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Alhamdulillah alameen wa Salatu was Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah alameen wa aalihi. Wa sahbihi. Woman voila, boom the axon Illa Yomi Dean

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for the college Allah Allah kita Hill Majeed wa for Connie Hill Hamid.

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Ponyo rajim Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim wamena Laila Fattah had Jdp nephila la casa de hacer caribou cama cama. wacol Ali Salatu was Salam. ala de Alva embryonal ambia, aka moto la de Salatu was salam, honorable scholars respected brothers and elders it is an accepted fact that people have preference in this world, enjoy certain status certain privileges, be it VIP personnel be diplomats or ambassadors. There is a host of privileges that are afforded to them concession flexibility. But having said this, another observation I guess you will agree with me is more than often without generalizing these positions afforded to them, the portfolio's provided to them, the podiums granted

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to them are more than often used, if not exploited. embezzlement of public funds by ministers has become a norm in our society. Today, I thought, let us reflect for a moment perhaps this never crossed your heart or mind on the privileges that were afforded to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. Not by the head of any state, not by any universal body, not by any organization, but by allowing himself the privileges, the exclusive things that were afforded to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam alone from the entire creation, number one, number two, never mind to abuse on many instances, he did not even use those concessions, he did not even use those privileges, forget about abusing it.

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To start off, looking at the body of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam we have the Shama la tierra MIDI, that speaks about the features of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. It is mentioned in the books of Hadith as a part of the cleanliness of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam in his entire life not once the the flies sit on his body in his entire life, not once now, I can't tell you how many flights set on me. flies, mosquitoes, you name it, not once in his entire life. Why we know commonly they attracted to something that has a foul smell, something of dirt, origin, the profits of the line, it was synonyms, purity, his cleanliness, was of that caliber that in his entire blessed life,

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Allah made such that a flying never set on his blessed body. Furthermore, it is mentioned in the books of Hadith in his entire life, he never yond in his entire life in one gathering, I can tell you how much I beyond. I cannot withhold and I cannot control and subdue the Prophet sallallahu Sallam has never yawned. Why what he has said, Amina shavon, yawning is from the devil.

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Amina shavon he said sneezing is from Allah so we praise Allah because it brings about a degree of freshness freshness brings about motivation towards obedience. yawning brings about laziness, weakness, you feel lethargic, it creates depression which then lends itself into negligence towards the obedience of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in his entire life he never ever joined Satan Aria of Yolanda said man Bravo, bravo, woman Hala

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Babu. If you seen him suddenly you'll be captured by us all but get to know Him and you will love him love.

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In essence you haven't seen or you will never see someone like him. And his brother Yolanda said mama says to Shay and wanna hurry run, Eliana Min caffee Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, I haven't touched anything in my life more soft, more passive, more gentle than the poem of Muhammad Sallallahu sallam. Then he says Well, I shaman to skin wanna return? Ganapati Amina nebia sallallahu wasallam I haven't smelled is something more fragrant than the perspiration of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. Nevermind, nevermind must the words of Anna's there wasn't anything more fragrant I have smelled in my life, he often would go and spend the afternoon at the house of the

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alarm on her one day after awakening from sleep. And then he finds that she has a little bottle in her hand and she's doing something on the bid sheet. The profits are large and said What is this is that whenever you have a law because of the moisture from your blessed body that has perhaps created a degree of wetness on the ship. We tend to gather this within our bottles and we preserve it as the best waiter. So this was the beauty according to one rewire this difference of opinion but the one rewind suggests the prophet SAW some did not even have a shadow. One rewind suggests that the Prophet said a lot isn't but there is difference of opinion on that.

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Furthermore, look at the privileges Allah afforded him. Every other prophet in the Quran has been referred to by his name. So Allah said yeah, Anna Maria Teresa, the son of Mary yada voto. Jana Casa de la would we've made you a deputy on this earth.

