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Welcome to a lot of alameen wa Salatu was Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah alameen wa ala alihi wa sahbihi woman wa sallim ala Yomi Deen, we're back for the college Allah Allah Fie. kitabi Majeed mo for conical Hamid

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Amina shape on your virgin Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim from Anneli Moosa Illa de two Min comi Allah Houthi means Iran our Mullah him if Tina

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Iran Allah Allah in fill out the

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most riffin Baccarin Wu sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Mansour Rahu is in a CD Shabaab, Jana Fillion gore Al Hussein Ebony alley outcome aka learning is Salatu was Salam. Honorable scholars respected brothers and elders, a lot of bullies that has blessed the youth of every child with phenomenal talent and exceptional courage. But at the same time, they are extremely vulnerable and susceptible. Hence, if they challenge and their courage is not harnessed, and is not nurtured, that heavily they will cause in the problems they will create is worse than that of the adults put together. The lead there is Salatu was Salam was instructed to kill. The Quran said for Cocina urania Kakuma, tobiano

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Kufa that we instructed her to take the life of this little child, because he was going to grow up and rebel but that's not all. He was going to influence his parents also into disbelief. Hence, I often believe, and I commonly say this, that a youngster never moves by himself. If he advances in good then with him, he takes a nation. And voila, if he plunges incense, then a entire nation drowns with him. But at the same time, if this very young man is telling his talent, his capabilities is nurtured his harness, the value he can add to society, and the horizons he will explore and the heights he will climb will lie it will take decades and generations to achieve this. The salient

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feature of a young man is courage. Nothing is too daunting for him. Nothing is too challenging for him. In fact, by his nature, he likes things that are challenging him, things that would challenge him this is by his nature, and he likes it. Unfortunately, the the slogans that are being chanted today, and the whispers that have been echoed, is to provoke this young man to abuse the spirit of his so typically a youngster when he's sitting with his friends. Then what are the echoes that have been whispered to him? I dare you to nearly 200 I dare you to pop temples. I dare you to hewed for this girl and flirt this woman. Now the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said a Shabaab Ashoka terminal

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junoon Youth is a portion of insanity. So you're not talking to a man whose sanity is in it, who's got his composure, he's lost his sanity this season is carried. And these are the provocations you can you imagine the chaos that is going to be caused, if only if only we could communicate the right message to this young man via the very billboard that is advertising, nudity or semi nudity. If only we could seize the marketing opportunities via the cell phone and communicate messages of morals and values, by virtue of which we could protect the fabric of our society. Then trust me this young man has the challenge he and will lie he alone, to rise up to the challenges and to face the dictators

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of his time. It is only the lot of the young men who will stand up and have the conviction of his courage, even if it means looking at him naked in his eyes. Allah subhanho wa Taala speaks about Sayidina Ibrahim alayhi salatu was Salam. When he embarked on the mission to destroy idol worship, and to establish monotheism the doctrine of one Allah, Allah made categorical reference to the fact that Ibrahim did this year in the context of diverse pago semi or not, but then he has guru boom yo cuando la Ibrahim. When Ibrahim embarked on this mission, make no mistake, he was a young man in the prime of his life. He was a youth that was brimming with his youth. There is the time he embarked on

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this mission. Prior to the coming of Satan musala. His Salatu was Salam. Because of the tyranny of Pharaoh, generally, the people anticipated the arrival of Moosa, obviously, from the light of the Scriptures also they understood that interview will come when say the now Moosa came with his message. Then the Quran says people were very skeptical in accepting his faith, knowing very well that the message of Moses was correct, simply because of the implications and the consequences from Pharaoh. So Pharaoh would subject a man a person like this to a host of, of torture and punish him and persecute him. But again, it was the most

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The use of the time the Quran said the youth they have the conviction when they make them by now. Well if they make their mind up on wrong, none can stop them if they make their mind up on right nothing comes in a way. Nothing comes into it the use of that time they stood up and they said we are going to accept the truth. And we will face Pharaoh with a naked eye look at him in his face. The Quran said former when he moves in luxury yet you mean Kong May Allah mean fear around in the initial stages at the inception of the message of Moses. It was the use of that time, who stood up and embrace the faith, pave the way for others made it easier, and ultimately, the entire Bani

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Israel of 600,000 accepted Islam and accepted the teachings of Moosa, but it was the youth who could mobilize such a big number.

