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bissman Hill Lafuma Newlaw Halim

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I said I'm Malik Muhammad sallahu wa barakaatuh would have the delay wider wa salatu salam, ala Nabi Avada, Ahmedabad. It's been quite a while since I have done a library chat. And inshallah I thought it's time to update my library chat list. And I was going to continue from where I left off, which is the, the incident of the karamea. And then what happened after that, but then I realized that, you know, I had actually forgotten or not forgotten, overlooked, a very important precursor, which does situate what we're going to be talking about. And so what I'm going to be doing now is then taking a step back and talking about setting up the rise of Sunni Kalam and then situating the inter

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Sunni polemics that we're going to be talking about in the next lecture, Inshallah, tada, if I look is my life and we continue down this, this trajectory so that you understand it better. So the usual disclaimers, this is a library chat. And so this one in particular, is going to be one of the for advanced theological discussions. And so if you haven't studied advanced theology, if you don't know what is Calum and what is Sunni calamity, what is Asha ism and materialism and Methodism and more it has it ism. If you haven't heard of the names of Mahasi being alleged it and and what not to then this is really not a very beneficial topic. And I always make this disclaimer so go listen to

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something that is a benefit. So that inshallah Allah you know, you will fill your time with something that will actually bring you closer to Allah subhanho wa taala. These types of discussions are meant for those that are interested in the development of Islamic theology and have a passionate interest in a more academic field. Also, another very important disclaimer,

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given my background, and given the fact that at one time in my life, I was polemical, against the Ashanti school. For those who know me, obviously, now, that is no longer the case. But I must make this disclaimer that everything that I'm saying today, it is not being said, in the spirit of refutation, or in the spirit of finding faults or deviancy, at this stage of my life, I do not view the shadow school or the authority of school, or the motto at the school or any of the mainstream Sunni schools as being deviant or incorrect. And, frankly, I have made my disagreements with all of the strands at a theological level disagreements at a personal level. And I think they're all good

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for you, Colin clay, and I have my own views. And perhaps one day, I'll give a library chat about those views. And we'll see what happens after that. But I want to be very clear from the get go, that please do not misinterpret or misunderstand the anything that is said today as somehow trying to to demean the credit of the shoddy school, or to somehow you know,

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criticize them in a subtle manner. Anything that I say that comes across that way I could say the same about the authority school or any other school. And so please understand this. I'm not doing this in the spirit of refutation per se. I firmly believe that all of these schools have developed over time, they are not divinely revealed that that includes Methodism, as well. And one day I do plan to give a very detailed chat about the development of the authority theology, this this simplistic notion that Eben Tamia is somehow representative of Methodism, with my utmost love to have been Tamia that is simply factually false. There were many competing strands, even if Methodism

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and even Tamia represents one strand, which then became the dominant strand. The same applies to the mid school as well that the mid school is not just one position, actually, you have a multitude of opinions under the umbrella of socialism. And there is a development taking place the same of materialism the same of Morteza ism, this is the reality when you study and you are open minded, and you're not coming with the agenda to prove that for example, you know, a Razzie is the defining a sherry Walden. If you have that preconceived notion, then you're going to view history in a different manner. So anyway, all of this as a disclaimer, and one day inshallah I will give a talk

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the authority School, which is something that is very, very clear to document the developments of the authority school and the intra 30 debates that took place, until finally one of them became the dominant. But today, I'm going to talk about the beginnings of eyeshadows and proto Arshad ism, or to be more precise, suneet column Sunni column. Now, if you've listened to not just my library, chess, and in particular, the origins of the SIFAT controversy, listen to that one and other talks that I've given and if you're aware of, you know, general Islamic theology, you are very familiar with the term Ken Ham by

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By the way, if you don't know the term Calam by now, you should not be watching this video please, I'm trying my best to preach and teach at the appropriate level. So if you don't know what Kela means, stop this video go watch something else anyway, let's forget with the disclaimers from now on. So, the phenomenon of collapse, as is very clear, undeniable the phenomenon of Calum was a phenomenon that did not have anything to do with the groups of scholars who cared about the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu. It was sent them and compiled it and narrated it, ie them or had dethrone the traditionalist rhythm. They did not like Kalam, and they were opposed to Kalam, the people who

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embraced Kalam were those that were eventually called the Morteza lights, right? These are the ones who embraced Kalam. And also there were strands of Morteza ism. And so the term jammy the term vorticity these are all coming later on, of course, that you back project them onto these figures. And these figures are clearly propagating what we call Neoplatonic concepts. I explained this in my sci fi lecture, and they were not the people interested in compiling Hadith and in narrating Hadith, I either not Sunni Muslims, right? That's the whole point. That's what a Sunni Muslim and the beginning of Islam of the first two three centuries Sunni Islam is about. Paying attention to the

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Hadith of the Prophet slowly set them with the chains narrating them, and generally speaking, Sunni scholars did not to get involved in these sophisticated debates about the reality of the attributes of Allah, and they shunned that type of discourse, and they considered to be heretical and a deviation. Now, the first the first theologians who claimed to be Sunni, and also embraced Kalam, right, so this is not a new phenomenon coming. The first person to do so is generally credited to be Abdullah Innosight even it could love even Ecolab is how he is known, and he died to 41 higit off ie 855 C, and A contemporary of his Alhadeff acid and more Huseby who died 243 857 So even cooler and

