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AI: Summary © The Prophet sallam's actions during the Battle of Kynon were designed to protect the Muslim population, executed in a few years' time, and were executed in a few years' time. The history of the Middle East, including the use of military equipment during the conflict, is also discussed, including the use of military equipment during the conflict and the use of military equipment during the conflict. The transcript describes Subhanabba's military career, including his involvement in the Battle of Yarmouk and the use of Special Forces. The situation is described as a disaster for the army and the country.
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Alhamdulillah Allah Allah means that Allah subhanaw taala kind of Jana Muhammad Anwar earlier was like a cylinder Sleeman. Kathira mama bad. Mama Nova Rahim Allah Allah Tala and this hadith, he takes us on a whole different direction in terms of the collection of hadith is mentioned in this chapter. Remember the book that we're reading from the other side of hand, this is a chapter on elemental Rottweil muda which means miscellaneous, a hadith of significant value. And we'll be talking about different subjects but this is a very unique subject right now he kind of like way off what we usually talk about. Hadith Number 18 5500 Number 1855 call one episode a man. Hurry the

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minimalist Radi Allahu TerraNova Carla naka de corte, RT VAD Yo Ma Moto, this add to a CF in femoral bhakti Fer de la Sufi Hatoyama Ania ra Bukhari. So he says over here, I will say man, call it the leader of the Allahu Turon who are the companion he says in on the battle of Moto in the Battle of Moto seven

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that's weird. The Arabic text is actually nine and the translation says seven but it started with Texas Correct? He says Nine Swords were broken in my hand and all that remained with me was a Yemeni sword a Yemeni soul

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what does that exactly mean? Is your ma What do you understand of the shorts? Have you heard of the law he says look in the Battle of motor Nine Swords have broken my hand and the only one that survived in my hand was an empty sword. So what did what do you get out of this?

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Absolutely the battle was so intense so so viewers that he just sold after sold after so like and we know who's speaking

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who's the man who was speaking on the show carded or the Alon This is the man who is his Masha Allah when he hits a hit so hard to can imagine a blade after a blade after a blade means how many blades he had to break against.

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How many armors you had to hit with those blades? How you can imagine? So to give you the context of this, the context of this is the battle of motor and what is the battle of motor anyway.

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So the Battle of motor happened after the Prophet sallallahu wasallam had the treaty with the people of Makkah. So after the hydrophobia, there was a treaty, no fighting for 10 years, Horace Handelman So the Prophet SAW Selim right now, he is securing the South in terms of you know, the battles and so on. He started directing his attention to give Dawa to the outside world. So during that year, rasool Allah Azza wa sallam sends all these letters and messages to the kings and, and the leaders of the nations around them. He sent to Yemen to Egypt, a sham to Iraq to Persia, all over the place. One of the people the prophets of Allah Sam sent a letter to was should have been a little harder

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the Senate should be able to have a Senate he was from the Arab Christians in the northern part of the Arabian Peninsula, north northwest of Durban peninsula, which was bordering both the Arabian Peninsula from the south obviously and then the Roman Empire from the North. They were the vessel state, they are a vessel state for the Romans because there are a lot of Christians

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and more than they the area where they used. They used to rule is north of Tabuk. If anyone been to Arabian Peninsula, where Medina there's north from Medina, There is however, not from Haifa, there is the book and then not from the book. There's the Jordan, the border of the Jordanian government, which I didn't actually state. There in the south of Jordan, there is an area part of an air a larger Agricola Carach in Karachi area, which is about close to 200 plus miles south from Amman, the capital of Jordan a few miles away from Kerak there's actually a small town called moto

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so what happened is that a heartless inherit a should have given Hydra Sunny, the governor of the Arab Christians in the region area called Basra. He received a letter from the Prophet sallallahu wasallam from the prophets of Allah to Allah Somali with

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believers name was

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inherited and remained probably or the Latin word and he was supposed to be delivering this letter to the governor. The farther north to the Roman. Basically the shura Habiba headed. He takes a hold of the of the envoy of the prophets of Allah salah, put him in captivity, and then he kills him.

