Ramadan 2022 – The Religion of Your Father #06

Nouman Ali Khan


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Peace and Its Relationship with Iman


AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the benefits of eemaan, including its ability to achieve peace and safety, conflict-related negative impacts, and individual peace. They also touch on the connection between "quarantine behavior" and "quarantine behavior", the negative consequences of loneliness and lack of availability, and the importance of surrendering one's opinion and strategy to achieve peace and security. The segment also touches on the ripple effect of behavior and the concept of "the ripple effect" of people's behavior.
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Calhoun Noah whom do

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from Shafi Sabri Sidley Emery. Wahoo Loksatta melissani of Coco leave hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah le or saphenous vein Ummah bank. Once again, everyone so late Allah would have gotten sick very quickly. I just want to make sure the sound is on. Yeah. Just wanted to ensure Yeah, okay. So today in episode six of this series, what I want to talk to you about is one of the most important benefits of eemaan. One of the consequences of a man that is claimed as something that the people of eemaan deserve in this life and in the next life, by the words of Ibrahim Ronnie's. So the fact that we have faith is associated with lots and lots of, you know, benefits, but we don't think

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of them in terms of how we understand the world at large. And this is one of those things that shapes our worldview. You know, yesterday, I was talking to you about how humanity's looking for peace, and where there's conflict all around us, right? There's conflict at the geopolitical level, there's conflict at societal levels of conflict and families, there's conflict even inside of ourselves, right, and the we want peace and all of those levels at the individual level than family than society than the world. It's the it's the world longs for peace, and longs to get away from conflict. And the source of all of that is actually what's being highlighted in very brief words in

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this idea. So first of all, Ibrahim alayhis salam at the end of the if we were talking about at one in Switzerland, um, he posed a rhetorical question. He said, For a unified ad hoc COVID Omni in Kuntala moon, and which of the two parties which of the two factions is more worthy, or more rightfully deserving of peace and safety, if in fact, you have any knowledge, so he's now talking about him and those who do shark and only one of them is more worthy of peace and safety. So that's a pretty heavy thing to say. So somebody who doesn't deserve someone who doesn't have a man in Allah cannot have peace and can have safety. That's the claim that he's making. And then he furthers it by

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saying Alladhina amanu. The he answers it himself, those of those that have come to faith. Well, yeah, well, let me I'll be Sue Imana, whom Bill Holman, and they didn't disguise their faith with wrongdoing. That's a really powerful phrase. On top of that would be Calhoun aminu or hamata. Don't those are the people that actually have peace with the homeowner and the homeowner.

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The hover of the sentence is or the motor of the sentence is actually uh huh. So M is actually a motor that the humans will dialect will harbor macadam. What that means is only those people have peace. It is only those people have peace. And they're the ones that are committed to guidance. So I wanted to take some time to try and understand and unpack what this these words mean, and why they're so important. The most important thing to understand here is that, you know, peace is at levels. And I alluded to that before individual and family than society and then the world. Right, so there's the ripples. And the most important part of that is individual peace, me as a person, if

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I'm not at peace, then I can't expect the world to be at peace. It's almost like if we are if humanity is like a building, and I'm like a brick, if that brick is shaky, if that brick is unstable, then I can't complain that the building is unstable. I have to be a strong brick myself, I have to be stable myself before I can, you know, have anything to contribute towards the stability of the rest. The other important thing about the individual's stability is if you think about some of the most terrible things that have happened in the world,

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many of them happen not because millions of people did something terrible but actually at the top of it some world leaders some some sociopath some crazy you know influencer, said something or galvanize people and their disturbance started entire wars. Right Hitler's a disturbed individual. And look at what he does in the world. Look at the kind of damage that he

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as, you know, the, the, you know, The con of you know halacha Han, or you know of the Mongols, the kind of person, the kind of bloodthirsty person he was as an individual and how that became infectious. Right? So when you're disturbed, and when you're filled with hate, hatred spreads, and when you're filled with peace, peace spreads. So it's, it's, it's a very powerful thing. It doesn't remain limited to you. Can you imagine, you know, at the, you know, in the, at the height of the Cold War between the United States and Russia, which was it used to be an ancient phenomenon now we're seeing a new episode of the same thing, right, but in the height of the Cold War, because they

