Manners of the Mindful- Nobility

Abdullah Oduro


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The speaker discusses the importance of practicing the right things in Islam, such as acting in a fashion conducive to Amen. They emphasize the need for individuals to act in a fashion that is conducive to their Amen, and to practice the necessary actions to maintain and embody their natural tendencies. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of practicing the right things in order to increase one's ability to be a molecular and productive person.

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nobility, a characteristic that few people really have. nobility is a dignified person, a person that carries himself in a manner to where they just don't accept everything from everyone. You know, Allah has created you as a noble form of creation. He mentioned in the Quran, what are the Quran Nabina Adam Harmon now who Island Barbary one Baja, that we're very early, we have given Benny Adam, you and me, the sons of Adam nobility, he has created you in a normal fashion being. And he has given you the ingrained characteristics of what we call the fitrah, that natural inclination to do the right thing. And from doing the right thing, it's important for us to maintain and embody that

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noble practice doing dignified things, and how do we know what's dignified by what has been given to us by Allah. So it's important for us as Muslims, to act in a fashion that is conducive to our Amen. When one does that they by default, are dignified. When Allah Subhana Allah mentions the a bad man, he mentioned, the servants of the merciful and if you notice, you are a servant of the one that is merciful and from his mercy is that he has given you this blueprint of how to live your life, ie Islam, when talking about the characteristics of the the ones that are that are that are obedient to the man and the practice servitude. He says one portion of them he says, What levena lay a shadow

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and Zora, what either Maru be lovely Morrow kirana. He says, Those that do not witness falsehood, and if they were to pass by any type of frivolous speech, they pass by in a dignified manner, stop here, how many of us pass by or interact with speech that is of no benefit? speech that does not increase us speech that is not positive gatherings that don't uplift us and make us be more productive men or women in this lifetime? How many of us online read things in social media, and we find in about it, you know, we feel it was five minutes, but a matter of fact, it was an hour and things that when we're done with it, it doesn't push us to do anything productive. That's the

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frivolous speech, that which is not beneficial, and doesn't increase you, as a human being increase you in ways that are beneficial for your mind, body, and soul. And that is exactly what we see in Islam, that Allah whatever he Institute's for you or prescribes for you, is that which is beneficial for your mind, body and soul. And that is what makes you a dignified person. So when we look at this characteristic of nobility of dignity, let's embody that by practicing that which we know is beneficial for us. And that is what the Creator of the heavens and the earth has given you, and how to live your life. May Allah bless you all as salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah. He'll better catch you.

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