the conclusion of the surah continues inside. So, the answer, as you mentioned many occasions that we try to find the plausible link between a chronological order between one sort or another surah Why is Allah Subhana replace certain IR in certain locations and certain sources inside

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certain locations? Or what is the plausible link between one surah another surah one I another idea. So, here the concept, we're spending our time wasting our time in his mutual rivalry inside this dunya derails us from Hera. So, so, tell us, it speaks about the importance of time, that we should be spending our effort and our life and our time inside his dunya in preparing for

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not losing Hera. And also we find the concept of time that many of us will have ample time on the face of this earth there is what is known as mode fetch attend a sudden def that will before which has been prophesied, they will come to the end of time, when a surety saw Sir sohara amongst the minus signs a day judgment, there'll be sudden deaths, instant death will begin to take place. But put that aside, most of us will have what is known as a good life, or ample life, ample opportunity, or worked on also will be given to us to begin to prepare ourselves. As we mentioned, all of us, we know what the questions are, we know what the answers are. And likewise, this examination or this

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exam paper has enough time, time has been given for the individual, not one hour, or three hours, or three segments, or three different types of papers, or institutes, you've been given 10 years, 20 years, 30 years, 40 years, 50 years, 60 years, that's a summer holiday I mentioned a person reaches the age of 60. And they don't ponder over death, about the return towards Allah Subhana Allah then the end result will be whatever it will be, being the person is arkell that a certain stage of their life to begin to represent the concept of death inside their life. And for many of us may we may think that simplicity is far away. But the sudden deaths or deaths around us should awaken us that

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death is, as they say, just around the corner. So I've been given enough time, when I'm only 20 years old. There's enough time in a few years to understand the concept of returning back to Allah Subhana Allah preparing oneself, there were numerous companions or specific companion. I'm a colleague, well, as you can see here, he done a small amount of time is being a Muslim, while in Urdu kebele, okay here, but his reward was immense. Why, how is that plausible? just gave his Shahada and became Shahid in a way of Allah Subhana Allah because why my Walker ficolo obey Him what existed inside the hearts of these individuals. And that's what we did to instill within our hearts.

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That time I'll walk to a safe for lm Taka, Taka time as they say this famous era probe is like a sword. If you don't strike it, it will strike you because the sword is always sharp. So a person needs to be vigilant can a person a swordsman, it's not about the actual sword itself. As people who speak about weaponry and utensils is not the sword that strikes is a person is able to hold the sword who has the the forearm the strength to lift a sword that's even claim Oh Josie inside his word for die He mentions as well. That drive is like like a sword or the forearm. Because that's what carries the dura the more stronger the prerequisites of da the more powerful the strike

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becomes. The more powerful the outcomes. So some of us we may make sense we may make effort but there's no prerequisites. There's no build up within ourselves inside our hearts and our minds. Our Salah Allah mentions Aki Mashallah Allah didn't say well I do Salah Allah didn't say just perform the search we find in no normal critical language I find I've prayed the Salah cut a day to Salah What does that mean? It just you're trying to get rid of this burden on your shoulder or I've done this for you I've done this action so this will suffice unless it's Aki masala Bhima and Acaba, Salah is a deadly Salah that before you actually enter to Silla, you're walking you're talking your

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mindset your preparation your will do and they can be Sakina will record when you come to the masjid communist state of tranquility and peace. It may learn focus devotion, not sending some texts before you ended how many covenant even before said I have to make sure this message doesn't come in. I don't want to defame him even in the member you see people sitting on their phones.

