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The transcript describes a woman named Yari who claims to be a woman of Islam, but is believed to be a woman of religion. She lost her job and career due to Iran's upcoming war with the United States, and refuses to settle on the bridge. The conversation touches on the history of Islam, including its implementation, use of deadly methods, and the crisis in Islam. The speakers encourage listeners to be mindful of their actions and not regret them.

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Alhamdulillah Allah alameen wa Salatu was Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah alameen wa Ali he was happy he woman to be serene in a humid day in Rabat for Caracalla la Mata Baraka wa Taala Phil Poornima JD well for Colonel Hamid, rubella hamina shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem Walla Turkana. Illa. de Navarra mouffetard Masako mana. mela comiendo Neela. Human Alia asuma Sharon McCollum Wu sallallahu taala alayhi wa sallam in Lima for in Voluma Luma Tonio Malka Yama outcome Allah alayhi salaatu wa Salaam, honorable scholars respected brothers and elders. It is possible for the wife of a Navy to be a disbeliever the likes of new alayhis salam in the likes of loot Ali Salaam. The Quran

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emphatically makes mention and reference towards this year in the concluding verses of surah two tougher him what barraba la la la la de la cafaro merata New Haven merata Lu, Ghana Tata abedini midnight a bad enough Sally Hi, Jennifer Kanata Huma, that the wife of loot as well as the wife of new with this believers, however, a bill I've never been through the alarm on who says my brother in law to be in court, it is possible for the wife of a Navy to be a disbeliever but it's never possible for the wife of a Navy to be immoral and unjust. In the very same way in the same breath and in the same vein, in the system of Allah subhanho wa Taala there is room and there is place and

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there is shelter and there is amnesty for the existence of a non Muslim state. Nay they are in majority and they flourish. However, there is no room in the system of Allah tala for an oppressive ruler and an oppressive state. There is room for this believers they will rule they will govern they will prosper. But there is no room and there is no place in the system have a love for an oppressive ruler and an oppressive state. We come in from the history of apartheid, whether it took 2345 decades whatever it took, but ultimately in the planning of a law the system of apartheid had to be dismantle. This is the planning of Allah subhanho wa Taala. In the jacuzzi. Allah says Yari buddy in

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a run to Lima Allah and let's see what's been a coup Mohamed Salah, tovala mo, oh, my servants out of my sheer mercy upon you, I have made operation forbidden for myself. How dare you oppress? Oh, my servants, there is nothing in essence, which is obligatory upon a law and there is nothing that is forbidden upon a law, whatever he has made obligatory upon himself. This is his mercy. ketubah Allah senior law, he says, I have made kindness and mercy and compassion, my trade and my quality. And I've made it incumbent upon myself but that's my mercy. in the same breath, I have made oppression and exploitation forbidden for myself, just as a kind gesture to you further tovala mo, how dare you

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oppress? You know, I came across a beautiful incident of a woman who was living on a farm, she had a little cow and she had a children with whom she was staying. The king was coming in his mind and his presence, and they were going on a hunting trip. They snatch the count from this woman, which was the source of income and Moke as they started the car roaster, eat and ate it. The next day when the woman heard about it, she was disturbed, she was hurt. Someone told her tomorrow the king will be passing by, maybe you want to meet him on this bridge, you know, make known to him your concern, if he leaves you out well and good if not, that is the condition of the tyrant rulers. So this young

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this this elderly innocent woman came and she stood on the bridge and as the King came with his presence and his might and his numbers, she said listen, King before you cross this bridge, I have one question to ask you. I only want to know you want to settle me on this bridge or the bridge of pulsera.

