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Sulaiman Moola
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses a incident where a cousin named Hassan Ali Allahu was killed by a woman named Elena, who claimed to have been part of a plan to take over the world. The woman later left the husband in Afghanistan and joined a group of people in Afghanistan to perform a series of actions, including killing a woman and setting up a garden party. The speaker emphasizes the importance of showing kindness to people and not forgetting that people are great people.
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Bismillah he was salatu salam ala rasulillah he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam were bad. Speak of lokman alayhis salam and wisdom comes to mind think of wisdom and the name of lachemann comes to mind. Suffice to say in the honor of this individual that Allah has dedicated a chapter in the Quran speaking about the wisdom of this individual in a particular instance he said to his son, I give you four advises two things in life or my son, Latin sarcoma, do not forget them, do not exclude them do not omit them. That is Allah and the year after whatnot and two things lotta guru Huma, do not recall them do not remember them. And that is a sign Okay, Elena's the kindness you do to people

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what you said to him a lake and the hostility they display towards you. Now I just want to touch on one out of the four and that is Do not forget the kindness of people towards you. There's an amazing incident of Hassan Ali Allahu Allahu anhu and a cousin Abdullah Edna john for these three great legendary companions were on the journey of Hajj for Fatah to whom to whom they lost their provisions while on journey. And they were now you know, it was depleted, exhausted, somehow the conveyance had disappeared and whether it was their belongings. In today's time you just lose your phone or your purse and your wallet, and you stranded. They came to a particular house they found

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found an old lady there, and they said, Listen, we are people from Korea, we are from Medina, we head into Mecca to perform Hajj. We had this hiccup and this glitch and the snag if you can be gracious enough to entertain us. She said the only thing I have is this kid this go to Baby, you can milk it. So they milked it and they had some milk. But of course it was not adequate. They were hungry and they were traveling. So they asked her Do you have anything more to offer? And she said well that's the only thing I have. If you saw one slaughter it and then you know we could roast it, cook it and you can eat it. So behind Allah she was displayed amazing hospitality. That was the only

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provision she had. The animal was slaughtered, it was then roasted, they ate of it. And then they prayed for her. And they said that if one day you come to Medina, please pay us a visit. We would like to reciprocate your kindness. And they left the husband returned only to discover that the only provision that they had at home was now gone. The little kid the goat baby the milk was now no longer there. So in a bit of rage and anger, he said does ballerina shatta Leto mean law reform. So meta Pauline and affirming courage that you display in hospitality to people are known to us. And then you appease me by saying they are great people. Life moved on the wheel turn these people went

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for how do they return and things in the life of this couple deteriorated. And then one day they found themselves in Medina picking up some basic things to make ends meet. Well has an Omega then Allah Bobby D, and say now Hassan was sitting outside, and he observed this woman. And then he greeted her and he said, Oh, sister, aren't you so and so? And she said, Yes. And then he said, Do you recall that I was your guest on a particular time? And she says no. And that's the point. When you do kindness to people forget about it. But when someone has done kindness to you Don't ever forget it has somebody Alanna says no, I will never forget you. Then he called her and he gave 1000

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golds and 1000 gold coins. And then he sent her to her brother, her same brother your loved one who who reciprocated with an equal amount of 1000 golds and 1000 gold coins. And then they both sent her to Abdullah bin Jaffa Viola who was the cousin and he gave 2000 goats and 2000 dinars waka Raja to be our baddie Allah dinar. She took 4000 goats and 4000 dinars. And she said this is how Allah subhanho wa Taala has rewarded us. The message is clear when someone has been kind to you. Don't ever forget the kindness of those that have been good to you.

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