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AI: Summary © The conversation covers the history and actions of the United States against Muslims, including actions against the Jewish population and actions against the United States. The rabbi discusses the importance of history and acknowledging actions of the Israeli Federal Government. The segment discusses false flag attacks and political chaos over the Eastern Kingdom of Jerusalem, as well as the controversy surrounding the Christian girlfriend and hipster killers. The discussion also touches on the controversy surrounding the belief in Judaism and its implications for pursuing religion. Finally, the segment encourages listeners to pray sincerely and use the brains of God to portray the truth.
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We have a message for this Nakba day for this 75 years of occupation. We want the world to know that what is being perpetrated against the Palestinian people, the oppression, the subjugation, the terrible cruelty is not in the name of our religion, you have to stop treating the Palestinians like their animals. You say you're the children of God, but you treat it the Palestinians like their rats. Why are these Christian leaders telling the Jewish Zionist This is ungodly? You say you're the chosen people of God, you can't behave like this. This is the day shown

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was ready to talk about

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how much respect I have for the

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show. Welcome to the Dave show. The dean show.

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Salam aleikum, greetings of peace. My next guest Stanford pass comes from a Jewish background was born into a Jewish family. He has a deep understanding in this area of the world where Jesus peace be upon him was born. And he's connected to the current events. He recently shared something by a very prominent well known Christian. We're gonna go ahead and this is a Christian news source. We're gonna go ahead and play this video and then bring him out, have a discussion on the history, current events and Jesus and much much more. The Israelis are going to obliterate Gaza and when they obliterate Gaza, they will wipe out 2 million Gazan Palestinians and they don't care. I told you the

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feeling I had when I met I didn't meet him. He didn't shake my hand. I'm standing next to Netanyahu but I got a good look at him. I saw a man that cold cold lifeless eyes, lifeless eyes, soulless eyes, I saw a man who could he could kill 2 million people and then go to dinner wouldn't bother him at all. Because in his mind, they're not people. That's right there. You have to understand these savages. They're savages. They're beasts in his mind. The Palestinians are not people. So he has no conscience that would bother him. And we are witnessing in real time mass genocide, and hardly anybody is saying anything about it. And if you do say something about it, you will be extremely

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criticized you may be shut down. They'll have a ceasefire when there's nobody left in Gaza. They will stop shooting when everybody stops breathing. That is the intention folks total elimination of the Palestinian people this genocide I don't care what you think about the state of Israel, no sane human with a heart can justify genocide. A complete wipeout of a people stand for pass. Please be with us on Lake goon leikam. Salaam, Brother, how have you been? Humble. I'm getting getting older and feeling closer to alive every day.

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By the grace to preserve you. You share this video clip here. And I've been thinking for a long time I've been thinking we often hear Jesus who we love is one of the mightiest messengers that God sent just like Moses, Abraham and Alas, the fundamental pro Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him that came to say message worship the one creator alone, not his creation. I'm thinking, Where are the Christians, those who have so much in common with who flaunt Jesus, anytime there's anything that goes violent, they're like Jesus turned the other cheek, Prince of Peace. And this seems to be one of the few here that we're seeing that is vocal about it, we need more Christians to step up. What

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inspired you to share this? I did have that on my Facebook page. The reason I shared it was I wanted people to understand, I'm not looking to just throw dirt on people who deserve it. But I'm trying to enlightened people enough that they can make an informed choice about their spiritual path and their future. Because this is about this isn't about politics and life and death. We're talking about souls. And we're talking about not just this life, but what comes next. So I want people to understand what's happening here. So they can differentiate truth from falsehood.

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He made some very powerful statements, he says, he said, no sane person with a heart. So if you're, Jesus believe in person, you believe in Jesus, we believe in Jesus. You believe in the God of Jesus, the one who created Jesus, you believe in the life hereafter you live in compassion, love mercy, turning the other cheek. I mean, because you see, now it's because you have people out there who are supporting this. This is giving the green light to a person who from true news. I mean, they hit it dead on this is like someone who when he saw in his

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Eyes soulless, codeless, lifeless person who could just do something to go ahead want to exterminate it hope people like this, it's out of this world.