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The audience of Buhari on the strength of a boo

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boo Mr. Buhari coats the chapter Babu la escuela de Jalan Medina that john will be barred from entering into Medina, the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said that john mojarra Muna la tabella Medina. He will try and get into Medina but he will be barred by Divine Presence of the Mullah eco. As he comes close. Ian's Hello Baba Siva de la ville, Medina. He will roam around on the outskirts of Medina. The people of Medina will be informed that the john is outside. Elena Rajan, Yama is a Pyro Hieronymus one person from Medina will come out to challenge the job. The Prophet sallallahu wasallam in the rewrite of Buhari on the strength of Abu 70 coudray refers to this individual as the

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noblest person of that time. Yeah, think about your own Yama even higher on us, our mean higher hiring nurse that is the difference of rewired. He will then advance towards that job. And you will point to john in his face and say I shadow

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under the Santa Monica Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam hadiza I have no doubt in the fact you are the very the job that might not be prophesies that john will take a look at the other people and say are ATIA in cotton to Haha, some

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acuna Phil, tell me if I caused the instant death of this person, and then I revived him will you be convinced that I am the being to be worshipped, people will say if you prove that we will fall for you. Now we understand the gullible nature of people. That jar will then split him in half the certain messages will follow but this individual he will address the jar and say I am only convinced now so much more that you are the jar.

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Now there is another Hadith which I've come across in Sierra tmvr. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam describing this man said sharp Boone montale own Shah Baba, this person who will have the guts of his conviction, who will have the might in the strength of his own power, he will be a youth in the prime of his life. Who has the challenge Allah forbid today, the young man has become the agent of the Navy has become the jar himself, only to know his talent is such that my inner peace said it is this young man that will stand up and resist the onslaught of the July 16. June supposedly in South African political history is Youth Day, which revives or commemorates the

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struggle and the effort of liberation by few youngsters who oppose certain policies of the previous regime, and perhaps they had given their life. Let me share with you a young man, also of African origin of empathy Indian origin, who was born 46 years after the Prophet sallallahu wissens migration to Madina munawwara I'm speaking of none other than Sal ew Jubail.

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He was born in an era that was the ritual Sahaba it was the era of Sabah,

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Fatah and habashi Aslan and Allah in nama what

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led us in Allahu taala. Despite the fact that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam had passed away the zeal of knowledge and the desire to acquire knowledge. This was paramount in the heart of this young men. It is said about him as a little child for Muto no matter as far as he can and so your honor who Archie can and as we all know, in my occupation, Allah kita yet Allah softened femap Ravi up but this boy is he grew up there was only two things in his life. Either you found this lamp sitting with at top and studying, or you found him sitting in the masjid and worshiping Allah subhanho wa Taala. Just is Allah forbid today if you find a youngster every day, either he's got a cigarette in

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his hand. Oh, he's busy with the phone. Recently this last week or so I heard on the radio on the USA report. A girl at the age of 13 in America in Pennsylvania, to be precise

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Those on the morning show on talk radio. She won an award. Now again, it's a question of its own if this constitutes an award, is this really a merit? But be it is it may we need to question our priorities, she won an award for sending the fastest text message for SMS in the fastest message. How much did she win 25,000 US dollars. It's estimated that this girl prints out 1000 SMS a month. Now do some basic division that leaves you with 266 or text messages a day. My question is if this is the society that is becoming the future of tomorrow, divide that 266 by 24 hours or 12 hours going to sleep. What else can this child do? Again, I heard on that same report. I mean, this is you

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know, openly it's coming out. There was the research that was a survey that was conducted that average lead today a child, three month old child is watching TV for 45 minutes, a three month old child. By the time the child is two, he or she is in 90 minutes. Scientists say this is a very harmful trend for the development of the human faculty. If it persists like this, it's going to stagnate the mental growth of this child. Now this is the consequences we have facing this young boy either he had a Kitab before him or he was worshipping Allah subhanho wa Taala. He used to recite the Quran the entire Quran by night.

