The Spiritual Ladder – The Last Words Of A Father To His Son

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Bismillah salatu salam ala rasulillah he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam were bad. One of the most emotional dialogues or discussions between any two people will be the one involving a dying person and his relative. And it would be all the more emotional if the former is the father and the latter is the son. It's a sad moment. It's an emotional moment. It's a poignant moment. When a man Buhari Rahim Allah makes mention of a narration that on the eve of the campaign of Jamal Zubair, the man who summoned his son Abdullah bin Zubair, and said to him, oh, my son, I don't think I will return today, I will meet my fate and my debt. And both my demands. I am now entrusting you as the

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executive of my estate, and I am entrusting you to take care of all my affairs for journey you will see me be Dana he and my dad started impressing upon me please settle my dad's please settle my dad's. And then the last words of my dad and then we parted and that was it. He said in I just stand a mineral first in LA Hebei Mala. If you encounter any difficulties, hurdles, challenges, complexities in resolving my debts, then feel free to contact my guardian and my ally and my helper at any time. So I pause for a moment and I said yeah, but he one member will log on my dad and who are you referring to when you say your Li your helper, your guardian? He said Allah. I said, Okay,

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okay, Point taken. My dad moved on. He met his fate he passed away. I attended to the rituals of burial, and then I did the calculations for wedges to Makana him in a Dane L fe elfin one meet at a elfin the hadith of Bokhari. The liabilities of my dad was sitting on 2,200,000 dirhams for lahemaa water to feed Kuru Betty mendini in LA Mola, Zubair and who do you know who, by Allah, whenever I had any difficulty in resolving or settling the debts, I would say, Oh, the Lord of Zubair intervene and assess, and there would be divine intervention and Allah would rescue the matter and settle it. Now that's a great way to die and leave behind such a union and bond with your Creator that your

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children can can cherish that relationship. But what was the catalyst that attracted this union and this bond, and why did he incur the debts and that's the message, the son Abdullah bin savera, the Allahu anhu says we're in nama gana de la de la, Roger de canais de esto. Do iya my dad didn't go and borrow this money, but rather people would come and entrust money with him keep this as an Amana. So out of my dad's selfless nature, he would say, let's convert the stress into a loan. Because if you leave your money, in my case as a trust, and then without negligence on my part, the money gets missing, then I'm not liable. But if we convert it into a loan, then I am liable and

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responsible. And in that way your money is safe and secure. So to offer security to people, he would convert the trust into an Amana it would convert the trust into a loan, and then he would assist people with that money, and that's how the debt was accumulated. And that's how Allah divinely then assisted and aided his son in settling the entire debts. In English. They say my brother, through selflessness is when you take pain upon yourself to remove the pain of others. May Allah make us like that so we can enjoy such a bond with our Creator. I mean, you're an admin