Sulaiman Moola – Tafseer of Surah Maryam 25 – The unwavering faith of the Noble Companions RA

Sulaiman Moola
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what's going on feeding Kitabi?

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Shuttle dia

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rajim Bismillah AR Rahman AR Rahim Allah Tala al Rabia Dakka Dakka Dakka Rukmani Cal Sunak to Roma young oh and I'm a doula whom in Bhima Sadat Allahu La vie. So yes, in verse 77, we introduced the tale of this arrogant individual Aspinwall, Ill proud, haughty, arrogant use the services of hubbub, Ravi Allahu Anhu. And then when it was time to be brought religion in the equation, sadly this is so tragic that even amongst the Muslim community, people will ask for your service as a Can I need some so and so to do this? Yeah, I believe you in the game. Okay. Please come give me a coat. Right. The deal is done. Do the work. The work is done. And the man is singing for his money. This is not the

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teachings of Islam. The Ansaru call it one what the envelope call Adjani that's the Arabic proverb love like brothers, but D like strangers. Now with the direct opposite. We live like strangers. And when it comes to dealing with brothers, man, I would run away with your money man. Well, I'm gonna run away man. Don't worry, man. You know, my father and your grandfather. They were neighbors. But I need the money now what is my father and your grandfather's neighborhood got to do with it pay me the money. The armored vehicle a journey. Right? In the third just in Surah Ali Imran Allah subhanho wa Taala says, Woman al Kitab women into a man who began pouring you at the lake amongst the people

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of the book are those that if you leave a treasure with them, and then you ask them back for it, they'll give it to you. And this also indicates that Islam is not metastatic in Islam, we are not bias and prejudice. So if it means complementing the good action of a non Muslim Islam complements it and the whole academic right that is mentioned in biannual Quran that Al Kitab could refer to the people from the book who accepted Islam then of course you praise in the Muslims from amongst them the likes of Abdullah bin Salam, or then it could refer to those who didn't accept Islam, but they were honest amongst them, right. So then the academic discussion comes of it being moved but not

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Maqbool, meaning praise worthy but because there's no iman it wouldn't yield any benefit in Ultra notwithstanding the fact that there might not be Muslims, if they are honest, the act of honesty is praiseworthy. I mean, Al Kitab and amongst the people of the books are those men those if men who you trust them with bitten taurine with a large treasure you at the lake, they will give it to you in full, I mean human intervention will be the narrative and there are others that if you leave one dinar with them lie you at the lake, they will not pay you back your money in llama don't tally him or him unless you stand by his head side. Give me my money. Give me my money. You owe me my money in

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biannual Quran Abubaker just sounds Rahim Allah makes a deduction from this year. And the view of Imam Abu Hanifa is also mentioned there that from this he deduces that it is within the right of the creditor to actually hound the debtor. You know what, of course, after he has defaulted, not before he has defaulted. One is you've given him a grace period. And the grace period has not lapsed. Your the grace period has lapsed by yours. You owe me my money. No, it's Ilam I don't tally he taught you how you can keep on asking. It's within your right and your space and your allowance to say please, you've defaulted, you've defaulted. And I urge you my brother and I urge you my sister, if you are

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owing people money, then hasten towards the payment hasten and if you don't have the money, pick up the phone, apologize to the individual. Listen, I'm in a challenging situation. I haven't forgotten about the money owed to you. I will I will, you know follow up with it. Man martaba who are very middle Kibriya with Dany will rule the Hello Jana if you die free from Pride, free from deceiving anyone and free from debts you will go to paradise. Sadly today we pass in a way guilty of all three, we die with debts, we leave our family in a mess, then we die unfortunately with pride and we die with you know how many people we've deceived, etc. So may Allah grant us the understanding. So

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yes, kebab Radi Allahu Anhu asked for his money and ask Ben wa l just blankly refused it and started saying no, give up your Islam give up your Islam. Now, for Sahaba this was impossible. Impossible, say Naramata. The Allahu Anhu in the 19th year of Hijra had sent Abdullah bin herdsa for the Allahu Anhu to Rome. I just have this story in my mind coming to me now. And he sent me a long story short and the Roman Emperor intercepted

