Tafseer of Surah Maryam 26 – The vicious attack of the devil

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The Bible is used in various situations, including inciting violence and causing harm, and in cases of violence. The speaker discusses the history and character of the Prophet sallna's actions, including his teachings about being humble, caring, and responsible for their behavior. The speaker emphasizes the importance of making changes to their behavior and their own behavior, including considering the potential of the Prophet sallama's actions. The coronavirus has had a negative impact on children, including their parents' behavior, and the need for schools to consider the potential of the Prophet sallama's actions.

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Wajima Bismillah AR Rahman AR Rahim Allah I'm Tara I'm also gonna share cleaner allele caffeine. Zoom as fidante are generally him in a man whom I saw that Allah will love him. We now move on to a different discussion and that is what provokes the disbelievers to do so much wrong, Vice evil and transgression. Well in verse 83, Allah subhanho wa Taala says, O Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Have you not seen observed an arsonist Shayateen that we have let loose we have unleashed we have released the devils the demons, adult caffeine upon the disbelievers, the ozone as the that are inciting them, tremendously provoking them aggressively. Obviously, that added translation comes

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from Motorola, Motorola in grammar. That was the been the verb and then as that been in being them before the Motorola the noun, so constantly the devil is inciting them and they are surrendering and succumbing to the provocation of the devil in just 25 in chapter 43, verse 36, Allah subhanho wa Taala says, Woman Yeah, for sure and Vickery Rahmani Nocardia below Hoon shaytan. And for whoever who Claudine, whoever will turn a blind eye to the advisors of Rathmann. Allah subhanho wa Taala says we will assign an appoint a devil for him, for who will who clean and that will become his partner and companion or mania conditional upon Allah whom Karina and Fussa. Kadena and the one who

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be friends the devil, then surely that is a wicked companion. So the devil will constantly inside that is what his vow is like that he can never reata who in Surah Bani Israel in the 15 jewels. The devil had made this vow in Iraq in Arabic has the meaning of La Solana right one meaning I will uproot. I will uproot the Children of Adam from virtue I will take them astray. And of course he has been given certain abilities in this world was tough this minister datamine home be so take what agilely Valley him behind Lika virginica, we shall reconvene, unbelievable Oh Allah. Allah says you can go and incite and mislead

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whoever you want to, and you can bring your your army and your cavalry and while in the home and make all your promises. And then Allah alerted man when I go home with shaytaan Illa hoorah that remember the promise of the devil is nothing but deception and leathery us we Sufis will do it in us. The talent of the devil to which he infiltrates is he makes those whispers in your heart he comes in indoctrinates. Among these Vows work whether or the lender whom I will mislead man, when a woman me and no one I will fill their hearts with the desires. What a moron no one fella, you write your own Hulk Allah, I will create within them the urge to alter the appearance that Allah has given

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them. And sadly, tragically, we witnessed that today. Further you write your own Allah, everybody wants to change their appearance, the manner in which Allah subhanho wa Taala has created them.

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So the devil makes these whispers he makes these provocations, but at the same time, Allah has also spoken about the pious and may Allah make us amongst them in Jews 14 Chapter 16 Verse 99, in the wholesaler whose will turn on island levena Armano wallarah Bohemia collude in the master Athan, whom are the Latina Yetta Ilona who will Latina whom he wish to the good that the devil will come in whisper but he will not succeed in his attempt with those who believe in Allah subhana wa Tada in the true sense of the word and rely on Allah. Yes, in nama salt on Houma Island levena Yetta willona who those will be friend him the devil will mislead. There is this incident where Satana Yahia

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Alayhi Salatu was Salam had met with the devil and then said now yeah, please Allah His salat wa salam asked him how do you mislead people? And he said there are different categories. One is your category like the MBR Malsu Moon protected divinely, we have no control and of course an A B is totally totally under the protection of Allah subhanho wa taala. And then he said there is that other vulnerable category called Coura. TV ad is to be earned income, like a ball in the hands of a child. You want to kick the ball, you want to hit the ball, you want to flip the ball

