7 minutes That Expose David Wood’s Main Arguments Against Islam

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Gentlemen, enter our second phase of rebuttals which each speaker will have eight minutes each. You can go ahead and Mr. Muhammad hijab he mentioned again this issue of Salalah Allah and I've told you the difference i don't know i kept repeating it. He says person will try and do this in three minutes. Yeah. He says person.

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This This shows you that the swappa he thinks he says he thinks this means that the chapters of the Quran are persons. I want to I've always wanted to do this. You have to take a word from Dwayne The Rock Johnson. It doesn't matter what you think. It doesn't matter what you think.

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flock of birds and the man who comes the pale man, yes, this is in good deeds. And this proves my point once again, that the Quran the Quran is what is represented the web you get the rewards for doing the good and it comes that's what the Hadith is talking about. The man comes in a good form. This is the Hadith in Bukhari.

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He says Allah will also

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come as birds. intercession means polytheism. Well, Mandela, the founder, one elaborated me chapter two, verse 205, the one who will intercede with God except with His permission. It's one part of a verse which refutes all of your claims about intercession. In fact, he says home means mother, it doesn't only mean Mother, don't tell me about Arabic language. You asked me about Arabic language in this in this forum. You asked me you don't tell me you asked Mohammed. What does the word mean? You don't tell me Oh means this. It means mother. Yes. It doesn't only mean mother, we say Omaha to the main books. It means something foundational omokoroa says the main cities Come on, man. Don't waste

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my time with this. He says.

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So he said he actually asked me for something linguistic. He said what's the linguistic basis that the word Sala? What is it? What does it come from etymologically. The word salad comes from the word sila. Silla means connection. So it can be any connection. It doesn't necessarily always have to be prayer. And the word actually Salam means

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yes, this is the root word, but it comes from the etymological root word sila, which means connection, it could mean any connection Scylla to run, for example, connecting with your family members, you don't know these things. He says the Quran gets the Trinity wrong. And he's talking about chapter five, verse 116, of the Quran where it talks about, did you tell your mother that you can take two of us as loads beside God? It's not talking about the Trinity in this verse. Where does it say this is the Trinity and that is describing the only verses that describe the Trinity. For example, chapter four, verse 171, of the Quran, other places the Quran, like chapter five with the

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brother was reading. It never tells you what the Trinity is, which is why, for example, many scholars like him to me and

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many scholars actually did say that the Trinity was a father son, the Holy Spirit, but some scholars differ with them in x Jesus, it doesn't matter. The word three in Arabic, Salah that means all of the kinds of Trinity's that all of the Christians have ever believed in all of history. So the word Salat and Arabic is all comprehensive. It doesn't say that the word Trinity is married. It doesn't say that in the Quran, you have light against the Quran. And then he says

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Allah subhanaw taala this you have to understand basic basic rules of grammar of Arabic.

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But not Allah Nakata lemons, a camel of Allah is another person, I'll help you I will help you. It means

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to go into it, to be honest with you, it is a good go to a basic

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you know, textbook, what is the first thing that our students learn? Let's not waste my time with this, please. You've come here 20 years of research and this what you present, don't waste my time. It says Islam

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accidentally defies Jesus, because he is kalama to law. Why does the Quran calling the kalama because it's stressing the fact that Allah said B and he was

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to make an emphasis, a point of emphasis for Christians who believe otherwise.

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And then the pagans, pagan sources he didn't give any now realize Ladies and gentlemen, this man put Christianity under the bus. He threw Christianity under the bus today. I asked him for questions. None of those questions were answered.

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None of those questions were answered.

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Is the Trinity in 300 years if it is a basic natural inference of the Old Testament, how could you have 4000 years of Hebrew history? No one has inferred it. If it's a natural reading of the New Testament, how comes you have 300 years 300 years? And no church father believed in 19 trinitarianism the way that you believe today? Why are you back projecting anachronistically superimposing

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this idea that was advanced and crystallized by the Catholic ocean fathers and 381. Putting it and forcing it You're the one forcing, forcing it on the New Testament. More egregiously, you're forcing it in the Old Testament. You have. You have done a shameful service today for the for the Christians. You have not defended Christianity today. You should have brought James White with you

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One like that, seriously, you should approach someone who could have helped you. You were saying, me and Adnan and Ali versus you, man, you should have brought someone with you. Seriously, what's going on here? 20 years of attacking Islam. 20 years of attacking Islam. 99% of your content is anti Islam. And all of those things you bought today were dismissed in four minutes.

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You couldn't handle the questioning? I gave you four. I gave you four questions. I did the service of answering all of your questions. You didn't even ask for one of mine. How dare you?

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What is this seriously? And the reason why once again, I apologize to all the other Christians here. Why this man is made mockumentaries against Islam is attacked Muslims and aggravated Muslims. We know history is not any regular Christian Ladies and gentlemen, the class is laced with

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the Christians are not all the same. If it was James White, I would have shown him the utmost respect. If it was William Lane, Craig, I would have showed him the utmost respect. If it was any of those guys, I would have showed them the utmost respect for this man. No, no, no, no, no, no.

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Read the Bible. I will teach you the Bible today. Please stay on topic. Okay, no problem.

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I've got to one minute and a half. And I'm pretty much done. I can't believe it.

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Should I give it as a charity to him?

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I'll give it as a charity to have a minute and a half of charity for Muslims to go ahead