The Spiritual Ladder – From A Rebel To An Angel

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Bismillah he was salatu salam O Allah Rasool Allah He sallallahu alayhi wa sallam were banned. Any person who studies the lives of the buyers will realize and discover that their lives are brimming with goodness blessings and Baraka. And one of the many reasons for this ease that they spent minimum time in necessity and zero time in sin. In fact, I often mentioned that the pioneers would flavor their recreational moments with spirituality. So probably taking a stroll, taking a brisk walk for health reasons, but they would seize that moment to reflect over the greatness of the Buddha and the magnanimity of the Almighty, turning that recreational moment into spirituality.

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Likewise, they would seize every moment, as challenging as unpleasant as it is, and they will give it a positive spin. So there's an amazing incident mentioned about Malik bundeena Rahim Allah who was a saintly individual, the hall and his son, Allah Malik that an intruder intrudes into the house of Malik bundeena Rahim Allah philomela Jade Maja hos, and he came to steal but this was a house of a saintly person. So there was nothing material or tangible or precious or exclusive in the house. So mannequin dinar engage the thief and said to him, lamda did say a minute dhania fish a minute. I know you came to steal something material, physical and tangible, which unfortunately you have not

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been successful in your attempt. But can I make a spiritual proposal to you? So the thief in the late hours of the night is like, yeah, okay, first time I'm hearing like this, but tell me what can I do? He said Tada, perform ablution so he performs ablution salera can attain after two units of prayer. So he obliges and compliance and he offers two units of prayer. Soon thereafter, the further Assad was sounded he came to steal and now he's performing dadgad prayer when the federal ban was found that medic bien de nada Rahim Allah goes to the masjid. Wha hoo. Elise and with him is this person. So everybody is like, Who's this with Malik bin dinar. So managment dinar? Said Johnny

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yesterday at first Sarah Connor Who? Wow, you need to appreciate this in Arabic. He came to steal but we stole him. He came to snatch but we snatched him. My message is my brother. Probably in your life. In the past, you had certain challenges, or you had a life of sin. And somebody phones you up thinking you still in that past life of yours. Lessons. It's Saturday. Let's get together. We can go to a rave club. We can go to a party, we can go to a banquet. We can come at dinner, we can pop a pool, we can go to a casino. And this person tends to you with Evo. Why not seize the moment and say Allah has given me Hidayat Let me now use this opportunity that he has come to me seeking evil and

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invite him to the beauty invite him to the beauty from being the agent of devil Why not become the ambassador of truth when American Wahhabi Allahu anhu reverted to Islam and he had left Mecca with the evil intention to assassinate the messenger salallahu alayhi wasallam. After embracing the truth, he said la mckernon jealous Sufi he will go free in a jealous fee he will he man, I will not rest until I put my footprints on every place on which I had previously worked as a disbeliever. I would love to walk on that same place as a believer and as a companion so that if this land was to give evidence against me, hopefully it will now give evidence in my favor. The message is use every

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moment to bring yourself and others close to the Almighty. I mean you're allowed me