The Fundamental Goals Of Itekaaf

Zakir Naik


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The Fundamental Goals Of I’tekaaf – Dr Zakir Naik


AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the fundamental goal of Africa, which is to seek lella toccata, and the importance of the laser cutter in achieving this goal. The speaker also mentions various objectives, including rejuvenating someone's spouse, promoting Allah's presence in global affairs, and giving up worldly pressures to achieve a better understanding of the beast.
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Dr. Zakir, could you possibly explain to us what are the fundamental goals of aitikaf the basic goal, the basic aim of Africa is to seek lella toccata.

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And the Hadith mentioned in, say Muslim,

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more number two, in the book of fasting, Hadith number two, six to seven,

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which says, The Prophet masilela seldom hear the calf for the first 10 days of Ramadan.

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Then it says, The Prophet deathy calf, for the middle 10 days of Ramadan, and in a Turkish tent, and there was a mat hanging. And after that, the prophet takes his head out of the tent. And he says, that I have just been informed by the angel,

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that the night that the legs recovered, is in the last 10 minutes, I'm done. So who wants to continue to get the caf with me, they can continue. So based on this idea to come to know that the main reason for the calf is to stick let's look at that.

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And as we discussed yesterday,

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Allah says in the Quran, in Surah, chapter number 27 was number three, let's look at the pyramid alpha, which means that less other is better than 1000 months. That means goodness the power is much more than 1000 months. And if you wish, in this night of laser cutter, it is better than worshipping 4000 months. And if divided by 12 comes to more than 83 years. That means if you worship that one night of lights recovered, it is better than worshiping more than 83 years.

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You know, it is much more than average lifespan of a human being. So the main aim is to seek laser cutter. And further from the data quoted, of say Muslims, we come to know that Prophet Musa Salaam in order to seek lead record, here at the caf for the full month, the first 10 days in the middle 10 days, in the last 10 days. And then it was told him with the angel that that recovered within the last 10 days. And we also come to know that this sahabas

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before the Prophet right from the beginning of the month of a man, that will end that was the devotion the Sabbath had killed himself.

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And it's again mentioned

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in the habit of say Muslim, or number two, in the book of fasting added number to six to five, that the Prophet tells to the Sabbath, that those who want to continue doing ethnographically can continue didn't make it complicity. And those don't do ethic if they can do it at the place.

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nice enough to be with him. So you'll be showing the compassion and the profit towards the Saba.

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So the basic aim is to the laser cutter. Besides that, there are various other objectives. Number one, besides the laser cutter, it is coming near Allah subhanaw taala and cutting off yourself from the other people.

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Number two, it is rejuvenating your spirituality and spiritually coming closer to Allah subhanaw taala. Number three, when you cut a vessel from other people, and from the worldly affairs, it gives you an opportunity

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to promote Allah subhanaw taala often

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to supplicate or last minute Allah to ask for forgiveness to the seeker and that brings a level much higher. Furthermore, it helps you in performing the fast much better. Well normally when we fires there are times that you may not follow the minute sonars and the chances you may deviate and your desires may be there. So it gives you a chance to follow even the fullness of the fasting when unethical. And lastly, when we get the calf, you agreed to give up the worldly pressures which you're allowed Otherwise, the many things which are allowed in the nominal drum ban, but bernetta calf you give up with worldly pleasures and desires just for sake of Allah.