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I only want to know the question is yours. Well Labradors understand clearly, Allah has not made this world the place where justice will be meted out. Lawyers Allah kept in the capacity of this world for justice to be meted out. Lawyers, Allah made the place where the happenings of this world will determine victory. If this world determined victory, then the grandson of Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam would never been assassinated. If this well determined victory, then of the lightning gaffers hands would have not been severe tilaka Yamanaka will have been a nurse, this is a world some will be given power some will be dropped, some will be given respect some will be given raise

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grace. This is the system of Allah Hussain radi Allahu anhu, the grandson of Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam

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moments before he's assassinated in the battle. He calls his little child three, four years old Abdullah, he holds this infant, the great grandson of Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam understand the system of a law, the day that justice will prevail and will be Tiamat when he picks up his little child about to kiss the child to say let me but farewell to you while holding that son astray arrow comes in hits this great grandchild of Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam and the blood comes out. Today you get emotional when you see footage and rightfully so. It makes me cry. It makes you cry. I guess it will make any human cry. But just to understand before you become a victim to a psychological

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despondency, which in essence is the object of the media. Let's put things into perspective and understand in a yo melfest economy that the day of the Ahmed will deal with justice. What didn't have any Salaam saying it was Alma for integral moto moto Neo Murthy. Yama, don't oppress anyone that will be converted into layers of darkness on the day of the Yama what Akasha for in sha Allah C'mon, Kanaka Bella calm and don't let miserliness corrupt you? That is what destroyed the previous nations. Hum Allahu Allah, Allah and Suffolk uima Oman, it provoked them to unjustly claim the lives of innocent people. The revival of Muslim Sharif Abu huraira is the Narita. nebia a Salam said,

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let's do

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Allah Yama, Yama, lesson Tiamat is going to come as Muslims we need to reaffirm our belief that Zama la vena cava ro la abajo that does believe is believe, under the notion the pretext that there is nothing like the Ahmed. In fact, even logic calls for the existence of the Yama it cannot be that the dictators in the oppressors continue oppressing brothers with a bleak time we are living in what is sensitive moment we've entered into Zakat Allah human, Mr. Robert, Allah said the land narrowed upon them despite its vastness. I am thought talking today as I stand 30 years of age, that's my age. In the last 10 years, I had literally witness if not heard, the invasion of Afghanistan, which

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was then succeeded or continued by the invasion of Iraq, the cry of the Palestinian oma continues, and now we witness the invasion of Lebanon and Allah alone knows what is to happen. It's unfolding so rapidly, things are unveiling so quickly and the bigger plane of Allah subhanho wa Taala is taking shape.

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And maybe la Salam said, Let

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Yama Tiamat we'll see that every man is given his do Hatha Yoga domina shuttle jaha illa shuttle Aparna in this world on the goat locked a hornless goat on the day of the Ahmed the letter will be given horns and the former will be denied the horns and justice will be meted out between these two goats. I asked you my brother and I asked you my sister, when my inner being has emphatically said that Tiamat will see that justice will prevail between two goats. You mean the butchers and the massacres that are taking place now and continue to take place and those responsible for the blanket murder and across brutality in the carnage that we continue to see. You think this will go unwatched

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in the court of Allah and these people will not be brought to justice hotjar Jeepney use of that notorious blood is shedder, who apart from those who he killed in the battlefield, conservatively It is said he killed 120,000 people. When he died, someone had seen him in a dream and asked him Marfa, Allah who big How did you fail before Allah subhanho wa Taala he said catellani bacon lipocalin Patel to katalon in lieu of every unjust murder, every killing that I perpetrated or indicated or promoted, and that is the pain, the silence of the International woman, the silence of the International world, on such gruesome murders and crimes, may the silence may be will digested the

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provocation if not the support of such acts of terrorism, and yet to portray yourself as a victim. We believe that the armet will see justice will prevail. What did he say in lieu of every person that I killed? Allah made me taste the agony of death one time what catellani be sadly dibny Juba in Serbia.