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And there was a verse of the Quran when he used to read this it used to give him a Shiva is the will of Allah doofy to him was Salah sido use Hubbard Phil hum Ito Murphy Nari use jarwin Allah says when the disbelievers will be shackled, and they will be hurled into the Hellfire, and then they will be made to drink the hot fire and the hot water that will be burning. What light is mentioned when he used to read this verse as a youngster. He used to sub so profusely that it used to make the elderly people around him God. He initially was based in Iraq in Kufa, but this was an era where hotjar the notorious bloodshed or head his dominance and his serenity. So this youngster decided for the safety

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of his Iman because if I present in the court of Hijaz, either it's my life or my religion, and both are here and both are an asset to me. So he then sneaks out of Basra in Kufa and he takes amnesty in Macau, and for 10 years as a young man growing up he disseminated the knowledge of Deen he had profound knowledge he learned from the likes of Herbalife now apart from Sharia law, and a host of other Sahaba.

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But tragically after 10 years had passed, he was still a young man. For whatever reason, Allah knows best one of the governors of bunu omiya, who also under the umbrella of hotjar, they were posted to Makkah, and he people had forgotten him a man by the name of Khalid bin Abdullah, who carried a Muslim name but had nothing to do with Islam. People had warned him that you know what, given your nature and the youth that flung at the throne around you, and the impeccable character that you possess the profound knowledge, it's not going to gel well with this governor who has a different agenda. Perhaps it's time you move on. So you said you know what, I really feel ashamed as a young

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man initially based in Basra, I then left out of the fear of my life. I have come here to Makkah, now one of the governors have been posted here, I feel ashamed to now flee from faith, if faith is that I have to die. So be it whatever has to happen, so it will go. Belly had said this in a few days later, he was sitting with some of his companions, when the men of high judge came in, intercepted him and apprehended him. When they apprehended him, he addressed his colleagues around emergencies, a young man in the prime of his life of African origin. What did he say? He said, marani illa McCool and other yet a radical body well law the way I look, my time is up and I'm going

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to die at the hands of the state of Florida. Then before they took him he said let me share something with you people. Nakata, Quinto, Anna wasa hi Bonnie, leafy lane, Latina. ibadah, myself and two of my companions very recently, had spent a night exclusively in the worship of Allah. We will say we were on a hiking trip we were on a swimming through on a fishing trip we will hunting whatever it was, we were on a night of ibaadat foster sharna Halawa de la habima. Davina, we initially thought we'll just spend one two hours in rebonded. But before we got into the rhythm of the bar that the next best thing we felt an ecstasy in. Like you asked a youngster he'll tell you, I

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just went and I went with my friend I thought I'll pop one pill and I'll be back before I knew I was popping pulling off the woman after woman The night was over and I didn't know where I was. How one sin leads to another my brother in law one good leads to another. He said we started the night of foster Sharona Hannah with a dog

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Next Best Thing we felt an ecstasy into and we couldn't get ourselves off debt worship met for their own Allah habima the owner and each one of us just cry to Allah profusely and we felt such a bond with a lot. What are the raw Elaine up Masha Natasha that we all echoed common Diaz and supplications alike except our life. The life of my true companions have been accepted. But until the end, the only youngster left behind, but I'm hopeful my boy has not been rejected. My time has also come, then shackled him up and listen to this, as they then escort him out. His little daughter. He was a young man, he had a small daughter, Pan at buena de Lago, his little daughter ran