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were close to a nuclear conflict, right. And it could have been as easy as the temperament and the mood swing and the, you know, the panic of one of the heads of state, because they can give the executive order, right, so the fate of millions of people, and entire nations rests on the internal stability of one person who has been handed that kind of power. This is actually the story of Iran in the Quran, right? How many how many lives are influenced and how much chaos is spread, because of one person's internal disturbance? Right. So the idea that indeed, the peace inside of me is insignificant is silly. Every human being inside of them is an entire world. In fact, Allah even

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compares his miraculous signs in the skies. To the end, he equates them with the miraculous signs found inside of a person. It's like we have a universe inside of us too. He says some Liam iOttie Nephele FRP, Wi Fi unfussy him Hatay, Italian Allahumma nohoch. We're going to show them our miraculous signs in the skies. And we're going to show them our miraculous signs inside of themselves until it becomes clear to them that it's in fact the truth. So the marvel of the skies in the vastness of the Skies is actually being put right next to the vastness of what's happening inside the soul of a human being. inside, inside the heart of a human being, there's a vastness

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inside of us. And that vastness can be filled with chaos and storms and earthquakes, or that vastness can have calm. Ibrahim alayhis salam is saying, two parties, I've taken two sides. It's not just about believing in one God and believing in multiple gods, one of these sides deserves more peace than the other. They're actually worthy of internal peace. First and foremost, they can have calmness inside of themselves. So how is my Eman and Allah associated with peace? First of all the word Eman comes from Amman. Amman in Arabic means two things it means peace and safety. And the other fundamental term for our faith is Islam. Islam which comes from sin and Salama, which actually

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also has to do with peace and safety and well being. And so the first thing I want you to know is those who loves life. So don't compare these two phrases when he would. There's a there's a Muslim prayer of the Prophet Aristotle Salam when he would see a new moon Allahumma Hilah who Elena Bill omniweb Eman wa Salatu was Salam wa salam it will Islam

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that you know, y'all love shine this light of this new moon on us with with peace and safety and Eman which is inside of ourselves. But Salama Well, Islam so that the next two phrases are associated with Islam. So what I want you to also appreciate in this dose is the connection between Eman and Islam. From this point of view, there's lots of different ways you can compare them. But from this point of view, the inside of me when that is at peace, the words that come out of me, my facial expressions, they're peaceful. When you're around a person that's calm, it has a calming effect on you. When you're around a person that's filled with anxiety, it has an anxiety effect on

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you. When you have a person, if there's a person that's disturbed deep inside, their disturbance doesn't just stay to themselves, it affects you, right, you're in the car with somebody who's upset, you're gonna feel that energy, you're not just going to, you know, the weather is fine, the sun starts shining a little less, when you're with a person like and when would you when you're when you're next to a person, a loved one, anybody who has a different vibe, there's a different feeling that they have inside of them, you can feel the effect of that immediately, too. Right? So this has consequences in our immediate personal lives. And Ibrahim Ali Sam is saying that he man, our faith

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in Allah or faith in one exclusive Allah actually allows us to have peace in any situation in life. Internally, outside, my situation could be chaos, I could be surrounded by craziness. Ibrahim Ali Salam is actually surrounded by pretty crazy stuff on the outside, his father wants to you know, get it get away from me or I'll stone you to death that's going to come soon. His people are going to drive him out. There's going to be people that are ready to burn him alive. You know, throw him into a large, large flaming, you know, pit. That's that's the plan for him. So it's not like his life is surrounded by peaceful circumstances. Right? And yet he's claiming who deserves more peace. You know

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what that tells you that the outside world does not determine what's happening on the inside. No. So what we and this is the next important point now

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The world outside the weather, the people you're around that has an effect on you. We're human, it has an effect on us. But Allah is also teaching us that what's going on inside you, what's happening inside of you has an impact on the outside world. So you're receiving effect, you're being impacted, but you're also impactful. What Eman does is it minimizes the effect of the outside.

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And it maximizes the effect of the inside. So you're not as susceptible to what's happening outside. But you're way more impactful because of how you're the state of calm that you have on the inside. Now let's talk about our email and Allah or emailing the messenger, or the so to some rissalah or emailing the ACA. How are these things connected to email? There's many, many ways, but let's talk about a couple of them. You know, with our email in Allah, we get a few things we get, for example, we get an absolute hope in Allah. Which means we don't become hopeless. Doesn't matter how bad a situation gets, we know Allah is with us like Musa alayhis salam at the edge of the water and the

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army of the pharaohs is coming things are looking pretty bleak. And he says Gala, Anna Maria, Robbie, say, my robe is with me. No, no doubt about it. My robe is with me. So there's this, you as a believer, you're never alone. And the worst feeling if you if you if you talk to, you know people in the mental health profession therapists, things like that. The worst feeling that their their clients have is a feeling of loneliness. Nobody hears me, nobody understands me, I feel like I'm invisible. I feel like nobody values me. That's actually one of the most disturbing thought you know, feelings a person can have. And when a person has that feeling, another psychologist I was I

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was studying said something remarkable. When a person feels irrelevant and alone, they would rather be they would rather cause troubled and be irrelevant.

