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The hosts of a video introduce their new couples and discuss their experiences working in a restaurant. They talk about the importance of staying true to financial goals and the potential retirement of their spouse. They also discuss the use of $200,000 for current living expenses and the potential for investment in real estate stocks. The segment ends with a discussion of the importance of sharing experiences and unite their hearts.

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Salam aleikum, wa Rahmatullah to my demons out there. Again, we'd like to welcome you to another episode of the better half again, this is your host for the Allah and my co host brother Shahab and we have two new couples that Hamdulillah I don't know I call them victims because they actually we're seeing as the torture is going through, and they still decided to stay, which is so nice. I introduce you again to sister so that she lives here.

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My right arm she was the Emir of the classes as I remember. I've seen almost all her kids being born and raised and my favorite is The Candy Man. Oh, I love that guy. And hamdulillah older kids may Allah reason righteously again the right next area is brother man. May Allah bless him for allowing her to volunteer and be part of this May Allah subhanaw taala bless his family, there is always here hamdulillah I'm so proud to have him here. Thank you for being with us. On the left hand side, another pillar that also lives here. We have sister Raja also on board, masha Allah the members may Allah subhanaw taala bless you for your time and effort for volunteering being with us and her

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again, hero,

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volunteer and also allow her to spend the time with us to build a better community whether in the jeep not Rajab, as we thought he was.

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I'd like to thank you on behalf of everybody and again like thank you for the volunteers and everybody the cameraman shout out to brother on me dude, everybody's hamdulillah one more time

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since the start of what was the how do you guys meet and where and when little bit the details if you remember, you guys

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puts it the bed that says here's my cousin Don philos finished

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okay, so you grew up together? How was

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around 95 like I

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used to live in

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newsman was

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about nearly close to about a year of engagement Mashallah. So you know if you noticed, she was trying to give them some cheat notes.

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You see, that's when you know your wife loves you. She's back to the man just in case I'm here I got your back dude. Congratulations by the way you know statistics show. That is the highest success rate. You understand when you actually know each other and they're your best friends basically becomes a lover which is so nice Abdullah pizza. So which is the arranged marriage of course, which is a proper meaning and understanding that mashallah Very good. Do the debt. How are you doing? But we're not cousins.

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Pizza Hut.

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So what happened was, I guess parents got together his uncle. My dad knew me he was looking for someone apparently, so, or his dad or mom figured it's time for him to look for someone. So they his uncle came to my dad and like, oh, well, I have this guy. I'm like, Well, I don't think I want that guy

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was like Friday night or something when I was working at the time, so it was my friend's birthday. And the entire office staff decided to go celebrate the way I'm like, I'm coming to

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he was supposed to come meet me that night at

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the White House, something to go to.

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And lo and behold, he came to the place where we were having the staff dinner.

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I look up and I saw my uncle waiting for me at the table or dining out and I'm like, What are you doing here? He's like, I have some way outside to meet you. I'm like, no, no.

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So yeah, so we went outside. I ended up leaving my dinner halfway. He didn't even feed me the rest get on like dinner after that, or anything like that. But we stood outside. We talked for about at least a good hour whenever when he decided to leave on my ride was almost leaving me. And I said I had to leave.

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Yeah, so that was our first meeting. And that was it. I guess he liked what you saw. And you know, he decided to come asking for my hand.

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Let's hear his version.

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So my uncle came to our house and it's like, Where's your wife? I don't have no way to say okay, I'll get you. We'll chat for a few months later. We made the trip. And he was like, yep.

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We're gonna go to their house tonight. Go there. She's not there. So they went to Pizza Hut. So we went to Pizza Hut for four months after that.

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This is committed. So love was the first fight. I didn't I have my own bite.

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Right so thank you. That's very good. May Allah bless

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Now again two brothers happy. We'll take the second question, please. Good

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question. There's a big difference. So in this one, we want you to think about if you were to wake up in the morning and find that your spouse have a new scale, something you probably wanted for a while, and now they haven't

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changed anything.

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I get I've listened. I gotta get standing ovation and raising the roof I'm doing right now. Oh my god, I'm learning from you. It's something

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that's very good answer, man. That's a very safe button. And I'll tell you just like

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Instagrams, I have to be careful on what I answer.

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That's a very smart, quick learner. He says, I choose life.

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Okay, so no skills. That's amazing. Good for you.

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I'm counting on you. Let's follow in their footsteps. Uh, let him go first.

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She probably has.

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She's very.

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Okay, shake. So

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I think I want her to be early right?

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Off the bat. Not when

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the best time is the sunset.

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Okay, so I'm gonna buy off some of the other ones that I've heard. Because I thought about this, like, tons of time cooking.

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My Show?

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Can you eat? Yes.

