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Episode Notes

This is part 4 of a 12 part series on the demise of Rasūlullāh SAW.

In this series I have covered the following…

The last moments of Rasūlullāh SAW
His fatal illness
In whose house He was nursed
Who led the Companions in Salah during his illness
How He passed away and how the Janazah Salah was performed upon Him

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen hobby Alma Nineveh Malala me Bella Marina

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de la isla de hikmah to hooba Lila Moto Z wanyama who sila Tony la casa de la Kabir wanna shadow Allah? Allah illallah wa de la sharika houfy nothing reality to me when a shadow NSA Donna, Nana Mohammed Abu wa pseudo Allah de Bie kita be money Manny Medina Illallah he bill in Tbilisi, Salalah alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi metamaterial kawakubo

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la junta Baraka Watada

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con el Hamid Abu Dhabi luxury ministry Pani rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim couldn't lumen Allah you have

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a chrome Soraka lava lava. So, yesterday, we concluded on a very, very emotional note, you see people at an airport and I relate to this very often in common. So people will greet at home, then they will greet at the checking encounter, then they will greet at the security gate, then you will start seeing now you in the queue and people are holding you up because kisses have been blown from one end to the other end. And sorry, sir, can you go? And then you know, it's like as if there's no, you know, network after you go in and you cannot talk so you got to have your last but, and then people are waving and blowing kisses and doing all the extra things. And you know, these are

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emotions and attachments as humans. from a psychological perspective. We know we are social creatures, we have attachment to each other. And yeah, he said a lot he would sell them and just try to begin I'm not gonna even say imagine because it's beyond our capacity to grasp.

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how challenging this moment was for Satan, Amara vilano. And he sallallahu wasallam says, Go and do this. And when you come back, it will be my grave and it will be my Masjid ma it will be my grave and it will be my you talking to a congregation of Sahaba the likes of Abdullah Abdullah he when he passed away, he said Allah sees my vision, sees my vision for Kufa. Saru right, Allah I don't want to see anyone else after the messenger sallallahu sallam. So you talking to a group of people who are so close, so attached tomorrow 80 to 100 millionaires, you hit go ahead and God be as happy Mohammed Mohammed and sallallahu wasallam. Abu sufian said, Never in my life I've seen rulers, Kings

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monarchs, you know, display of love of this caliber is unprecedented in the annals of history. And yet he sallallahu wasallam so can you imagine the caliber of people that he sallallahu wasallam had prepared, what type of people he had prepared? And really, we need to ask ourselves, how much have we prepared ourselves? How much have we prepared for our own death? How much have we prepared for the death of our near and dear ones? And how many times have we engaged in these type of discussions? So we move on to this he sallallahu wasallam then told satana Mojave Allahu lattakia mas Omaha's Do not cry, do not cry. Well, Phil, what do you think about Rhonda salani who seldom was

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Tara big Lee, wonder who Allah Yoko who bothered me he had what he should do to Mahabharata, he should the to Mahabharata Sahaba Linda sallallahu alayhi wa sallam let me Salas and spelt it out to my eyes, and it is apparent that said no more as love for he sallallahu Sallam was an extremely intense level. Moreover, Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam so these were the days and these were the verses drawing closer to the actual illness. Now we discussed the illness itself the fatal illness marble, Wofford and in the books are fit on these aacom pertaining to matava and maravilha. So that is a person on the verge of death and that is worse yet etc. Regarding the moments of in a

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person's motivation.

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You know, multisurface a parameter Okay, I don't want to digress I'll come to the, perhaps at a later time, but shakra the beginning of the illness and the sickness of the messenger sallallahu wasallam, which proved to be fatal, and ultimately claimed he sallallahu wasallam is life. Raja Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam in hija de la de Ville hija de la la some returns from hijo de I mentioned aluma XML to raccoon was revealed 82 to 83 days exactly before the demise of nahi sallallahu sallam. So Hydra has been concluded, he has returned back in the days of the hijab, for accountability Medina, he remains in Medina the remaining days of the hijab and that of Muharram and

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that of suffering, of the 10th year 10th year of of hegira of the messenger sallallahu wasallam for better or better

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He's the JC Osama, and he starts mobilizing, he starts mobilizing the army of Osama radi Allahu anhu. And we know this was to avenge