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Mr telecabine kiambu samosa what is in your right hand? YAH YAH YAH

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YAH YAH grew up to the Torah with firmness ya know, a bit with the salami Mina oh no dissent with peace I can go on counting verses upon verses knowing the Quran when you find a loss in Yama, Mohammed Ahmed, every other Prophet was addressed by his name, the prophet SAW some was addressed by his title. Yeah yo Han nabee yada yada, yada yada,

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yada yada immodesty Oh my god, oh my Prophet, oh, the one covering himself in the cloth, or the one envelope in himself in a blanket. Never did Allah refer to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam by his name, why it's an accepted fact in a HIPAA Bill kunia calling upon by his profession is a greater level of respect than calling him by his name. You call him warm but he likes it but going doctor sup you feel so much better about the whole day, calling me Brian by he doesn't feel offended woke us up. It just makes him feel so much. Allah refer to the professors and his Navy as profit as a title, then that's not all. Allah said. I haven't called him by his name. How dare you call him by

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his name? How dare you call him by his name. So Allah makes mention in the 26 Jews in Surah Puja, he was resting in a in a room in an apartment and there were other Sahaba as well. The tribe of Banu Tamim came and they had an appointment they wanted to meet with the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. So they did not know room or which apartment the prophets Allah Islam was resting in another labor this chapter for the chapter on apartments. So they were like, you know, now pacing up and down circling the different rooms and apartments. And then some of them said, Well, you know what, why don't we just call up and say, yeah, Mohamed Elena, are you

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looking for you want to come out? And Lawson gibril immediately in Medina, Yuna Dornoch in alladhina Yuna du Nakamura, El Cajon.

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archelon those that stand outside your rooms and shout out to you and yell out to you way is their brains. What are unknown sorrow if only they could be paid?

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Raja ILA him until you at your own discretion and time came out, like on a higher level, it wouldn't have been better for you, for you, you are the best, it would have been better for them, it would have been better for them, scholars of the field. Why is this same respect should be afforded to those gatherings with a Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam have been discussed. He is not presently amongst us. But the gathering with a Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam are discussed they enjoy the same status. Then Allah said. Now like I said, these are exclusive privileges afforded to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam last swatter confirm kasoti nabee don't ever

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raise a voice in the presence of mind to be

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told and don't start shouting and you know, raising your voice over one another like you would casually informally do. You're wrong. I'm right. I got this point. You have that argument? Don't get me to eat when you're in his presence. What are the consequences and Tabatha marucho Allah doesn't say the sun is like this. Allah says it results in all your good actions being destroyed.

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Now if you find that crime the consequences of that in the Quran has been mentioned for sure. Like in Ashoka, if you ascribe partners, your good actions are null and void. Allah says you raise your voice before my inner being your actions are null and void. And

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then Allah says you sit in his gathering you don't leave till you don't ask him consent. If he consents, then I overlook the fact that you left the gathering. And if he doesn't consent and you exit, it constitutes a divine crime for which there is a penalty. And it is left to his discretion to decide who's excused justifies leaving the gathering or not. So Allah says indeed the believers are those in Mineola, Latina

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Allah amarin Jami Allah,

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they will not leave until they ask for

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money when they asked you permission for the limit. I mean, whom you reserve the rights and you consent, if you consent, I overlook it.

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Allah Allah makes mentioned in the IT carry mother I recited Allah says wamena layli pettah Jdp nephila Allah. Allah speaks about Salah, but Allah says no Mohammed sauce and stand up in the dead of night and observe the optional prayer of tahajjud this is an additional prayer which is exclusive for you. Now again, the question arises that the Salah is optional for everyone. But yeah, Allah says it is optional for you exclusively. The scholars of the field explained that if you and I engage Allah give us the trophy to start off with Allah give us the ability

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We commence our day with 100 if we perform the 200 Salah it might be optional per se, but in essence it is an atonement and compensation for the flaws in our foreign Salah. So technically it is optional but in reality it's not it's like you know of someone say You must be happy you got your bonus check my friend you got extra money. Well my friend extra money just to pay more installments, you know, so I might come home with more money, but it doesn't mean I can party more because I got to pay. So whenever I'm making 200 if I do, like give me the ability, it's not a bonus for me. It's not a surplus account this investment for me, it's, it's catching up for my flaws. It's an atonement

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for my mistakes. If I embark on an affair, which I'm trying to patch up for my father's house, if I if I observe optional first and trying to catch up for my obligatory past, but that's not the case with the Prophet sallallahu wasallam and hence, Allah says it is nothing for you, it is surplus for you, there is no flaws hence, there is no compensation. So, whenever he observes that Salah it is the elevation of his abode, it is the elevation of his about his rank is increased it is it is escalating his position.

