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Sulaiman Moola
AI: Summary © The speaker describes a disturbing incident in the 19th century where a man named Jesus Christ was faced with a huge amount of money and faced with a series of negative comments and accusations. The incident led to a series of negative comments and accusations, including a rite of passage and a bounty on the head of a bird. Jesus Christ's message is that everyone should focus on themselves for the well-being of others, and that everyone should not blame the economy for their actions.
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Bismillah he was salatu salam ala rasulillah he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was a bad human existence on earth is riddled with challenges. One day is a great day, the next day, it's a turbulent day. Everything is just backfiring. It's a glitch. It's a capital snag. Everything is going pear shaped. And then you start wondering why and that's great. You need to probe you need to apply, you need to investigate, but why things are not working out. However, when we investigate, we only point fingers at others, we rarely introspect on ourselves, it's my spouse, it's my employee, it's my neighbor. It's my children. And when we look at the pious predecessors, whenever they were

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challenges in their life, they first point of reflection was themselves. And then if they realize that things were in order, then they would move on to the next step and the next stage. So there is this amazing incident in the Quran in the 19th, Jews of the Quran, the 27th chapter, the chapter on the colony of ends, in which Allah subhanho wa Taala speaks about the narrative of Satan. So the man alayhis salam, Allah bless him with this amazing kingdom and Empire, what I meant by it and he knew the speech of the animals, and he had control over the jinn not what couldn't love him half Li and we had kept them under his grip and control wamena Shout out to any money ago so Nana, why are

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meluna melon Duna Daddy, they will dive into the oceans and bring pearls out for him. Yummy lunella omega omega mahari Baba Matthew, they will execute a host of tasks for him. So part of his army and enter Raj was a bird by the name of Hood Hood. And this bird would be tasked to locate water and it would identify the location and then the Jeannette would dig up and water would gush forth. And on a particular instance, he rotated his gaze and lo and behold, he could not see the bird. What the fact that he did a roll call for call. He said Mally la Buddhahood. Now look at this and look at the beauty of the Quran. He said What's the matter with me? I cannot see the bird. And this is what the

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scholars expound on he first addressed it to himself. Is this something wrong with me? Have I been barred from the sight of this bird? Is Africa do mala?

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mala whom the pious were those when they failed to accomplish their objectives? they examine their actions. And of course, he was in Ibiza, he was divinely protected. I'm gonna mean even a Belkin aminul ha ha. And then he realized the error is not with me, but rather the bird itself is absent. The message is my brother focus on yourself. Focus on yourself for the well being. Rahim Allah said in Isla de la Ferrara, Danny coffee, hello t dub Betty wamba it. Whenever I slip up in the obedience of my Creator, I realize my marriage takes strain you having marital turbulence, you could say your spouse's like this. Your partner is like this and we have feuds and arguments. But how clean Are you

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with your Creator. And I also observed that my conveyance rebels against me, my conveyance rebels against me, yet again, a great

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man whom had said and this is mentioned by a bootleg Samaritan de is a rite of passage, V. One and V botanik wireman and for your escape for lm and nakatsuka lambda v melayani. When you see that your heart has become hard, and you see your body has become sluggish, and you see that there is deprivation in your sustenance, then don't blame the economy. This is a result because you have abused your tongue and that's the consequences. So the message is simple yet profound. It's a deep reflection that when things go wrong and they go pear shaped, let the first point of reflection be their own self.

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