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the previous battle that had taken place. I don't want to go into too much detail of that. But he mobilizes this army. It's in his last days. He gathers the people will rally him Osama, and he makes even Osama the Allahu anhu, the leader of this army. So some of the olana is the son of Zaid Xavier of Yolanda was the adopted son and the freed slave of the Prophet sallahu wa sallam. Osama was young, he was in his, you know, youth in his prime, sharpen, sharpen, yaffa and you know, just the young men It was 18 years old. And again, a great message was given your what kind I mean, whom Abu Bakr and Omar amongst those that were present in this gathering in this army was saved in Abu Bakar

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and Amara via lavon Houma. So can you imagine that Abu Bakr radi Allahu anhu. He barely lived two years, right after the demise of Nabi sallallahu Sallam and he also passed away at the age of 63. So that means Abu Bakar of Yolanda was like 61 of age saved now Sumerian is 18 years of age, the experience the vision, the maturity that said knappenberger had this just no comparison. But he sallallahu wasallam, again, is setting the record correctly, and dispelling this type of reservation because many people who are new into Islam were still apprehensive in accepting the leadership of someone who previously was a slave and liberated. They had certain issues to deal with that. And he

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sallallahu wasallam was putting an end to it. And now this was the son of Xavier of the Allahu anhu. What kind of Osama tovino Zayed or some of the olana was no more than 18 years. I'm reminded of that incident. When he has been Mojave. He has been Mahalia was a great Tabby and he was very learned and there's many incidents about him and you know, he was a very visionary human. And once he was leading an expedition and Marwan Abdul Malik came, and he was young and behind him were prominent people, you know,

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people of great age, stature, knowledge, etc. So Muhammad Abdul Malik said, merci, Naka your wallet, what's your age are young men? He said Sydney, Cassini, Osama taberna. Zaid hanaa la hora de la his sallallahu sallam. My age is the same, like Osama bin Zayed when the Bissell allies have appointed him 18 years of age. So behind Allah. So there are many incidents if only the youth of this Omar can tell to this message and pick up from here imagine at the age of 18, my young brother at the age of 18. The youth will once lead in campaigns and expeditions mobilizing the armies and their congregation comprised of Abu Bakr and Omar radi Allahu Allah. What was the level of thrust of the

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messenger sallallahu wasallam in this young lad what a biography Tommy Lee whoo ammoland was a little Sydney Allah Kibera Mahajan, ina will answer. Some people Mehmed whispered made some comments, remarks apprehension reservation young, inexperienced

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doesn't have age on his side doesn't have maturity on his side. But Nabi sallallahu Sallam did not entertain it film yet. Rasulullah sallallahu Emirati Osama assassin didn't give any recognition or any clout or any, you know, didn't entertain it whatsoever for Carlos sallallahu wasallam iatan woofie Marathi photography Marathi Abby. This is not the first time that people are expressing their reservation at his appointment. Previously, people were apprehensive at the appointment in the nomination of his father. And then the be sallallahu wasallam said where you will lie swear by Allah in Canada, Latin America in Canada mean I have been nursing illya by a lot he was deserving of

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leadership that is a threat to your loved one who will never know who her father and his son is also deserving of leadership. His father was most beloved to me and his son his most beloved to me. In fact, there's a narration of Timmy the eyeshadow. The Alanna used to say that at times when mucus would run from the nose of Osama the Allahu anhu. And we would know that to clean the mucus of the nose of a person, it takes a parent or a grandparent that that that is that that is it. Nobody else can, can can averagely or commonly do that. It takes that selflessness and it takes that blood relationship to look beyond where everything of your own is fine and it's good. And you don't take

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offense to anything that this is it. I mean, when you find your grandchild, the first thing you want to do for your child is kiss the feet of the child. And if there's anything else, you know, people want to run away from that.

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I normally play with the kids I you know in kindergarten, I say you in school and they like yeah, I say our cozy little bit. You smell with your nose.

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They say I send you run with your feet. So I said why do they say in English Your nose is running and your feet are smelly?

