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Sulaiman Moola
AI: Summary © The transcript discusses the importance of protecting from darkness and the need for individuals to be aware of negative consequences of Sunrise. The speakers emphasize the need for individuals to be aware of the negative consequences of Sunrise, avoiding gatherings of non-B apologists, and not being too afraid of the media. The segment also touches on the negative consequences of not following Facebook guidelines and the importance of avoiding "by the way" and "monster" in gathering. The importance of healthy social relationships and avoiding sexual references is emphasized, as well as the need for believers to be congratulated on their success. The segment ends with a statement from a woman about her feeling of sadness and the need for believers to be rewarded.
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In Alhamdulillah in Alhamdulillah, una style you know who wanna stick with

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a karate when

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fusina women say Dr. Medina, me and de la masala Medina homie

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da da wanna shadow Allah you down in LA LA? Una de cada wanna shadow Anissa Donna woman Donna Mohammed Abu hora sudo

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a mavado katakolon la Mata Baraka wa Taala for an image even for upon in Hamid

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ministry Tony shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem, Valentina shadowmoon azuro Adama row beloved Rima, rookie Rama WOC Allah tala lolicon gemakken una hora de Bihar in hockey Wahby makan Morocco on auto Ababa Jehan mahadi in a fee for bsms mata kabiri McCollum Wu sallallahu taala and he was Allah mckeeva wasafi bucaro Nika Delta Tommen Corona was Tama is an amateur you Mr. RUBIN

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for Canada de casa Por La Habra. Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam a football guru husband Allahu ml vakeel aka Macaulay. Salatu was Salam. ala Houma la v Masada karasuno Nabeel Karim, Allah Allah kameena shahidi Noah Shakira Nina al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen honorable Assad is Ikram respected brothers and elders hamdulillah mana a prime sup I think literally gave us fireworks today.

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There isn't much I can say I think he had covered quite a bit. But nonetheless, given the occasion that we have gathered here I thought I share two things with you in particular, there are two instances where Latella increases the rewards for actions performed there are two instances where law increases the reward for actions performed. One is auspicious occasions which we are familiar with Layla tulipa de hieromonk mean shellfish. Allah says the night of Qatar is better than 1000 months, then man Fei Li La la la la douane. The one who will revive the nights preceding the day of your eat for him is great reward. The person who will perform one for us in the month of Ramadan

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Kanaka mana de Sabina forever and FEMA seiwa will enjoy the privilege of performance 74 in the first 10 days of will Hijazi is great reward in merit and virtue for obeying the law. So this is virtue attached to auspicious occasions. But then there is another virtue there is another virtue Allah increases in multipliers the reward, not because of any auspicious occasion, but because it is performed at a time when generally the masses are negligent of Allah. So the reward for that is outstanding. The reward for that is Subhana. Allah in higher to Sahaba in the first volume on page 138, on the authority of evening tilava.

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Even a bit dounia makes mentioned on the authority of Okinawa, he says iltacon rajala NIF is so two people met in the marketplace. Now we know the marketplace in particular if you look at the malls today, they have been deliberately designed to take you away from Allah. They've been deliberately designed. I mean, we know the Quran reminds us that night per se Never mind tonight but night per se many people take cover under the night for for some woman Sharia law seeking is a workup and we ask protection from darkness we need envelopes. We ask protection from darkness we need envelopes and it covers because that is the time where people increase in their sun. When we see the moon generally

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our house will be like him in Shangri La see the evil that comes with night the evil that follows with night. We know it's every person is familiar with it.

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So anyway, two people get into Colorado law and if you soak for Colorado Marlin, the one set to the other. There are no federal law fees of Latinas Come let us take out some time. When people are generally heedless of Allah, people are oblivious of Allah, let us engage in the remembrance of Allah. This is what one told the other. You think these malls as I said they are designed a person returned from the graveyard, which has been emotionally moved to tears and sentiments when you see the death of a beloved and thereafter immediately you enter into a mall enter from one place and exit from another place. And then you see instantly the condition of your heart has changed totally.