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If you look at surah Azov in detail, Yala Park has opened up opened up in few verses in succession. This speciality is and then I want to get to the other point is that how the professors and conducted himself, I'm just mentioning, this is what was afforded to him. We know how when we are given a little position, how we exploit it, we abuse it, what were the privileges afforded to him, but what was the dignity with which he conducted himself? Allah says in Surah azab in the 22nd use of the Quran, yeah, yo, Hannah, be you in

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a second.

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Robin, the first privilege in this verse, your privilege after privilege, you know, opportunity upon opportunity. Allah says Allah Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam verily we have made lawful for you and legal for you, all your spouses that are in your marriage. Now the time this verse was revealed the Prophet sallallahu wasallam had multiple spouses. For the record, he had 11 spouses in his entire life, two of which had passed away during his lifespan, mainly for these are the Aloha and Xena bentek was a matter of the Aloha, which left him with nine widows the day he closed his eyes. So Allah said in Atlanta as the water jacket, potato doragon that this is a privilege afforded to you

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that all your spouses that are in your marriage, your concept they are legal and lawful for you. And we also need to know why unfortunately, today we know much accusations are made against the life of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam in the fact of his multiple partners. He has himself mentioned that Allah had given me the strength of 14 men of gender. And one man of gender has the strength of 100 people of this world. In essence, he had the strength of 4000 men. In essence, he had the strength. So obviously in relation to the strength that Alliance had given him 11 partners were rather minimal and fairly restricted in relation to the great strength that Alliance had given him on digital

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whether in his final in one night he had relation and he met with all his partners in one night. So Allah has blessed him with phenomenal strength. That's the first privilege all your spouses are awful for you. Then like goes on to say the second privilege of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam.

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America to me,

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and all the slave girls and all the slaves that have come into your possession of Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and that which comes through through the spoils of the war, and this is also permissible for you. So two things are made permissible in this verse number one, phase one refers to the booty spoils of the war. Now this the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said, Oh, hell, Natalie Alexander in doing an MBA to start off to start off a line has made the spoils of the war permissible for me and my alma, which was not permissible for the previous oma. So this was one privilege. God, let me lower my student.

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Allah made the entire land. You're in part for me and my own man, that Salah can be observed at any location, whereas in the previous oma worship was designated to the places that were built exclusively for worship. So you could not observe your prayers casually on the side of the road, put a piece of carpet on the floor. This again is a privilege that is afforded to me. So the first privilege is that the spoils of the war is lawful in the previous nations, that divine fire would devour it. Then the second privilege in this that was given to the Prophet sallallahu. wasallam was midnight Allah Allah Valley, that when they conquered any place in the spoils of the war came, and

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then unlike the general Amir of the Muslims, he has to distribute it fairly and give everyone a share. And perhaps he gets a share. But the privilege of the prophets of Allah was

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It was he could pull out from the spoils of war, whatever he wanted. And then he could distribute the remaining amongst the warriors and amongst those that fought, so typically when he was conquered when labor was conquered, and the daughter of octopus, Sophia Ravi allama, and her husband was martyred, and she came amongst the booty, the Prophet sallallahu wasallam selected her for himself, and he took an oath for himself. And then after the remaining things which was conquered, inhaber was distributed to the Muslims. This was the first part of the privilege of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. The second thing that was an exclusive privilege to him in this was that if, if any person

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from any other country or state sent a gift to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, or in today's time, if he sends a gift to the leader of the Muslims, then the Islamic ruling if he doesn't have rights, that it has to come into the National Treasury, and then it will be fairly distributed. But the privilege of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was that if anything came to him, he reserved the right to secure it for himself. The occasion when the the king of Amazonia the negus monkeys, had sent the gift of Maria Timothy Yara, the alarm on a slave girl, and the Prophet sallallahu wasallam took that slave girl for himself personally, and she also mothered a child for him by the

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name of Ibrahim rhodiola. And this child passed away at the tender age of 18 months. So that is again now the second privilege that was afforded to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. Allah goes on to say it is said, you know, we know this man, he's got context here he has this privileges. You don't even know the privileges afforded to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam third privilege in this verse, Allah subhanaw taala speaks about what Dr. Nicola Bennati ematic Abernathy, chanukkah wa t highlighted

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that you're the daughters of your paternal uncle and your paternal aunt, the daughters of your maternal uncle, and your maternal aunt, they are all local for you. In other words, all your cousins, you can get ready to them and you can marry them. Now this is not a privilege for the Prophet sallallahu Sallam per se because it is lawful for all i can get married to any of my cousin. And hence Islam says there has to be parallel between the two. You know I take like a sister, it doesn't work that way. You take a like a sister, you can take like anything, but islamically you have to maintain hijab and there has to be a degree of segregation, because it is correct to marry

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her. But for the Prophet sallallahu wasallam there was one added condition that if he wanted to marry any of his cousins, Allah added one condition and Allah tala said they have to be amongst those who migrated. So if you intend marrying your cousin who has not migrated, then she doesn't fit the profile to be your wife.