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In this time, we know that

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all the three major reasons Christianity, Judaism, and Islam are going to be splintered into many different sects and groups. And there are many of they're going to be following innovation, and things that are not from God. And then there's the straight path. And the straight path is what we seek to follow as Muslims, which is, you know, forbidding evil and encouraging good, and fixing things with our hands if we can, and if we can't, to talk about it. And if we can't do that, to hate it in our heart, and to be like, we learned in our pick of worship and our understanding of worship, that thinking about it's not enough, you have to act, you have to do something, to try to help. And

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this is we're commanded to help in this society. If there's something wrong, Muslims are commanded to do this, to help fix society.

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Now you come from a background as open up a Jewish background, you are born into a Jewish family, for our audience, who hasn't watched? We've had your story here on today's show, if you could just bring them up to speed so you're, you're born in a Jewish family? How How would you address this myth that people have that Muslims I mean, obviously, you wouldn't have accepted Islam if you thought Muslims hated you. Well, I didn't even know any Muslims until I became one of us. I didn't really know any.

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My parents always taught me to take each person as an individual. And in my home, religion was all about building character be a mench be a decent human being. And that's to them to my parents. They knew they were stated know what was going on with the hidden agenda of Zionism. They didn't know all the underside of this. They thought it was like a, a homeland for the Jews that were persecuted all over the world. That's all they that's all they knew, they didn't know. And I was raised believing that too.

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And then I got I got schooled by life.

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Well, let's get into this next clip. This is actually a rabbi, who is also saying not in Judaism. We have a message for this Nakba, day for this 75 years of occupation. We want the world to know that what is being perpetrated against the Palestinian people, the oppression, the subjugation, the terrible cruelty is not in the name of our religion. It is not in the name of the Star of David, it is not in the name of the Jewish people around the world who are true to the Jewish religion because we are Jewish. And because we are true to our religion, we are in total opposition to the existence of the Zionist state of Israel. I call it Zionist state of Israel because it is Zionist. It is not

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Jewish. We want the world to know that the Zionist movement is not a Jewish movement. It was a political material movement created by heretics, and they simply try to incorporate our religion in order to intimidate and silence people and call them anti semitic if they stand in opposition. But this is patently false anti semitic is supporting the State of Israel. It is a cause of exacerbating anti semitism by having this occupation. It is a cause of bloodshed of the Palestinians and Jews alike. It is the cause of the oppression of not only the Muslims and the Christians and Palestine, but of the Jews, hundreds of 1000s of Jews, standard Palestine have lived there prior to the state

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they have lived and they're continuing to live till today and demonstrate Daily and get brutally beaten and arrested. This is the sad story of this terrible neck but it is a tragedy a calamity and God was his compassion. We hope we'll see the suffering and even today, the last few days how you see daily the death and suffering of the Palestinians and the attacks it's all Zionism naturally as we can once again live together in harmony Jews and Arabs, as we've had for all these hundreds and hundreds of years and Jews could show their gratitude to the Arab and Muslim countries for their embracing Jews and giving them a home inshallah soon in our days, so this is a Jewish rabbi. Yeah.

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And we're hearing these terms. Some people hearing it for the first time you mentioned the word Zionism. He's also saying that there's not the same thing Judaism and Zionism, can you for the

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up. So you come from a Jewish background. You live, you live this life there and not understanding. And now can you bring us up to speed? What does this mean Zionism? Well, Judaism is the religion of Moses, or that's what it was called. It was they named it they called the B'nai Israel, the children of Israel, practice Judaism, Judaism was named after Judah, which is the grandson of Abraham.

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Zionism is a political agenda to,

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to basically it's a domineering effort to take Palestine and own it. The Rothschild family which owns all the central banks on Earth, and half the wealth on Earth and their advisors to the queen and the king and the Pope now, and they own about everything. They needed a place to shelter there. This is Ross child's homeland. This is the country that raw child wanted. Theodore Hertzfeld, who was the father of Zionism wanted to go to Argentina. Rochelle didn't want to go to Argentina. They wanted the Mediterranean beachfront. And it fit right in with the prophecies, you see, had nothing to do with Hitler, World War Two, they decided in 1897, a designer's Congress in Switzerland, we're

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taking Palestine,

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then in 1917, will during Win win World War, you'll need to just go Yeah, keep going to war one came along. While the Jews were having a hard time finding a home, they were getting thrown out of everywhere they were going because of this small nucleus of people within the group that just wanted to own and run everything.