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You have control over that bowl. There is that category that's so vulnerable, susceptible. Whatever we decide, okay. You know Saturday night is the night of sin. He knows this the time of partying, we dictate to him how he's going to send. First we'll commit Zina, then he will pop a bow, then he will be indulging in morality promiscuity, debauchery, and he will succumb to whatever we say in the 17 Jews in Surah toolhead chapter 22 Allah subhanho wa Taala says quotevalet and a woman don't allow for unknown you'll be Lu y Yun de la adabas. Certainly, that Allah has decreed whoever will surrender to the devil, then surely the devil will mislead him. And remember on the day of the Yama

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the devil will make a disclaimer he is going to walk you know what don't come in accuse me. Allah speaks about the lecture that the devil will deliver. When the dwellers of Paradise will enter paradise May Allah make us amongst them, and the occupants of hell will be hauled into hell. Then the devil will make a disclaimer in Allah azza wa jal happy Allah made the promise and Allah delivered and I also promised and I went against my promise warmer kerneli ila comin Soltani I had no authority over you to physically mislead you, Allah and Darrow to come, but that I invited you to Vice first Jabra to me, you responded to my invite. So there is the positive energy of an angel.

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There is the wicked the whispers of the devil, intrinsically part of our composition and our anatomy. We have the angelic abilities and we have the devil is straights for Allah Maha foodora What Taqwa your hotkey, apne fitrah atma Namurian Rehan Inari. The auditor would set the human the mortal by by design is not designed for Paradise nor for hell. It is, you know which message he responds to. If he responds to the devilish whisper, then then then he would be designed for hell. And if he obliges and complies with the advice and the whisper of the melodica and he follows accordingly, then of course, the way to Paradise will be paved for him. So verse 83, Allah subhanho

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wa Taala says, alum Tara and Rosalina Shayateen are Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam Have you not seen an Verily We Ansel now we have released we have let loose we have unleashed a che RP in the Devil's Island Catherine upon the disbelievers, the Ozu, whom as the

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that is constantly inciting them provoking them and just, you know, stirring them towards violence, evil transgression and disobedience. Verse 84 fella jalahalli him in nama now deulofeu McDuck, so do not be hasty in asking Allah to punish them. We are meticulously keeping records of them we are counting everything.

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For now tarjolla Allah him Do not be hasty in seeking the torment of Allah upon them. In biannual Quran it is mentioned that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam of course was Halima Tabak, he had this amazing tolerance, his patience, his tolerance was just unimaginable, inconceivable. They don't know. So Anna, who was a former rabbi who reverted to Islam, he himself said that I had studied the life of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and I was convinced that he is the prophet of Allah. However, I needed clarity on two things. Number one, yes. Boko Halal Moo hoo Jalla wa Ala it is leadership the to the jungle era Illa Hilma that his forbearance surpasses his anger.

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And the more you provoke him, the more calm he becomes La ilaha illAllah. The more you provoke him, the more you incite him, the more calculated the more composed. Sometimes it's an employee who might be irritating an employer, or vice versa. Or sometimes it's a child who's irritating a teacher or a teacher irritating a child. I don't know whatever the context may be, but you can see somebody is now being malicious, obnoxious, deliberate and spiteful. How would you keep yourself how would you compose yourself? What would be your reaction? So the prophets Allah, Allah isn't was a very, very composed person. He who angers you control, he who angers you, controls you? You know what if you

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cannot hold yourself and you cannot manage yourself, then you're going to lose yourself totally. And the incident continues, where the Prophet sallallahu wasallam came out and a villager had come to him and he asked him for some money. He said, I invited some people to Islam, and I pray