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Or the alarm on her, the daughter of Abu Talib, the first cousin of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, he intended marrying her but because she had not migrated, she could not become his wife. Now the question arises, why is this exclusive to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. The scholars of the seed have have endeavored to explore the potential wisdom in this restriction. And what is it that Allah said you only marry your cousin's, as the Quran says allotey hotjar nama, those that migrated. The reason for that is generally when women marry amongst their own tribe, you know, some people say we don't give our daughters out. We only marry in the family, what's your surname, sorry,

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we only marry in the family. So if if the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam, had to marry one of his cousins, this could breed a degree of pride on her lineage. And that's not compatible to the spouse of an OB. It's not in line with the profile of the wife of being the spouse of Muhammad Sallallahu is in any degree of pride over the fact that I belong to this lineage and I've secured it, my husband is from the same tribe, same traditional ethnic, cultural, traditional background. So Allah said if you want to marry then you must be amongst those that migrated and obviously if a woman or a man had migrated, they have literally been through the challenges the ups and downs, and

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he thought it was such a thing that it would humble a person totally. So this one again was a different privilege of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, but then Allah goes on to say one minute and he was

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in the Navy you as 20 Haha, if a woman comes to you, Prophet sallallahu wasallam and she presents herself to you and she offers herself the Quran uses the word what happened with mean she she makes herself she gives herself to you, I'm a gift to you, then it is correct for you to accept her without the exchange of any dowry without the exchange of any harness or telecom into meaning. This Oh Mohamed Salah Salem is only for you and for no one else. This is for you and for no one else. Now. Any other marriage if a person gets married and he doesn't stipulate dowry, or he admits dowry, that marriage is incomplete until dowry does not exchange hands. It was the exclusive privilege of

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the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasallam that a woman could come and present herself and offer herself

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And obviously who wouldn't want to be the spouse of Muhammad? sallallahu alayhi wasallam I mean, we got our Swasey Kenya. For the record, I don't know what what why is he sitting on and people still found and they can't realize the wisdom. If young girls can line up to be the wife of us was the key. You know, good luck to him in his culture. You speak into the master of both worlds, the noblest of humans, the greatest of privileges. Can you imagine which woman wouldn't want this offer? Allah goes on to say, Why did I give you the speciality is why have I given you this privilege as

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an imp as watching him as a man who akuna courage, Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam we've given you the choice of multiple partners, we've given you the privilege of a woman coming in offering herself just to make matters easy for you, just to relax it from you to make it that much easier for you. But this is for you, and you alone and for no one else. Now to get further the privileges afforded to him. A person might have few wives. Well, we might say again, our reasons are different. The Wisdom why why he had multiple partners amongst others is that these spouses had access to his personal life. And obviously they relate his personal life to their tribes. And this important

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aspect integral part of his life with needed to be captured and could only be captured by his spouse's was then transmitted adequately through the various chains of the tribe. And ultimately it has reached us half as if nothing has spoken about MSL Maria lavon. Ha, who is amongst the spouses who came in the latter part of the profits or losses life, but in that few years, how much she kept it. He said, If you put together her ahaadeeth and her verdict, it is a thick book of Islam, and a thick book of jurisprudence by itself. So this was one of the fundamental wisdoms, but again, we know what multiple partners did the key issue or the difficulty is justice among them. Every time

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you say, you know, you have to be fair, and perhaps that's a deterrent, and it puts you off, it puts me off it might put 10 people off. One of the most difficult laws in having multiple partners and restricted polygamy is to maintain the fairness and, and justice between your partners. Now while Allah provided these privileges to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, Allah then gave him an added privilege. Allah said to redeem and Tasha una de la commande, Tasha, Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam you have been divinely exempted from maintain in fairness between all your wives.