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what happened? They

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they made a deal with Britain to get the United States into World War One to help them be Germany. And they in return they were given they were granted Palestine. And that's how that happened. But but it wasn't to own. It was if you look at the Balfour Declaration, it's an agreement that the Jews were going to be able to move into Palestine as cohabitation. And live in peace with the Zionist I mean, with the with the Palestinians to live in peace and harmony, and everybody would have religious rights and human rights and all kinds of rights, and everybody would get along. But this was never the agenda. Their agenda was once their foot was in the door to take the whole place. And

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that's what was happening steadily from the time they got in in 1917. Until now, and it was it's just been an ongoing effort to to

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take the whole place and to not live in harmony and peace with the if Israel and if the if, if the Jews that went to Israel, the Zinus had kept the bargain of the of the Balfour Declaration, the Balfour Declaration had been kept. We probably wouldn't be in this situation right now. But the Balfour Declaration wasn't worth the paper was written on because they never intended to keep the agreement. They only wanted to get in the door. That's all and they got in the door.

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Can I say it a little? Can I say something real quick right here? Yeah, so just one point.

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When you met don't lose your place. So when you mentioned Judaism, so this is what they coined as the religion of Moses, but we know as Muslims wants to submit their will to God, that's what a Muslim is. And Islam is a way of life that since the beginning of time since the first man, Adam, that concept of submission to the will of the Creator to heavens and earth was has always been there. So those people who are who are at time of Moses, we would say they were submitters to God, they were Muslim, and they were doing Islam submission to the Word of God. Islam is water. And all these other religions are brands, because it's all about submitting to God. It's all it's about it's

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the essence of religion is to submit and obey God and Judaism. God didn't ordain Judaism. God did not ordained Christianity. But we know as Muslims, Allah did ordain Islam, and perfected it as the faith of the believers. And so we were, it's the straight path. It's the water without the brand, without the flavors. Without the association's all the prophets and messengers came for a segment of humanity except the last one. Peace be upon them all. Muhammad was sent and his duty. His mission was to bring the Koran to bring to all humanity,

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monotheism, not to worship idols not to, you know,

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and that was that's why I became Muslim because I saw it clear as day after live

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In the life I lived in law took me around the block a few times. And I could see it clear as day that Islam was home for a believer that's home. And it looks so strange to us because we've been in the West. It's been demonized, and they've been hiding it, keeping it under the rug and turning it and

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you know, according to a Ziggs AI for candidate can pronounce his name is a big new Brzezinski who was a national security adviser to presidents. He said that the Muslim terrorist apparatus was created by the US intelligence as a geopolitical weapon. Okay, wow. All right. I want to say also condolences, sincere condolences to the families of all the innocents on all the sides of who who are injured or passed away. That my sincere condolences.

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My Muhammad had rules of war, peace be upon him. Many of them were violated by both sides. And

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my condolences.

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Thank you. Thank you for that.

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Thank you. Yeah, that's very, it's very straightforward in Islam, that this is something rules of engagement before the Geneva Convention. It's very straightforward and clear. You don't kill an old person. You don't kill a woman. Don't kill a child. You don't hurt a clergy person. You don't destroy a house of worship. You don't cut a tree, you don't cut a tree. You know, it's like you don't I don't do you don't you don't do carpet bombing of a whole neighborhoods? You know, you don't do mowing the lawn as they call it. Yeah. You know, this whole thing started. I mean, I lived through

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JFK assassination. And I lived through 911. And I'm beginning to pick up on things a little bit intuitively now. Yeah, and this whole thing started with a big lie. The Big Lie is that these 5000 rockets was a surprise. Okay. My, I believe with everything in me. Okay, based on my life experience, and my intuition that they knew this, Egypt told him it was coming. And Israel, it's way out of character for Israel to ignore a warning. Even if there have been political chaos over there. It's very, very hard for me to swallow that Israel ignored warnings from Egypt, that something big was coming. Okay. So based on that big lot, and I don't believe like that first tape showed, I don't

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think Netanyahu cared about sacrificing some, some of his own citizens to get his mission accomplished, which is to destroy the Palestinians, to it was an excuse, just like 911 was a false flag. Everybody knows it, except that, you know, that it wasn't how it how they say it went down. But what it was designed to do was allow the West to go in and destroy a bunch of Muslim countries and murder millions and millions of people, millions of people, and this is they're doing that they're following the same pattern. They're following the same example.

