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Sulaiman Moola
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of passing judgment in a feud and emphasizes the need for everyone to apply their perspective when evaluating the situation. They also mention a previous feud where a woman was punished for being in a relationship with a man who was not their father. The speaker encourages the audience to apply their perspective when evaluating the situation.
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Bismillah he was salatu salam ala rasulillah salam wa alayhi wa sallam were bad. One of the more difficult positions of appointment is that of a judge. A judge has on his shoulders a colossal responsibility and a mammoth task. The hadith of a Buddha would entitle me the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, majority law Lee and a person who has been appointed as a judge, for part, they'll be happy ladies, again, it is tantamount to slaughter in him without a knife. When we speak about a judge a litigation process justice, we tend to elevate it to the macro level to the Supreme Court, to the man sitting on the bench. And yes, that is a great manifestation of justice in this

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world. But let's not forget, even in our simple feuds and arguments where we arbitrate or we pass judgment, we are responsible, and we ought to give the correct judgment. And in doing the correct judgment, it's essential, it's imperative that we have both sides of the story before us. And we're not gripped by emotion. We're not gripped by emotion, or there is no sense of nepotism where it's a family member and we favor and we prejudice and we bias. So one of the greatest judges of all times was Kathy Shara Rahim Allah read about him and you know about his His justice, speak about justice and he comes to mind, suffice to say in the honor of this man, that even the Sahaba he was a Tabby

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himself. Even the noble companions would present their cases to him and he would pass judgment. It is mentioned about him once that Sharmila hammer hula was present, and a woman came and she complained and presented her grievances were Anahata Biggie and she started crying and sobbing and wailing. so shabby Rahim, Allah said, about omega Oh, should I? Why don't you pass the judgment in favor of this woman? It's quite apparent from the external that she's been heard. She's crying, she's tearing she's been violated. Subhana Allah What did the show a Rahim? Allah said, say, he said Lamborghini in sunny a Li in bill happy that it is important and imperative that a judge only gives

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the correct judgment and he does not get influenced by external emotions. And then furthermore, he has said that everyone that cries, it's not a guaranteed prove that the person is a victim, that the person is a victim. So in a husband and wife feud, one partner might cry, and the other one might not cry. It does not suggest necessarily that the one that cheering is the victim and the other is the victim. And then he gave proof in this regard. He said I Matera in a way the use of don't you look at the siblings of use of alayhis salaam, you have the goon they came to their father

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from Russia, because they came to jacoba salaam crying. What happened wahome Varna Mattoon. kariba were as they were the oppressors. They were the perpetrators and they were the liars. If they step back to do more and fee who do then Debian mm Baca, min Manta burka. So the message is that before you pass judgment, whether it's something simple or something advanced, whether it's on a local scale, or those that are sitting on the bench, you need to apply your mind carefully. And you need to have all perspectives in place. Remember, and I leave you with these words in the law, how you have been more passively. It's a verse of the six doors. If you can execute justice in a manner that

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is pleasing to Allah, then surely you are the Beloved of Allah. May Allah make us all his beloved. I mean your anatomy

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