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Whereas the mall the person can still engage in constructive business and intimate and commerce. What about those places which are designed which are literally designed for sin? I was earlier this year in Australia. And then after one program the brother took me to one place and he says shirt let me show you Sin City not Sun City, Sin City. And so behind Allah Allah save one in all when you see the condition where the youth are gone on duty

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It takes to study but what they are exposed to the vulnerability in that place. So to remember a law in the midst to remember a line limits where people are heedless of Allah. In fact, I can safely say this is such a night this is such a night, that if a person doesn't disobey Allah, it is enough to attract the mercy of Allah. If he doesn't disobey Allah, you know there is a father his age his children has snapped him and they have not supported him. The one son, it doesn't hurt the father alone doesn't do much. But he just says this son hasn't been rude to me Allah will be kind to him. At the time with the whole world some will be sitting in the laps of strange woman some will be

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dying in some will be in clubs. And again we learn the Quran says I recited before you when lesbian Allah your shadow nisour what is ama Robin loves me my rookie Rama you will see what evening Kathy Rama whom Allah has written. What is the trait of a believer like a shadow in a zoo. Now go into the commentary of zoo. What does the olana says if now boss says Zoo refers to the festive occasions of non Muslims of the lab now buzzworthy olana says they don't attend Zoo what is the definition of Zoo they will give you the commentary of them of Assyrian Abdullah Abbas says Zoo refers to the festive occasions of non Muslims now I hope briefly in my time I can explore for you what other occasions

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that justifies celebration number one, and number two, how do we celebrate? You have in the 21st anniversary you know, and there's a big function and two weeks later just the luck.

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There is a big do and there's an obligation and there's a big party and they have to do stuff. So what are you Is it just a first Is it a formality? Is it a procedure that you comply into? When you are not rejoicing because your marriage is not stable? There is why what happens they after a bill I've never been says what is owed. It refers to the festive occasions of the non Muslims. Mr. Mallika, Allah says it refers to the gatherings where wine is consumed. Qatada says it refers to gatherings when music takes place. Imam Abu hanifa says it refers to the gerund gatherings where dancing takes place.

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In a zoo, a believer is one who will never ever attend such a place. But then look at the beauty of the Quran. Look at the eloquence of the Quran, or a llama Roby loves Lima ruukki Rama Allah says perchance if they happen to pass by I mean that's the world we are living in. You cannot add you will not attend it. But inevitably you will be exposed to it today you traveling in the world to people in front of you will be doing the most despicable actions and you sit in in a flight and is going on. And you know, you got 10 hours on your right on your left you land at an airport and you find evil unbecoming. unethical actions that have been displayed before you. So how do you pass by

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such a gathering? There is a concept there is a fair there is a carnival there is a parade. There was a brother when I went earlier this year in Ramadan when I was in the States. So he said share, we went for the driving in downtown San Francisco. He says I must tell you one day I was walking in the way children were with me We were going for a drive and they came a gay parade. He says and my children were in the car I didn't know where to put my eyes. The most despicable things were conducted before me. I did not know how not not the Quran teaches us how does a believer pass by such a gathering? So there is a function there is a festival there is a carnival, or a llama robe in

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lovely Mr. Rocky Rama now see what he describes as kerama. He says the believers are those that when they pass by these gatherings number one, they lower their gaze. Number two, they hasten their pace. Number three, they they consider the crime to be evil, and they love the centers. Number four, they don't consider themselves superior to the centers.

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That is the definition of kerama. Now Allah forgive when we pass by those gatherings we love the sin more than the perpetrators is just that the social stigma at times that you know society will frown How can I get in I don't have grounds otherwise, you know, people will frown people will react so I don't have grounds otherwise. If these barriers were not there, if these barriers were not there, then perhaps we would have been there before others. Then we consider ourselves superior in our bus. If Nicosia himolla stuff Siri says no no worries are Maru be lovely Maru kerama they lower their gaze, they hasten the base. They hate the crime and not the center and they don't consider

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themselves to be superior.

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Then they have passed in a dignified way. So if the lab name is Audra, the Alona passes by your gathering and he complies with this year he complies the Prophet sallallahu wasallam heard about it. He said congratulations even in Mossad in the description of Allah. You are Kareem from today. You are dignified. You are honored unless you're Korean because you have complied. Now let us ask ourselves, these things happen around us. These things happen around us unfortunately you will find some youngsters will deliberate drive around. They are circling the very area so they cannot get

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They cannot get in. They will circle the very area that is defeated the essence of a believer liahona Sawa Maru. Maru. kerama This is not an occasion for a believer to rejoice lolicon Bhima contenta for a hoonah feel