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and more Huseby are the two main figures who are claiming to be Sunni. Now neither of them were famous for Hadith narration, but overall, they are studying in the circles of Hadith, and their theology is affirming other so here's a key difference. Early Kalam rejected Crudup no more Tesla rejected cada even cooler and then Maha CB are affirming other this is a defining characteristic of Sunni Islam at the time. And so they affirm other they're studying amongst the scholars of you know, a Sunni learning and now they are flirting with their embracing aspects of Kalam. Now even collab, we have nothing left of his writings, he did leave some writings, but unfortunately, nothing remains

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of his writing. So we can glean some opinions of his as recorded by an SSID, his student in his club, meaning indirectly, not directly studied as from a student of his so Ashati in his GitHub, McCall, lots, he records many opinions of even could have asked for an MO Huseby. Elmo has to be has left us a number of treatises. Unfortunately, his main Treatise of theology is not present. But we do have a number of treatise sees from which we can glean certain ideas of his and that these two theologians their main contribution to theology was their claim that a lot does have attributes, unlike the Martez ILA who said that, in reality, these are not actual, you know, actually, I mean,

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I'm being very simplistic even for this talk, by the way, because that's not exactly what the Martha's they said. But essentially, you know, their their, their conundrum was, as I said, in my other talk about

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the CFL controversy, how does one describe Allah with these attributes? And generally speaking, you know, they were deemed by their opponents to deny the attributes, even though that's not technically correct. They are simply a matter of language of how one expresses

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the Mojave and even Calab come along, and they posit that Allah indeed is a Samir and Albacete and Eileen. However, they posited that these attributes are eternal and unchanging law to be Hill Howard lotta Hill, loopy Hill Howard it and this is a key John of Damascus are Neoplatonic Termas. If you go back to that lecture, that change does not exist within the nature of God, no change could be posited within the that within the essence of God. And so they affirmed the attributes, but they said these attributes are static, these attributes cannot change. And the classic difference there

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Before is over the attribute of speech in my head, even the humble and mahadi and others, they would say that Allah speaks when he wants to speak, and He is silent when he wants to be silent. This is a herd of no humble, explicit affirm from his students. We don't have his writings but his students say this and generally that is what we would expect from Mohammed. Al Bukhari also has statements in holida, filed by the notice in which we can glean this also aside his Kitab sahaja. Also, you can glean these types of theological positions that Allah speaks when he wants to. However, of course, when you say that, the attributes are eternal, then the notion therefore would be from an Mahasi and

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from a Banku lab and this later is adopted by the CID school, that Allah azza wa jal is speaking eternally, in a manner that his creation cannot comprehend through the senses. So Allah speech is an internal speech that is an eternal speech, internal and eternal, internal, meaning that it is not expressed in a voice and a sound. It is as little as it famously remarked, it is a speech internally that tea or a speech of the mind, it's not an actual speech. So I'm Mohammed Eben Kula, they bring forth what is now called Sunni column they are the founders of Sunni column, and aloha CB seems to have had a larger impact than even collab and the next generation. Scholar Al Baghdadi died for 29

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hedgerow Al Baghdadi, Abdullah headed Baghdadi remarks that most of the people of Calum, who affirmed the attributes, so this is really interesting. Most of the people of column who affirmed the attributes because there was a group of people of color who didn't from the attributes, that's that's the Morteza. Most of the people of color who affirm the attributes, this is Sunni Kaname. This is going to become a Shaivism. And about that is an Ashanti as we're going to discover, we're going to come to so most of the people that Kalambo affirm the attributes ascribed themselves to Aloha CB, this is what Al Baghdadi is writing in for 29 that they ascribe themselves to Elmo, Huseby

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and Mahasi becomes the main prime modulator. And actually, if you read his writings, you actually see Lasallian Islam, that combination of the soul Wolf, that combination of a Shadie kahraman and actually Shaeffer he felt that Maha CB really becomes the, what we now call I would say proto traditionalist in our term. In our time, there's this traditionalist movement, and what has to be really becomes like the father figure, and because it becomes the codifier, and the revival, and so husserlian understanding of Islam, it actually goes back to Mojave, and this has remained for many, many centuries until our times. One of the most analytical early accounts of a Maha Seabees theology

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is given by none other than a shahada Stan he died 548 hedgerow 1154 see a Shahada. Stanny is a very interesting figure who deserves an entire lecture. A shadow standing is neither a shiny nor philosopher. He is an independent thinker. However, if anything, he is more inclined towards philosophy than towards Kaname. And there is a distinction between philosophy and Calum as maybe another talk we'll talk about but some people claim that Columbia philosophy is the same thing No, not at all. Calum is very different, even though it shares certain characteristics with philosopher nonetheless, a Shahada. Stanley is an independent thinker, and it is useful for someone like shahada

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Stanley to comment because when he says something, then both selfies and Ashari should pay attention because he's a third party. He is neutral shahada Stan, he says in his famous book Milady when they had and I quote, or I'm summarizing for directly from the book that the Al Hadith scholars such as Molly Gibbon, anus and Mohammed in the Humber notices categorizing them together right shahada Stanny views early at Hillel Hadith as one movement which really is, would not categorize or differentiate between the attributes of Allah mentioned in the text, and would affirm all of them in a K fee yet known to Allah. Notice here shahada Stanny is saying, the early Sunnis affirmed the

