Are there hidden cracks in yourself or relationships

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One other thing that we're seeing

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this, this, I think during this, this lockdown, really, this this global pandemic, and I think it's also very important and very telling, I think what's happening is on, for example, on one side, the statistics are showing that there is a huge spike in for example, problems within

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marriages. Um, you know, in some in some cases there's there's becoming more domestic violence. And and I think that that one thing that that this does this whole

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it's it's like a

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it's like a crucible, right. And when you put something in a crucible it it's like when you heat up gold, right, what happens when you heat up gold is that the impurities become manifested, and then they can be removed? Right? So one thing that this circumstance is doing, you know, they say that hardships, they reveal who we really are, right? They reveal the strength within an individual and the strength within a relationship they reveal the strength within, or the weakness within us collectively and individually. And so one thing and that might not seem like a good thing on the surface, but it is actually a good thing in that it allows us to see the ailment so that we can cure

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it, it allows us to see the problem the break so that we can mend it. You know, the problem is that when you are just hiding things when you're when you're you know, if you're sick, and all you do is just pop a painkiller paracetamol or Tylenol or, or ibuprofen, and you're just numbing the pain, but you're never actually addressing the cause, then you're not you're not doing yourself any favors, you're just, you're just covering up the problem. But what what what, what, what hardships and afflictions do is that they expose the ailment, they expose the sickness so that we can cure it, so that we can take action to do something, you know, if there's a hidden fire in your house, it's no

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good for it to be hidden, right? Because then you don't know, you don't have a chance to extinguish it. And so it's very, very, it's a, when you find out, you know, you have the smoke detector telling you there's a fire now you can go and extinguish that fire you can handle, you can you can get to the root of the issue. And I think that's exactly what we need to start doing. If we're if this if this crucible is exposing a break in our relationship, then that is a sign that we need to go and and and address that whether that means that it's something fixable or or it's something that we have to remove ourselves from if it is abusive, but it's, it's it's putting a spotlight on the

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problem, right? It's, it's removing the the the veil, the the the covering, so that we can see, whoa, like, Whoa, this was here all along, but it was just kind of like, covered up by like distractions and like maybe we're just very busy with other things. But what what what what's happening right now is I think that what's inside of us is coming out. And that's like I said, that's a blessing in disguise, because it allows us to see what's inside, which we may not have otherwise known. And and so that we can fix it and we can cure it. And I think it's also exposing the breaks that may have been in our relationships or at a collective level as a community, where

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have we where have we gone wrong? where are some some places that we need to fill in the gap? Is there a problem with our social services? You know, is there is there is there a need there that we need to fill? And so what this has done is it has exposed where the cracks are so that we can fill those cracks and we commend those