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And make no mistake every time you show your rocket and you send your Messiah 50 civilians go and in one is one or less friends in those 50 is one judge even a use of said for every murder Allah made me take the pain of death ones but for killing sorry dibner jubair Allah said you are playing with my friend you will die 70 times what catellani be savvy dibny jobelan Sabina LA, ya la we try to yo

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The pheromones of the previous times killed only the boys and left the girls alive a lot today they have taken both the boys and the girls you that

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maybe a Salam said man balama T the shibori Menard to Wicca whom in severely our Deen he who usurped a bonds length of land who you serve the land of someone that's much easier to whip owning separately out of the my mother I generated Bukhari and Muslim habit, he will be made the seven Earths when we made a necklace and it will be then shoved down his throats.

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And let me tell you the system of the justice of a law is not like this world that a man knows he's perpetrated the crime.

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He understands but because there isn't tangible evidence against him he walks out innocent maybe a Salaam said it in the white of Buhari in the conductor Simona Elijah. Listen you present to me with your arguments. When I look at acuna Elena before getting him involved in some of us are more articulate and more profound. And you come across more convincing than others for up leaving that we made a smart I'm a human, I take your evidence face value, what your skills of convincing but this dishwasher, make no mistake if you know it's not yours. My decision and verdict in your favor doesn't give you the rights to take that I am only a Latina share of jahannam for you. There is the

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system of the justice of Allah subhanho wa Taala that every person will be brought to the book and hisab will prevail. What does Allah say?

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What can make an apostle Allah come in Amba Eros holy man was happy to be here for other Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam we narrate to you the tales of the previous prophets, by virtue of which you relate to their lives and take support from the happenings. And it is what this film that I speak to you about the life of a nebby whom the Quran speaks about. But before that, let me touch one Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in Allahu Allah Yun Li live volume order Hadees mi sallallahu wasallam said that Allah has no place for a for an oppressor. However, Allah system of dismantling oppression is gradual. Allah is very tolerant. These are the words of the Hadith, Allah

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is very tolerant with an oppressor. Allah grants respond. Allah grants clemency Allah grant Lee will study the oppression of your own. He had ordered the general massacre of children prior to the birth of Musashi Salaam. That was one crime again in his foolish notion to detail the overall plan of a law firm takato Tirana, Lee acuna lonardo has Anna, the child for whom he killed 1000s of children, he picks up their own child but that's the planning over line allowance to show him blatantly, you cannot change my planning, subsequent to Musashi growing up and becoming a navy and 600,000 magicians accepting his message. Again, he realizes that his power is now at stake, his position is

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in jeopardy. For a second time he commands the massacre of children across the board across the board. There is a misconception that as Muslims, we cannot coexist with other faiths. One lot throughout the decades in the times, we lived with our fellow non Muslim citizens, and they flourish and prosper within our countries and I've spoken about that. My topic is not that I just touched on this and move on.

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Forever on audit the massacre for the second time for the second time amongst the people that he massacred and your press. Now again, I'm tying it up with Allah's grace Allah allowance, not that Allah condones it but Allah gives leeway. I've never had a Salam says in Allah, Allah yummly Allah just leaves him a lot unleashes his reins, unleashes his power. So he goes full out. He goes for the jugular, he goes for the kill. It doesn't hurt him to see children. You see footage and you cry, and yet it makes no difference to him. He goes for the kill, and Allah allows him to go that way. His deal. There was a person amongst the tribe of Freetown who accepted Islam who concealed his Eman And

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then his wife accepted him on one day she was busy combing the hair of the daughter of fear own and the comb fell down when you talk of oppression. When you talk of gruesome murder, when you talk of unjustifiable crimes, when you talk of no merit, to then speak about the oppression becomes oppression. How can it be how great a crime can they be in the era of democracy in the period of liberation in the time we were in in the papers now with two children I don't know three, they kill the vet and they mercilessly abused it and they have been put in jail. Hi allow me cry to you allow children died is nobody to take them to justice Allah one insignificantly

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We respect the sentiments that courtesy be shown to animals. But three people who are ill treated one read, could find place in the prison and 1000s who perpetrate the crime against humanity. The International world is silent. But as if it doesn't make your heart to I don't know if there's any heart left.