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attributes with aka fi known to Allah and this very much shows that this notion of tough wield as some modern Chinese and modern pseudo humble use are trying to revive a my contention or my claim is would be that that notion did not exist. The way that they claim it a different type of athlete existed shahada studies saying, they affirm the attributes all of them in a cave fear with a fear that is known to Allah subhanho wa taala. Then he says listen to this, since the more Tesla would negate the attributes and basically Sudanese would affirm them. These soon these were called sci fi T, affirming the attributes and the Morteza were called Mattila, negating the attributes this remain

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the case until

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The time of Eben could love and aloha CB for these to ascribe themselves to Sunni Islam, but embraced the knowledge of Calum and supported the doctrines of Sufism through Kalam. And through logical reasoning, and quote, so a Shahada. Stanny is the one who points out that even could it up and then Mahasi, we really were the first people to start something new. And to start categorizing the Sci Fi, this is a key point here, the earliest scholars did not categorize those, if at all of them are affirmed in a manner that is known to Allah subhanahu wa taala. And these two giants come along, even could have animosity. And they're the ones who began to differentiate between the SIFAT.

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Now, it's really interesting here that Elmo has CB and if I didn't humble they met multiple times.

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And then we'll have CBT. I'd like him to humble were contemporaries. And initially, there was some camaraderie between them. However, even humble began to hear that Aloha CB is speaking about the attributes, and writing books about differentiating between the attributes. And so he began to warn against a Mojave, and tell people to abandon a Mahasi B. And it's really interesting, there's an anecdote that is found in Baba cotta with neon and other humbly books, these are anecdotes that are mentioned, and Allah knows how true they are. That one of the students of Huseby was also a student of activism in Hamburg. And he wanted to try to reconcile between the two. And so he arranged that I

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had with him the humble secretly attend electro oven Mahasi be arranged that nobody would see you, you're going to be behind the curtain in a room, and you're just going to listen and I hate and the students that I want you to listen and judge for yourself. And so, how are they going to humble agreed to do this? Now, he happened to listen to a lecture of Mahasi that was very spiritual, by the way, and Maha CB was very much in was very much into early Sunita solf right, not later, halogen type over others, he had a strand of the soul which is also has alien, so has alien to solve really is very much more has to be in many ways. And that is a strong sense of orthodoxy of you know,

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following the Shetty app, and also of spiritual awareness of them of combat in the world and talking about different aspects of the hull, which is very resilient to so often what I say is like this, so I've been humbled was listening to one of these types of very moving sermons. When the student returned back to the room where I heard that Muhammad was listening. He saw I heard him the humble was crying, like the talk affected him so much. And so the student felt maybe Mr. Mahama is going to change his view. However, he did not change his view of it has to be and he disapproved now why did he disapprove even Taymiyah says, and I quote, that will desist from even Tim is much more of a

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tower. What a Mulholland more has to be for Canada and tested. We call him Ecolab. What he has a Mr. Ahmed Bihari he what kind of image you have video and even Nicola abbotsbury That Maha CB would follow Eben Kula. And because of this Imam Ahmed ordered that he be boycotted, and even Ahmed would warn against even collapse and the followers of Ibn collapse. Now this is an opinion. Another opinion is that a Maha CB was warned against because I didn't humble felt that his style of preaching his his soul style was not in accordance with the Sunnah, even if it was effective, and that it might lead to extreme isms and exaggerations or some say it was both his protobuf and his

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proto column that Ahmed Mohamed warned against him. So this could be this could be the first time that there is a tension within scientism, this tension will later be manifested in Sanofi Islam versus aushadhi Islam. And this is something that will happen later on. This is the first time where we find this type of awkwardness between two strands of Satanism. Mahasi being strength and humbled strand and at the time, I met him, Muhammad and his followers were the dominant majority. They were the ones who were respected. And so when Mohammed Mohammed warned against Maha CB, he was abandoned completely, and his students completely diminished. Until it is said when he died, barely four

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people prayed janazah over him, barely four people pray janazah over him.

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Now again, I just like to point out, no matter how much troll this gets me into one wonders was this type of warning. Justified One wonders really. And I've read Mahasi B's works that are in existence and hadn't Mahasi been alive today. He would really be a very effective mainstream preacher, just like many of the other scholars that are of that you know, later movement

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And you know, the the the harshness that one finds in certain trends of Islam. There are clear

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seeds that one finds in the founders of those trends and let us leave it at that. So Huseby was warned against and because of this, his students abandoned him, and he died an ignoble death and only four people prayed his janazah now, in my reading of early Islam, this appears to be the first sign of tension between Sunni Islam that would later become what we now call a Shadi versus Salafi Islam or authority, Islam and of course, even Tamia Rosati represent or the most popular manifestations of this, there is another small incident that took place in a faraway land in the next generation that also shows this tension between proto Salafism and proto Ashad ism. And this is