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to be monken tom tom Ron, you rejoice unduly these are not grounds that justify justify rejoicing and how we rejoice is a separate issue. Although about one by Johanna holiday nahi ha Furby is a mess when you take a bearing the consequences will be grave. So what does he say? iltacon Raja lanificio two people met in the marketplace, Fatah humulene after the first one said to the other philosophies of Latinas, this is the time because remember Allah Allah. For Allah they remember Allah tala. And then after worshiping Allah tala Deepa the one passed away. We make dua to the Almighty Allah He acceptor will get together today really unlike accepted when the one passed away,

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the second one seen his brother in the dream. So he said Marfa, Allah who big I gave you the reference of this year? He said I named anila. Refer Alana Ashiya to il 13. Official. You know that night I met you in the mall. And then we were talking and you said Come let's remember Allah, believe me, Allah use that on the pretext and Allah forgive and pardon all my sense. So we sincerely hope from Allah would get together here tonight. Allah let every person leave from your totally pardon, and our heart goes out equally for every youngster in any club in every club. And every man in any Casino in every casino, our heart bleeds Allah we don't consider ourselves superior to them.

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monisha Freetown we refer to La La said that I consider every Muslim superior to me and I consider every non Muslim potentially superior to me.

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I consider every Muslim superior to me and every non Muslim potentially superior to me. Really don't underestimate I was in Canada now. We got delayed for the flight on my way back. So we sat down there and like when you delayed people will go have a coffee and a cappuccino and kill time. And the comes the person sitting next to me clean shaven, no identity of a Muslim, Allah forgive me. You know, he took out the little recorder and he plugs it into the wall. I thought there goes his music. And then he takes a first i thought perhaps he will charge his phone. Then he puts on his earphone and then he sits there. So I thought he's going to listen to music. Really, I was left. Embarrassed,

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I was left embarrassed. He took out a Yasin Kitab and he was reciting Quran.

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It took us any time I said Who am I to judge who am I to judge? Allah alone knows the destiny of every person. So because of remembering Allah on that one night, it may have been revised and again, you know, the time in the life of a believer I was reading one Kitab nowshera abdelfattah Buddha Rama Humala, acclaimed scholar of recent time, he speaks about how constructive our pious predecessors engage their time, and he speaks of ebony a bit dunya Rahim Allah that in his lifespan he had compiled 1000 keytops.

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Then he writes epner Asakura momella had compiled history alone in 80 volumes. Then he writes on the strength of alhama suuchi rahima Humala that half is ashamed rahima Humala, he says he had actually reached the climax, he combined 330 items, out of which one was the seed which was compiled in 1000 volumes. Then almost net was compiled in 1500 volumes safely I can say what they compile you and I cannot read what they compile in a time era mobile line a lifespan of 57 compile 500 500 k tops 500 kids in a lifespan of 57 years, we read the famous defeat of gelato Dean rahima Humala, he says that 15 chapters of the Quran 15 Jews of the Quran have the Quran I combined in the duration that Musa

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went to meet his Allah there's 40 days, I wrote the commentary of the Quran in 40 days I started on the first of Ramadan and ended on the 10th of Chahal. So that is how constructive they had made their time. allama Nova Rahim Allah great scholar from Surya hollub, who was in the sixth century, he says the time when I was engrossed in my ketones two years safely annoyed in sleep on average. Today we make an appeal we asked to the you that have gathered here, let it be one night that we don't sleep for the pleasure of a lion. That's tonight's, we engage that night in the pleasure of Allah. So what I am saying is there is great value for good actions that are performed on this

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occasion with generally the people are in total indulgence with his absolute indulgence. Nobody's LLR isn't revising even Mr. Zhang Nabi sallallahu wasallam was eating and then belonged rhodiola who comes so nobody said Allison said alpha Daya Bella Bella, join us so belong to the Allahu anhu said in Nisa, ammonia Rasul Allah, Allah you want to accept my apology I am fasting maybe Ali Salam said ashara tabula rasa Musa la mucho well yesterday filled with Rahul mala aka tomorrow okey lindo

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Bilaal you know when a fasting men eat when a first in person observes the fast in the presence where food is being consumed where everybody is eating, everybody's eating but he is fasting every organ on his body praises Allah and every angel in every Skype perpetually asked Allah for his forgiveness and that is your condition below when generally people are eating you are fasting. Then there is a lot of some said in Allah akula Rosana Avila lynfield Jenna, we have in our Shay in this world Bilal Shay is in Satan are Omar when Islam started conquering. He used to cry. People asked him why you cry. He said one verse makes me cry as inhabitants. Comfy hayati Kumar dunya was stumped

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on behalf as inhabitant anybody can see hayati Kumar dunya was stumped on Bihar. Allah will say you had your joy in this world. There's no joy for you in our era. You had your happiness in this world. There's no happiness for you in Africa.