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I don't know if there's anything left.

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She was combing the hair of the daughter of her own and her comb fell down. She said that we serve your own. What an oppressive dictator this man is. Immediately this woman was brought in the court of your own. You call me an oppressor. You call me a dictator, man rabuka yet, you know who is your Lord? She says, My Lord is a lion. He is your Lord Ilaha the hottie in front of me you deny my divinity. She says I believe in one Allah for Carlisle Horus. He points to the gods. And he says, boo ha

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abota Maha lesson burn this woman alive and do me a favor, bring her children and first burn her children before her I this woman I was reading today that he Wyatt of ebony mucha Bhavana sobre la bella, the patience and perseverance on difficulties and adversity. In implant merge on page 291 this woman was killed. Her children were killed in front of her. They were roasted in front of her my inner beam. He said when he went for Maharaj as he was ascending to the heavens, he said, Yeah, gibreel ma v fortiva gibril. What a fragrance I get when am I passing by jabril said you pass in the grave of the slave of your own, who died given her life for the pleasure of Allah next to her sons.

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And next to her is her husband. decades and centuries have left. When my inner peace conveys a sense to the heavens. He gets the brilliant smell emerging from the grave. My sister today you adorn yourself with the deodorants of today. And you impress men and you come across seductive. Allah Allah knows when your grave will open and minds will open what will happen with your standards a woman what I'm saying Allah gives grace, Allah gives the respect. Allah gives chance, then what did nwba salam say some other who love me you flip Whoa. Then Allah grabs the dictator. You know, what is it say this is an oppressor and he is a dictator. Allah himself by his own admission, says your

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own was a dictator for your own was no pressure. Can you imagine the clemency of Allah in fear Allah Allah. Verily, he rebelled on the earth. Allah Allah Shiva, he divided the people into categories. He has a futon if at a minimum, he said the Bani Israel have been created to serve and we've been created to rule there is pleasure living in this world if four people exist, and if four people don't exist trust me, there's no pleasure be I will be lower Lama will be ideally Amara will be sakawa tilaka. Nia will be ill for the IRA only Lola if there are scholars learned divine scholars, if they exist, and they adjust to rulers and they are generous, wealthy people, and they are pious,

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poor people with no lenola if they are no pious scholars, La Jolla, then the message will go astray valo la de la la, la la columna Suba boom bada and if there is no justice, and there is no fairness and there is no equity, that the mighty will thrive at the hands of the weak, they will abuse they will exploit and that is what this world has become these these apps and they are no just rulers left in this world. Allah Where Are We Living in a line What time is our eyes opened up Allah? When Allah subhanho wa Taala Nia and if there isn't the wealthy, generous people, helical fukuhara the poor will suffer when Allah will folker Allah sama to another woman fee him and if there isn't the

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supplication of the poor, the sky in the earth boat will be destroyed.

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Brothers, like I mentioned, that Allah system is then the VNA celebrate diverse. What gallica operadora Pika, perahia's Lima in Le munchetty Allah, Allah gives grace Allah gives allowance, then Allah grabs the words of the Quran. In Arabic, Allah Shetty, the grasp of your Lord is intense. The grip of your Lord is very strong. Then when Allah grabs then Allah grabs the sphere around in the center of the ocean. And what do the scholars write this tyrant dictator who was responsible for the murder and the killing of 1000s of people? Mata Malika Misra buried in an Archie buried under Dan and Soltani law Toby bonnieux Davi velocity upon us he was

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far from his kingdom, far from his dominion in the desert.

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of the ocean when no doctors around him no physicians are there to treat him. No I used to cry upon him from Africa Dalai Lama sama well out of the womb, I can no Mondrian, neither the sky nor the earth, mourn his demise and even the waters threw him out. Such is the fate of a dictator.