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going to take place in the land of Nisha pool in the land of Nisha port. It's a relatively small incident, but it shows that tensions are rising. And this is well documented this incident because it's taking place a generation later, almost 80 years after, or 90 years after, what has to be and, and even more has he been awkward in Hamburg. And this is the tension that took place in the circle of knowledge of a great scholar of Hadith. And a great scholar of the Shaffir is old school. And that is Eben Hoceima, the one who authored so he had been Hoceima even Jose Medina 311 Hilldrup, or 923 Hijra. Now even Hosea is an interesting figure. Even Hosea is well known as a hadith he is well

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known as a Shafi icon. And yet actually the wise HE IS HARDCORE sad, and I stayed this factually, please don't read in that I'm trying to be contentious or whatnot. It is an undeniable fact that early Shaffir, he's an early Maliki's and Hamburg, these were all what we now call C fatty or Methodist, they were affirming the attributes in totality. This is a later development a Shaivism. You know, you know, was influenced a child is influenced the shaft at school in the next generation after even Hoceima and Ashad ism influenced the Maliki school much later. As we are aware, the mighty keys were anti Ashanti. And in fact, they burned the books of Razali. Famously in Underoos,

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because they had their own version of hamburger want to say how Buddhism that's not the right term. They had their own version of fatty they had their own version of, you know, being hardcore, you know, in terms of suna and beta. You know, the magic is really were very, very what we would consider fanatical, they really were just look at it. I mean, I'm not inventing this and early Shaeffer is as well. We're also, you know, very hardcore in this regard. You know, what actually Subhanallah complete coincidence, I just ordered a book from from Egypt here, and it's just I haven't glanced through it fully. I'm just going to show this to it's, I think it's a PhD done by a

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Dr. Taha Naja. And the teacher has set a fee, and the teacher has set a fee. And the Shafia had to understand this allegedly, okay, this is a PhD, the author is claiming or proving in his own way, and I've glanced through it and I already believe this anyway, but he's trying to show that the majority of Shaffir E's were Olimpija has selfie and SRE is the more more appropriate term, they had the the Sephardi they were affirming the attributes for their early, you know, for the early parts of the Shafi school, and that much I think is undeniable because again, kalaam Sunni column is a later development. Remember that Ashanti dies, you know, 320 Hijra. So, what is going to happen to

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the early Shafter is you have Ibn Hoceima, read even Jose mas biography in October caught of subkey very much praise of who he is as a Shafi and hardly any discussion of is actually there because I think Suki understands that Abel Hoceima is not upon the athlete that he wants him to be upon. And the same goes for many of the early Shafi scholars now, even Hoceima even uzima wrote his famous book Kitab Ito heat, and this Kitab Tauheed. It is considered to be an anthropomorphic book by many icons of later Ashley school. Famously Muhammad Zydeco 30, the one of the last icons of the Ottoman Empire, and again, this type of hatred that exists on both sides. I am now free of it, I have

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nothing to do with this hatred. I despise the sectarianism from the selfies and I despise it from the Chinese and both of them need to be told Calm down, chill, bro. They're all mainstream Muslims, they love Allah and His messenger. And you guys are exaggerating this way beyond that it needs to anyways in any case, as I go through, they used to call kitasato He'd have even Hoceima this is even His aim is get that with the aid not even the hubs. There's a totally different book, even Jose mosquito headways by to see Fattah Rob three volumes he used to call the

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GitHub. This is GitHub was shipped, because emphysema wrote this book, as a result of even collabs ideas arriving in Horizont, arriving in Neesha, poor, even even Hoceima became worried that this heresy is coming to his land. So to respond to it, he wrote his GitHub a Tauheed, in around 300 Hijiri. And again, this is before this is before an ash, it rises to him, but Chad is alive 300 But even for him, it predates me because he was in terms of ages, older than him.

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What happened in in Nisha port with evanhoe, Zuma and his students? Well, a number of EBIT. Hoceima, students began to flirt with

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Mahasi enabled collabs ideas. And they began to say that Allah speaks eternally. When he doesn't speak when he chooses to speak, he continuously speaks. And even Hoceima was shocked at this like again, he said, This is a very big deal for him. And so he called his students and confronted them. And I remember there being his Sierra nobelapp he summarizes this you can read this up he says that even Hosea said his student body coffee says melody and Carter uh, you have to still do min mother he had no giant who, what are you criticizing of our theology so that we can repent in front of you all, even Jose was said to have a body of thought of a famous he's going to become a famous proto

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Shadi icon. Color, may LUCAM illimitable Kula via the fact that you are sympathizing to the Columbia School notice he calls it Calabi not a shoddy because a child is not here right now. Right? Even collab Mahasi may look with a method Columbia faculty Canada did numbered a shed dinner see Ali Abdullah have decided the medical lab was Hubie Mifflin Hadith he will add so even Hosea is well aware of akhmedov numbers, criticism of even could lab and even more Huseby. And even Hosea says to his students, you are flirting with the Columbia theology and Imam Muhammad was very harsh against even collab and against a hadith. And so as a response to this, and you can read his introduction,