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So what can happen is if a person feels really lonely, they're gonna start all kinds of drama in your life, right and create all kinds of chaos, and you'll get angry at them. But the fact that you got angry at them gives them validation. At least I exist because I got some reaction. That means I must exist. If I'm getting zero reaction. That means I don't even exist. I have no value. What did Eman do to solve that problem? It doesn't matter if the world abandons me, like Ibrahim Elisa physically is the most lonely person. Allah calls him alone and Oma. And yet in the height of that loneliness, he has Allah's company, he's never actually alone. And he doesn't just have any company,

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he has the company of someone who loves him more than anyone else can, who cares for him more than anybody else cares for him, who's gonna protect him more than anybody else can protect him. It's this it's the best possible company or rafiqul. Allah is what he enjoys. And so the first association of Eman in Allah and peace is the fact that we have hope in Him, and that we have his companies always with us. Well, Malcolm enema quantum is with you, wherever you are. So the second component of that is our dependence on him. You know, when human beings depend on each other, we disappoint.

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Right, your parents will tell you often you're a big disappointment sometimes, for example, or I was expecting more, or you expected more from your your own parents. My parents didn't love me the way I thought they were. They didn't care for me the way I thought they were. They didn't get me the President that I thought they would get spouses, husbands and wives, if I asked the wives to raise their hand if their husband is a disappointment, please don't raise your hand. But I'm saying right in their in their head, they've already raised both their hands, right? So if so, and husbands that hey, what are you disappointed about if you if you value your life, do not raise your hand. But the

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point that I'm making is that human beings have, you know, we have things that we say, Oh, this could be better, that could have been better. There's disappointments all the time. And we've learned also, the more you depend on somebody, the more you're setting yourself up for getting hurt, right? If you really, totally depend on someone, and then they let you down, or then they betray you, or then they you know, they don't turn out to be what you expected them to be. So what do people do? They become rough around the edges, I don't depend on anybody I look at number one, I have trust issues. I'm gonna have walls around me, you know, this is what people do, to try to be

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safe and at some level, that's actually a normal healthy reaction. But you know, with a man in Allah, we have this dependence on Allah, this vulnerability to Allah, this ability to cry to Allah to tell our deepest darkest secrets to Allah to expose our weaknesses to Allah to to be weak and humbled before Allah to be pathetic before Allah you know, and still know that he's not going to he's not going to see me as any less he's not going to love me any less. He's not going to care for me any less because he's the one that nobody everybody else if you if you decided be too open with them, they might say, Oh, I I used to respect you a lot more. Now. I know too much. Right? I can't I

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don't see you the same way anymore. Right. But what is what is the man do? I realize I don't have to share

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My secrets with Allah, he already knows them. He knows me from the depths of my soul, he knows the weakest parts of me, the strongest parts of me, he knows my greatest fears, he knows all of my anxieties, and yet he still gives me this, he still provides for me, he still cares, and he still guides me. You know. So that dependence on Allah is different from any dependence on any human being. So the first connection is Eman results in this hope in Allah. The second is it connects, it creates this beautiful dependence on Allah, which, when you truly compare it to our dependence on anything and anyone else, then you see how beautiful that is? how powerful that is. And then of

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course, the third component is our surrender to Allah. Human beings, you know, we, we want to figure everything out. We want to plan and we want to, we want to have a safe financial plan. We want to have, you know, you know, people sometimes try to calculate other people's reactions, don't say this, then they're gonna think this, then that's gonna happen, then this is gonna happen and they're trying to create a domino control over you know, what everybody else is gonna say and think and do except in your, you're just trying to control everything. And you know what, if you surrender before Allah and realize everything else has turned into a lot, all you got to do is just surrender to