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You want to highlight to them these assets

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Add these a few moments, a fella theme topic 30 minutes 40 minutes or in a week for you to remember Allah Subhana Allah lykins one fee Yama Jumeirah. There's a moment is a word. There's a time which is precious. And for some people, it may never come again. And we spoke about previously about the sport and engagement some of me think we're trying to over, be overzealous, but reflect upon time. Imagine if that was your last moment. Imagine if that was your death. Yes, we could be compensate. Well, it may not be. We hope that won't be but there could be people that the death could be in a state of a ruffler. A state of heedlessness laughter doesn't mean always be in a state of sin. It

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can be the person could be at that time not really focusing in Allah Subhana Allah, the prophet Allah Islam kana yester Allah subhanaw taala Ravi, by the way, wired me accept me a Tamara, the prophet I'm used to remain in forgiveness, seeking forgiveness for lost contact 70 times a day and some durations 100 times a day. Why is he seeking forgiveness for because remembering Allah Subhana Allah rejuvenates the heart, it reminds the heart was active for inner vichara temporary meaning remind the benefit reminders, the believers, the companions used to say to one another, does not mean Sir, he said you want to come let us believe for an hour? Let us remind ourselves about Allah

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Subhana Allah does many the enema dimension this surah shorter answer, when the companion used to part from one another. They should read this for our Law Center in Santa Fe, a free surah used to read the Sudanese two part that we should be mutually at this moment in time were parting with goodness on email in Belize. And May Allah forgive us if we wasted our time in any manner. That's the importance of time that we should understand inside Allah Allah from the inside is juice. The strange thing is make so many offs. While faggio was Shams were late and throughout the Quran, and this becomes a conclusion. There are all those elements of time, the Baraka, lady, geography semi

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brugia this constellation these stars, the sun, the moon, Allah placed them I am lemon arada and yet the Kira Radha shockula, Allah place the alternation night, the day all this around is what purpose lemon Allah the Indian zakharova Radha shockula, the one who wants to reflect and ponder and change himself. Then what does Allah say were a bad rap Manny Medina yum Chanel RB hona a bad rap now look at the C fat of a bad rap man or the moussaka berrien or the arrogant people. They look down upon people to trivialize people do read, speak ill of people. These these a bad rap man they ponder they reflect

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either acabo de Luna calu Salama individual disturb waste their time Take them away from Allah Subhana Allah de se Salah my walk away from it therefore real concept of time is enough you have to somehow what you heard was de la la la la ya Tilly only

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alternation of night the day the creation of heaven earth I yet for whom Allah de Kooning appear.

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While adieu beam we are difficult difficulty somewhat he will not rabbanim

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bow pillar so kinda fokina Adana the end guys what save us from the punishment of the Hellfire Rabbana attina freedonia hudsonalpha Hasina joaquina Allah banagher us give us good in this world good in hereafter save us from what the hell fire formando fuzzy and nerdy what the hell agenda says woman hired to dunya illa metalphoto that's how the end of Surah imraan towards this conclusion, that what is this word by great big deception.

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This who deceived you, it betrays you, it takes you away from from the path of Allah Subhana Allah this dunya if a person doesn't understand what their purpose is in the face of this dunya so Allah on the inside the suit of acid concludes all of these are these oaths by time that condenses all that while acid all of that we're referring to the night the day moments it comes down to time. I mean the best mentioned on us remain a dad the whole of what human beings time, your existence upon this earth mm chef aka nuclear Anu the unzila La Ilaha de surah la casa xs lectrofan has in oma, if this so only this surah was sent down shortly after it would suffice the whole of mankind that would

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be sufficient for them. Because he knows and studies to see right similar words that it will be sufficient for people have only this sort of sent down selasa yet, only three verses. There's only three stories inside the Quran. three verses is sort of nossal we'll go through unsorted acid. These are known as three sewers with three IR the shortwave being sort of closer, but these three sewers are these three eyes

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Whenever I mentioned the most powerful when we look at certain codes or a certain number and so I said hey, this moment in time are the most powerful fools when they have more than a prophecy mentioned that if you implement this surah a contains all of the the success of this Muslim Omar on these three, these four principles that exists inside the surah that we implemented inside alive We will become people of success and as some people call this Surah Surah and follow the surah of success. This will give success to the individual actually in the insane Allah be hosted by time, whether it be the time existence of the human being, whether it be the walk to the answer, whether