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Let me share with you an incident from the Quran from the Quran. Listen, I can sit here my brother and take out you know, extracts from the paper and captions from the media and conclude on a political analogy, but I think I'll be doing a disservice to this congregation, because I believe this honorable podium compels me that we conclude spiritually, you will listen to the media and it will leave you depressed, it will leave me depressed, and that those are one of the desired aims of it. We have gathered here that we conclude on a spiritual note. Allah speaks about Allah speaks about a nebby. After the demise of Satan, our musala his salat wa salam, for three centuries, Bani,

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Israel was subjugated to a host of atrocities and a host of crimes. And for these three centuries, there was no real rules that govern them, and hence they had become a soft target. You look around the Muslim world, they have become leaderless. When I'm talking of leaders, they have become the lead moral leaders. they elect spiritual leaders, they elect leaders who fear Allah subhanho wa Taala. Again, the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said, either Canada or Morocco, Morocco.

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Morocco, Morocco, what are the neocons somehow? What morrocan? Sure. avena come when your leaders are the noble yo wealthy or the generous, your methods are mutually discussed, then enjoy staying on this earth. But when things are reversed a lot further than the soil beneath you is better than the soil above you. Why is that Ghana? O'Meara Oh, come sharara calm when your governors are the evil among zoo? What are the neocon bahala calm and the wealthy hoard their wealth? You want my brother and I want that the Muslim leaders can look beyond the internal differences and unite together and look at the bigger picture and then realize the strength of the Muslim ummah. I say before we take

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it on an international level, let's simplify it on a local level. How about you in your family, forget your differences and join hands with your brother and look at the bigger picture when I can shift from my post and I can leave my office and I can bring you on board because of our political differences in my small network, then it's so foolish of me to speak to those sitting on the thrones. Why is that gonna have any outcome?

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The wealthy starts hoarding the wealth. What more Camila Nisa, econ and woman are exclusively made in charge of your empires that you're better of beneath the soil than above the soil. Brothers bear with me in time I will try and wrap up. There is a crisis in the oma Ahmed is facing a global problem. It's time we use this platform to echo the correct message. And we have things into perspective. Bani Israel it become a victim of a host of atrocities. They came to the Navy of the time Shangri la de his Salam. Allah makes categoric mentioned in the Quran. They said that ask Allah to nominate amongst us a leader, a ruler, someone who can lead us to victory, someone across the

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board whom we respect

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Nabhi if Atlanta Malika Nakata wilfy Sabine Illa So, anyway Shangri La La his salat wa salam makes what will love but then he tells them that listen, because they had become a victim to oppression and the oppression against them it becomes so grave that finally they were carrying a trunk which the Quran speaks about in this trunk was the original scripture of the Torah. In this trunk was the was the turban of Haruna a Salam was the staff of Mussolini Salatu was Salam. And they kept this as a blessing wherever they went in battle. By virtue of this, they were victorious. So they used to move with this year, until they came a tyrant ruler from the nation of America

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by the name of john lewis by the name of john lewis. And he came and he snatched the stump away, which was the last thread of hope and blessings and divine attachment. Even the last thread was taken away. So now you were looking at the nation that had become a muscle to the Titan rulers of that time. They came to the Navy, they said we have been sent which we've been subjugated. Can Can history turn differently for us? Can we be recorded differently? ask Allah to give us a ruler. So the Navy said, Listen, you want to engage these perpetrators, and you want to take them on board because of the aggression and oppression and because of the carnage they have caused to you. But I'm

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afraid you make these statements. But when the time will come you will be very weak. You will be very weak. You talk a lot. Today's Muslim awaits the arrival of Mr. Mehdi, but I'm afraid my friend, I'm afraid when he comes and the demands that he has, and the victory with which he follows 80% of the summit will not able to stand up. So what happens