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Anyway, you that is love, are you Sharia law says that a prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would clean the mucus from the nose of Osama Ravi Allahu anhu. And he would put Osama on his deputy was very, very fun and attach. And again, this is the beauty. Can you imagine just like just like the birth of Nabi sallallahu. wasallam is shaping the world before his arrival iroha saw that's the terminology. So Marchesa is posting the bullet iroha site is pre numbered, and in the case of the provinces and wasn't only pre Naboo, it was pre birth also, because things were happening in the world because of him. So we don't refer to that as much as that we refer to it as in hasard. There

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were things that happen in in the sense that he fell down in the prostration in the posture of such that at birth sallallahu wasallam. There were so many other expressions that he gave off, I speak of this narration very often, which Allah Masuda has made mention of it.

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In his famous book, and he speaks on page 100, under the Hassan is

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under speciality is of the messenger sallallahu wasallam. That

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Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when he was being nursed by by his nursing mother and wetness, Halima Saudi Arabia La Mancha. Then she says that when I left him on the right side, he would drink when I left him on the left side he wouldn't drink. And Ola unpack the potential wisdom of nebulas and not drinking. The point I'm saying everything in the life of the Prophet Sasson was a guidance was an inspiration was a message was the direction

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that he came in and he said olalia

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reconfirm Baba, that nearly Salaam respected the right of his foster brother. So just as his birth, just as his birth gave of a message, so was his demise in every step in that regard. I often say to people, you know, when person is anxious and waiting for the arrival of a newborn, I say, you know, we commonly say you won't go before your time. And they say, Yeah, I said, well, in the same breath, you won't come before your time. Also, people people, you know, in first child false alarm, anxious anxiety, just as there's a time to end and that we commonly speak about, we need to know there's a time to begin also. But my point that I'm trying to impress you is the visa Sims nomination of Osama

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days prior to his demise was giving off a big message to the ohmmeter The End of Time, that in Islam, it's not age, it's not Junior versus age, it's its capability, its competence, its closeness, its nobility. Those are the grounds on which how many times don't we see revert to Islam surpasses a new born Muslim. And that's it. There's nothing like there's a monopoly over Dean Are you are anchored. Are you in a better position?

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obeying them and never use a law obeying the madness? Yes, they are doing a little Jihad if EJC Osama oboe to the Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam be rigidly under the cover of a hula hoop v. Walker the harder said However, this will mabhida model v. Model V will refer to the main hub. Now in this period of time where he said a lot he was mobilized the army of Osama appointed him and he quell the uneasiness regarding the nomination of Osama from years till his death. It was few days but many things happen. And we walk you through that now. And the movie by the way, he borrowed the Alon who says who was the freed slave of the prophets a lot, isn't it? This narration appears in all the

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chapters of Hades on the part of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam he says but I said he Rasulullah sallallahu simfy jiofi late it was late night and then a viola called for me for Kalia abama Waheeda he said oh boo boo Heba. Can you imagine again, the favor of the Sahaba it's the last moments when when a parent is about to leave or teacher is about to leave this world. Then each student reminisces and cherishes that they'll start called me.

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My mom confided in me my dad's last words were I trust you, I appoint you That was his confidence levels. This is the greatest of our last creation, and he's calling anyone at that moment. Can you imagine the honor of that individual, our boy Heba come along with me,

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in a pedometer to an ester.

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Allah has told me and instructed me to go and seek forgiveness on behalf of the occupants that reside in the cemetery of bhakti bhakti.

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buggy. So come along with me join me and go my word. My Word, fun Pollak tomorrow, so I move along with the messenger sallallahu wasallam. Follow my walk.

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I've been avoiding him when he said Allison came and entered. We get emotional when we stand in body and rightfully so. And we look at the masjid of the messenger callosum and we look at the grave. And we imagine that this is that land around us, you're all Sahaba. Some of the Buddha more known than others the likes of Satan or the mantra the alarm lower down is Halima Saudi Arabia law, and many other Sahaba Ibrahim of Yolanda the son of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and this is the number of Allah Himself. Yup. And Abu Heba is with him and it is late night it is late night. And he says As salam aleikum, wa salam aleikum, wa ala makabe, may the peace of Allah be upon you, oh, the dwellers

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of the grave, right? You remember on the occasion of better when, when the corpse of the infidels were dropped into the well, but there is actually the name of a well, like mauricia, Moray see. Another name for it was Causeway Bonilla. stehlik, but it was also known as mauricia philokalia Humala in min Mia Hilah, whom you call