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it be that time of late afternoon because someone mentioned that is whereby people become a coffee lean. They become heedless, towards the end of the day, or becomes the actual Sonata rasa becomes the prayer itself. How fidu Allah Salah wati wa salatu wa como la carnitine God your prayers, and specifically the middle prayer were called Raja most of them have a sitting go to the view that media pray slow to the acid base for numerous ahaadeeth

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whoever least not selected as a socket Butera elumelu who is a narration Bihari or Muslim i'm not mistaken whoever misses a lot of acid *a booty rah he's lost

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he's lost his family members he's lost his with him a Muslim is it shut up if um no we it is shut up a Muslim he writes about why why is it so not an asset because a person could be busy with their families the end of the day coming back from work. So even the hellos and being with your family could derail you make your delays a lot of acid or could be you're so busy in work, or in business or money transactions, or just making hisab at the end of your accounts at the end of the day it derails you so here it is highlight a person who misses a lot to offer. And some of the fukagawa just don't even the minute detail. The average is one seller. We're talking about a person who

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continuously misses Salah just one Salah you've missed it. You've lost everything. That's how we should even I may not be the most strongest you but that's how we should approach things inside our life. That if I if I'm getting late, this is what we should we should awaken ourselves within so that's what we eat man is a man at times is in a congregation to encourage one oneself by that developer email and communication leads one Sophie sin

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in one secrecy it leads oneself to be vigilant of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And some of the minima go to review be Astrid newbie This is speaking about the lifespan of the prophet Isaiah, he's 23 years on the face of this earth. But the most accurate view being the concept of time, how we availed our time, how we prepare ourselves, then Allah mentioned in that insane lfv Hussein, that indeed man is in a state of loss.

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Sonata tacky dead, three emphasis are placed here that indeed, the human being here around him, I begin to discuss him of a series, which human being is it and the majority is every human being, whether they encounter Catherine a Muslim and raised Muslim or disbeliever, whatever it is, they're all in a state of loss. And as a summary of what they mentioned, that occurred I mentioned that the the person remains in a state of loss. And luckily, he said in the in Santa Lucha fear, man is is a losing it losing, but it's extra tacky that inside the language inside the Quran, it places extra emphasis for a person to pay heed, that indeed, the human being is in a state of loss.

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When our Shafi Dallek there's no doubt upon that the most human beings are in a state of look that famous Hadley from every 1999 would go to the hellfire.

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So that's what most of the world is going towards weigh in today experiment Phil, are you DeLuca and Sabine Illa. If you obey most of the people around you, they're going to do what they can to derail you sort of benchmark doesn't become the timezone the people around yes I already mentioned in in the in Santa Luffy fee for fear we might not know Mubarak

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he's is drowned. He's surrounded in Los that's what I mean just had to tell him I have fee on him I begin to discuss it linguistically. He's surrounded in losses drowning in loss,

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except for whom then allowing them mentioned. So this is the world is drowning us is drowning out a man taking us away from the path of Allah Subhana Allah in the ladina Aminu wamena solly. herd heard except for those individuals in law once again, I discussed this is this not this exception? Who is exception they say that before we look at exception

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Look at the majority meaning the Quran is saying that the majority of people are going to be losers, then comes the exception we're calling looming a barely a shock or only a few servants are going to be grateful. When

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we lay in our home machico most people are going to be mushriks

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The motion is only gonna be a few. So we need to find to be amongst those few individuals in the Latina ama noir mill saga who believe it Kathy speaks about what's the meaning of belief and actions is a majority. Listen, just just I utterance have not been listen a utterance why our tongue we don't want to delve deep and dissect people's email but it's there, that this this, this this display of emotion

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but it doesn't really exist inside of society at an arbitrary adequate playing with with the laws of Allah Subhana Allah because the man may be the beginning stage, it could be inside your heart.

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That's what many people have his argument Allah knows what's inside my heart. He knows my belief. He knows my conviction Who are you to judge me when it comes Sunnah I just described that the battered about blondes. If you take a strand of a blind you just pluck it away and you place it in the sun. It will remain there for a short while then a wither away because it's not being pampered. It's not being taken care of. It's not being pruned. The weeds have been taken out a man is a constant struggle. Eman isn't what we think just you said I believe all men upon them to minoo Well I think kulu Aslam na Allah rebukes these people and

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the Arab said that we believe Allah says no you haven't believed that's a some of the random on my knees, you go to the View and Latina call.

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These people said this time and they're hypocrites.

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There's a few inside works with the first see if that's not the most accurate view. But Allah still rebukes them that Who are you to say I'm a person of a man. What is a man mean? He man is not the the benchmark of taking people's a man. That's what we become ledges, legislators on people taking people what their email is. Take your own email. Take your own email, begin with your own Eman. Illa Latina am Anwar monosol, you had a lovely alladhina amanu buckelew obituary him, as indicated mentioned, those who believe in their hearts

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and the kind of actions by their limbs to show these we are individuals who believe in Allah Subhana Allah and who have the Quran Read, read the science of the Quran where Allah always speaks about those who believe and do righteous action. There's only maybe a few occasions

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only a few occasions that mentioned that whereby it just speaks about Amen. But the majority the Quran speaks about Eman and righteous actions

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and not to waste our life waste our time. Let our time be wasted as we find when people when young people say I'm just coaching or just passing my time. Do you have any any aspirations inside your life?

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Do you have any aspirations I like what you want to achieve? That's why I read history. And we keep on reminding reading history but read about the world Islamic history existed before us. Just like you read your visit about about he learned about dogs he read about history to see what existed before because many of us we were when we don't have a clue about history. We live in this bubble world, Islam which is somehow a few of us will come and liberate the world. That's the world that we live in is a concept of frittata, Nadia pyromancer. I'm a saved individual. And these few click around me were going to dominate the earth. It's been 5060 years. What domination Have you have what

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voice do you have?

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What understanding Do you have going study history this should not delay on the how change takes place, how it begin to happen, read about what happened to Muslims who believed they were victorious. Read about the various empires read about man a salad analysis be dealer of drama and the third give your title Nasir The Conqueror in kotoba. That's when he ruled over Andalus at the age of 20. He wrote and he wrote was come seen center 50 years

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50 years he ruled for

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Do you know what he highlights inside? He said oh they write about him. He said I said I was sat down one day and I want to make an assessment of my life. 50 years of so called enjoyment of conquering of scaring the disbelievers of ruling building these palaces go and see kotoba the palaces are there. The gardens are there, the luxuries are there they're not hidden. These are not faithful or miss Bowen feed under the non Muslim world Marvels at the pristine development of how advanced Muslims were, how their life was, but you know what he writes in these 15 years

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As of me being the Emir,

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being Abdul Rahman, this title are reflected in my life. And I found the most value of my life. How many years was it? How many decades was it? He says 14 days.

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He said only 14 days of my life. I'm 50 years of ruling, can I say I was in a state of happiness and contentment.

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So when a person thinks that I have power and rule and glory, I have this power doesn't mean the higher level even power amongst ourselves, we think we can control people

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that we think we think people are not sheep, a mind that Islam isn't a deed of control. Islam as people are the mother who guide you or not I'm not priests and rabbis who condemn you control you who become what's known as random Abdullah, read about the history or the mode with a problem of the state. Some of they find it hard to swallow by read Islamic history reading even today, there's going to be unfortunately people who wasted time strengthening whatever is around them. Not strengthening Islam.

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That's what I mentioned in the Latina ambu I'm in solid water well, so we'll happy whatever so be sober then we need a group union to remain upon a man and righteous actions that we what that was. So we'll have we encourage one or two attorney to the right belief towards a man and some random I mentioned will be man an admirable Maru for now here in monka. Some Alma right, that is sixth pillar of Islam, not the sixth pillar of Emad the sixth pillar of of Islam, read irredeemable Hungary's works.

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Again with lumen hichem. In two volumes, explaining 42 a hadith the Prophet Allah says I'm adding 10 to make it 50 to

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read this magnimous work we speak about a head either g brain that is sixth pillar of Islam is an admirable motto for navy and in monka.

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Meaning that Islam isn't just a personal relationship, many of us that we think I'll just do what I need to do, I don't need to worry about society.

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Islam is quantum hydro Martin, Enos that Marula Bill Maher ruffian, hold on in monka. You're the best people ever raised up what is the symbol of the best people you ordered a good and you forbid the evil

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at some old mother gave me Give me some modern day interpretation. When a person is smoking, you know many of us are may may turn a blind eye Some of us may may run to to speak to this person. But the real essence of stopping a person who may be smoking is because the harm is going to cause to everybody else.

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That's the harm which have been proven scientifically that passive smoking harms the people around you. That's what ordering the good and forbidding the evil is that if you remain silent, that evil begin to harm other people, you're not so bogged down about that person. You're trying to remove the evil, you try to remove the harm. And that's what we should be this. Every time he speaks about the slew of an admirable Maru

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the whole way the manhood of Odin, a good forbidding evil, not to ever run into someone not to slander someone shot them in the face and walk out and say to your comrades, look at me. I told him what the right what their evil was. He's condemned to the Hellfire, who's our j bomb loon

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mob today on a stray, deviant, corrupt individual last individual. Well, I want a man

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who are you to make these alcar Who are you to become the sovereign governor of people in America in that battle, if we used to just convey to remind the people of our food and Asia from Canada to Laos, Ratan Hassan was the most subtle of people. The old me get angry with on the member when the rights of a law broken or a state of warfare and it was the most passive of people in a sense, he knew

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he had the psychological understanding what we don't have, we don't have the psyche of the people around us how to live, how to engage, how to correct how to codify how to encourage, we have hazard people, abrupt people. That's not from the show not to be abrupt, with people around you. How many people parents come and complain to us. My son is praying but looking at a speech to me. You know, I brought him up for 20 years of his life. I broke my back our two jobs. And this one speaks to me what what are you teaching him? What do you teach him? That's what they say to us. Why are you teaching our children that they come home and condemn their own parents? They don't speak to their

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own parents. Their router parent the Quran says that no matter what your parents are, further to take home I was sorry. Dunya ma rufa in the ship don't obey them, but the rest of it. So I am on my roof remaining good companionship.

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with them, whatever they tell you to do, do it.

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Remain in a software company that's not wasting one's time. That's what really makes them happy. They said things are not wasting time, genuine sports, archery, swimming, wrestling, any activity, taking care of one. Another common mistake is that a society that a person takes care of their family, their children, this is an ape,

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a person what caught his hand about a few more hours in a brotherhood I do midnight. Then you complain about your marital relationship. Then you complain about your children, you complain about your wife, you can spend hours on end speaking to people around you.

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And when you talk about Islamic Society you speak about building a static society or the other causes that just want to get married again in life that's all your it's all aspiration is. I'm not saying it's haram or halal, it's there. But is that all your aspiration?

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Is that all that you think about inside your life, then you're no different from the people. The previous egg people existed before us. aspiration to be lofty aspirations, that every moment of your life, every Malila is vigilant. That's when you find the like mushrooms attribute to my identity. The German had to know me Even my sleep, even my sleep are considered as a bad Cause if I go to sleep on time, I wake up on time for budget, that's a birder. I returned home to my family take care of my children, nurture for them. arasu as a mechanic is anything to have. He was just like he was a normal person. He repays clothing, cook, clean, take care of his home when he heard the other

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dentists as if he didn't know anyone.

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Are we more busy than the Prophet? alayhi salatu salam are we more busy than him? He ruled a nation, an empire.

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He fought he struggled. He was a statesman. He was a politician. He was a husband. He was a father. He was a friend. He was an enemy. Even as an enemy we're gonna write about him. The greatest enemy he was the greatest enemy because he had principles. So when they when they met him they knew when they preferred met, they said on his face is apparent. He's not a malicious person.

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He's not a malicious person. That is we call the nor the light of the Prophet Allah is the light that was there, that he knew that this individual, truthful individual, if we can take the test of that, like inside our lives,

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does that lie that we are we are supposed to be carrying his message.