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Allah, Allah take care of the rest. Just take care of the rest. You know, you got a family situation where somebody says, Hey, you should just tell the truth. Right? And then somebody says, no, she told the truth, you know what your uncle's gonna? Do? You know what your business is gonna do? You Oh, I didn't think about that. But then you come back to Allah. And what does he say? Hulu, Colin said either use likoma amalco. Say the straightforward thing. And Allah will straight sort out all of your issues. Allah will sorted out for you. Like you didn't have to sort it out. That's not up to you. You just do you surrender your opinion. You surrender your strategy, your surrender your course

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of action, you say I surrender that to Allah and say, I'm just going to do what you're telling me to do. Because the rest is up to you. The rest I leave in your hands, I surrender myself to you. And that surrender is a beautiful thing. It's so liberating, because you don't have to worry about the consequences of things. Because you recognize the consequences are in Allah's hands, so long as I have surrendered myself to him, you know, these things, they lead to really deep levels of peace. Everybody else around you is in panic, and you're calm and peaceful, because you've surrendered yourself. I've surrounded myself to Allah. And we're when we're lacking in internal peace in

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ourselves, maybe one of these kinds of connections we're supposed to have with Allah that are the result of our Eman are not quite there. Maybe we haven't reinforced them as much. So are you in for the ad hoc COVID Omni incontournable alesina Armano will love me will be a man whom we've all met. Last thing I'll share with you about this, because there's lots to talk about here. But I'll just share one quick thing about this relationship between Iman and Yvonne. I said there's a man any man and there's Salama in Islam. So there's a man in Islam. Think of it this way. When your insides is interesting, I'll give you a medical analogy. I spoke to a physician one time who was telling me

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most of the time when he gets heart patients, right? He tells them how much stress do you have in your life? Not like your heart problem has to do with cholesterol it has to do with how open your valves are your blood circulation all this kind of stuff you know like why are you talking about stress stress is in here. Stress is you know your your thoughts your emotions, but they're actually their direct correlations between the level of anxiety and stress you have and your physical condition. There are people that have you know, autoimmune diseases and their internal state how stressed and depressed or anxious they are can trigger auto immune responses. And the more calm they

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are, the healthier they get the better they get. I gave you this analogy because a man in Islam or like that Islam is actually giving peace on the outside. This is why Rasul Allah so hmm. says Allah muslim men, Salima nurse will listen, he will hear the famous Hadith of the Prophet slicin. And the Muslim is someone who people are saved from their hands in their tongue. Right. The Muslim is someone people on the outside are safe. So you're internally safe with Eman and you give other people safety with Islam. It's like the soul in the body. The insides is Islam the outsides is inside is the man the outsides is Islam. So if you find yourself commenting at everybody, if I find

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myself criticizing everything, there's cons, there's not nobody safe from my tongue. The first time I look at someone, the first thought is not something peaceful, it's something negative, that my mind is probably you know, propelled towards that. You know what that means? What's coming out is what a container can only give out what it contains, and that will be my number. Right? So a container can only if the man was inside and it was in a healthy place, then the words that come out would also be peaceful. The actions would also be peaceful. The reactions would also be people around you would experience not just peace in the way that you appear

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and your vibe, but your behavior, your your mannerisms, the way you conduct yourself would just it would just speak volumes for Islam itself. Your your your your your personality, my personality would become Islam itself. So these two things actually go hand in hand. This is why when believers meet each other we say a Salam or Aleikum right we extend calmness and peace towards the other. I'm promising you that because I'm I share Eman with you, which is inside. As a result on the outside, I'm going to give Salam to you, I'm going to give peace to you safety to you. That's the that's the agreement we make with each other when we say salam to each other. So when Ibrahim Elisa made this

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comment, now think about that, individually, a person is at peace, then their family becomes at peace. And if when enough families are at peace, then communities are at peace, there's a ripple effect, then a nation a large enough nation can be at peace, and then nations around the world can be at peace with each other. There's a ripple effect around the world of this kind of peace. And when that's not there, then they're competing over things that you know that they don't want to surrender to Allah, they want to surrender to their greed. They want to surrender to their lust. They want to surrender to more, the want of more or the want of power. And when people surrender to

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those things, you only get chaos. You only get chaos inside the individual life, family life, business life, social life, community, political life, that's all you get. Is this this kind of thirst and the and the only antidote to that is actually true Eman and Allah. May Allah azza wa jal allow us to be the people of humanity Allah and to raise a generation of Muslims that truly carry that Eman inside them and become a source of peace for the world. BarakAllahu li Walakum Quran Al Hakim whenever anyone here can be it will declare Hakeem