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Like, not them everyday Coke, maybe just a Saturday or a Sunday? Breakfast only, you know, some just, but

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I'm getting the other one in the cooking stage. So

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we got into second part now we have a different question for you or request from you. So this time, we want you to imagine with us is that you have been given $200,000 And you just received it. And now we have to decide what are you going to use it for?

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So when each one of you to decide what are we going to use those $200,000 you can put it on the whiteboard. So we we have your capture data that we can compare and see what to use it for.

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My salah, okay, so So tell us a little bit about why you chose this one. Because I don't want my kids to pay off my debts today, I want to have them like a happy life.

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They don't feel burden that they live parents love them so much. It should be so

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beautiful. So let's hop and travel the top. Okay.

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So, in order to keep on traveling, this needs to grow. Right? That's fantastic. And why you're invested in

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your thoughts.

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invest in real estate stocks

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I was dreaming about this actually, not too long ago, that I would come into some money by not playing the lottery. Okay.

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So the what I was doing was much more than 200. So I broke it down into like, you know, maybe percentage.

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So 50k would be for current living expenses, I figured that might be okay to get by because he's not going to stop working. I'm gonna have him stop working. We still need

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to get much

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better another 50 but decided for his education, whatever it may be that he may decide to do I don't know how much it's going to cost. He may still have to earn his own.

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I don't know. Do you know what he's wanting to do? No. He does not know. Yes, it fluctuates from one thing to the other. Right now. It's digital designing and stuff where that doesn't cost much. I'm hoping he has another side venture. So the other 25k We spoke about this, that we know enough families that may need to you know, put that 25 or this much plus what benefit where as we already have. So then I have my cousin who is like a sister to me. Probably more than a sister but don't have my sister here. But she has two kids that I love to death. And then Nigel has another cousin that I love her son. So this would be for that clarification for whatever they wanted to but

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hopefully it's for that

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25 Question

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Few of them not just as

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2.5 But you know

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beautiful for us was very short, very simple

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I'm gonna take two trips. One is Omar and the next one that they will all decide and the rest of you can decide with the rest

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Welcome back to the third section of this one where we get the bite each other's that off now we're gonna play civilized matters a lot. And again, there's Foosball wherever it gets to the first wins, and I wish you all the best inshallah. And if anybody decides to hit anybody in the face, you're already protected with a shield except as girls. This is me I love how are you guys ready? There we go. Bismillah

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I can see the excitement already. The crowd is going

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oh my god almost committed suicide. Oh.

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Unbelievable. And the crowd goes wild again. I see a standing ovation the wave is happening. The stadium is going berserk congratulations I can't believe but it's true. I am so excited I am beside myself.

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Oh my god this is unbelievable

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just tell the builder Yeah, that's it. I know you're soft spoken to set up but you don't have to be gentle with the boys.

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Oh did you see this man ah

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one more I did

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this Manila.

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Okay, it's red again. May Allah help us Allah

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okay Bismillah Bismillah mas Misha, it's moving it's good so this is good but the other way please

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mashallah Allah Oh I

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scored the viola and the winners are fantastic on the shell a nice double A look at the limiter it's beautiful. It hasn't moved.

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Congratulations again so have you guys Alright well let's get him back in the food time yeah, let's

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we gotta get good I'm telling right now.

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Allah He was salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad Ali was Abu Salim to slimmer. We're now here in part for the opposite. We just did the last one. And I can remember this other one other men say from the beginning, they want to forfeit the game, but they were ready to get for this one. And then I heard what energy even says the writer said they want to forfeit that.

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It's gonna be interesting to see now how you're gonna go about it. So in this part here, now you are going to be you're given ingredients, you will not given the recipe of how you do it to begin with just the measures. And we're gonna ask you to do we're gonna give you about seven minutes and we need you to do what's called the Baskin Robbins tray. So seven minutes I'm gonna measure it here and then we will see how we guys gonna do at the end and I'll test it and see how it's good

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okay, time is up, Masha. Allah says Allah taught me to make the glass and in case get any poisonous smell good advice, Misha.

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Bismillah All right.

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Really crunchy, very crunchy. Very sweet.

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Okay, I'm gonna have to test the other one without making

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the whole thing

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I'm gonna have to go with this one.

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It's way too much whipped cream.

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All right. Well, just like Kamala Harris. Allah bless you. And yes, yeah, that's right. So you guys are even between the two games.

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So I want to thank you for tuning in. I hope you enjoyed watching those episode. Cinderella, this, you probably have noticed the diversity that we have of the our community and our couples that are those that are just been married for 10 months and those that have been for 10 years and others maybe actually more than 10 years more than 20 years. And you have seen the way that they think they see the what's common between them. And so we ask Allah subhanaw taala that they unite their hearts in sha Allah and then continue to have them as pillars of our community and involved