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out. Now can you imagine what it clash of emotions This was today's young man he abandons wrong and one SMS from the girl. He feels emotionally obliged, and then he reverts to his wrong. This is a young man who is ready to present his life preserve is a man, the emotion that is interrupted by his his little daughter. I don't have a daughter, I have a son, but I know when the time's you flying abroad for a program and just the sight of your child and the innocence of your child knowing that you plan to return you're looking at your daughter in her eyes. There's no return. The people that are escorted he merciless. He looks at his daughter now Photoshop better to be here. She comes to

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the Father for a

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while don't do your soul Punahou. She sees that her father is shackled. And a father he's been escorted. So she breaks down emotionally that shall be she clings on to her father. What? Typically what 10 * and she started screaming and yelling funny. Ha ha rifting he keeps his composure keeps his bed and this is a young man who has priorities in order to very gently he motions away. He keeps his tears behind. Yamuna. Yato Coolio me. Oh my daughter, tell your mom, tell your mom is very in NaVi Donna, Jana, Jana to persevere. I am going I doubt I'll come back my darling but tell mommy Allah will unite us in Jana.

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Well, I am hopeful from Allah. If the young men of today you don't have that clash of emotions, but I am hopeful if you can put an end to her arm and you can drop that DVDs and you can get rid of that music. I am optimistic from my kind of law he will give you no less reward than that what he gave to somebody who there this young man was then brought into the court of judging the use of Now listen to this chat when he talks of chat room we welcome you to the chat room wait what your Allah forbid your fantasies will be exploded? And I don't know what in what is happening. Listen to this chat. We welcome you to this chat room. You are alive in this chat room, my brother and chat between a young

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man who knew what life meant he stood before a judge in a use of fun. He behaved in a charge as a tyrant cast a dirty glance and said he didn't Jubail must smoke. What's your name young man? He said Sir, you don't know where my name is Sally.

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70 means fortunate. Japan was his father's name, which essentially means one who rectifiers and reforms. One of the names of Allah tala is Jabbar, Jabbar commonly translated as mighty and authority. But it also means one who reforms electrifies so high judge in his arrogance, looks at this young man and says, You are not 70 who obey. You are not fortunate. You are shopping you have no qusayr shocky meaning you are wretched and your father is shattered. So seldom in a debate says but can at Oh me, me, me. Me. My youngster knows how to check with a woman and what they say what replies are free. No, no, it's not free. It's not it's the fire of janam Allah it's not Trinidad and

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it's not 50 cent. Every reply, every SMS, every text is

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listen to this discussion in dialogue. He says listen, hi judge. My mother knows my name better than you. My mother knows mine. He said, The greatest sacrifice can be made to have

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fun enjoy the proclamation of truth. In the presence of a tyrant. There is nobody who has performed a more virtuous action from a taco trophy Mohamed, what's your opinion of Muhammad? Ali who better said which Muhammad are you talking? Gianni Mohammed Abdullah Abdullah?

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Ali, are you referring to Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam? He said yes, I'm referring to he said well, then you must say sallallahu sallam, what do you what do you What's your opinion about Muhammad? He said well, he said he told the atom. The leader of the offspring of Adam, sent you the will the item and Nabeel Mustapha the selected prophet of Allah Hi. Remember, Amina Rama mama the noblest of delivering and the nucleus of the disease. hamari sana embrace profit will either return or discharge the obligation nessa Allah he when he kitabi when the Ahmadiyya Muslim in our Casa de

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faithful to Allah faithful to the book of Allah faithful to the general messages of the Muslims and into the rulers of the Muslims format upon up by Corinne. What's your take on Abubakar? You know, a young son? He goes on a chat for hours and hours formats akoto fabby batterien What's your opinion on Abu Bakar he said who was said they the truthful hurry for to rasulillah the success of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Mama amin hottie nwba follow diligently the life of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam lebua here welcome you but they did not alter himself in any way. Asha Hamid and beaucoup de la Sol he then left the noble life and died in enviable death for Morocco lofi Omar