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This is an exclusive privilege given to you. I mean, if we had it, you know what would have happened if you know I remember one brother in America, I can just get married to a woman who can just bear with me and keep it undercover. I would have had one in London, America, Canada, I don't know where and where. Obviously, this probably just don't come to people like us who have evil intentions. Allah favorite the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Allah said rotate them as you wish. So the clear verses of the Quran to G men, Tasha woman hoonah. You can, you can distant any spouse that you want, what we come into shock and accommodate any partner you want.

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And if you told any partner to stay away for a few days, and then you design it to her, she has to refund the time you call she cannot decline and you've committed no offense. This was a privilege that was exclusive to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. Now there's two things to understand here. First is Allah says I adopted this concession and provided this flexibility. One is to make it easy for you. And number two to make it easy for all your wives, Danica, Jenna, and Takara na na na, na, na qu hoon. I've done this so that they can remain happy and they can be satisfied. The question arises perhaps if the situation is reversed, they will be more happy when they explain this

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injustice. But your Allah says I have exempted from maintain injustice, and it is in the interest of your spouses. What is the wisdom of that? The reason the scholars give ease, the wisdom of that is generally when a woman or anyone for that matter, when he knows this is his deal, and it is his right then he demands but when he knows it's not my view. Now the wives know that it's not your right for the Prophet of Allah to visit you. So if he doesn't come You won't frown and when he comes, you won't say he's doing his duty, because he is not obligated you will thank him, because of this year. Now you know, he is not morally bound, he is not islamically obligated to visit you.

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Hence he is visited that he has afforded you his his kindness. So you will respect him with a smile and not telling you 10 minutes late.

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That's the first thing. Now the other thing I wanted to mention and that's my message to one in all that we are also afforded privileges. It is mentioned categorically he never used this concession once in his life, nevermind abused it. He never used the concession but this is that this is the message the profits are in fact anything

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His final moments in his final moments when he was about to leave. And now because of his health, he could not move to the other sponsors. So he asked in a very polite way, ain't no burden. So tell me tomorrow, who's trans is it? So they would say, and so, they will ask the same question now. aina and other than where am I tomorrow? They realize that it was a subtle indication if they could mutually consent for him to base himself at one place. He wasn't even explicit. He didn't say, Okay, you know what, let me make use of that. And he said, in so long, I got the right. Yeah, no, no, he never opted when they consented, what their mutual consent, then he based himself for the last week

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at the house of Sharia law. But that's not all. The profits of the money we send him said every nebby was given a dua, and they respectively used that dua for the destruction of the nations when they were provoked to the climate for which they were justified. So what baneasa there are a lot of the minella Katharina Yara Allah it is enough Allah, it's time you wipe these people off the earth. So did Moses so did the various Prophet said, Every 12 and he was accepted, but Allah gave them one special when Allah said, this is between me and you. Anytime anything you just ask and I respond immediately with this law. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he had this law, not that he was

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provoked, he was provoked by his nation by the disbelievers by the infidels did he abused this boy and say, let's have an overall Allah destroyed

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Yeoman Yama, I have told my Allah to keep this to her in his treasures. When my centers will line up, I will remind the love of Legion I will say Allah on the strength of debt to make a decision, you know,

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when he was, you know, car was made on him, john, who was made on him, Allah forbid, we are living in an evil world there is a professor Allison said do your matters secretly, every favorite man is targeted with the genocide.

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A person by the name of libido now some head made car and black magic on the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. Now today, you find commonly when a person has become a victim of this, before he goes through the treatment process. He wants to locate the man who did it. And those that are telling him they're also exploiting it. Someone in the family. You're not gonna believe someone in your family. Yeah. Did you have some visitors last week? Yeah. Did they ask you to drink something they wanted? Yeah. Okay. Now he's speculating. When his mind is running at that speculation, then he wants me to confirm or deny the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. There was consequences of this. He was divinely

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told Who is the man who's did it. Allah revealed Surah fallenness. Allah said in this is your cure. He read it. Allah cured him. I said, it's time to take legal action. Take them in. He said, Why must I Institute action against him when my lord has cured me? What privileges weren't given to him? But how did he abused that position? He never ever abused that position. Allah then goes, time is running out.

