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Boonaa Mohammed
AI: Summary © The speaker talks about a radio show where they try to get a response but can't hear them. They criticize police and talk about bouncing words and putting people to sleep. The speaker also talks about responsibility and making a choice based on words.
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hear a lot of people talking but I barely listen to seem to have the answer when the question isn't given to me. I was influenced by Malcolm in

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my baby boomers. What the future

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and your talk is speaking to you Pharaoh's LIKE A BOSS as a proper duck trying to get what's in your wallet pick in your pocket but

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the radio keep on playing love songs like this nothing else in the world going on. Politicians are tricking police that he can then you feminine men no crying over spilt milk.

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On your words putting me to sleep.

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But we know you.

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you ain't?

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You ain't?

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You ain't?

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You ain't?

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You ain't saying no.

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You ain't saying none of words but you ain't saying no to many pretty women sit in while they think they're running and spinning while they show enough a God has given cuz in a minute we will sell ourselves for repeats and retweets. self respect is what we miss in no disrespect. I'm not dissing introspective bomb gear for thinking. Is this what life's about? Do it for the gram and you do it for the ground? Why you chase clout when you chase clouds and why are you

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sad that closed?

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mouths? If you went talking Dean, that was the point. There's responsibility but you got to make a choice out of Stanford in just one day is coming that you ain't

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you ain't.

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You ain't.

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You ain't saying no.

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You ain't saying no.

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You ain't saying no. There's a lot of words but you ain't saying is

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