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It was a false flag event from an but you they use real blood and real people. They use us, but it was a false flag event because it isn't what they said it was. It wasn't a surprise attack. I don't believe it. You can't convince me of that. You think this is a pretext for you? The we hear this term Nakba. Nakba Can you define what is the Nakba, the Nakba, was the was the tragedy of when the Palestinians were slaughtered indiscriminately, and that just, they were just flattened and wiped out and caused to move and destroyed. It was just a massacre. It's like what they did to the Native Americans here in America. They just took their land, burnt their crops, made him get on the street

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and just start walking. Get out of here. Knock. Yeah, some some are saying here. We'll play this little clip here.

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Because we're hearing some of the politicians from this side who are mentioning this.

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Oh, wait. Oh, wait. Okay, good. Right now, one go knock and knock but that will overshadow the Nakba of 48 Nakba, in Gaza, and Nakba to anyone who dares to join. So we see some of these

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people from the side there on the far right side, they keep mentioning we see people from the area mentioning Nakba knocked my Nakba.

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I'm back

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Second Nakba What is this kind of now pretext for this extermination disinhibition is genocide. I believe that I believe that they staged this for exactly that. And you know what I just heard on the way home Eddie, I drive to New York every day I delivered. I'm a courier, and I was coming home. And I heard on the radio, that Israel is planning to start their ground invasion, maybe even tonight on the Sabbath, which is I don't know why they would do that and break their own Sabbath. But they don't follow the Jewish religion. The Zionist don't, or, you know, they don't, they don't. Zionism and Judaism are two different things. I don't care what anybody says. So, I one of the survivors,

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one of the survivors of the kibbutz massacre, she's on Facebook, you can find her to frit, you have haggard, dark hair, very tired looking, I've sent you the link. She said, The Arabs were nice to them. But when the Israeli soldiers when the IDF showed up at the kibbutz, they shot everybody, they sprayed everybody they killed, they killed the kibbutzniks and they killed the Arabs, and they killed Hamas. They killed everybody. This is from a survivor.

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She said that, okay, now, I can't I haven't vetted it. But she didn't look like she was like, making it up. And another thing was a doctor, I saw this video and I'm going this is reminding me of the Kennedy assassination. And 911 is that facts that would refute the official story just kind of disappeared, they just kind of dissolved into the atmosphere. These doctors are in a press conference, it's on video on Facebook and tick tock YouTube everywhere. The doctors at the hospital that was bombed, said that the director of the hospital was in phone contact with a general of the Israeli defense forces on the phone with them and said, Why didn't you answer the phone? He says

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what? In other words, the Israeli Defense Forces said to the hospital people allegedly, we sent two rocket shells over to you as a warning. Why didn't you answer your telephone?

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They said this to the doctors on on this on this press conference. There's a simple way to check this if it's true. Look at the phone records. I mean, I'm looking at it like this isn't right. This is so common sense down to earth, if they just check the phone records. And they look to see if there was a conversation between this doctor and Israel's military. There's evidence, you know, but nobody's talking about this stuff. Just like when 911 happened. There were eyewitnesses they died, they disappeared, they got sick. This happened that happened. You know, I'm just saying the big law, you know, like,

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you want somebody to swallow a lie. You got to make it big. They said, this is going back to Nazi thinking. You got to make it a big lie, and then people will just automatically swallow it. So I think it all goes back to the fact that they allowed this to happen, because they knew they wanted a like you say they wanted a justification to commit the Nakba. Again. Okay, let me get into this next clip and I get your reaction to this. Okay, here in the United States, the Christian Zionist Movement, John Hagee go down the list of them Perry Stone Lance wall now Stephen Strang charisma, you go down the whole list of Zionist puppets are clapping and cheering for this atrocity. They're

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delighted. I mean, this is just so incredibly disingenuous on their part. Why are they crying? peacemakers? Why aren't they calling for peace? Why are they negotiating? Why aren't they putting pressure on Israel? You have to stop treating the Palestinians like their animals. You say you're the children of God, but you treat the Palestinians like their rats. Why are these Christian leaders telling the Jewish Zionist This is ungodly? You say you're the chosen people of God, you can't behave like this. Again, these are the Christians who are stepping up and they're calling out the Zionist Do you know much about the Christians who are not even really following Christianity they

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they're also

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of design, they call themselves Zinus.

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There's a lot of big, there's a lot of innovation out there. There's what do you say there's going to be over 70 misguided sects of each religion, Judaism, Christianity and Islam. This is another

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was another misguided sect. This is also a new movement how this Christian Zionism? I don't know exactly when it started, but it hasn't been that long ago.