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what's your take on Omar mobile for open lovey? I wish my brother I was talking Arabic Can you understand it? I'm afraid that's not terminology that is coming to us talk anything else and we understand unfortunately the language of Quran has become an absolute reality who will follow

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up by email. Patil he is that person through whom Allah separated and differentiated truth and falsehood siara to Allah He was a euro suli the selected of Allah and the Beloved of his nebby mavala amin Haji sahibi followed his nappy and followed Abubakar, Asha Hamid and Baku tlsae. Then look the noble life and died as a matter farmer. Man, what is your take on earth man? He said, he is only

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the one who equipped the army of the Buddha and half rupee aroma, the one who does the well of Rama and make the water available for the Muslims and mustard enough syncopate and fill agenda, the one who's secure in about four gentlemen for himself in this very world, sacred Rasul Allah, the son in law of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam on two of his daughters, namely Roca and omnikey will soon

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be with him in a summer minebea Where did Rosemont do his two daughters? According to divine revelation Othman was not his selection there was the selection of Allah and when we were in Maputo, he was killed innocently and hence he is the oppressed Khalifa for Morocco. loafie la What is your take on it said Amir rasulillah, the cousin of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam phenomenal feitian the first youngster to accept Islam xojo Fatima tell the husband of the pure Fatima Abu Hassan even

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gender is the father of the leader of the two youth of Jenna Hassan in her saying I just said now let's talk serious talk with you for you qualify Ebony omega tabula we that is the new omega the rulers out of all the rulers which one impresses you the most he said our album luckily for him the one that has impressed is the most impresses me the most for you Donnell Holly which amongst them specify Be specific which amongst them I wish the use of this oma what law my brother when you work out arrogantly what your hair spine and what the earrings and what that attitude of yours that you might have Buhari said one young man was working what pride and arrogance as a cause the earth to

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split. I mean, Memphis sama cfrp como la vida here more? Do you feel you are out of the control in the grip of that Allah who is above you when your actions do you know dead?

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What did he say? The one that pleases Allah the Most that is the one that impresses me the most. Okay peace Pacific which one is pleased Allah the Most? He said Mutharika in de la de Anima 0111 the one who knows the external and internal he can decide that I can decide that for my taco rufiyaa salad I want to ask you what's your opinion about me? We know how a man mellows down to truth when it is boss when it is senior. When you see in a job to secure Yeah, his life is on the line. His neck is on the line. He said unto Allah moving up sick, you know yourself better. Why should I tell you about you? What was I tell you? But read one asthma? minca salad said I want to hear from you.

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What is your opinion about me? He said, Isn't he so?

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If you want to brace yourself for something unpleasant, I'm afraid you're not going to hear nice things about yourself. Now go for it. What is it? In Niala Monica, mahalo, Nikita, Bella Morin today to be held Eva, Mo, Kapila chanukkah wa ala Narita, you openly violate the orders of Allah, you are a tyrant, you are a dictator, which yet

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you openly violate the orders of Allah your only aim is to impress upon the people your fear that they must fear you and that's going to lead you in problems and ultimately in hell. So I just said our long enough to learn that you are provoking me and enraging me I will kill you. You know in Arabic They say after some mean freakin unethical. modok The last arrow in the king's quiver is akin to the last arrow in the king's Cova when he resorts to violence. It's a dialogue, not to take the words of this young man, my young brother, you can only talk like this if you don't talk

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To haraam woman, then this is the strength that I will give you. He said, I'm Allah Hill up to the neck I just said, I will kill you. He said even to see dolla

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dolla cascata if you kill me, you will destroy my life in this world, and I will destroy your life in athletics. I will have no life in this world, but you will have no life in Africa. In once upon a time the use of the soma made this entire oma proud. This was the legacy today we drop our cases down out of embarrassment and humiliation looking at our youth, you go to any mall and see what our youngsters are doing. What did he say now boom, it rock bamboo gerima, but in