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advanced students pause here the video, go open his book, tablet or head and read his introduction. He literally says, when I saw these ideas, common my students or whatnot, I wrote this book to respond and then flick through the pages it is very clear. And I've said this multiple times. And I don't say this because I used to be an authority or Salafi I'm saying this because it's factually true is that Methodism as a school within Satanism predates Ashad ism. And this is an undeniable fact. Well, I can say morphism predates Methodism, and that's also technically correct. morphism as a school predates Methodism, and so what I'm just saying, factually speaking, the authority school

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and its affirmation of all of the attributes of Allah unconditionally and without any categorization, Methodism predates Ashad ism, and figures like even collab, sorry figures like

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even a bit Hosea showed this that able Jose was writing these detailed books in which he's affirming all of these attributes in a way that no Ashanti and no maturity and no mortality would ever agree with. So it's an interesting book and it shows you this minor clash that even Hosea is having tensions with his students. So we have now two incidents. The first is Mr. Muhammad has to be himself and the second is even Hoceima with his students now, a third intro incident as well. And it is this incident that is going to spark the main Sunni column school. And it is an interesting quirk of history that neither Ibn collab nor and more Huseby were primarily credited with the launch of

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suneet Kalaam. That honor was left to a theologian who lived two generations after them about Hassan Ali even is married a Shadi who died 324 Slash 9335 C 324. C Hijiri, 935. C, and it was his teachings, who would eventually he would found the eponymous school and Ashley was founded the school named after him, and he was the one that basically is credited with so Nikola, even though he's not the first and even though he is taking from even collabed, and more Huseby. Now, as Shadi visited both of that, and above the dad was in that timeframe, a stronghold of authority slash humbly Islam. This is something that is again an undeniable fact, both the dad and the Khilafah. The

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kid the Halifa, himself, at the time, was very much and you had to be that was the dominant trend of both of that in the caliphate. And so, let's Shadi visits both of that now this

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This conversation and this back and forth. It is recorded in the public thoughts of the Hannah biller of

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Airbnb Allah. And so you have to take it with a grain of salt that you know the sources are what they are. So the total heart of the HANA beta records that when Shadi visited by the dad, the Shay whole Hanabi of the time, none other than Albert Bahati. Yes, that'll barbari go listen to one of our previous chats about shot husband, and the fact that he didn't write the book that William Hollywood did it, no matter what we say about body he was an alum, and he was a chef of the humbleness and he would never write a book as ludicrous and as sensationalist as this book culture has sunnah. Nonetheless, um, Albert Buhari was alive at the time. And so an Ashari visited al Bara

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Buhari and tried to ingratiate himself with about Buhari because he understands that Alibaba hottie is the shareholder Hannah Bella. And if Alba Alba Alba Buhari is not going to accept him, then he will be in serious trouble. And so if we believe this source, because it is a big if Alibaba hadI

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was not happy with a shoddy and he gave him a very lukewarm treatment, he was very hesitant. Like You sound very weird to me. And Bobby said to Shadi, all we know is what Mr. Muhammad says. And your speech doesn't seem to match up with what Imam Muhammad says. So it is said it is said and Allah knows best that because of this rejection, Alibaba, sorry, Allah Shadi tried to impress Albert Buhari by writing one of his motto, not one of his most his most, a typical, exotic, inexplicable book, and that is elleebana and also a Deanna and elucidation on the foundations of the religion. And this book now here, students, I need you to understand one thing, we have a number of writings

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of what has intellectually recorded, we have his famous, you know, Kuttabul Makala, and we have some other tree disease as well. This book on Ebola and also Ludhiana is completely at odds with all of his other writings. There is no question that this book is in its own category. So much so that many later Ashanti's actually claimed that he did not write this book later. He said this book is a fabrication some of them say because they cannot square it up with the rest of the Chinese teachings. The fact of the matter is that you could read this book as a humbly slash authority and kind of sort of get away with it. This book is very humbly it is very authentic. It is pretty much

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almost not exactly there are certain things that phrases that are incorrect from humbly standpoints, but still, generally speaking, it seems as if he's pretty much a magic number. And therefore, one wonders, what does one make of this book now? I have thought about this question multiple times for the last 20 years, I have read elleebana Three times cover to cover at least and peruse through it many dozens of times. And I'll be very honest with you. No answer fully satisfies me. I know what the opinions are the Ibn Taymiyyah wouldn't in multiple stage. I know this. There's not a shred of evidence, not a shred of evidence that's that Ashanti flirted with Methodism for a period of his

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life, he was more intensity, and then he became so Nikola. There's not a shred of evidence that for a period of his life, he was a pure authority humbly, and then he became, you know, Sunni, multicolour. Not at all. On the contrary, it seems as if the only from Martha's ism, he flipped over and he embraced Ibn collab and his book makalah really seems to indicate this, you know, the only

00:33:56--> 00:34:36

answer that makes sense to me and I hesitate to say this, because I don't want this to be interpreted in a negative way. And we expect the best of all people, but the only answer that really would make sense is to say that the banner was written as a means of ingratiating himself with his hosts in Bala dad with Albert Biharis camp. And that's the only thing that makes sense. And And Allah knows best to how he would justify this with his other writings. I don't know that it clearly he wrote the book because of multiple factors beyond the scope of this library chat. I think it is undeniable that he wrote the book, but it doesn't square with all of his other writings. So either