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What, 1020 years maybe I don't know, I just made but I've been aware of it only that long. But it's very nice to see that these Christians here. Do you know the the person's name, some of these Christians who are with true news? I you know, I recognize some of those names. Hagie. And those guys, okay.

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Y'all know, that's the ones with design. Yeah. And they're, they're calling out but these are some of the mainstream Christian is very sad. To see many of these people are pushing this, this war propaganda, they're, they're helping, they're complicit in what's happening. And they're, they're totally off the way of who they're supposed to be following the prince, as they claim the Prince of Peace, Jesus. Yeah. So that's a very, very sad, I always thought it was kind of strange that, that they, they got they want to buddy up with the Jewish people who deny Jesus, but they they hate us, and we believe he's coming back, and we love them. And to figure that one out. So your experience

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then when you started to, as a young boy, you would hear a lot of this propaganda you would hear a lot of this. And then what what did it for you that you find you finally you know, light bulb went on, and you started to do it, you started to do more research, you start to go deeper into this, that you started to see the difference between Judaism Zionism, and to get a better understanding like you do. Now that opened your mind? Well, I started asking the rabbis questions that they got upset with me for asking like things about

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references to Jesus in the Torah, and you know,

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a virgin giving a maiden giving birth, you know, a young girl giving birth to a

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savior and all the things that were in there, and they didn't like they didn't like my questions. And

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right around then when I was 14, Kennedy got killed. And I, like I said, I started looking behind. It took a little longer than because we didn't have all this high tech stuff. But we it still smelled weird because they were they were too quick with an answer, like, Oh, he did it. Oh, look at that the guy that shot him, he got killed, you know, everything was happening. Like it was clockwork, you know, and we started getting suspicious like, this isn't what there was a conspiracy here and we didn't have to be. We didn't need a cell phone to tell us. And that was then I my, my search started becoming not just on the physical plane, but I started questioning my religion. I

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started questioning it. Because it didn't seem like

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it didn't seem like it was it was the whole story. I wasn't getting. I was taught in Hebrew school. Abraham was the first Jew.

00:28:18 --> 00:28:56

Then I learned years later, there was no such thing as a Jew until his grandson nobody called anybody a Jew until his grandson came along. He was Abraham was a submitter. He says so I'm a submitter. submitter. We know what that means. It means I'm it was a Muslim. I submitted my will to God's will. Same as Noah. Were talking to Hebrew school Jews claimed Noah and Abraham as there's like, they're Jews. They're not Jews. There are submitters there was no Jews back then. But that's that's how it got there. When I started realizing that I started going.

00:28:58 --> 00:29:00

I gotta get out more often. I gotta look around.

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Now, you've said that Jesus was a Palestinian. And he was, I don't know, I don't know, the geographics. He was from that general area, Bethlehem from Palestine, that whole area? Galilee? I don't know if that's do dia or Palace. I think it's Powell Palestine. He was all called Palestine, I think. But I'm not a geographical expert, forgive me. But he was definitely from that neighborhood of the world. He was from that place that area. Now, now. Now, Jews, they don't accept Jesus Peace Be Upon Him as the Messiah, because and they don't worship him as a god. And now Muslims, we actually don't believe that he is like 50%. There's a study that went out. And they confirmed that

00:29:52 --> 00:29:58

almost 50% of Americans here don't believe Jesus was God. They believed I mean, this is just going with their nature, obviously that

00:29:59 --> 00:30:00

that's good.

00:30:00 --> 00:30:45

Yeah, and I think it was 35% evangelical Christian. So they're actually closer to Islam. That's right, because they're calling him a righteous teacher. But now if even Jews if they because there's like you, being from a Jewish background grew up grew up in a Jewish family. Now, this controversy, what is the belief in Judaism? What did what design? What do people believe about Jesus? Well, if you talk to a Zionist, you will have to wash your ears out after they get done talking. If you talk to these Orthodox Jewish transplants that are coming from Brooklyn and other places to steal houses for the Palestinians, they they say if he comes back again, we'll crucify him. We spit on him. They

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they, they it's a common thing in Israel that spit on Christians. And I think they're trying to stop that. But I heard that's a common occurrence.