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the Quran says if you come as a criminal, there's no life for you. I just didn't tell him if turning up cyka English in Japan, let him say he decided how do you want to die? decide how you want to die. So he said, Can I rephrase that question? Let me ask you what line in my talk to Lenny cotton in LA patella. calavo mithila halfhill after thoroughly enough Sica antiga hotjar hotjar the manner in which you're going to kill me, that is how Allah is going to punish you. Let me rephrase this, how would you prefer being punished in Accra? Don't ask me how do I wish to be killed? Let me rephrase it. Whatever you do to me, so will it be done to you decide how you like to be punished? And that is

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how you kill me. He said alpha one alpha Anka, okay, let's call it a close deal. And I pardon you. He said in can happen for me in Allah. I don't fall for your temptations. If we conclude on pattern is the decree of Allah, you've never pardon me and you can never Pardon me. I say for one, Natalia, bring the sword interrupt the match and kill this wicked man. So he smiles. He smiles. He just says one Martha buzzsumo one is that young man who smiles at a tyrant in his eyes. That smile brings him close to a lot. One is the young man with a smile flirting every woman that's my alone he draws him closer to her. What makes you smile or young man? He said it to me in Georgia ethical and law for

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hilmi la la. I'm smiling looking at your arrogance and unless kindness towards you, I'm just marveling at how how you know the clemency of Allah the grace of Allah, you are getting arrogant upon arrogant and Allah is just being calm and patient and displaying clemency with you. So he says, Doctor, we are going I'm slotting him. So he turns towards stapler in a way to what he really loves photography.

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Once upon a time, this is how the young man of the soma died. Today my youngster is dying with a woman with music blasting going towards a club. Allah alone knows the destiny of this man. As he turns towards the blind. He reads in Neva de la de I turned towards Allah. A judge says how will one will tipler turn the wicked men away from the block? So when they turn him away, he says hello Fatima to law wherever you turn me. My ally is there. I just says drop him under. When they drop him on the earth. He says minha Kanako Wolfie, Hawaii to come. wamena Hondo free to come Tara and okra from the sand we created you to the sand we return you I just said slaughter this man Morrow

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Quran I have never seen a human in a young man who understood Quran better and said he didn't. He lifted his hands. He said Allah I patiently persevere and happily accept this death but I have a request my lord Allahu Allah to send little Hajaj Allah Allah embody Allah let me be the last victim of a judge lighting, it's time to get the hang of the style and lighting. It's time you put it in and you see him now a tyrant like a judge on the draw of a young man. Look at what Allah does to him had charged then mercilessly accuse this person. Mr. Campbell said what law property law sorry, who obeyed in law or the Amazonian lava.

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The death of Saeed is such it is not mourn by his family by oh by the nation. The entire earth today mourns the death of this young man. And I guess even the angel Shay in our grief today. Well once upon a time the young man was such on his death the entire world mourned his death. while lying ilaqua Tila sang he took a new job after death. This tyrant only had misery in his life, cutting a long story short when he died. Someone seen him in a dream. They said hi George, how did you fare before Allah? Is that catellani Bakula? Cotton in cataldo cotton, cotton

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cotton. In lieu of every life I claimed my Allah made me things the agony of death once but when I interfere with what sorry, didn't jubair Allah said you will die 70 times understand the talents of the youth. Let me leave you with an incident bear with me in time and I will wrap up Hudson in wholesale. The two grandsons of mine Abby Hudson was seven when my Navy closed his eyes for saying was six when my Navy closed his eyes rather your loved one Puma, remind them to hurry up

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Another member and said it nobody has a say the son of mine sees a leader. Will Allah usually have been HIPAA in the main he will grow up and he has such talent. He won't divide this room but one law he will be instrumental in uniting the soma from childhood the professors and prophesized the future of this young men are saying that you want to hockey minor be said for say a new mini one I mean for say for saying is part of me and I am part of saying Allahu