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Amongst them post their revision to Islam, Allah will bless them with prosperity. However, they've been gripped with adversity for Asha, Yahoomail, Islam itama and Canada roofie. Tamara, I'm afraid they might just leave the faith as they accepted the faith. So if you have money, please give it to me I can aid them. The messengers, Allah is and looked at earlier, the Allahu anhu, who was standing adjacent to him, and earlier, the Alon who said, I had nothing, they didn't answer and I said, I seize the moment and I came forward, and I said, Sell me the dates of this orchard, and I'll give you the money in advance. And the messenger SallAllahu sallam said, Don't fix the dates of a

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particular orchard, we can discuss the quantity but not the particular orchard. And it was agreed, and the money was then given and the Prophet sallallahu affecting mythical 50 mezcal, and then the messenger of allah sallallahu Sallam took the money and gave it to Ali gave it to this Bedouin. And he said, You know what, to help the people and distributed justly amongst them, and they don't know. So and I said, fast forward in the incident, two days before the period had labs, so there were two more days for me to receive, you know, my my goods and payment, etc. I came to the Prophet sallallahu so when this was a deliberate move on my side, and I held him by his blessing collar, as

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I would say, of course, and you would say because it is our beloved messenger SallAllahu wasallam and he said, You have not demoted him. My relief to Illa Mottola, you the children, the offspring, the descendants of Abdul Muttalib you people have a reputation of procrastination, you delay in paying your debts and said, Now Amara, the Alon was eyeballs were turning I know who to do ironical fella killing was studied. And he said, ya know Allah Azza kulula Rasul Allah Hema, asthma or enemy of Allah you literally blurting what I'm hearing, and the Prophet sallallahu sallam said to Homer, I know who we're going after which in Arabia, hada Omer, neither him nor I need that type of reaction.

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You know what you should have done, Omar, you should have told me that I must be prompt in pain, my do La ilaha IL Allah or murder, you should have told me when is the period had not lapsed? And you'd have told him he must be gentle in demanding now take him on Give him what I owe him. And you know what, give him an additional amount because of the sternness displayed. And so, Amara. The Alana then takes him and they chatting along and then he tells her mother, you know me and almost said no, not really. And if I can paraphrase the sentiments of Homer, Radi Allahu Anhu. It's almost like I don't want to know you. Because how dare you speak to my beloved Habib SallAllahu Sallam in such a

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hostile, uncouth, unbecoming manner. And he says, I'm saying the priests, and then say, now I'm upset, but why would you deal with My Prophet sallallahu wasallam like this? And he said, Well, I just wanted to examine him. The more you provoke him, the more calm he becomes. And I'm convinced this is the man I make you my witness that I bring Iman on Allah and His Messenger, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, what and the shattered family and half of all my wealth is charity on the ummah of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. And Omar said, don't say the whole Ummah, because your wealth will not suffice, say on a portion of the Ummah, and he gave that in charity, it became a hobby, and he

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was martyred in the campaign of taboo. So that was how calm the Prophet sallallahu wasallam was, in Arabic, they talk of herbal Haleem.

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If you have angered a tolerant person, then that speaks volumes about how evil the people are someone who is calm, who is passive, who is soft, who is gentle, who is, you know, very soft in his nature, and yet you can engage him. Imagine the arrogance, the disobedience, the rebellion, the transgression of the disbelievers, that at some point, even the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Oh Allah send you a punishment upon those that are disobeying you. And by anon Quran it is mentioned the probable reason for the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam asking Allah subhanho wa taala. To now deal with these people is because they evil was now not limited to them, but it was

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now becoming contagious to others. So apart from them, being disobedient, transgressing, violating, they were now infecting other people. And now I often heard from my teachers, that you could be tolerant with a student who might be a bit rowdy, noisy,

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and not not disciplined. But as soon as that negative effects start spreading in the classroom, and unfortunately, he starts infecting other students with that bad behavior, that it's time where the institution needs to consider.