00:31:01 --> 00:31:02

So I guess there's a

00:31:07 --> 00:31:08

fairly big

00:31:11 --> 00:31:12


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and, but there's a whole spectrum of how Jews look at Jesus, depending upon which Jews you're talking about. Some, as you say, look at him as a righteous teacher, or rabbi. Naughty but not as a Prophet, not as you know, anything else. Others, I wouldn't even want to repeat it. Like from the Tom with the rabbi, the rabbinical the Babylonian Tom would writes things about him and his mother that I wouldn't even we don't have to repeat Yeah, you don't want to repeat. So there's a whole spectrum of viewpoints about Jesus, for in the eyes of the Jews. They're from from respect, and vert, you know, reverence as a teacher and a wise, you know, Rabbi, to the other end of the stick,

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but nothing in the form of a, of a leader of their leader or their I think, in part that was the fault of the Christians who changed the story, and alienated the Jews when they said, He's God. And the Jews said, no, no, no, there are no man is God, you know, so the Jews reacted when the GTE when the Christians started claiming Jesus as God, or as do worship. That violates the First Commandment of Moses, I am the one who is your Lord God is one, you know, You shall have no other gods before you. So I kind of have a vision, I can like my his lenses wide enough to see why a lot of Jews rejected Jesus. And I think they'll have a chance to get it straight. Because nobody ever gave it to

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him straight. Because the Christians that came to them, were trying to convince him convinced Jews that he's God, or that He's the Son of God, and that he's do worship as God would be. And this is a definitely a big no no in any monotheistic religion. So yeah. So you saying that if the the Jews of today, if they got, if they're sincere, like us true seeker, if they really got to look at who Jesus was, from an Islamic perspective, they would accept Him as the Messiah, then that would bring them closer now even to accepting the last and final muscular problem that was dependent upon the individual individual would have to say that depends on the individual. If they're sincere, if there

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really are only Allah knows what's in a person's heart. Exactly. What do you think is the reason now when you we mentioned all these things, these really hurtful things and these blasphemous things that are said about Jesus peace be upon him, we we proudly say we love we love Jesus. But then you have it's very sad. Unlike these Christians who are speaking out you have you have many Christian Zionist Christians who are going along with this and supporting this group of people who say the most horrendous things about Jesus and what it seems it's really ironic a strange relationship is schizophrenic. It is it's crazy.

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The police

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shut up. We don't do anything illegal. You cannot take you to jail.

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If you are not involved, please go. Shalom, my friend

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We bless you in my country.

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You come to United States, you can say whatever you want to say. That is a free world. Yes. You're not in the United States. You're in Israel. I understand, say whatever you want to say here. Yes, you can. It's legal. It is legal to preach about Yeshua. We preach that Damascus Gate. The police said it's okay. We preach at Joppa gate. The police says okay, please stop.

00:35:27 --> 00:35:28

I respect you.

00:35:34 --> 00:35:37

is the right thing. Are you Jewish? Do you want to honor God?

00:35:38 --> 00:35:41

That is the godly thing to do we respect one another got nothing to do.

00:35:42 --> 00:35:52

The godly thing is to kill me. That's right. Yes, the Torah says the Torah says to kill us. The Torah says that I know people who worship idols such as yourself, when there is a Sanhedrin.

00:35:53 --> 00:36:03

To kill us. Yes. Okay. That's what the tour is. We know how the Jewish people feel about Christians. Yes. They use it against Christians or discriminate against

00:36:04 --> 00:36:05

Christianity is idol worship.

00:36:06 --> 00:36:28

But I think they they're doing that, I think because they believe that there's some kind of a tie between? Well, there is a tie between Jesus peace be upon him and the land, the place, because that's where he's going to go, you know, he's going to go to Jerusalem and the in that he's going to confront the Antichrist and to dissolve over there. And but

00:36:30 --> 00:36:48

it's I don't think they reject. They're afraid. They're afraid, I don't think they never got the story straight. They never got the story told to them straight. Right. The Muslims have the story straight. They got a bunch of versions from the Christians, because the Christians want to stray.

00:36:50 --> 00:37:11

And they and they started telling their astray stories and their astray gospels, which weren't the actual gospels, which freaked out a lot of the Jews, I think, and I think a lot of Jews, God willing, will see it when they see it clearly. They see it clearly. And a lot of the Christians will too, I hope it's not too late. That's for them.

