Hatem al-Haj – Reflection on How to Love Your Brother

Hatem al-Haj
AI: Summary © The segment discusses the belief that women should not have faith in God for their brother, as it is a result of actions and the controversy surrounding the Saudi Arabia motor race. The discussion touches on the culture of the region and the lack of support for couples, as well as the struggles of the Saudi Arabian revolution and the importance of human emotions in communication. The " crucial" aspect of email is essential for everyone to achieve success, and it is a crucial aspect of a job.
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Honey Who's your honey and Muslim for hubby Hamza is

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the, the servant of the messenger.

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So now you could probably be saying to yourself, so.

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So what are we going to do for the for the next hour talking about this belief, it's quite obvious.

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he may have gotten upset one of you will not have faith in God loves for his brother, which he loves for himself.

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He will say, everybody knows this. So, you know, let's skip into today's number 14 and talk about faith number 14 because everybody knows it's

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and that's when the scholar is saying that this is one of their hobbies that manifests the tide or the principle of woman said that his

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or her job corps

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to the Horn of Africa is that discreteness is one of the manifestations of extreme appearance.

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You know, discreteness is one of the manifestations of being extremely obvious

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that the extremely obvious will be extremely discreet.

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Why? Because when it is so close to you, you get decent size. Everybody knows this funny. So everybody fails to reflect on the hobbies because everybody knows because it's everybody says it everybody knows it. Then you skip it as if it is just Yeah, my

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and that is what is called a jab.

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Jab. Jab is the veil to Corp is near this, the veil of Nereus the veil of closeness the veil of proximity

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I can see it well.

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It's too close to be seen Well, this hobby is too frequently set to be understood with

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too frequently other to be comprehended with to be reflected upon sufficiently like

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he may have put it up see otherwise.

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If we truly reflect on this release enough, we will not be the community that we are We will not be the owner that we are We will not be the people that we are really

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the Sahaba were able to change the course of history in a few years because they weren't meant to have been motors every motor the motor Nasri motor have been loving each other motors used to always visit one another motor over the years to all support one another motor nursery the gift the victory to one another. They were like one body.

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So the Sahaba am dead.

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fulfill the meaning of life. Oh, you know hadoken have a female plaintiff see, one of you will not have faith will not believe in turning a loss for his brother, what he loves for himself.

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Do you know the story of Saudi Arabia now

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to tell you the difference between the Sahaba and us now that America have came to Medina and the Prophet sallallahu sallam, you know

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sort of instigated this brotherhood between the jury and he made Saudi Arabia automatic now for brothers. Saudi Arabia was the one of the richest and Medina and

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was one of the richest and mapkit

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so the

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left his money behind in Mecca. The Menagerie, the hunter in particular the you know,

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the early majority have shown the greatest example sacrifice. So that's why we have an image of of the other side because of the sacrifice.

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received them under Medina for the monitoring they have left behind everything. They could not carry with them anything the left behind everything. But the answer showed their most of their support manager into Saudi Arabia. Now, I am one of the ones he is in Medina. Now. He's not

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Hiding, you know, I have to hide this because, you know, now we will have to share with with our brothers and our jury. So he said, I am the one of the wealthiest in Medina.

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So take half of my wealth for you for you. And I have two wives, I will divorce one.

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I have two wives, look at them and see which one you like more now divorced, so that you could marry her. Now, you could say that, you know, some people may say or this is actually treating women like commodities. Have some of the you know, whoever said that the women of the RSR were not as winning as the men of the outside to show support and compassion for them. Oh how God who would who ever said that it is permissible in Islam for a failure but previous the married woman to be forced into a marriage that she doesn't like, by consensus as a previous the married woman cannot be forced into marriage that she doesn't like by agreement. So we're talking about mutual agreement here, him and

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his wives have mutually agreed on this, it would have been expected of an unsavoury to act this way in supporting the margerine and showing, you know, the utmost level of support for luxury

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things, you know, the culture could be different approaches could be different. Because in our culture, the diversity and the window and so on, they have a different status, they have a lower status than

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the rest of the women in the culture of the Sahaba. This was untrue. This was untrue. They used to compete for the divorcees and the widows, you know and marry them. So, they will not consider the second class or they will not consider less than their counterparts of the non previous previously married women.

