Sulaiman Moola – The Spiritual Ladder – Pride Over Piety Is Poisonous

Sulaiman Moola
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the principles of Islam, including the formula of the Quran and the use of pride in individuals. They also mention a young man's story of being caught in the cave and apologizing for his actions, but ultimately committed the crime. The speaker emphasizes the importance of showing faith in Islam and showing gratitude to the almighty.
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Bismillah he was salatu salam, ala rasulillah he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam were banned. We all know the formula of the Quran, Allah insha. Allah as the denticon. If you will be grateful I will increase for you. But we generally limit that formula to material things. So if I'm grateful for my sustenance, Allah will give me more sustenance. If I'm grateful for my health, Allah will give me better health. But we tend to forget that if I will be grateful for the ability of good that Allah gives me he will increase me in that good Allah gave me the ability to observe an optional force. If I will show gratitude, Allah will give me the ability to do more, if I can give charity and I'm

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grateful Allah will increase me in that. Likewise, we know that if we display pride and arrogance, then Allah will seize and strike. But again, we limit it to material things you know, don't be proud of your health or your wealth or your fame. I can strike and unlucky and seize. But we forget that if we're proud of our suppose it by God, then Allah can equally strike. So there's a verse in there 15 Jews of the Quran in the 17 chapter, verse 73. The backdrop of this ayah is that the infidels of Makkah came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And they said, We will consider sitting in your gathering, if you can keep the poor people whether your loved one whom the companions away,

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keep them at an arm's length, it's below our dignity to socialize with them. And Allah speaks about this in verse 73. We're in Guardiola afternoon a garden in a hyena, la Caleta de la da, da, da da Cunha de la. So they came with a sinister motive and an obnoxious plan like on other instances as well, while Ola de la la la Guevara Moto, la hamata. If I don't mean whom do they know? And on each instance Allah says it is a school eschewed you, it is us who protected you and that's the message and biannual Quran and I want to develop on that briefly. Nah, son fee a nice metal la de la Hatfield. notwithstanding the fact that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is the paragon of

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Allah creation. Allah said we protected you for either gonna have a fish and you say you receive it. If this is the condition of the noblest of Allah creation for kafer bkm iskin then what will be of the average mortal and human? What can you fit the third Ruby Taka to sickle ballerina? When is sporadic? And let the answer and the Guna Mira mo Mama's aroma? Then how can you and I be arrogant that No, no, I can walk into any venue and I have the strength and I have the muscle and I have the piety. Never Never. If we show arrogance, then I'm afraid Allah will seize that ability away from us.

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On a particular instance, I had a young man knocking my door and seeking some counsel and guidance and the long and short of it was he attended a venue of evil advice, a place riddled with sin and debauchery. He paid the fee that was required. And he had intended to spend the night in sin. But as he got in there, he had a counter thought he had some regret. And he said, No, this is not a place for a believer. So he exited that venue, and he's narrating it himself and tearing as he's narrating. He says as I exited, instead of exiting with gratitude to the Almighty, I almost had a chip on my shoulder of pride. Wow, that was amazing. Giving a pet to myself here. You know what you

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similar to the youth who were trapped in the cave in the previous nation, with a man set so close to a woman to commit Zina? And she said what at the football hartham illa be happy to not break the seal unlawfully. So I developed the sense of pride in me that you amazing. And he said in less than 24 hours I was back at that venue. And sadly I succumb to the provocation of the devil and I committed the crime. But a lesson well learned hard learn but well learn. Never Be proud on any noble accomplishment credited to the almighty so that he can increase you in goodness and in virtue. May Allah protect us from all vices. I mean, you're balada mean

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