00:34:36--> 00:34:59

you say that he went through phases, but his biography does not indicate that at all, and there's not a single shred of evidence or the only thing left to say, unless you say the book is fabricated, which which is what some leaders how do you say the only other thing left to say is Yanni he felt however, he in his mind justified and I don't doubt his sincerity. He felt that this book is

00:35:00--> 00:35:14

is good for the humbly audience, and it will allow him to be accepted by them, and his other writings might be better for another audience to do. Allahu Adam, this is the only thing that makes sense to me. Nonetheless, even this book did not

00:35:15--> 00:35:58

pass the the result. And Albert Bahati rejected him. Albert Buhari did not allow him to teach and preach in Baghdad. And so a shadow himself was not allowed to spread in public because Buhari controlled the Sunni masajid nobody could preach without bodies approval. And but but he did not allow an actuary to have a public highlight. And this is the key point where I'm setting the stage up here, guys, this is in a future library chat. We will discuss in a lot of detail the first time and as Shadi gave a public lecture in Baghdad, it caused a riot and people died, literally people died. We're going to talk about this. It was such a massive issue. The handler could not stand it.

00:35:58--> 00:36:42

And the ideas as well acted in a manner they shouldn't have acted both of them, you know they had mob mentality. That's not gonna happen for another 100 years. Right now in 320, roughly 320 Hyjal roughly, Albert Buhari and Shadi are in the same city and Ashley wants to preach and teach. He visits Alibaba Heidi according to our source here, Albert Bahati, Yanni lukewarm. Ashley writes elleebana Barber Hadi rejects an E burner and says Allah snow you haven't met the standard. So when it was not, it was not accepted, then a shoddy will hasn't tried to goes full out. And he writes a treaties that is entitled and has title bathy and has to idle bethey the encouragement to research

00:36:42--> 00:37:14

the encouragement to research and this book is considered to be it is considered to be the first work ever written by an author who claims to be like giving allegiance to soon ism and is explicitly defending the use and role of Kalam, neither more Huseby nor Eben Calab wrote a book justifying the use of Callum as as a style of theology. And it did so and this book actually has been translated to English. So you can find this Richard or sorry.

00:37:16--> 00:38:05

Robert McCarthy translated this. And in his the theology of that Shadi, and he called it a vindication of Kalam. So you can find this, I'm sure PDFs are available. And REM Frank has also written about this, and you can read about this, these three diseases, the treaties in english very soon, it's not that long, you can read it. So in this book he use he attempts to justify the usage of, of Kedem. Now an Ashley was not allowed to preach publicly in Baghdad. However, he did, obviously manage to preach privately. And this is where now the foundations of Shaivism are going to begin in the private Halaqaat of both dad. And Ashley is taking this notion from Eben Kula from Alma

00:38:05--> 00:38:47

Huseby. He hasn't met them. They're, they're 100 years before him, but he's met some of their students and he's read their writings, the writings we do not have access to we do not have any access to the theological writings of Mojave, or even cooler. We have an Mahasi beast of Sears and MOHAI CB spiritual stuff, and MOHAI CB has a treatise on the intellect and outcome. So Mahasi be clearly is, you know, a person who's a proto of Azadi in many ways, and actually reason well Huseby and develops this school and he leaves an impact on a few small groups of students. These students are going to then take his ideas and spread them further. And I'll mention three of the the students

00:38:47--> 00:38:48

here. Amongst them is

00:38:49--> 00:39:18

Abu Hassan Elba, Healy, who died 370 hijra, and Muhammad did not have an image I hid who died 370 as well, Hijra. And these students then taught the next generation of this photo eenie and even for rock and it was those types of students that spread Shaivism in other lands, the greatest scholar of Shadi Kalaam in this next generation was Abdullah Abdullah

00:39:20--> 00:39:59

Abdullah Al Baghdadi. Sorry, I'll call the Abu Bakr al Baghdadi who died 403 Hijra. And this Al Baghdadi, who wrote a term heed is considered to be the second Ashanti and he was most likely the one who who coined the term Ashanti for the school. So it was about Kailani who died for three who was the first to coined the term a shanty school to describe this school. However, these figures in both dad only taught in private they did not teach in public and in public what was being taught. What was being taught was acid is

00:40:00--> 00:40:11

more humble ism and one clear manifestation of this is the official aqidah that was taught or that was propagated by the Khalifa himself

00:40:13--> 00:41:02

and the Khalifa at the time, actually commissioned for it to be written, and he called it after himself, the Khalifa al Qadir, who range from 381 to 422 Hijra that's 991 to 1031. The Ambassade Khalifa I recorded that I busted Khalifa corridor commissioned a treaties to be written about Octavia and it was called the oddity creed. And this creed was commanded to be read aloud in hota buzz and in the masajid throughout his reign, you know from 400 onwards so for 30 years, this creed was officially read and if you read this creed and you can find this online you can find this in preserved in multiple books of history. If you're it's a page long if you read this creed, it is

00:41:02--> 00:41:53

explicitly an assault on sheer ism and Morteza ism. And yes, I Shaivism as well. It is a pro humbly pro aesthetic creed that is meant to take down all other theologies, and one of the modern academics Giorgio Makdessi, he writes that this creed was distinctly anti sheary, anti Martha zili, anti HIV and quote, so the oddity creed, which was the official creed of the Ambassade Farah, adopted at the beginning of the fifth Islamic century, clearly indicates without a doubt, that proto Methodism proto humble ism see fit, if you like, it was the dominant state approved theology by the philosopher, it was the one dominant amongst the masses. And therefore, when anything challenged it,