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Allah said what long we are allama people to become Allah knows what is in your hearts. The scholars say what is the India don't ever don't ever Aspire I wish I had these privileges. Allah is watching your heart that is only for his movie. How dare you entertain this year? Allah forbid, nevermind multiple. My very first partner. My second partner is with the intention of love. Not one wife in the life of mine up was about the intention of last. Not one wife, not one partner. So Allah says I'm watching. Then I can look at Allah. Allah is an independent bill. When his wife came and asked him his wife came and asked him we want a better house and furniture in the US was Allah said he's

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not going to work. If you take my eBay release you today and in the professor some separated for one month, after one month, they all came in, they said oh prophet of Allah, we want you and you alone, we want nothing else. As a result of them responding and denying the world and apologizing, Allah then gave them a virtue. And what was the virtue? Allah Allah? Allah can Musa

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wanna interpret de la Vina mean as much Allah is independent? When they ask something wrong. Allah said I'll have you divorced when they comply. Allah put restrictions on his nebby Allah said listen, your wives have complied diligently. Now Muhammad no more wives and you don't change them. They live with you. They die with you. They stand up as your wives. Allah put the restriction on his wife according to the law. It was seldom Romani and Allah afforded this privilege to the wife because of the moral support they stood. Allah afforded them that honor that this marriage is intact. Imagine a woman knows that you know what my husband cannot divorce me a woman who will run you to

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la luna camisa amin but then Allah goes on to say let me repeat up. Allah says Allah Antony, who has wider human body Aveda, another privilege of his ease, you cannot marry his widows. This is exclusive, while most of his spouses with the exception of Sharia law widows, nun can marry the widows of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and according to Romani could marry the slave girls of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam which were basically tonight.

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Hi Nora Viola hi Maria tiara de la Mancha. The reason for this number one, the Quran said that your mother's number two it is our belief that he is alive in his grave. So he is absent from home is like a man who is away not who's dead because he's alive in his grave. So there is a technical bond that still exists even after death. So Allah said in Nevada come can having the law Javi habima it is perhaps the most major crime that you entertain the thought of marrying the widow of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam I don't have time Allah spoke about the speciality of his house. Allah said don't come to his house until he invites you don't come before the meal is cooked. When the meal is

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clean, it is served and you've eaten fantasy road and live while almost any scene and don't entertain discussions and annoying him by prolonging your stay in Nevada.

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it offends my inner be and then the consequences are great. But in the climax, the climax the scholars say of the privileges that were afforded to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was with Allah brings it to a conclusion in Surah. Allah said in Allah Allah Allah

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Allah Allah prays every interview, but when Allah praise Noah a Salaam, Allah said salam, O Allah new thing, Phil and I mean the peace come upon know salam, O Allah masaharu they please come on Moosa in heroin, salaam, India seen my peace Come on, India's Allah did not say salam when Allah Muhammad, Allah did not use that method. Allah said Verily me in my angels collectively perpetually sent to root on my inner be open, he has joined me Let us say, yeah, you have

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to Allah University motors Lima Allahumma salli ala Muhammad, Ali Mohamed Salah tada Ibrahim Ibrahim, Mohammed Ahmed, I have read this year scholars of the field have mentioned there is no injunction across the board where Allah said I'm doing it my angels you also join me the only command and injunction when Allah said it's a tropical religion, it's not only you I command you, I am also doing it you also do it my angels are with you. And that is sending durood on Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam. Allah promised him McCormick mode, that is the praise the platform what is the praise the platform, this is where on the day of Tiamat he will be privileged with the supreme

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intercession and is called praise not because the creation will praise Him we are praising him even Allah will praise him at that time when he conquered macaque. And then he entered. Again the opportunity given my message is to understand his privileges and understand the dignity with which he conducted himself. Allah has given you positions in influential Are you conducting yourself in dignity or are you abusing it? We rented my car and then he said that the following disbelievers has to be beheaded. And he said, Remember, a lion has given me the right that these people can be killed in the forum. This privilege was never afforded to any human before me, nor will it be afforded to

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any human after me. It is me and me alone, among them who have bought us with the murder of his daughter, Xena. He said Bring him and behead him. This man heard that the Prophet of Allah has issued a decree he can kneel in before the Prophet sallallahu Sallam when he's got you know, overall authorization. He's got divine authorization that it's your day. It's your place you go for it. Naveen behead him in the Kaaba apartness what says I beg your pardon? prophets Allah says I have overlooked it and I have forgiven you so dearly my brothers privileges Allah afforded to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam May Allah give us the ability we recite durood This is the day of the

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road, let us recite durood in abundance. The more we read, the closer we are, the better it is. May Allah forgive us with death in Madina munawwara was the dawn on you