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You know what, dismissing him or subjecting him to expel

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Ocean after whatever demerit system might be in place. So Allah subhanaw taala tells the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in verse 84 Fela da jalahalli O Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, do not be hasty and remember the Prophet of Allah was not hasty He was patient, but yet at some point, there was a certain desire and I gave you context as the recorded in biannual Quran, because the evil was now spreading unto other people

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in Nirvana, doula who Magda surely we are counting them in detail, meticulously recording again, they are done to count the number for all the nouns for all Mattila, which creates the emphasis. Our records are in order we monitoring everything, meaning we are counting the moments on Earth we just waiting for that duration to lapse, and then we will strike and sees the Arabic poet said that in Al Habib Amin, Al Akbar, be mortal. So

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a beloved would be snatched away from his beloved you'll just be taken away right? The Angel of Death comes it's an abrupt you just taken away is it a gradual listen realize actually by the No, no, it's just taken away in Al Habib Aminul birbee martela su la Yumna remote about Werbung wala Hara su no doorkeeper or no security can put a limitation on molecular mode for k factor for a hobby Dunia was in Edina may in your outdoor island. He he loves the one NEFA Zoo. So foolishness Eve man, how do you rejoice over the things of this world when you're seconds and your minutes are being counted? Higher? Touka and fosu Hyah Touka and fosu the poet says Your life is X amount of breaths

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and every time you breathe in you inhale you exhale. Remember in Takasaki Minca Jews are one portion is less and now you're getting closer to your death. We're getting closer to our death for caring for TEFRA Herbig dunya was the neTea man your outdoor RLA he loves what NEFA zoo

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by the Ghana cars through cada Shara Finn. Surely you lived in an opulent palace. You lived in a palatial home for kaberuka Phil doth but today you last in soil today you rest in soil today you sleep in dust you're sleeping does I sleep in does you have an atom courage them in a thorough work the electron courage tabula tambien worked over couldn't look at the new boo. Oh man you departed from soil and today you return to soil. The only thing is your departed sinless and today you return Bremen Watson's *up brookeville Judith

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law yet through called mount to the gyro him lyric that he will levy Minh will remove your portable Sue, the angel of death will not honor the prominence of an erudite scholar or the prestige of a ruler to say you know what? This man has just been inaugurated? He's just started his term in office. You can't take out his soul now man Wait, let him finish his four years in office. No, no, no, you could be inaugurated, you could be having your graduation ceremony. You could be teaching conducting does if it's time up the angel will come and your soul will be removed. Okay, so Allah subhanho wa Taala says Fela tangel Allah him in nama Anna Abdullah who Magda Do not be hasty upon

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them O Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam surely we are counting my brother my sister

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the days of our weeks and the weeks of our months and the months of our years ago in the Arabic poet said the more Rosa to a yummy be learned them in Walla Walla Buka in Walla has any an unloving you the liquid Ababa, magenta hidden Alma honestly what are you know Allah, he didn't do Rooney that very rapidly and swiftly things are moving by the weeks today's the man's life is going one Ramadan, another Ramadan. It is time we make changes, we make changes. As long as we effect change before our eyes closed, it is early. Whether we pass away at the age I know of a brother and a friend of mines and I'll conclude today's segment on this reflection. I had met him in Paris His name is Ali. He had

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reverted to Islam and like any revert concerned about the Eman of his parents. And so somebody advised him just give good character to your mum. And so you would display excellent character excellent character, and at the age of 90 or just past 91 week prior to her passing away. She called her son and she said that I will

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like to recite your words and die as a muslim and Subhan Allah, she led the Kalama at the age of 90 and passed away a few days day after. And that reminds us of the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam where a man came reverted to Islam accompany the Prophet of Allah in a campaign and then passed away with iman. And he's on allottee with some said Urmila clean Whoa, JIRA, Kathy amela Khalil we're all JIRA. cathedra he did a little but he attained a lot. So what's the message my brother my sister, our seconds are passing. Our days are going and everything is being recorded. When you say in order somebody said it very beautiful work kill Kedah Ricardo is like your work K

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pass be eternal work tonight your hair get to may dobara work their value the moment at that moment, because even time doesn't have time to give you time again.