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this was a name so often the names of the battles were around wells, just like better is the name of a well mauricia battlemaster it is also a name of a well, so the corpse of the disbelievers had, were dropped into the well. And then we saw some game and he said also and so so and so. Hello, jack. Ma bukem haka. Have you seen what your Lord has promised you? And then once I have you said, only be over Allah but the Hadith is in Buhari and it's a famous question that appears in the exams as well. The Sahaba said only viola, you addressing people that are dead and they are no longer alive, and he's alive. Some said they can year better than you. It's just that they cannot reply and

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respond. So Assalamu alaykum al makabe Oh, the people of the graveyard we greet you. Leon Allah

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Subhana Sufi, acapella till Phaeton kita Elaine l Muslim yet

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Allah Ha. Well, Alka to Sharon Mina Lula, the VOA salat wa salam addresses them and says great fitness are coming. They have advanced, like a portion of a dark night, a portion of a dark night, right? These are the type of fitness nobody's also misspelling it out. At that time these fitness have come, one would follow the other in succession, the latter being more intense than the first the latter been more intense than the first

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was it went up dramatic now for the Alon who passed away then someone loaded him into the grave and said, a doctor software Ha. That may Allah bless you, you see in the greater part of this oma and you were rescued from the turbulent times of the summer, you were rescued from the challenging times of this oma from after Bella aleja. Then he looked at me and he said, Yeah abama way Heba Nipa ot to malfatti haha in a dunya will hold the fee her family Jana, for you to buy in a de la kwabena. Lita, Robbie will Jana ago, I was given the choice of the keys of the treasures of this world, and eternity in it death lessness in it, and ultimately paradise. Or then meeting my Lord and Jana. This

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was the choice I was given. a boomerang Heba said when Allah told me this, I was still going to suggest and propose to him opt for the keys of the treasures of this world. Opt for the first proposal, but before I could even spell out my intention, he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said

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for cool to be a be Antonio's marotti haha in the dunya will hold the pinata mal Jenna La La La Jolla abama Heba naka de tortolita Arabi will Jenna, I said, only Viva La off for this year, Take the keys, take the treasures, and then ultimately, it's still gender. And this is where we marvel at the the life of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam he sallallahu Sallam said that

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I was given the choice, that I could be nebby and Melaka, Nabil and abda.

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I could be a prophet, and a slave and a prophet and a king. I could understand that if Allah gave the offer to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam if you opt for slavery, then only you will be crowned with Prophet would and if you choose an empire, then you won't be privileged what Prophet would then it's obvious we can understand why he sallallahu Sallam opted for a humble simple life so he could secure a Prophet would. But that wasn't the proposal given to the prophets awesome. Inevitably You are the best you can have this Naboo with with an empire on Naboo with with poverty, and we know the author poet says it so beautifully, that may peace be upon that nebby who bought the show him fotd

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key who lived the life of a pauper

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He was given the choice of wealth and understand this year and understand this year. And I always say there's a message of there's a messenger, that there is a price to the obedience of Allah. There's a price to gender. Whenever you said Allah Islam told that woman who was having her epileptic fits, and we saw some said initiatives

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were initiated out of law. If you want to make dua to Allah, Allah will cure you and if you want to make dua, you persevere and Allah will give you Jenna She didn't say Allah make to offer Shiva and Jana

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whenever you have a law, I mean what's stopping you your drawers I accepted make sure like me Shiva and Jenna. Nobody says some gave it's this or that. There's a choice. There's a price for tomorrow delana came knocking on Allah we have nothing. Fatima I have five sheep, I can give it to you. Or I can teach you five words.

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It was not only will it give me the five sheep and teach me the five words when you get everything. Then on a full belly. If I teach you the five words, you won't appreciate that five words. But on a hungry belly those words will live with you. They will have meaning with you. They want to have something so then the viola civilising was given the option of Jenna inevitably, oh boy, Heba Allah said the treasures of this world and then Jenna or, or then I up for meeting my Allah and Jenna so inevitably, Jana and Rafi, Allah is but Subhana love the message is very strong, that

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this will is mundane, it's transitory. It's not the abode of a person. I am like a traveler movie and resting under three and moving away. And that's why the scholars give a very amazing analogy from the Quran and I just have this flesh let me in this hadith Yeah, so he said alized him said no, oh boo boo Heba, some mustard for Allah. But then he asked Allah forgiveness for the people of bhakti. Now can you imagine you say a pious man came to the grave of my late brother, uncle, teacher and made it to ask so and so came and made a draw. You're going to this town please visit the graveyard you know what my dead soul will feel good. Pray, pray and make good luck, Allah. Allah