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So when he did that, what happened? And all international laws throughout the history of mankind what does that mean as a man?

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That's an actual act of war for us. I mean envoys usually not supposed to be harmed no matter what the letter they carry in their hands.

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Even if you hate the letter, the envoys supposed to be protected. So they kill them. And as a result, they eventually they waged war against the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. That vessel state, obviously they were protected by what by their numbers and the numbers from the Roman Empire as well too. So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam immediately, he sends an army. But imagine the Prophet SAW Selim, barely barely the year before.

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Or two years before that they were fighting 10,000 Zagreb, in that event Peninsula, how many Muslims are going to be there to fight these 1000s of people from the north, especially in fighting now that the Roman Empire and their allies, so the Prophet SAW was me it was able to recruit as many as he could an equal 3000 people

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3000 people to go and at least send us a message to that vessel state that you can do this again.

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Whom the Prophet SAW Selim assigned on that battle, or that army that small army, three leaders one after the other one, he said to them, he says, Look, the first one should lead you

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know, they've inherited his most beloved, his former adopted son SallAllahu wasallam. He was the first leader is it even harder?

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If he's killed, they make sure that to assign Jaffa Nebuta and Jaffa Jaffa not long ago from that moment, he just came back from from Abyssinia barely migrate back on vecina to meet the Prophet SAW Selim and Jaffa was the cousin of the Prophet sallallahu ala Salma, he was the brother of Alibaba, the older brother while you're gonna be taller, so Jaffa and he was the spokesperson of the Muslim in back then and ABC now I know the a lot and one of the most beloved to the Prophet sallallahu sallam said Jaffa becomes your leader.

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And if he was killed, then Abdullah brava

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and he said, if he's killed, then you among yourselves choose a leader.

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Like he assigned the order of the leadership, Salah Salem, if they're all gone, you guys among whoever it remains, choose the leader of amongst yourselves. Carson Valley, there are the Allahu Anuradha on that battle. Actually, he was just Muslims for a few months. That's it.

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Most of a few months when he became Muslim, the professor said call it go with that with that group. And harder there are the Alon was a general. I'm surprised and shocked. Honestly, there is no enough researchers in English really about the political mean the military brilliance of samalla Cardinal literally allowed animada if you really read his story, and you read his battles and his tactics, unbelievable. I mean, nowadays, you read about some of these historic historical figures from the past, and even from this recent time in the Second World War, First World War, but Subhanallah, the BReel the military brilliance of God is just unbelievable. So 100 of the run was really a true

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military man. That's what the prophesy Sam says. You go. Just to give you an idea, how, what's the style of Qatar the line, every every military commander, really, they have a special style. Khalid was known to be like carrying Special Forces with him. And he always likes to fight light. He doesn't carry much armors he wants to cut who wants to travel light, because his thigh was swiftness.

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He doesn't like to cut a big numbers. So he hits and then he moves on. He hits any movement he hits and he moves on immediately. And that's why when when he was sent to Iraq, he slipped off so quickly, immediately. He took everything was so shocking. And then because of that, the Sahaba and in a sham they got stuck in the Battle of Yarmouk, they needed to recruit, they they couldn't go move forward. So at the time of across the different DeLanda Verba. He said, call it move your army go to go to Russia. And they needed him to be there as quick as possible, didn't have much time to lose. So he has the roadmap, the normal route to travel that will take about 12 days, if not even

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more to go from from the south from the desert into into a sham or he could risk it with with less opportunity for water and surviving to go through the desert in six days. Guess what Carlos did?

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You want the six days round?

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And he was there in no time. And he changed the whole Yeah, and the result of the battlefield just to show you how histology allowed to run without coming back again to motor. So when the man when the army went to motor and under the shura have been the king of the process in the Arab Christians, they heard about the news. They wanted to show their might and power obviously so they could order army there was about 100,000 of them

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against 3000. And guess what they also got also recruits from the Romans, another 100,000. So they say there's about 200,000 facing 3000 people.