00:37:13 --> 00:37:14

Before we conclude, what are their

00:37:15 --> 00:37:38

last closing comments that you have with everything that's going on connecting it to your story? We hear a lot of different things, you know, they make it seem like Muslims hate Jews, and this is a war between Muslims and Jews and Muslims are savages, and, you know, to try to lump everybody up with this with with certain groups and whatnot. What advice do you have for the people listening? Oh, I read something recently, it said,

00:37:39 --> 00:37:47

the purpose of propaganda is to make your opposition appear to be less than human.

00:37:48 --> 00:38:29

And that gives you the right to do anything you want to them. You see, and that's what they that's what they that's what the designers are doing to the Palestinians. Okay, and, and that's what every group, every oppressor, does that look at, you know, it's like, these guys are in, you know, he allowed this to happen so that he could say, look at this, and this woman at the at the kibbutz is going, it was the IDF to shut us up not the Arabs, you know, but it's like, is that ever going to get to the headlines, I knew a lot of stuff about 911. But I never saw it get to the mainstream media, where people

00:38:30 --> 00:38:59

they believe it, if it's on the mainstream media, it's like going to oh, I only believe it. It's from a doctor, I'll only believe it. I only believe it if it's on the television. No. What I advise people to do is to pray sincerely, and to use the brains God gave us. And the intuition. Intuition is highly underrated. You know, the peep, the Christians come to me on Facebook some time and they start throwing chapters and verses at me. And I go, you know, something.

00:39:00 --> 00:39:45

The people who knew the book best when Jesus was here, peace be upon him, they missed him. And the ones on the street that probably couldn't read, they probably didn't even have a book in their house. They felt they knew who it was from the love from the, from the energy from the frequency. And so what I asked everybody to do, because we're in these times where truth is covered over it's, you know, the truth is, is hard to find nowadays. So what we can and what I advise everybody to do, is to ask Allah to, to show us the truth inside, show us what's going on. Give us the eyes to see through the veils of propaganda, and lies and darkness. And if the whole world is telling you a lie,

00:39:45 --> 00:39:55

that doesn't mean you have to believe it. You know, I've been living like this since I was 14. I'm 74 years old. I'm telling you it's worth it. It's worth it.

00:39:57 --> 00:39:59

It's worth it. Thank you. Thank you know what I do.

00:40:00 --> 00:40:49

It's nice. It's nice to know the truth before you leave this world. And and I'm not saying I'm late I didn't nobody knows when we're leaving. But it's nice to know the truth. This is this is more incredible than any movie, any sci fi any action adventure. The reality is more incredible than anything, you could go and watch in a flick. So get into it. And this is participatory. If you see something wrong, fix it with your hands if you can, if you can't speak about it, speak up. Muhammad peace be upon him said, even if you know one thing I said, say it. It's like so many people go, Oh, I don't know very much. It doesn't matter. You might know more. One more thing than the person.

00:40:49 --> 00:41:01

That's what homeschooling is about. You pass on you learn one thing, you pass it on to the next one. You see, we gotta pass on what we know to each other, and keep and don't give up on looking for the truth.

00:41:02 --> 00:41:25

Trust God, we're going into some rough times right now. It's going to get worse until until Jesus comes back. There's not going to be any any lead up. So everybody like my father used to say May Allah bless him in his grave and give him the ice paradise. It's time to buckle down. It's time to buckle down and to practice our faith.

00:41:26 --> 00:42:05

Not just under bowing in the praying but in the living and this and that and the action of our lives. Thank you. So thank you for spending some time with us and shedding some light on some of these things. Just go ahead. Thank you for having me. Thank you Salam aleikum, Begum, salaam brother God, may Allah bless you. Amin you two brothers and sisters we've all had loved ones that passed away. A mother a father, a brother, sister, a close family member, one of the mercies of our deen is that with the right intention we can go ahead and continue to do good deeds on our loved ones behalf and what greater of a continuous good deeds so the kajaria than investing on their behalf in the D

00:42:05 --> 00:42:35

center a masjid in Naga dollar center that will benefit generations to come in sha Allah. So click the link below donate right now may God Almighty Allah reward all of you, you're not yet Muslim and you tune in and see what these Muslims are talking about. And you'd like a free copy of the Quran. Go and visit the deen We'll take care of the postage and everything and get it delivered to you and if you still have some questions about Islam, call us at 1-800-662-4752 We'll see you next time until then Peace be with you as salaam alaikum

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