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lies and comes and makes draw from and sarafa and then he returns for booty AB Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam Mojo who said that was the point we returned from the graveyard. And that was the point where the illness of the messenger sallallahu some comments. so fortunate was about boy Heba. We are into the final moments of the blessed life of Neville lrsm. The choice at that last moment was I could have the treasures of this world, and I could have all the other privileges and ultimately general are meeting my lord in general and I opted for the latter. And the point I want to mention here and we'll conclude today's session on that inshallah and resume with the discussion tomorrow

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with Allah subhana wa Taala speaks about the nature of this world. So Allah says, Come with me. Hi, Ethan. rj belko fara, Naboo, samaya, Hebrew, Fatah, Hamas, uno Tama efforts of the 27 years it's like rain. Jebel ko Farhan abajo, the tillage, the farming appeals to the eye of the farmer and the telep. That's one translation way, way, way too far is in a linguistic meaning. And not in its literal meaning. But the apparent the common commercial is a thing like rain, a bell Kufa, Novato, that when the garden is green, it's lush, it's blossoming, it looks appealing to the eye of the disbeliever.

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That's the first, the scholars of the seed raise the question here. And this is the beauty of poron. It's just too much. They raise a question that green garden, a lush food garden, a blossoming garden, is appealing to the eye of a Muslim in a non Muslim. Why did Allah say it's appealing to the eye of a non Muslim?

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Why did Allah say come at any height in our double kafar? On abajo? Right, who are impressed, impressive, pleasing? You know, it looks nice, looks great. Looks awesome. looks amazing. Why did Allah say this? Yep. And they give such a beautiful answer. And then Allah goes on. I'm not even going into the whole analogy. The analogy is to say that it's short, it's temporary, it's short lived. And then after that, it starts to wither and becomes dry and then it becomes rubble. And that's the end of it. And that's how the fluctuation of this world is. But they give the answer that a believer, even if something material and mundane looks good to him, it never obsesses him. It

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never consumes him. It never takes his blows him off his back because he knows it's temporary. It's great, but it's fine.

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The other day, I was at a restaurant. So a brother ordered some food. And then he ordered the drink. You know, many of the old folks have a passion for this pine nut. Right? It's a it's a bit of an acquired taste some heavy like that's what i think i in blue and pine. Neither one of those are quiet days. So I just made a little

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Yuma, I said oreeginal right? My brother the original pine nut. He said no man chef original is only Jeanette. I said absolutely my brother You are right. You are right. A believer can enjoy the things of this world. He will never stagnate. It will never be Valley comma beloved woman alive for him. It won't be the cutoff it won't be the be all it won't be the ultimate for him. He knows it's great Mashallah you move into your new house great. Make dua we have our own house in Ghana. That would be the I have a believer. So that's the difference. That's why Allah said a garden lush, beautiful, attractive, impressive. Allah didn't say It impresses the teller or the farmer, or the believer or

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the human, Allah says impresses the disbeliever for someone who has no hope or scope beyond for him, it's the ultimate. But for a believer who looks beyond It's beautiful, but nothing to write home about. Obama Heba Allah gave me these choices but I didn't want this year. My focus is towards after we asked a lot to make us amongst those people, which the Hadith speaks about in the Quran references that FM inshallah Allah who said Rahul Islam, the one who Allah opens his bosom to Islam, for who Allah newly met Robbie, then he has a divine light from his Lord. And when the Prophet Solomon was asked, What is the proof of having a divine light, he said that the person at the Jaffe

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and Darren who will inhabit to illidari well is Daniel Moti koblin Russell Jaffe and Darryl Hall. He will live in the world consume it, but the world will not consume him. He will possess the world but the world won't possess him I'm given a loose translation and paraphrasing the Jaffa Jaffa means to separate that the Jaffa you know boom, ba ba ba, ba ba, ba boom at the Jaffe under real horror. Well in a better mood is yearning pining. inclining longing for after a while is the other doodle motif tabula newzoo and preparation for death before death arrives. May Allah grant us all the understanding or suddenly Allahumma salli ala nabina. Muhammad won early he was happy he is married

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well hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen