Mohamad Baajour – MERRY XMAS They Said Allah Has a Son!

Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a falsehood in Islam where someone claims to have a son, causing confusion among Muslims. The speaker warns of the consequences of saying this and warns of people being arrested for it. They also mention a red line and the importance of being careful when dealing with deeds.
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Merry Christmas

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is a statement that you will be hearing a lot very soon.

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And unfortunately, it's also spread among Muslims.

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As we all know, when the Christians celebrate Christmas

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they are celebrating the birth of the Son of God mandala

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what happens when

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someone says that Allah has a son

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what happens when someone says that Allah has a son?

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You know who's gonna answer that?

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Allah Himself

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will call you tell her right now.

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And they said

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Allah has a son

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laka DG tomb che in it

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you have said something enormous, gigantic, huge, so evil.

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Allah what happens when this is being said? Take care I do send to Tottenham in what shocked call water Hill roll.

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The skies all seven will burst when you say that

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the earth will split and the mountains will fall down in utter ruins. Just because you said Allah has a son.

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We're marionberry the Rahmani tacky, the weather and it's not befitting by the most gracious to say that he has a son. Merry Christmas.

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All this is happening and

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someone is celebrating the birth of the Son of God and I go and congratulate him

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I'm not saying any throw me open surah Miriam right there.

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What happens Allah tells us what happens when someone says walk on who doesn't need Arabic Kim masters work on DACA the right man who wanted the Most Gracious has a son and then Allah Allah azza wa jal tells us what happened when this statement is being uttered.

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but he's my neighbor is my friend is my colleague, my students.

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Leigh and her co Allahu AnnaLena. Lemieux Cthulhu confit Dean, welcome you How did you come in here you come and tuber room autopsy to lay him in Allahu

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Allah does not forbid you.

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When someone does not drive you out of your home or harm you, Allah does not forbid you to do what look what Allah use the word bearer have been with them better. If they get sick, you visit them. If they need blood you give them if they need to loan for a halal thing you give them you visit them, you got promoted, you congratulate him, he had a son, he got married

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and you everything, no problem at all. He lost his son you console him. But when it comes to the dean, there's a red line.

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This is our key the issue is not a it's okay. This is actually the issue. This is a Aqeedah issue. We seen what Allah subhanaw taala said, and listen to what rasool Allah Islam said

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the hadith of could see in Bukhari 100% authentic because then ignore them, worship 10 Men ignore them. The son of Allah is saying, the son of Adam, have called me a liar.

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And the son of Adam have cursed me.

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How we are Allah the son of Adam called you a liar? Because he accused me that I cannot bring back the people from the dead

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and shatter money. And he cursed me when he said I have a son.

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So someone is saying, celebrating that Allah has a son.

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In other words, someone is celebrating how to curse Allah, and I am congratulating him.

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Allah one Hadith, straightforward open Bukhari, go to sunnah doc

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Come type shatter money. You will see the Hadith writing for your face

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but your shift in aid they sent me Eid Mubarak

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they wished me Happy Eid

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hamdulillah because you are on the hook and they are under the law because you are telling the truth and they are falsehood.

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If you had a baby from your marriage and your non Muslim neighbor, your Christian neighbor came and congratulated you

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and then

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he had a son from his girlfriend.

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You go congratulate him. You are on the hook. He has the right to congratulate you did it the right way. He did it the wrong way. You go congratulate him. When I get married. He congratulated me. So if your neighbor got married to another man, a man marrying a man you go congratulate him because he congratulated me when I get married.

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This is falsehood. This is Huck.

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When he tells you eat my brother, this is Huck.

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If his house is on fire, I will do my best I will exert every effort to save him.

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So if I congratulate and do all these things, you tell me please, why do I have to convert to Islam? If everything is good, and everything is okay, and we all won, and we all congratulate each other and yeah, Allah, Allah Shabaab. What is the deen? What is the deen this line when it comes to the deen? People get confused when it comes to dunya matters Allahu Akbar. We should be we have to be kind. But when it comes to the dean, there's a red line here one be very careful. Some people be illiterate. And they call the people who say these words that I said extremist and Wallahi there's nothing called Allah Paulo Rasul you have any problem I will show you the ayat and Hadith.

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So you have one. What do we say? People that work?

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Day in day out every time.

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God bless you.

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When they tell you Merry Christmas, God bless you. May Allah bless you with Islam

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Allah bless you with guidance. God bless you who could get upset when you tell him God bless you who

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nobody We cannot

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compromise our deen our Africa to please others. This is our key the issue may Allah keeper steadfast on this gene may Allah keep our children steadfast on the deen Zakon lock

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in and mostly me now almost Lima de one meaning I will not mean it will quantity now I look on it the more slowly been I was born saw the bond he wants to saw Dino a slob your auntie one for sharing you know wonderful she

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wouldn't voice hearing our voice she is the one downside BP now one downside the party was slow on all AMI now was or

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what have you Lena photo gentleman one Hatfield? What the was that good enough?

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What's going on? I don't love hula.

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Now lean

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