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So what massage therapy exhibited in this example, is the human

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female who put enough so now we have no shortage of therapists, right?

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We have no shortage of beers, we have no shortage of soaps, we have no shortage of massage, and enormous huge massage. We have no shortage of massage,

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the Sahaba they be the root on parchments, and you know, bones and so on and so forth. And we decorate our massage sometimes with, you know, with gold and so we have no shortage of hands on 100 we're going back and forth and back and forth. We have no shortage of rituals in general. But we're not like them. We We are the 1.4 billion people Oh man, that is

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that that is training humanity not leaving the amount really trading the humanity of the Sahaba were those few people in the middle of the desert in a world that is busy with civilizations that lead that world that was busy with you know, various types of civilizations because we have the exterior of email we have the rituals and we have the essence of email and that's what the prophet SAW some send an explaining this Cadiz in another report in another narration report by estimate

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So number one is Muslim reported another variant.

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phrasing of this phonies from the prophets of Allah says in which the prophet SAW someone said layer blue layer below our button happy cotton a man had your head Belen, Nancy may have blue literacy layer blue he will not reach out don't sleep, happy cotton email the essence the essence haqiqa is different from

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the essence the core of Eman consider your loves for the people what he loves for himself. This hubbies this variant report gives us insight into two different

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meanings and implications of the

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female upset one of you will not have faced until he loves for his brother but he loves for himself the first

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you know see the flight the discovery tabs to the other companies let you know how to pick up everybody it is what the profits are. Someone told us what he meant by that.

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Yo man, he does not believe. He said, Labrador abdon Happy Saturday, man, one would not reach the true essence of faith, true essence of faith, content he loves for his brother. He loves for

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the people that do what he loves, for himself. And that is the other benefit from this report.

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But first, let's talk about the first benefit, which is that what is meant by an email here is the essence of email is the essence of email. How can you cut an email, the core email, you will not have true true true face until you offer your brother what you offer yourself. And why why is this? Why is this?

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People who compete for this dunya are people who are completely heedless of the hereafter. If you're really hateful of the Hereafter, and the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala he will not be competing for this. And it is our competition for this dunya that is making us not love for our brothers what we have for ourselves.

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Because if we're competing for the mercy of Allah, the mercy of Allah is so so so vast that there is no countenance here. No crowdedness you want to compete for the mercy of Allah, yes, compete with your brother for the mercy of Allah, Abubakar Ahmad competed, but the mercy of Allah is very carefully organized as soon as inserted into fear. And in that let them compete, concern that let them compete. the mercy of Allah is so fast that our condition and for the mercy of Allah will be in parallel lines, not in intersecting lines, the past and submit will not create conflict and friction. Because the mercy of Allah is so vast, I can get off it as much as they want. And you get

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off with as much as you want, without crowdedness. But the finite resources in this dunya. And the infinite grief in our hearts is what is making us compete and not and want to come on top. Because if you don't come on top, you get less, the one who comes on top gets more, and the one who comes second gets less, and you want to get more. But one who is equal of the meaning of dystonia will not be competing for dystonia. One who understands the court that truly the essence of faith and Eman will be one who is focused on the hereafter and the pleasure of Allah and whenever he doesn't dystonia will do to support the his mission

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for the journey and back to our journey and back to the first book, going back to our hometown, which is If so, that's the only focus and not to go back to home. I want to go back to my only focus should Will I be competing while I am crossing this bridge over to my destination, my my hometown, absolutely not competing for a spot on the bridge. Don't worry about crossing the bridge, your hometown is not here, you still have some a long way to go back to your hometown. So when that is, if you truly have faith, you would really not have this condition that will make you want to come on

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ahead of your brother. But if you truly have faith in your each one of the hereafter and the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala is your main concern and focus.

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Whoever said that there will be some gems

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that you want to come on top

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they will not be held to the center. So the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala is so vast, so we will be able to compete in parallel lines not in intersecting lines without conflict without friction, without resentment without heart feelings.

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So that so that is the meaning of reaching the essence of email. Because if you reach the essence of email, you will want everybody to join you

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and to reach that

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the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala entering the mercy of Allah which is so vast and can include a small

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