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Here's how scary that is. I want you to imagine this. Imagine the sight of

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3000 people on the battlefield facing 200,000 of well organized or this half of them 100,000 well organized armed,

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one of the strongest armies at that time on Earth Subhanallah This is how dangerous it was, which is why the professor said he knew the danger they were going into. So he made sure to assign this leadership is all of leadership. The battle stance

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has already been handled, Elon is killed,

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Jafar takes his place and leadership. After that he is killed.

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And then Abdullah Raha, he takes over. And he's done

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Sahaba among themselves, who's going to be the leader who's going to be the leader? They all look at where

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Colin, even though he's the new recruit,

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but he's a general, everyone knows how to really learn. Because harlot please take care of it. So hard it takes that takes the honor of, of the of leading the army, however, being a realist, Jonnie leader, he knew, if we're going to continue like this, if the path of the situation is as it is, the OB GYN, they will be wiped out completely. So what did he do? What are they allowed that and he realized, you know, what, the best way to do that is to have a strategic withdrawal, tactical withdrawal to save the, the, the numbers at the same time, you know, put some pain into the bigger army. And we have at least minimize our loss. So his job was to withdraw to the desert, and he knows

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that these armies, they can't fight in the desert, the desert is their territory, they can't find this organized army cannot fall in the desert. Because if we can take them down south into the into the desert, they were good. And that was a job to bring that army back. So when he started the battle, obviously, he didn't know how he was kind of a concern about how to start there. So he did something brilliant Subhanallah well, he these two things, actually, in order to fool the other army, he started changing, changing the flanks from, you know, the right, the he puts them to the to the left and the left to the right, the forward gun comes back with the backwards coming forward.

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The purpose of that is to give the false impression that they're meeting new recruits, they came at night.

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Like when the other army sees the different faces different, you know, Star different armors, they realize, oh, who are these people? They're not they're not the same people we met yesterday. So they think that actually they're getting recruits right now. Also what he did, are they allowed to Anwar da, he says when the every night, every night, he orders a number of the soldiers about maybe a few hundreds. And he asked him to go beyond the hills. He goes, When the battle starts, as the battle starts, you start studying dust.

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And then come to us

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as if he's also given the impression that they're getting, you know, recruits. And he goes when you come, don't come on together, come and smaller, you know, smaller battalions, like 5050, for example. So the first 50 are out and another 50 or another 50 rounds, endlessly, basically. So there are their army things that they were getting what they're getting more people, oh my god, they're getting more fresh in our soldiers to the battlefield. And that obviously, like creating an intimidating techniques for the other army, eventually, that tactic and that withdrawal was Subhanallah was so successful, that they

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they only According to historians, in the books of murders in any kind of draw the Alon only lost and under his leadership during that actually withdrawal. He lost only 1212 soldiers.

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That's all.

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So as they went to the desert, he brought them back again to Medina. When the news spread. Of course, obviously, the Prophet SAW Selim was informed instantly about the situation on the battlefield. Eventually when they arrived, a Sahaba and Medina Of course they were not happy with that. This never happened for the Muslims that they withdraw from a battlefield. So the people were were actually throwing rocks at them and crack shaming them and they call them al for raw oil for raw, like Saint cowards, cowards let you run away from the battlefield.

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But the prophets of Allah Selim he came to the rescue. And he shielded the people because No, no, but human could run.

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Al Quran sounds like Farrar forearm is those who actually ran away like St. Cowards, but Al Quran and the Arabic language those who are CERCLA they come back to a bigger group, so that they will fight back again, like a strategic critic to return to fight back like they got to this springing back to their to their safety, so they can come back again to the next fight and shallow Tana And then to honor the leader at the time, who was kind of like an adult for leadership that has 101 the prophesy cell and he called Cardinal the Elana booster Imani, Karim Khan, had Saifullah Helmus loon this

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Man Carter the line is the unseized

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sort of Allah subhanaw taala like the see the soldier has no cover can always be up there in the air

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and Subhanallah credibly Allah answers then he became an instrumental element really in the in the military and in the Iraq and a sham particular particular in a sham. Many of these victories happened on his hand or the Ultron, who were though during the era of Vacasa deal. And then during the time of Amara Dylon, hello Vaca, Sadiq and Omar, they had different views about about Coloureds tactics. So Vacasa did was happy about Casa del he has the autonomous style like you're the leader, I'll delegate to you. Omar on the other hand, he was had a centralized system of leadership and a major decision and the battlefield has to come through him. So therefore, he realized he was

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debating with Ovako Sadiq about the leadership of Colin, eventually, when our workers are dead passed away. What happened Harvard was the commander of the Northern armies all together. So I'm gonna hop over the law and he actually he brought him down. He demoted him from being the commander. He gave him actually a lesser position and assigned aboagye The animal giraffe to be the commander of Aveda has more security, lead Sahabi from the beginning of Islam, God is a new Sahabi that's that's

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one of the lines logic or misunderstanding. And one more thing that was on the mind of Omar about color of the lawn. He said that the reason why he actually is understanding he was he found he started hearing so much praise for harlot radula Rwanda, that people start thinking that they're not gonna win unless Khalid is actually leading the battle.

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He's afraid that people are attributing the winning and the victory to Him, not to Allah subhanaw taala and as a result, he goes, No, that's not going to happen. So he did more than not the law and order but still he says, I am the soldier of armor, wherever you want to put me put putting in the front and the back and the right to left, I don't care. I just want to do my job. So And subhanAllah at some point when he aids and he became in his 70s or the Elana orba he died and Hamas murder Hamas and Syria.

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When he was on his on his deathbed, he said this very very famous statement. He was dying on his bed. He goes call. He said I have been on a battlefield I can't even count how many battles I've attended.

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And he says there is no space there is no spot on my skin that doesn't have a sign of a scratch or or wound or, or a hit from a sword from a spear or a sword or an error. Because look like he's saying I've been chasing death all my life.

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And then he's Aqaba, another ammo to Allah Faraci come I'm walking by. I'm dying on my bed just like the camel dies. And then he said his very famous statement called fella and what I will do by

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the eyes of the cowards have noticed

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like I'm chasing death, and didn't happen to me, when that kind of come is gonna come because those cowards, afraid to die. Let them have no peace than

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trying to hide from it or protect themselves from it is never going to bring them any peace. For Subhanallah some of them they say Why did carve up the Alon Why did Khalid didn't die Shaheed I mean if anyone deserved the shahada, as someone who brought Hala all this hydrogen to the Ummah, why he didn't die. So Shahid said, because the Prophet says I'm sad about him what?

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Say if Allah Allah muslim,

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then she'd sort of Allah subhanho wa Taala and no one will ever break the sword of Allah azza wa jal, except who Allah Subhana Allah Himself and that's why Allah is the choice for him to die normal death, natural death, not to be killed by anybody. That was kind of the law and Florida. Unfortunately, in recent time, you know, I don't know if you guys you know, the news but also happen during the battle out there, the war and Syria. Unfortunately, some of the haters of the Sahaba or the ultra marathon, they were waiting for that moment, and they weren't any destroyed his and his shrine and his and his grave, or their loved and order, and how much hate they have for him.

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But especially because he was also an element instrumental element in destroying the Persian Empire Yanni. And now some of those people who belong to it coming back again trying to take revenge from credit or the Allahu taala. And no matter how much they try, this is also a man whom Allah subhanho wa Taala raised as one of his swords and the professor said and praise so at the last nominee. So that said, just to tell you that how much credit you have and he had to go through and the type of Jonnie effort they put radula annum and answering the deen of Allah subhana wa Tada. So that today we live to say Allah Allah Allah Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah may Allah rewards card or the Allah and

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and all the Sahaba for their for they put for the Dawa Brahmin wala Han any question Gemma?

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Zachman Lukka Annika love 100 Shadow learners suffer go to break, said I want to come to love