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They make dua to Allah Shah Milani salam, O Allah then blesses Allah then blesses them with a person by the name of Allah. And Allah says this will be your king and he will be your ruler and you will engage now these enemies and Allah will turn the pages in history in favor for you. So immediately they object to him and they say, and now Jaco Nola honeymoon Elena

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COVID mulki Minho, Alam Yoda Sahaja minalima listen this man I think I'll be a better ruler than him. He's got no skills, no qualities is a poor man. The Navy said Listen, you asked for a ruler. This has been the divine nomination of Allah honor the choice of Allah. They said okay, we need some divine symbols to affirm that he has been nominated by Allah. So anyway, it was told to them that the trunk that was taken away from you will be returned to you by him. So it will come to the house of this king followed. When you see it, you must know that the divine nomination from Allah, de familia hooded mela, aka Allah, then on the strength of the angels return that box and that trunk

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back to follow the king. So then they prepare Now listen to this brothers, I create a scenario and I take you back to that very region. I take you back to the Middle East, I take you back to that region. So what happens? they embark on this journey in this battle? Who is the leader Talu He is the king who is the Navy Shatta Wale. What are the numbers the revised 80,000 derivative gelatine 70,000 is the advance Not today you want to mobilize you want to march you want to yell and cry by all means, but look where your strength lies my brother, then you accuse me for being orthodox but my scriptures teaches me no difference. The message from Allah and Quran is one in all. So anyway,

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as they leave as they leave and they go to engage this nation, the the leader says listen, you know your spirit is very high and you're very vocal and very vociferous and outspoken. And you're very energetic. Allah just wants to assess how strong you are sincerely speaking. In Allaha morbidelli can be not her in Alaska morbidelli koombana her they leave from baytril mocha does where does the Amelie from baytril mocha does what the Depo would say. I'd be I believe sobre la casa salami, a b i believe therell Absa salami all my father you're going to baytril mocha does convey my salam to the soils of misteriosa convey my choices regards to the Palestinian oma and say to them Mamata locati

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Alicia he do. He who dies in the liberation of Uppsala might be deceased to the world but he's alive in the court of Allah.

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We say the same sentiments and May Allah take our sentiments. May Allah take our sentiments, they leave 80,000 they were extremely thirsty. The leader says I just want to test you out. Allah is going to test you I know you are thirsty, you're going to pass a rubber. Allah said don't drink this water in the learner mobile telecom now you are marching and you are mobilizing and you are yelling, and then you are intervene by the time of salah and then you neglect your Salah and then you abuse your site. And then you use vulgar language. I don't know how to explain the contradiction. And they come by this river, the test of Allah the sentiments are you energetic, but as simple things stand

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up at the time of further my brother, where are these numbers? For Allah sake, bear with me. Where are these numbers? Why that child dies and becomes a Shaheed and my sister becomes a widow my son clubs on a Saturday night is too drunk to get up Sunday morning. He's not sober to come. And then you want to put out placards I don't want to forgive me if I come across crude anyway, they cross the water the Prophet and the leader says you Drink from this water. Our destiny is different. So they say no, no, no, no, that's an unpractical request. That doesn't make sense. For sure. Ebo Minho not listen to the Quran for Sheree boo boo Illa de la min home they start drinking in quantity. They

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start drinking one way those that drank he said you can you are allowed to take a handful so much water just to quench your thirst. That's okay. That's not a problem. But once you take more than that, that's a problem. Allah speaks of this in the Quran. For sure Evo Minho, Illa de la min home, the majority of them started drinking when I say majority What do I mean? I'm referring to 79,687 leaving them again with 330 in the very number of those that participated in butter kita catapult bubble Mahatma Gandhi Kitab in Buhari second volume, but as he says the army that stood on the side of Duluth and fought Johnny it was the same like those that stood on the side of Mohammed Salim and

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fought but once they drained from this water, they trespassed and they disobeyed look at the reaction of this tanto la putana yamapi de la Juno the lesson it is insanity to go fight the superpower. Forget about it. You can go relieve from your the immediate

