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Sulaiman Moola
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a conversation between two speakers, one of whom talks about a woman named Amara Yolanda who claims to have been fired from her job and is being pressured to do so by her boss. The other speaker describes a woman named Amara Yolanda who claims to have been fired from her job and is pressured to do so by her boss. The speakers discuss the importance of following the Quran and the need for people to make decisions based on it.
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Bismillah he was salatu salam ala rasulillah salam wa alayhi wa sallam were bad. Abdullah Mr. Rudra de alarma. I know who once mentioned up for us on se thalassa the three people stand out to be the greatest physiognomies of all times, the most intelligent those whose predictions those whose understanding was absolutely accurate. Number one was the daughter of shrine Valley his Salam who said to her dad is daijiro in the Hydra minister, Jonathan Covey, you mean that this man Moses is a person who we should employ, because he has the qualities of trustworthiness, and he's strong and mighty. And the second was the minister in detail and the narrative of use of alayhis salam who

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after purchase in use of in the marketplace, came home and said to his wife, a creamy mouthwash, Mirza and Fina, that honor is stay it's it's highly possible that he will benefit us. And the third of course, was Abu Bakr radi Allahu anhu when he nominated aroma Roberto hottub as his successor, while has the world ever seen a leader like Rama Urbano hottub, no, never, never, never just amazing, unique in all regards to incidents to explain the life of this gentle giant rhodiola on home. So on a particular instance, Amara, the Allahu anhu is given an address and in that he says not too hard. roofie more in itself. Oh, people do not give woman exorbitant salaries do not give

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exorbitant salaries in moderation give dowry? A woman comes to say Nirmala de Allahu anhu. And he engages, she engages him, and she asked her no matter the Allahu anhu are we compelled to follow the message from the Quran? Or the sentiments echoed by you? So, Amara, the Allahu anhu says, No, you have to follow the Quran. And if my words can contradict the message of the Quran, then of course the Quran takes precedence over what I have said. So she said, Well, then I find inconsistency in your statement and the verse of the Quran. So Amara Yolanda said, and which verse Are you referring to? Can you imagine how erudite knowledgeable and learn the woman of the time and one in all work?

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So she referenced the verse, we're in our Atomos day by dial as our gym mechanism, Jane, thank you.

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Not in pa in the fourth Jews in the fourth chapter. Allah subhanho wa Taala says that if you end in one union, you dissolve in it, and then you get married to another woman, and you had given your former spouse a larger treasure, then don't claim it at the time of dissolving the union. So the Quran releases a hint to the permissibility of giving your spouse a large treasure as doubted. When say no matter the alano heard this. What did he say? A Sabbath Emma atone this woman is correct. AKA Julian and I have heard koloa hide after him in armor. The Truth be told, everybody is more learned than me. He had the broad chest to openly admit and concede that he heard in his verdict. topicality

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Vanessa, Jerry riblah Abdullah Virgilio, the Allahu anhu says I was sitting with Omar the Allahu anhu. And there was a gathering around us, someone passed when released flatulence and there was a stench in the atmosphere. Say now Amara, the Alon who said azem to Allah sahibi Lee. I insist on the individual who has passed when to stand up and make ablution Jerry RepRap deliberately said I held the hand of armor, and I said armor our yetta was como Jami why not request everybody to make Voodoo. In doing so the individual will not be exposed Saison armour when he heard this, he complimented me and he said never say you do enter Phylicia helia when I say you do ntfl Islam.

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Indeed you are a great leader in pre Islamic days. And you equally a leader post Islam. That is what makes Omar Omar accessible, amenable and he would extend an ear to anyone who could advise him and counsel Him. May Allah bless us with that ability that we can also listen to those who advise us. I mean, you're a banana mean

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