Distinction Between Prophets & Messengers – Shaykh Omar Suleiman

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Is there a distinction between the prophets and messengers?

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So the question comes out of this, this idea that there seems to be two ions that contradict one another one of them says Lando Federico Vina hadn't been home that we do not distinguish between any of the messengers got another one says tilaka, Rousseau, that these are the messengers and Allah mentions have been now

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that we have preferred some of them to others. So what is this referring to, in regards to the messengers of Allah, they are all the same in regards to their role and capacity. What that means is, no one ascends beyond the role of a lawsuit and being a messenger, all of them are equal in what they were sent to do in their, in their their humanity, in the purpose of fulfilling the purpose of resava However, in terms of virtue, a loss of Hannah Montana has indeed preferred some of the messengers and the profits above one another. So this is referring to virtue, whereas in regards to their capacity, none of them at any point rise beyond being a lawsuit into a place of divinity. And

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all of them serve the same function which is to deliver the message and bring people to the oneness of Allah subhana wa tada and to his divine guidance, but at the same time, Allah prefers some of them in regards to virtue to one another. We'll call them the humble Selim, and on the vino Mohammed one and he will

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