00:41:53--> 00:42:31

then this dominancy is going to react and what was going to challenge it, the table is going to be turned, and that table is going to be the rise of Ashad ism. So when a Shiite Islam is going to be introduced in Baghdad, it's going to cause a political turmoil of the highest magnitude, and the Khalifa himself is going to be dragged in and the Khalifa is going to be forced to intervene and quell the tension here, we're going to talk about that in our next lectures. I'm setting up the stage here, what I want you to understand with all these dry details, and I understand for some of you is totally, you know, beyond the scope and boring and it is what that's what intellectual

00:42:31--> 00:43:12

history is. The key point I want you to understand is that the dominant Theological School of the capital of the Muslim world, and the one that the Khalifa adopted, and the one that controlled the massagin, was what we now call in a humble ism. And by the way, this version of humble ism, this version of Methodism is way beyond what even Taymiyah this version is the one affirming that the prophets are some sits on the throne. And if you read, you know, kidepo Hadith, of Ibn Hoceima any go read it and you'll see what I'm saying here, it's a different version of Humbert ism, Ibn Taymiyyah, frankly, is toning down this version of Humbert ism sometime afterwards, nonetheless, so

00:43:12--> 00:44:01

understand that unless God himself and his immediate followers are not making a huge impact, they cannot make an impact in Baghdad in the capital. No, this is the story we're going to take up in the next lecture. What happens here in summary, is that a shoddy is not successful in Baghdad. It's not in Baghdad where Shaivism rises up and overthrows humble ism know, what's going to happen is that a shoddy teachings are exported to a small, outlying province, outside of the dominion of the Ambassade Khalifa where it's a free for all. And these provinces in particular, Nisha pood, which is in modern day Iran. I shad ism is going to be exported from by the dad where it's born. As it is

00:44:01--> 00:44:46

living in Baghdad. He doesn't have a large Halaqaat but he has a small groups there. It is exported from Baghdad to Naisha port, and in Naisha pool for the first time it's Madras says are built as Shadi mattresses are built. And in the shepherd, it will win converts, some of whom would eventually wield great political might. It was those supporters, both the scholars and the politicians in Asia board that would then reintroduce a modified and updated and reified version of Shiite Islam back to the very cities where it originated, but this time, they're going to introduce it from a position of power. And so rather than a shadow ism being frowned rather than barber hottie rejecting On the

00:44:46--> 00:44:59

contrary, the new theology will have the support of the government and it will supplant and eventually dominate all other theologies, eventually becoming the official theology of the Muslim

00:45:00--> 00:45:39

Khilafah that story is going to be the story of our next lecture. So to summarize this, and I know it's a very advanced chatter, but this needs to be said, because again, these things need to be said. So the goal of this entire chat was very, very simple. And that is to explain that early soon, ism was essentially sci fi T, they are all affirming the attributes and not categorizing the attributes. What happens is that one figure in particular, followed by the heightened Mahasi. So you have a big collapse, and then what has to be there contemporaneous, we don't have much biographical information about it being called Love, we don't have a single writing of his left. These were the

00:45:39--> 00:46:22

first people to respect the Sahaba and respect or believe in other and so they're Sunni and their overall studying the circles of Hadith by the way, none of them actually studied Hadith none of them are Hadith scholars even at Ashanti is not a hadith scholar, Hadith scholars, actual Hadith scholars of this timeframe, pretty much all of them are C fatty, they are any what we call a 30s or humbleness that's not going to happen for a while. People like a bay hottie and others are going to be the first the group that is specializing in Hadith and also somewhat pro column that's going to happen 400 hedger right now in 200 Hijra there is no scholar, not one, not one that is compiling

00:46:22--> 00:47:08

Hadith interested in Hadith and is also sympathetic to even collab that doesn't exist right now. However, even collab is Sunni, what do I mean by Sunni? I mean, as I said, that he respects the books of Hadith and he believes in other this is the key distinction here and and Maha CB is Sunni, and Imam and in the humble rejects, even collab rejects and more Huseby the next generation comes along. And Shari comes and Alicia, he tries once again to become mainstream. A key point here, when I've been humbled, rejected, and Albert Bahati rejected, they did not consider this strand to be more diversity. They did not rather they were uncomfortable at where this is heading. But they

00:47:08--> 00:47:48

didn't even say that they're non Sunni. They said this is a deviation creeping in. But they viewed it as a strand within scientism an incorrect strand, a deviated strand, there's no doubt about that, but they did not view it as being more intensity. This is going to come later on when the tensions are going to rise up so we're still talking about proto Ashad ism proto Humbert ism these are all various strands the earliest SCID scholars, the earliest scholars who followed this trend did not view themselves as a separate sect from mainstream soon ism, they viewed themselves as following mainstream soon ism, just like the followers of their humble also viewed themselves as following