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We're supposed to carry that message to humanity. But what message do we carry to humanity? What concern do you have about humanity except for those interviews carry one or two is the truth and they are patient regarding a patient's results are not instant. I mean, as you made haste up, we want every word to changes in an instant, is patient encouraging one another to be patient upon the truth. One or more series in a number of possibilities works of deceit to fear or that we look to see it or hospital to see it speaks about these are the four principles that a person needs inside their life to become a successful individual. We actually mentioned that the concept of to find the

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truth is easy to find the truth to see the light as it says easy, while akin to remain upon it yesterday a suburb to remain upon a man to remain upon ba to remain remain upon Amarillo, Sally had remained for righteous actions. It requires patience. It requires struggle. That's where it's at. As you start to have what's known as burn out as well inside our society, we have that as well. Because people just dive in and dive out because they're not focusing on what is real. Eamon is this superficial external element of Eman

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that the certain garb, certain entourage. I'm not saying we shouldn't do that inside our life. Don't get me wrong. But that's become symbols, that this is the symbol of a practicing Muslim. They are not the whole principles of being a practicing Muslim. There's deeper elements of being a practicing Muslim, that we need to instill within ourselves. Because sometimes those things can be very easy to do. But those other things which are real things of a man, those who get angry, they swallow the anger. Those who forgive who padded who overlook who give charity secrecy forgive people around them, the kind of people around them, people are pressed to do things that have taken their

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heartache there, right. That's what real emotion is. That's what real talk why is that able to swallow those things that most people can't swallow. For the sake of Allah subhanaw taala lack of one or sub Rama discuss the three gradings of content of sub sub

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sub in obedience. You know, we should be truthful with in his 21st word, the world that we're living around us

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it's the temple

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Patients are there the hardships are there. If a young boy is reading their Salah, trying their best, why confused their mind?

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Why confused their mind?

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Let them develop the email. At least they're coming to the masjid at least they're praying at least to some goodness that's the why place upon them rhetoric. Why place for them obstacles, they don't have the mindset of the heart to comprehend certain things. So why try to place that in their heart and their mind create confusion, let them nurture themselves like a plan and those things which are Rossiya

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those which I posted inside their life you know, look at the Quran Eman is so simple. And I say time and time again, this extra reading that we may do have emerged at a deeper intercuts of email they don't concern the masses of people I don't understand why people they like to float the knowledge they like to float themselves go to people and and just ask people intricate questions you know person's doing a nine to five job which take care of their family just tired at the end of the day. What mindset Did you have a baby for you today try to try to dissect his mind say right explain to me that AR can have occurred. And concept of deviation explained that to me as a normal people, you

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know, even Foucault mentioned, forgot mentioned a minute ago

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when I was a nurse, and you call it email a home for a general masses of people to follow the email.

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That's it, this does read the majority works of fuqaha to follow your respectable email inside your society. If you're a man in Canada, hanafy and OSHA V and a whatever it may be, whatever 50 follows. That's your that's your central email my central message. Because you don't have the skills and the tools to spend hours on end to come to a conclusion. That's the imaams or the Imam should be advised that please exert yourself to come to the conclusion which is more closer to the Quran and the Sunnah, not to the person on the street.

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To say brainstorm data, you need to come to a conclusion. And that's what we're doing inside our lives.

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That we're wasting our time. And so you have burnout inside our society that is leave certain things. And when a real difficulties come inside the life of nurturing your family have a career of looking after themselves, looking after people around them, then what happens? A simple temptation makes them return back to whatever they're doing before because they're frustrated. frustration is not speaking just someone's making you speak that is years of understanding the psyche of our Shabaab, our youth

00:32:42--> 00:33:27

are 2030 years looking at them what begins to take place, that maybe the mistakes are our mistakes. Maybe they are our mistakes as teachers, that we're instilling the wrong things within their mindset. instill within them the concept of subrata Be patient upon worship was Subbu Anil maaseiah patients to stay away from singing, once again, look at easy singing is it's all accessible. It's all accessible. Therefore people suppose these are sub controlled, development way inside sit inside within themselves. The fear of Allah subhanaw taala. There's one young individual right, he just left left in New York, just left there by his parents, because parents were naive just left him day.