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Result of drinking this water beyond the proportion allotted to them by the Navy was it resulted in instant and permanent, permanent weakness that just crackle there nx? Allah says take from this world but drink a handful. Don't drink till you are saturated it will weaken you. You burping Forgive me from the front and the back from everywhere. There's nothing left. Allison drinka here from illa manifattura for those that drink a handful of serious money writes that the thirst was quenched also they told them now you desert us and we got the army in front of us into in big numbers. They said you want to go you go we don't come anyway they advanced What did they say we are

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313 come whenever Allah turned the decision, it was on small numbers come in Fayette in Cali Latin Rolla but we attend Kathy rajim Bismillah Allahu wa sabi and they said, Listen, throughout history, it was always small numbers that made the difference. Then as they came amongst this group was a young boy by the name of who was an enemy when when Allah decides the destruction of a tyrant. So what happened there were three stones the stones told him that would pick me up the period with money he picks them up. As they get together. They face the superpower. The 313 taluk calls his army he calls the father of doubt. He says, How many sons do you have? You say I have six sons. He brings

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all of them forward, then doubt comes forward. The King on that side is so arrogant till the last moment he says one out I'll kill all of us. That with a solemn asking permission, you allow me to go forward. He says go forward. I have divine rocks from Allah. Allah tala VOA salam wa rahmatullah is ramita. Voila, King, Rama, when you took that sin and you threw for the record, it was your hand but aided by me, what largest unmet needs at hand to be aided by Allah, whatever you release, whatever you say the Quran said Rama, Rama, Rama,

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Rama and then they went and Allah gave them victory. Wakata Allah, da, da da da da, da da

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da turn the history of that nation differently on the number of 313 but don't drink from the river. They will have no good to the oma forgive me if I include my brother today you drink in Allah forgive from wine and Haram, you drink in from everything forbidden. I leave you with my last Hadith.

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Again, the Hadees I tie up in the movie tele convener when we were in the Middle East. Allah gave me the opportunity to go and see this river. It's an ordinary River. But just the fact that mention of it has been made in the Quran that you will be crossing this river. This river borders between Jordan and Palestine. As we were traveling one of our guides Allah reward him. He's telling me chef, do you know the server? I said no, tell me which is the server. He said reference to Surah Baqarah in Allah MOBA tellico. This is the river that they cross. They match from baytril maka does the Prophet sallallahu Assam says there are five angels that descend daily and they have five

00:32:57--> 00:33:40

proclamation and one proclamation also happens from baytril mocha does while you hear your child crying. Let me also tell you of the proclamation of the angel. One Angel descends at maccha every day, and one Angel descends at Medina. One Angel descends at baytril mocha does one Angel descends at the graveyard of the Muslims. And one Angel descends at the passes of the Muslim the angel that descends in Makkah he says Allah man taraka Farah is Allah *a hora jahmene Rahmatullah he who deliberately omits the things that Allah has made obligatory and compulsory and mandatary tell him he has no shame in Allah's mercy. Now, this is don't miss your addressing. This is the foundation

00:33:40--> 00:34:17

that's not all. The angel that descends in Medina alimenta Raka Suna nebia sallallahu alayhi wa sallam for the Hara German Shepherd he, the one who deserves the suddenness of Nebula is Salam tell him he'll be denied of my intercession. This in this week someone came in told me Allah knows what happens to my blood when someone argues about the beard before me. Well, I will say this and I will die saying this and Alaska some write it on my cover for settlers Corona moku Lacan this attitude that is nothing but as soon as I actually see disbelief dripping from that statement.