00:47:48--> 00:48:34

mainstream soon ism. To conclude, the next major figure we're going to come to is the figure of Ibn full rock, even full rock is the one who is the first scholar to be patronized by the dynasties of Horus and the dynasties of Nisha aboard and to be have a must a madrasa built for him and the students sponsored. So the first Ashanti madrasa is the Madras of Eben Fuhrer, and even fura is building this mattress or not in butter that he cannot do this in bulk that he's building this in Neesha pool and the sim Judah dynasty, the sim Judah dynasty, Patriot item and why would they do that? Again, you have to realize let's we can have one of two motivations, right? Some would say

00:48:34--> 00:48:47

because they agreed and they followed his theology and that's fine to say, I'm a little bit more cynical, and Soviet Ania I would say that mostly, generally speaking, the general rule of the world is that politicians

00:48:48--> 00:49:19

patronized scholars in order to increase their popularity, politicians help scholars, when those scholars will or at least their followings will help these rulers so they signed him in for rock and his students whatever they saw, and they decided to build and to gift and to make a walk for him. And so the same Judah dynasty built a madrasa for even for rock and this was the first time I shot ism becomes publicly taught and codified even for ACC has a number of writings still left had been fought.

00:49:20--> 00:49:59

This is around 370 Hegira, and even four passes away, even four passes away in the year 406 Hijiri 406 100. Even for UK Of course, by the way, I mentioned him in the previous lecture about the rise of the karamea because the fanatical commies they actually murdered him and for like I mentioned even for UK as well, when it had a previous library chat about the reputation controversies and I mentioned it before UK as well. They hated him and fork so much that they literally poisoned him to death. And so even for like died a very ignoble death because of this, but of course, his memory and his madrasa

00:50:00--> 00:50:45

moved on. And I'm going to stop and pause here to simply set up the stage for our next lecture. So now the stage is as follows. A Shiite Islam has basically been exiled from from Baghdad but that is hardcore fanatical Yanni proto humbly hardcore. We're talking about berbahasa Humble ism not even Damien Humbert ism admin team, he has another 300 years left to come and share it theology is only existing in small private headquarters in Baghdad. And now finally, there is a window open for it, where all the way in Neesha board even for like opens up a madrasa and it is at this madrasa where the movers and shakers are going to study that will eventually eventually work their way up to the

00:50:45--> 00:51:01

soul Barnes palace, and through the Soul THON, work their way back to Baghdad, and from Baghdad work their way to the rest of the entire Muslim world. This is where I'm going to stop and just mention one of the key things stop here. You do realize these library chats a lot of them are impromptu.

00:51:03--> 00:51:51

So my mind just wanders here and there. I'm going to mention this now and I'll mention it again in my next lecture. The reason why I was interested in this topic for the longest time, when I was a third he said he was I was really getting very like obsessed with the question of why a shad ism dominated Muslim intellectual thought for 500 years. And if not more than that, why why did it dominate from you know, 500 680 onwards? There is no question. By the time even Taymiyah comes a shot ism is the dominant trend. And it has remained the dominant trend up until our times in terms of intellectual nobody can deny this and in the Middle Ages of Islam. Please Jenny dear said if we

00:51:51--> 00:52:30

read please calm down, be realistic and don't don't become fanatical. Let's be real here. And I knew this even in Medina. That's what it troubled me at the time. Why is the shoddy school the dominant school from 600 Hijiri in up until pre modernity. And when I say dominant I mean intellectually dominant. I know what I'm saying here. I know the responses Oh, the masses are as they are yes, leave the masses alone in terms of odema effect in terms of aroma aloha in terms of aroma tafsir from the 600 onwards, the vast majority of them were either Ashanti and a smaller percentage were maturity, why this troubled me. And I was very curious about this question. And in Medina, I used to

00:52:30--> 00:53:07

keep on asking and researching and no solid answers were given we were given our standard Cordova and this and that and Phil Kannada type of stuff. And that's when I decided to do my own research in this regard. And of course, any I had no idea but in my own way of studying, I left my sectarian mindset behind me, and I'm no longer obsessed with Y for the sake of refuting I'm obsessed with y simply for the sake of understanding. And the fact of the matter undeniable fact, politics plays a massive role. It plays a role in the rise of modern Methodism, Salafism, it plays a role and it played a role in the rise of Shiite Islam as well as it used to play a role in the above daddy and a

00:53:07--> 00:53:50

Basset Khalifa in the Orthodox position of the hamady school, politics and religion are always interconnected. And there's almost always an inexplicable link between politics and between mainstreaming of certain views and ideas. And so it just so happened I'm kind of giving the the takeaway, but not the details. It just so happened that certain influential Ashanti scholars were at the right time and the right place and the right political millou such that they were picked up and their views and ideas were mainstreamed across the OMA at an opportune time when there was a vacuum. And so those ideas kind of sort of I call it the first domino, and I'm jumping the gun here,

00:53:50--> 00:54:21

although this if it's too cryptic for you, I apologize. I wasn't supposed to talk about this in this talk. Today's talk was to set up the stage and it will be a necessary precursor to the next talk and with that insha Allah I will pause here and whenever we do the next talk, you would have had to listen to this one and the previous one to set the stage for the rise and the dominance of the Ashanti School. Today's talk was simply the beginnings of Sunni calm and with that inshallah I will see you next time was Sarah Mati. Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh.

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