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So this is the time that Allah tala wants us to engage. What did the Prophet sallallahu wasallam say he spoke about this error for in Navarra Akuma Yama, Sabri Listen, the time will come which are the days of endurance for men Sabah Rafi Hinata bezalel jamhuri. Whoever perseveres on the obedience of Allah is like holding on to live code. Then the Vla Salam said Lila Melfi in a Durham Sina Ramadan, the one who will obey Allah tonight. The one who will obey Allah when nobody wants to obey Allah. Allah Salam says he will get the reward of 50 people Sahaba said hum seen Amina amin homea Rasul Allah, you want to be more explicit on a viola there is a degree of ambiguity in what you have said.

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One of them will get the reward of 50 of those people or one of them will get the reward of 50 of us. The Vla Salaam says it is obvious one of them will get the reward of 50 of you my Sahaba well from seen I mean, obviously, we can never Excel the Sahaba simply because they had seen the Prophet sallallahu wasallam but the virtue of the action perform. So he looked at the Sahaba and he said he will hold the algebra illegal imana tell me whose human lives you impress the most. They said Alma aka Rasul Allah, Allah we admire the faith of the angels. So nebulae Salatu, was Salam said Omar Allahumma. You may know him that he wanted to reap nicotine. What is so outstanding about the Iman

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they perpetually witness the glory of Allah you serve behold and Laila la hora la you have to run the all the time and grace in the worship of Allah La yes be Punahou bill told they don't verbally this, they do not verbally abuse Allah. They respect Allah Hata is a full car and kudos to him. Allah speaks when Allah issues a decree what happens to the melodica

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Gabbar says for the melodica to worship Allah is like how we breathe, how we breathe, there is a worshipping Allah. So nebulae Salaam says, look here there is merit to the faith of the angels, but then again, they see Allah I guess he's just What right did they believe in Allah? So then the Sahaba said, how about the prophets? So the Prophet sallallahu wasallam denied that and also, he said, wah, wah, Ma, Allahu Allah, you know, and voila, la him. Look, yeah, they I understand what you say. But then the prophets, they enjoy revelation. So they have a big factor to attract them to Allah. They enjoy revelation they communicate with Allah. And that was an exclusive privilege to

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them via Masato some What an honor, any a bond between a line is creation via the chain of Revelation.

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So then the Sahaba Sedona Viola What about our Iman, NaVi Elisa Lam said Rama Kula tominaga anabaena who Rico what so outstanding about your eemaan you see me the golden era Bronwyn reveal. Sahaba said then we don't know that we have Allah you tell us who leaves Allah most impressed? Nobody saw some said let me tell you, it is those individuals of my own mo who will come decades if not centuries after me. They won't see me they won't see my Quran but they will have trust in me and they'll give the life for me. If anybody impresses a lie it is those people lesson my brother understand who you are. Alaska Sam, don't be influenced by the system of the West. You are that person that tend to be

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over law said once I have is set in front of nebulae salam, and he said to barley manga, aka Armand a big how fortunate we seen you we embraced you. He said I agree with what you said what to buy sobre Mirage in Lima, la mirani. I'm a newbie, but seven times more fortunate is the one who hasn't seen me and yet believed in me.

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So understand the opportunity, this is the time Sahaba use the excuse of the evil environment to intensify the efforts we use it to justify our wrongs.

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So the environment was evil. So they intensified the efforts they accelerated their efforts. We use it to justify the sins we perpetrates. That is what we are doing.

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This is the time where Allah will increase every action performed. You will find very strange and very sad. There are many people who will obey Allah. But when it comes to

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To these festive occasions, they somehow become a victim to it. So they have birthday parties, they have celebrations they have occasions and then they appeased themselves by saying No no, it's just it's just a you know one year thing man. It's just an annual event now in the you know how it is. Now, Vla Salatu was Salam said, Now Rama Rajan, oh hooray Melissa de la la to LA Giamatti, he is about his art he, you know who am sad he is a wonderful man. I just got two problems with him.

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And your his good was sanctioned by the Navy of Allah. we ourselves are sanctioned in our good to start off with the Vla Salam aboubaker aboubaker I'm telling you, your trouser doesn't fall below your ankles out of pride. Now everybody latches on to this concession, but the clear distinction is that you're the Prophet sallallahu Sallam told Abubakar, you don't do it out of pride. Now we tell ourselves that No, no, I'm not doing it out of right. Isn't that sufficient pride?

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If I exempt myself from pride, am I not proud?

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If I say I'm not proud, then who is more proud than me?

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Maybe Elisa Lam said her name is a brilliant man just I got one thing His hair is too long in his trousers always below his ankle. I say this to the brother who thinks he performs salah and he's punctual and he just you know just has a bit of a party

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a time when I was flying once from New York 31st of December. And obviously nobody flies at that time it's not peak season everybody's at their respective destinations the clock The clock struck 12 o'clock and believe me there was dancing in mud a

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I thought it was turbulence.

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And then the irony of the whole thing they celebrated American time in South African time.

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That is why molenaar sobre la used to say you are proud about your technology but don't forget you've polluted Allah a Watson also now you've now contaminated the above 30,000 feet above sea level above the clouds you are dense in the mud air. you're consuming wine in mud air. Now when I was flying just two days ago flying from Detroit back to Holland. So the flight was a bit delayed and there was a young girl sitting next to me and then she tells me you know, I'm afraid I'm going to be drinking wine and I know you will be uncomfortable but I wasn't able to do without it otherwise I'll get very agitated. So her anyway I kept quiet she drank drank drank the flight got

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delayed there is no end to satisfying this ego she's I need to get out of here quickly I need four cigarettes to start off words. I need four cigarettes to start off with there is no end there is no enough to this year they continue and continue come at this and commit that crime. So when the alarm will hurt this for Bella Allah Allah Karim and he heard about it for Abdullah Hasan Fatah schaffrath and he got hold of a knife for katavi ha Joon Mata who was in a he he cut his hair abruptly to the to his ears where Rafa is Allah who Allah and Surface RT he and he lifted his trouser to the middle of his calf not above his ankle, to the center of his calves.

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So this is the time that a law Park has given us whoever will seize this opportunity. Whoever will seize this opportunity and turn to Allah and survives survived the temptation of today he will survive the temptations of evil. Now what I want to briefly speak about I know I want to respect my time allocation.

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What actions justify celebration, number one,

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what Warren celebration, the Quran speaks about certain forms of celebration to be forbidden, and the Quran commands us to celebrate on certain occasions. Paul will be fatherly law. He will be Rashmi de Fabiani, kefalonia for Ohio. Ohio. Me Maya Maroon on the occasion of the mercy of Allah rejoice. And the Quran also says lambda for Allah Allah you.

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Don't be obsessed. Don't be arrogant. Allah doesn't like those that are obsessed and are arrogant. I just want to share one beautiful incident of the hadith of Nabi sallallahu, alayhi wa sallam

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fit that perhaps we heard but I was just you know, running my thoughts through it. And it is very, very unique. And you know, certain points came to my mind while I was running through this beautiful hadith of NaVi Salatu was Salam. We know the great incident of carbon Malik radi Allahu anhu. And he's, you know, the fact that he did not attend the Battle of the book. And he regretted and lamented the fact that he could not participate. And he himself said that there was no there was no campaign where the Prophet sallallahu wasallam participated when I was absent in Lavazza book with the exception of the book, and obviously butter, but my regrets were not so great about butter,

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because butter was not a formal preparation, you know, they advanced it and suddenly they they had to engage in better, but the book was explicit. The book was explicit. I was told I was reminded I was one. I got involved and in the process, I got delayed. I got delayed when the person

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It's an aluminium return and all the people came all the people came with different excuses. Some said there's some said that the RTV Runa, la comida, Raja illenium polenta, the Roland Amina Lacan, patina burn Allah woman, acaba de con la mama Kumara, pseudo Sumatra, Dona Isla De Lima Shahada, where they will come and give you false excuses. He said for a moment this also flashed through my mind let me go give a false excuse and and you know, work my way out. But then I said, No, no, let me say it as it is. I came and I painted my picture. Whenever you have Allah I regret I regret. I have no tangible excuse no valid explanation. The prophet SAW Some said ama has Africa, South

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Africa, this man has spoken the truth. This man has spoken the truth. Subsequent there was revelation. And there was a general boycott against us. There was a general boycott and 40 days left where there was absolute boycott. And after 40 days comes revelation, what's the revelation? Now? violi salat wa salam says that now you must separate from your wife. So I should only be over La Liga must be divorced my wife no visa Luddism said no, no, just separate. So I didn't ask questions. I told my wife ill hottie bialik go stay by your family till Allah decides something. When this command came my two other companions meraviglia Robbie and Hilah Livni, O'Meara de Allahumma

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so he landed near O'Meara De La Hoya and his wife came in a tsunami of Allah, you have told us to be separated but my husband has aged is no one to serve him. You want to make some concession? That really Sam says okay, but there should be no formal physical contact, no consummation, no sharing of the bed. So she said, Oh, no, viola is ages past that time. He has no inclination for that also, so many people came to me and they said, You know what, why don't you go ask that your wife can stay. And the words of the Hadith is Juana Rajan Shaban.

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Narayan Shah shop boot camp said out of the three, I was the youngest. So if anybody needed his wife was me. If anybody needed his wife, it was me. And I always say a healthy social relation. A healthy marriage is such that if a man has a stable marriage, then he will able to resist you will able to resist the temptation that the difficulties, the adversity, the political difficulties, the financial difficulties, whatever difficulty is, but if it comes to a healthy marriage life, he will be sufficiently nourished to resist that. But on the reverse, if he has his marriage in shambles, he can have a stable economy, he can have a prosperous business, his life will never be in order. His

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life will never be in order. Why? Because that is the main thing, like mala Yusuf Rahmatullah used to say

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that dunya kabaya Hua Moscow donkey milagai liggen hodaka Baba, Yahoo, a cookie, Japan on a milegi. A person who has been who has been rejected from the court of Allah, he will find shelter nowhere. And a person who has been rejected in the course of every one will find shelter By Allah, he will find shelter By Allah, that is the reality. So he says I needed my wife the most but nonetheless the command can be separated from your wife. And he said, For Kamala Lana home soon and a Latin amine Hina neon colombina 15 nights passed in this way. 10 nights we are separated from my wife and 14 nights like that. And I was totally depressed through masa lado Salah tell forgery, Sabah hum sin la

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Latin, Allah. rebating nimbu Tina, he says on the 51st morning, in this condition, where everybody had had isolated and I was alienated from society, I perform further Salah on the rooftop of my house. And I was sitting in that condition as Allah describe, for thought that la FC was not that la allowed to be Morocco, but the land had narrowed upon us, the land had narrowed upon us and I was lonely and I was depressed. And while I was in this condition, summit to SOTA, sorry thing over Allah Salah when I heard someone screaming, to the you know, to the maximum of his voice, he had climbed upon a mountain, and he said yaakob Abba shield

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he said carb eats your day glad tidings calm. Today is your day of festive.

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Now listen to how a Muslim reacts kabra the long run who says kavaratti Allahu anhu says that I did not yet get the news. I only heard that there was good news for her to sajida

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I fell into such an into prostration that is how a Muslim reacts he doesn't know the good news still. Well, Labradors I have traveled and I have seen many times go and apply for passports. I have seen people kissing their visas when it's approved. I have literally seen people kissing passports.

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is the How does the Muslim we've seen in our own country in our

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country when the announcement was made that South Africa will host the 2010 World Cup, people went literally ballistic. People were ecstatic, elated. And then, you know, you tune in, we seen what happened. And then you tune into the radio and then a year this old aged woman, you know, my God, or a moment I said, I adore him Marija.

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She's not gonna make it to 2010 Allison, she's not going to make it.

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But look at how she reacts, that is that is the patient of the world. That is how they react for to Sangeeta. He said, I fell into such a dark, that is how a believer reacts, that whenever good news comes to you, you fall into such dark to unknown origin. And I realized this divine consolation for others Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, I will end shortly for other naresuan Allah He sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, a nurse a burrito but in La Jolla, Hina Sol la sala de Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, you know, gave the general glad tidings. There was an electric atmosphere. There was an electric there was a bus and people just started running in all direction, he says was the

00:31:23 --> 00:32:05

hub and now so you bashira Nana, people ran in different directions was the habitable asahiyama Sharon, some rent to hill on some rent to some rent to some came to me some rent to my other companion. We're rockin and rollin la afara son was in a slum we're over Allah Solomon, one person got onto his horse galloped it as far as you know, like what we seen happen you wherever you went. People were hooting, screaming, yelling, shouting, someone got onto his horse. He galloped his horse as fast as he could. And then another person ran up the mountain and he screamed, and he said yaakob official account glad tidings glad tidings for Canada so two minutes for us. He said the Voice

00:32:05 --> 00:32:45

reached me faster than the horseman fella Marja, and he led the semi auto Soto for Allah Masha. Allah teaches us as Muslims, how do we react for llamada and he led the seminar to Soto who Yuba shirani when that person came to me, who had given me the glad tidings, who had screamed and whose voice reached me. When he came to me I was so elated. I was I was so happy nazjatar Allahu sobia for kasota Houma Yahoo, Bashara tea. I got so happy, so happy. I said that the clothes that I own is a gift to you as a mark of joy, as a monk of joy. Again, this is the teachings of Islam.

00:32:46 --> 00:33:29

as a as a token of appreciation, I give you this government of mines, and he says, Well la Hema amico yom Bala Hema, I'm likova Yama, Yama, even, I swear by Allah I only owned what I wore. But I was so happy now. That's the occasion that justifies joy. What is it? Allah has forgiven? That is joy. How do you rejoice you fall in such awe? That is how you rejoice. So the day of the lead where we've where we rejoice, Allah says you add on another Salah. If every day you wish me five times the day, which is the pinnacle of your rejoice when you make it six. And in every numbers if you say Allahu Akbar once in those numbers, you say six extra times. So he says, I told him that I'm giving

00:33:29 --> 00:34:11

you this close and this again is the teachings of Islam. In merciful Quran in the fifth volume on page 136, on the authority of Hassan buster, it is written that when yehudah, the eldest son of Jaco when he came with the glad tidings for Lama Anjali Bashir Oh Allah was he for a double zero, fella and Al Bashir, mala g furutech de basura. That when he came when he came to give the shirt to his father, and Allah restored the vision of his father, Allah restored the vision, and it brought joy. jacobellis became so happy I quote on the strength of Hassan pastor he said my son, you've brought joy to me, and really I want to reward you. But I promise you seven days nothing has been prepared

00:34:11 --> 00:34:19

in this house. So there's nothing tangible or physical I can give you but I thought I leave you with a duel My daughter is May Allah make the pangs of death easy for you?

00:34:21 --> 00:34:59

Mm portobay says there is no better gift the father can give his son today if you give that doll so look at this man. He's cursing his son. Look at this man. He's cursing his son. That is it again. That is the teachings of Islam we rejoice. So for our youngsters today, your future father in law phones even tells you that the proposal is approved. At least you can give him a hodja for Lama Anka alpha zero alpha one alpha one e four, double zero. I fell into such down and this is how I rejoice. I gave something tangible. Anyway cobre the Allahu anhu says, I stood up from there. And you know, a mama Rasulullah sallallahu sallam. I said

00:35:00 --> 00:35:38

Let me go to the number of Allah sallallahu Sallam yet Allah Tawny NASA folgen folgen Johan noon any bit Toba people are coming in droves in scores in multitudes. Congratulations. You made it all lucky How fortunate all congratulations on what was the Congratulations, the concrete I know of one brother good pious Dini person. And then we were traveling together and then he says, Well, you better remind me tomorrow I got to phone my wife otherwise she'll feel offended. It's a birthday. I said, Subhana Allah is that woman still have time for this? Are we still we still bickering with these issues? What they came in scores and multitudes. And this is where Allah commands we rejoice.

00:35:38 --> 00:36:19

And what did they say? Lita? nichetto bajo la la Lita? nichetto. battleye Mashallah COVID congratulations. We heard your Toba has been accepted. Congratulations. We heard your Toba has been accepted. Allah says when that values of gender will go into Jana Alma la eco lunala himachali Bob Salah salaam aleikum Dima sobre la COVID de Tibetan Tibetan further Hello holiday in angels welcome Mashallah. Congratulations. That is when a believer is congratulated. We see in our youngsters they wrote the exams, the time you rejoice when your results are out if you overwork exams, but your your results are not out. Nobody rejoices. My brother's as long as we live in we cannot rejoice as long

00:36:19 --> 00:37:05

as we live in because the results are not out. Our joint is pending on our results. I quote the daddy nebulae Sam said k for unknown. You tell me how can I rejoice? waka de wasafi Ernie Padilla tacomas Aparna when he Seraphin has taken the trumpet, and he's put it in his lips was stomatol and he stretched his attentive ear to Allah Mata Yama. He's in a ready position. He just waits for the signal to blow any blows. And then I must rejoice for another la casa que la la javiera su de la when they heard this, they got emotional. They said only over la if Tiamat is so close, what do we do? He said puedo hacer una La Jolla, Milwaukee el punto Husqvarna la say Allah is sufficient. What