00:34:18--> 00:34:59

I see actually coming down that one soon. That is nothing but one goal dictates who wins the World Cup. One vote dictates who rules the country, one month dictates who comes out first in in in school. one cent dictates who is wealthier, but one shouldn't be dictates nothing. What sheer absurdity. And then we went to can you tell me to make Palutena Zilla? What? Palutena Zilla semakin further when the woman is sleeping, this door that nebulae Salam used to make Allahumma Samana Sara Tina Mohamed el amin home Solomon has Allah Allah you help those that help your deen and make us among them and Allah you forsake those who desert your deen I was making this door one great scholar

00:34:59--> 00:34:59

one great

00:35:00--> 00:35:17

scholar manana 70 Ahmed Khan submodular Madani Rahim Allah pastor in Medina, he said don't make that. Why are you cursing the oma? They have deserted the deen first. What is the DA Allah you forsake those who deserted your deen? He said you can see down ma the Ahmed has deserted Deen before others.

00:35:18--> 00:35:59

So that's the second, the one who deserves everything one gold decides the whole world cup. But one student that cuts no ice before my inner Bay. It makes no difference in the court of law. I swear by his ganja. One student of mine Abby is more beloved to my allies in the skies and the earth. The third angel who descends and baytril mocha does and he's also crying out from the Allah Monica Saba Marlon ha Rama he was earnings are forbidden contaminated, telling him all his actions are rejected. The fourth angel who descends at the grave of the Muslim, his cry is your makabe of the dwellers of the grave. I have one question to ask you. Now that you've gone down what are your regrets? And who

00:35:59--> 00:36:38

do you envy? Maybe before you died, your regrets Why didn't set my daughter up? But when things opened up differently, do you still maintain the same regrets or have your regrets changed? I swear by Allah your regrets a different one you go down? Who do you envy we envied those that obey Allah and the one that descends in the marketplace. If you have a spiritual ear, you'll hear him if you have a spiritual, you will see him. If you are a spiritual heart, you will feel him in Nevada, let the Accra Lehman Cannella who called our son Shaheed, he says the angel that descends in the marketplace he says Milan Milan lesson pause. How long will materialism blind you we will talk about

00:36:38--> 00:37:27

this and people will congregate and talk about sports. People will talk about politics people will talk about everything at least silence if you cannot, cannot speak and feel hurt about the pain of the Muslim oma. If it doesn't hurt you then then really brothers, Milan he says pause show up the napkin fell untestable walk on walk not confident. takaku The angel says we invited you to generate but it looks like our invitation doesn't turn you on. While home was not considered him to have who we want you repeatedly but it doesn't seem to deter you. Let you be informed. Lo Laurie Jalan hatia was CBR nonroad da, da da will show you one Raka ballet como la de busaba. If it wasn't for the

00:37:27--> 00:37:34

innocent children been circled by the mothers and the animals in the jungle and the white bearded people you would have been no more.

00:37:35--> 00:38:10

These people have just held the last you know, I often say child is provoking you but they are visitors that don't allow you to vent your anger. These people are the visitors of Allah that has just kept the Roth away from us. The Chinese insight in you provoking you, but courtesy to your visitors doesn't allow you to become hostile and unpleasant. While these children as they die and cry as they fall in collapse on the name of Allah. Allah knows what will be there about. We make dua to the Almighty Allah just as the nation of Shangri la de Salaam and the people of Toluca when they face that army, they said, but I've been Africa linen sobre

00:38:12--> 00:38:55

la Nina sobre la was a bit appa dama. Now when sadhana Camila Catherine, Allah, our nation deserted us, we are 313 in front of a superpower. We asked you for your patience on us Allah hold our feet firm Allah, we make dua to Allah, those that are standing in the front line Allah you pour your patience on them, say amin brothers, Allah, you hold their feet firm Allah and just as you help them you help them. May Allah restore the glory of the soma, and let every one of us returned from your change brothers, not a decade and these eyes I've seen so much, not 10 years in these years I've heard so much is it not high time that we have Benenson get rid of virus and adopt the life of

00:38:55--> 00:38:59

compliance to the dictates of Sharia law through Danone hamdulillahi Rabbil aalameen