The Spiritual Ladder – It Could Be Worse

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Bismillah he was salatu salam, ala rasulillah he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam were bad, we are repeatedly reminded about the importance of reflecting over the boundaries, the boons and the favors of the Almighty. But today, let's just pause for a moment, there is one bounty of Allah that He has favored us with, right? So Allah blessed us with vision with the earning ability, with a spouse, with children with accommodation, etc. And then there is the other bounty of the Almighty which we rarely reflect over. And that is, Allah has rescued me from protected me from safeguarded me against, we often look at the positive side in the context of a bounty which is great and wonderful,

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but rarely do we include the other dimension as a bounty of Allah as well. Now,

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in the 16, Jews of the Quran in the 20th chapter in verse 1172119, Allah subhanho wa Taala reminds even at the Malian Salam that remember the devil is your enemy in

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the Zodiac region. nakoma minal genetica Tasha, let him not expel you from Paradise least you find yourself in difficulty. And then Allah reminded say that the mala is Salam that in general, you have been saved guarded against four things, there is no hunger for you. There is no thirst for you. There is no looking for shelter or clothing all this is available. So the scholars of the CSA it releases a hint to impress upon us that the name of Allah is what he favored us and equally from the challenges against which he rescued us. So incomes are among the generation Morocco Morocco. Hata Bella Julian mubadala, Santa Maria Ilana passed by a person who was afflicted in many ways as a dumb

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he was a leper he was suffering leprosy Ummah, he was visually impaired and become he had the speech impairment or some he had hearing impairment. So you address those around who's sympathizing and empathizing on this individual. Allah Tirana, Allah has Armenia Milla he say to you people observe any bounty of Allah upon this individual cannula. They answered in the negative No, not at all. So now Amara, the Allahu anhu then said, Allah Tyrone and the huya boule. Don't you see that he has the ability to consume water and pass urine with ease without any difficulty? yahiro Joe bolu Salah he can pass urine without difficulty pain discomfort, will have the Avon mini Mattila and this also is

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the bounty of Allah. So what's the message my brother, the message is as challenging as the moment is, it could be worse. In fact, in Romani under this Iowa interrupt Donna amatola helado suha. Allah says if you were to count his bounties, you will never be able to count it. There is a quotation of Abdullah minimus Rudra the Allahu anhu that he said Hata Allah Halina, that even the occupants of hell are recipients of a particular bounty of Allah, in the learning Allah and in every minute follows shall

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be ushered them in an hour. If Allah so wanted, he could unleash a more severe torment on the occupants of hell, but he did not do so. So if that's the message to the occupants of how surely we take a cue from it, that whatever challenges we find ourselves in, it could be more intense, it could be more severe. So be grateful and remind yourself, Allah saved you against so many more challenging situations. May Allah bless us with a grateful tongue and a grateful heart. I mean, you're allowed me