00:37:05 --> 00:37:50

did Assamese say? Baba Yaga Arizona law he sallallahu wasallam Allah subhanho wa Taala filos three will use three well munchetty one in McCrea wa 13 Elena, we pledged absolute loyalty to the nibio villa in ease and difficulty, prosperity in adversity and even we are discriminated against. That is the demand of Islam in every condition. So anyway, he says, I come people greeting me from the front and they congratulating me, hatha Dalton Masjid Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam Tolleson wahala who and NAS Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was sitting well, who were your boo boo boo hoo hoo Mina suru and his face was ready 18 with light His face was ready 18 facom metalphoto printer obey the law

00:37:50 --> 00:38:20

tell heitner obey the law stood up you heard below he was running hatha Safa, honey one and he he came to me he said Congratulations. Congratulations. And and kabra Yolanda says he came with such a warmness I'll never forget him. Then nebulae Salaam said and that is the joy of a believer. Listen to these words of the Hadith. nebulae Salam said yaakob of the shield will be higher Yeoman morale aka Mundo valid como

00:38:21 --> 00:39:00

carb. Be be happy and rejoice and congratulations. This is possibly the greatest day that could ever pass in your life. From the day your mother gave birth to you. That is the absolute pinnacle of joy in the life of a believer that justifies celebration. Official behavior Yeoman Murali coming to Alaska. He says in that joy, I said Obi of Allah Ameen Indic Amina in the law, telling me there's this joy come from you or from a law. You know, you tell a youngster this girl likes you. So he says, You say it or she said it.

00:39:02 --> 00:39:45

You say it or she said it. I need to know who said it. So he said no, no, no, I heard something. She was saying there's something through the grapevine she will say doesn't make a difference if she's now vlsm says no, no carb. I'm just conveying the message. Allah said it. Allah said it. We may go to the Almighty Allah just as carb return pardon. The May Allah make it that we return pardon from your Luqman Hakim said Luqman Hakim said that if you want the sweetness of a man, fellas, one man couldn't fee for this documentary man, man izaya Lemieux Ridge horiba who Ll bottle The one who when he rejoice, he limits himself to the parameters of Allah. In his joy. He stays within the borders of

00:39:45 --> 00:39:48

Allah. He stays within the limits of Allah. Man is

00:39:49 --> 00:40:00

rejuva boo meenal happyland party when he becomes angry, he doesn't trespass the limits of Allah wa tada la mattina Wilma la sala who and when he has the

00:40:00 --> 00:40:38

authority he doesn't use up he doesn't abuse. Really brothers. This is the time when the entire world when the entire world has plotted and has agreed to go against the law. This is the time we revalue these moments we cry to Allah tala. We spend every time now when I was in Dallas, so I try and make it a point to gain visit the graveyard. So I went to the graveyard there and I was seeing the graves, people from different parts of the world, every man buried to a different next to a different person, someone from China, some someone from from one from Asia, and young people, old people. So we came to one cover them, and then I see no note. So I was tempted, I said I want to

00:40:38 --> 00:41:00

open this note and read it. This is something peculiar where you're going to find a note here. So there was a whole letter written out there was a letter written out to the disease. And I'm saying that you know, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam says, how do you how do you transmit your sentiments to your disease? How do you transmitted? Nabil la Salam says mal Mejia to fabri la Calvary yenta zero dot roboton

00:41:01 --> 00:41:37

the dweller the condition of the dweller of the grave is like a man drowning is not waiting for a letter that is awesome says he's waiting for a DA is waiting for a DA and there was a letter written there I'm missing you and you know whatever. I looked at this I cried. I'm telling the brothers around me I said listen what is happened to the summit. So really brothers let us turn to Allah Allah May Allah tala save us from all evil gatherings from celebrating those occasions which Allah has saved me Allah save us from that and occasions that Allah has commanded us when Satan Amaro the Alona completed Surah Baqarah he slaughtered a camel and he invited people and he gave them a feast

00:41:37 --> 00:41:49

he gave them $1 that is correct because that is a joy that is approved by Allah. So we rejoice when Allah wants us to rejoice and we rejoice in a manner that conforms with the dictates of Sharia law. Give us the understanding after the dawn

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