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Allah the one that loves Hussein, you love him hasn't vilano resemble the Prophet sallallahu Sallam from the chest going upwards. Jose Indra the anon resemble the Prophet Sawsan from the chest going down with the mystery of mud and mustard rock days after the demise of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam Ali and Abubakar are walking after Hassan salah and Hudson Ravi along with the grandson, the elder grandson is playing with the children young man can look at him advance towards him, picked him up, hugged him and said brb shabby even been there navigate Lysa p one v allegion. b a b sub p one bin one Lawson when I look at you, you remind me You're a perfect replica of mine to be

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elected and he said no offense but he doesn't look like you. No offense, but he doesn't look like you.

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Like you don't look like a moolah. No problem as long as the size Bulava. You don't have a problem. Ladies are shabby and big. He doesn't resemble you. Now let me tell you just one thing I say I wish I could open up more. Today's youngsters come to me and I will show you arrogance. You can't tell the child one thing. You cannot discipline him in any way sheer arrogance and absurdity. These two youngsters, these two young boys, the grandchildren of Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam the Hadith I quoted in the beginning evening Asakura mentions it man Salah who

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say God Shabaab we are legion. You want to admire the leader of the youth of Ghana. Look at my Hussein he will lead all the youth look at my Hossein Hassan and Hussein Ronnie Allahumma ethical men with respect which is absent in our youth generally I'm not pointing to anyone. They see one elderly person he was performing Voodoo and Salah incorrectly. Look at the wisdom the diplomacy the composure given to this elderly man they said nothing to shabani want to say when Kabir when we are young says you're an elderly person or Obama takuna Budo it was solid Amina being elderly you will be more learned we are going to perform Voodoo before you Uncle, please rectify our mistakes. Please

00:32:25--> 00:33:03

show us how we perform in Salah incorrectly. Both of these grandchildren then performed Budo adequately promptly correctly. The elder paternal shave, the elderly man understood the wisdom of these children, the diplomacy of these children, the kind interaction, they did not insult they did not victimize it they politely conscient eyes him of his wrong. Once upon a time, our youth were telling us what to do. It was Hassan and Hussein who went through that man and told him until this is the polite way he realized he hugged them, he kissed them. He said these are the grandchildren of Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam It is only them and them alone that can teach us today we cannot tell

00:33:03--> 00:33:16

our children what the future is looking bleak. We make dua to the Almighty Allah that he hold our children in this era. May Allah subhanho wa Taala give them guidance, respect and honor that once again. They can become an asset to the Mahabharata.

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Nice TV man, yeah. syntec that Oh, what do you mean? simtech? What's that? What do you mean? What are they? That's a CD? No, I know it's a CD I'm asking you. What is that? What is what sometimes? I'm asking you what is syntek? I'm told what is syntagmatic? Sim khakis, STD and what is that? That's what I asked you, man. What do you mean? What is what? Okay, leave what who is sim tech?

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Then why you said sim tech from the beginning. You're the one that fits into our so that makes me sick? I didn't say that. Well, I'm a fin tech callosum tech. Well, you just answered the question. What question the same question I asked you from the beginning. Who is simtech au line? What you asked me what is simtech? Whatever. Don't miss the point. You don't even know what your point is. I don't know exactly what I'm asking you. You don't know what you're asking what you're asking. I'm asking you sim tech right sim tech. What is it? Who is it? How is it? When is it what is simpler and they call you from their big new sim tech is ICD. ICD? Yeah. Oh, can it be a CD? What do you mean?

00:34:34--> 00:34:43

Okay. vscp we are listening to the CD. Now you're asking me how can it be a CD? Okay, that's it. simtech is a CD. Yeah, Symantec CD. Got it?

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Oh my goodness. Did you see that?

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