00:33:27--> 00:33:29

So he could carry this education.

00:33:30--> 00:33:37

Imagine he's living in an apartment like New York, near Las Vegas, Miami is living, let's say without your parents at 1718.

00:33:38--> 00:33:45

What were the temptations there, I imagine a person overrides that comes out of that environment, which is very rare.

00:33:46--> 00:34:25

So when that's when we're surrounded by temptation, or youth or many temptations, now that maybe many of us never saw these temptations, or we can understand them. And that's I'm trying to say, contextualize yourself. Don't go 1000 miles away to understand parameters. Every country has its problems. And he's probably the fast spreading his or the Muslim world wherever you go, tick tock Facebook, whatever it may be media, whatever, it may be spreading an emotional word, you find millions, millions of follow this rubbish. They follow it, then live off it. You know, we have to fix our own home, you know, people saying about let's fix this. I say let's mostly fix our own

00:34:25--> 00:34:39

problems. Let's fix our own problems speak about the facade. Look at a facade in Muslim countries, nightclubs, drinking, gambling, for adultery, fornication, prostitution.

00:34:40--> 00:34:59

If you think I'm exaggerating, go and study in great detail what's taking place, because why we're a nation who just becomes content that is just a word of happiness is a word of enjoyment in the world of luxury, manmade beaches and resorts. It's good for you to want to go there, but understand the concept is your life. Just a resort

00:35:00--> 00:35:13

You know, you can read a car even non must've a shatters you, you know, they're right. I spent all my life, all my life searching and doing every single house under the sun.

00:35:14--> 00:35:17

I had wealth add everything to my exposure.

00:35:18--> 00:35:21

But when I just heard that one call

00:35:22--> 00:35:27

when I heard that, I heard that quote, it just Whoa, it shattered my soul.

00:35:28--> 00:36:06

It just woke me that there must be a purpose to me. We faces every single day inside Allah, Allah has given us the ability, we should Nash karula we should thank Allah, we should find a lot that we have massaged, we should send a lot of Muslim community look in Europe, how many people are leaving these European countries coming here? Why are they coming here is a safe haven, there's an Islamic environment to a certain degree. And that comes by a patience of building a society not demolishing a society. Your children going to grow up to go to school? How are you going to tackle it? Are you going to the only one parent who teaches your child at home?

00:36:07--> 00:36:51

The 99 other parents don't have the skills. They are educated, they can't teach. So what should they do? So you have to engage in the society around you to make certain changes that these children don't suffer. These should have taught when we went to school, there was only one individual rehab. There's only one individual and he left the school. Today in every single school, prayer areas, you have Muslim teachers, there's groundwork has been done, work and in society, we encourage you to build a society not to dismantle the society. Therefore real time is that throughout your days, your life, you're always thinking of lofty aspiration, how to make a better individual how to make a

00:36:51--> 00:36:57

better society, how to leave behind a legacy and legacy that maybe no one remembers you.

00:36:58--> 00:37:19

Maybe later on people may remember you by legacy that's written with whom we've written with Allah Subhana Allah. So when you meet Allah Subhana Allah asks you the set of Adam he's fought without movement is asked about five things we're about to write about are about four things. One, what he about his life about his time one chubby female has now when he was young,

00:37:20--> 00:38:02

when he was now a young interview, what do you do your life when you was young? That's what Allah wants to see that this prime life in a state of obedience. May Allah Allah give us all the topic and ability final moments of a yarmulke shriek which end that's another asset today is five moments to make to add to understand that we will make a positive change within myself to become more vigilant in my obedience towards Allah Subhana Allah if tomorrow does doesn't arrive, when it does arrive, I'm prepared. I'm prepared within myself maybe I never fulfilled all my aspects but within myself, I'm happy to ready to meet Allah Subhana Allah and to be questioned inside the grave to give that

00:38:02--> 00:38:02

Jew response