The Dangerous Tongue

Ibrahim Hindy


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The speaker discusses the need for unity and love between Muslims and their brother to succeed in difficult situations. They emphasize the importance of finding unity and love between them, protecting one's body, and not speaking too much when trying to be mean. The need for their community to be strong and strong is also emphasized. The importance of holding one's tongue during a phone call with a Prophet is discussed, and individuals should not be speaking too much when trying to be mean.

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all praises to tort law alone. And then we seek aid and assistance and to Him we turn both in repentance and for forgiveness, Julian Allah subhana wa tada guides and can mislead, then he will allow leads to go astray there is no one can guide. And I believe that there is nothing worthy of worship civil law alone. And then Mohammed sallallahu. wasallam is both his servant and His Messenger.

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We live in a time as Muslims, where we are in dire need, of our hearts becoming unified.

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We live in a time where there is a desperation where we look around our oma and we see difficulty and hardship and turmoil all around the world.

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And we feel a collective sense of weakness in dealing with it. And so we feel, and we realize and recognize that we have a need for unity of our hearts.

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And ask Allah subhanaw taala to place in our hearts unity, and love between all of us today.

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even see me into light, I know. He said something very beautiful, which speaks about this reality that we are in need of finding unity and love between us as Muslims. He said that he could look how he IE ideal states of the Muslim is that all of his self belongs to his brother. The ideal state of a Muslim is that they see that everything that belongs to them really belongs to their Muslim brother

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in law,

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everything of yours belongs to your brother except that which allows me to mend his messenger when he helped us about what

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he said and no one will have completed

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the rights of companionship and friendship to another Muslim until they are referring to their own brother, as though they are themselves.

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AKA Anna, until you are referring to your brother as though he is you.

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Meaning that you really see him as yourself, and you love for Him what you love for yourself. And you put him forward as you would want to put forward yourself. And I want to speak about unity. And I wanted to begin to these clips with speaking about this. Because even though we exist as an oma in a very dangerous, difficult time, and we all shed tears over the states of our own. When we see the difficulty of Muslims, whether in Palestine, whether in China, whether in India, whether all across the world.

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And it breaks our heart to see the states that many Muslim widows and orphans are living through the realities that we need to succeed. This is unity.

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And the biggest enemy of unity is not always those who are outside of our community. The biggest enemies of unity are often Muslims themselves, the biggest enemy to unity is often us and the way we treat each other. And because of how far behind we have fallen from that standard, that insignia was talking about, that you see your brother and refer to your brother and even talk to your brother as though he is yourself. Because of how far we've fallen behind. We've lost that ability to have unity. And one of the reasons that that happens

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is we destroy our own community with our tongues.

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We spend all of our time saying he said and she said, Did you hear about this? And did you hear about that? And we attack can we attack can we attack ourselves even though we are the ones

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in desperate need

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of unity and love between each other.

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And for this reason, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said

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that the thing that will most deliver people to Paradise is the taqwa of a law and good manners. What

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a natural now, alfalfa Raj and he said the most The reason that will most deliver people to the Hellfire

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are the deeds of their mouth and of their private parts.

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And so the happiness of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, our son in law had definitely be angry now.

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Is that a messenger of Allah Tell me about something I can hold on to

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The Prophet said would be a lesson the stuff. He said, say your Lord is a lie and remain steadfast.

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So then he asked the Prophet another question, what

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is it? What is the thing you fear the most upon me?

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What is the biggest threats against me? And he said to the Prophet sallallahu, wherever you send them,

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he said he did. He said, he left.

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The Prophet stuck out his tongue, and held his tongue. And then said to him, it is this. This is the greatest fear that I fear upon you. And realize the prophet SAW a lot more. And he said, and didn't say to him, I fear your words. I fear your tongue. I fear the hateful things or the hurtful things that you might say. No, the prophet, demonstrated by sticking out his tongue and actually holding his for what reason? Because the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam wants to emphasize how dangerous this organ of ours is.

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And and then asked the prophets in the long run to send the

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woman woman almost in German law, what's his salvation? How do we attain salvation? And the prophets along wherever you send him send him a perfect, beautiful Hadith. On I'm sick, it can be Sonic. Well, this art can be a tick with Chiarella, hopefully yet. He said three things. Hold your tongue. Hold your tongue. Don't be speaking so often. Don't let your tongue run because that will get you in trouble and stay in your homes. If people stay in their homes, they tend to not get into trouble. They stay in their homes, and they're not going out. They tend to not do. Stay in your homes and cry over your sins spend time making Toba and is to fall to Allah subhanaw taala This is salvation. ie

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This is what will deliver you to agenda. These three things. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, and he begins by mentioning the tongue and the dangers of the tongue. How can holding the tongue equate salvation? How is this success? What is the connection between these two things most people would never think when they think about success and salvation, don't think about their tongues. But the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said mechanical

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that over believes in a lion in the last day let them speak good, or remain silence. Your belief in a lion in the last day is connected to the action of your tongue.

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It says all the profits in the long run he was sent him I said your tongue is a litmus test. The way that it operates reveals the way that you believe and the way that your heart actually is. If your heart is full of deceit and evil, your tongue will move in that direction.

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And if your tongue is full of emotion and a lot in the last day, then it will only speak good or it will remain silent. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam makes this connection again, I will Muslim and send them and as many as

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the Muslim is defined as the one whom the people are safe from the evil of his hands and the evil of his times. People do not see their evil do not experience evil from this person, whether the evil that they do or the evil that they say. And so if you want to know the state of your human, the states of your heart, the state of your belief in Allah subhanho wa Taala examine the actions of your tongue because your tongue is connected to your hearts. And listen to this. How do you feel the profits in the long run? Do you send them when he spoke to some new Muslims? As Dr. Mehra showed him an s&m abidi son he went

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on and

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he said oh people who have

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become Muslim with their tongues, but he man has yet to enter their hearts. You have just become Muslim.

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But he has yet to become firm in your hearts. What is the advice to these people? What is the Prophet tell them

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to female men

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do not harm the Muslims and do not pursue their faults. Because whoever pursues the fault of the Muslim Allah will pursue their faults. And whoever pursues their faults, Allah will expose them even if they were hiding in their homes, Panama. And so the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is advising the people who have just become

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Muslim, the way for you to enter your hearts is to avoid harming the Muslims following their false speaking about Oh, did you know what this person did? Did you know what that person did? How often in our communities do we sit down and talk about? Did you hear this person got divorced? Did you hear this person lost their job? Did you hear this person who's having trouble with their family? How often have we let our tongues run wild against our brothers and sisters in

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our towns do not simply destroy communities and cities, the entire oma can be destroyed because of the evil tongues that spread rumors and lies and evil assumptions about one another, and a loss of penalties.

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those who harm the believing men and women undeservedly, the bear upon themselves, a slender, and a clear sin, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said,

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the greatest amount of sins of the children of Adam lies upon their tongues.

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And so our tongues are what destroy ourselves, fill us with sins bankrupt us. The prophets in the long run, Masters companions at this. Do you know who the bankrupt person is? They said, I'll move this out. And when I did, they said the profit of the bankrupt one is the one who has no money, no dollars, no sense no denying

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the profits of

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mania to me

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was working

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was Africa.

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has energy it has energy.