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The Abdullah bin Hassan for the Allahu Anhu in his army, and they said this is a companion of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So the Roman emperor said to him halacha and Tata nassarawa oshri CO, Kofi Maliki, would you consider giving up your Islam and accepting my faith and my religion? And yeah, you know what we could probably share my empire. So Abdullah bin Hoda for the Allah Allah said no athlete any journey I'm Adam liquid I mean I'm I'm Malacca Tula caribou Allah and Algeria and Dini Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Tata for the Iranian mafia alto. If you ask me to give up Islam for the wink of an eye, and offer me the treasures of the world, I still

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don't consider it. So the Roman emperor said is an act of luck then I will be had you Afro salmon freakin Anatole Maloof. The last arrow in the king's quiver is violence. When all fails him then he wants to flex his muscle I can incarcerate you. I can freeze your accounts. I can have you retrenched. I can do this to you I can do that. So now he flexes why because he's defeated is defeated. So after loving herself, I said, Well, I didn't stop you. I didn't stop you. So then he told the people show the arrows close to his head and close to his hands and see what's his reaction. So I've been I've been Hazara the Alana was calm and composed, calm and composed. Because

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there wasn't this panic of death. There wasn't this panic of death to meet Allah was within them. It was just Cobra. The Allahu Anhu is about to be executed. And as he has been executed, he's singing poetry. Now who can sing poetry when someone's going to execute you if I asked you to compose one poem or one stanza you and I need you know, to come waters beautiful ambience, a nice breeze, birds chirping, Sun beeping blue skies, and then probably we make up one stanza, and that also you know what, it doesn't really have all rhythm and her Barbara VLAN is about to be excellent. For Babel the Allah is about to be executed. And he says vaca Gemma Obi Wan is what God revealed to me in

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different Tommy Lee moment Nari Illa, Allah He a school karate some guru, but the the poem is amazing. He just says they've gathered them and they're going to attack me and assassinate me and kill me and execute me and I complain to Allah and Allah is sufficient for me. So anyway, then the role of the Emperor says, okay, drop two people in boiling oil and let him see the consequences. So the rbse rainy two capitals were brought and they were dropped in, and of course, they attained martyrdom.

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So, the Roman emperor said right now take him. So as I said, Abdullah bin Hazara the Alana has been taken, he teared, so they thought perhaps he is reconsidering the whole thing. And they said, listen, he is theory. So the king said, What are you out of fear of death? He said, No, I'm crying that you're going to kill me and I only have one life. I wish I had more to offer. I wish I had more to offer. You see people in fake lust in lust and they infatuated over someone and they would spend crazy amount of money to appease an individual and when his or her confidence and like you know, strange things, and I wish I had more and I wish I could do more and nothing is outside my reach.

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And that's just fake lust. And this is pure wholesome wood and muhabba for Allah subhanho wa Taala and when the king does have cell Valley Quran so hoomin have a Raju Olivia cockerel mode. Like I've never seen someone who trivialize death. So then the king said okay halacha and took up Bella Rossi when you can kiss my head and then I will release you. So Abdullah bin Hassan Farah the Alana said one Osama al Muslimeen and the other captives that well, he said Yes, I will release them all. So then Abdullah bin Hassan has said okay, let's just appease him. Some people, some people need to massage the ego they need to inflate it. So like imagine you asking someone to kiss you to make you

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feel good. One is a person is kissing you out of respect but buta chameleon yet originally Sally write. The chapter speaks about kissing the hand of a pious person out of respect, honor and dignity. This is the man is not honoring you what Okay, Mr. Raja Maha Fanta Cherie, you telling him okay, come on me. Okay, say I'm good. Okay, kiss me and you just massaging your ego. So Abdullah bin herself one of the Alana appease them to secure the release of the companions and they all were released. And of course, when they came back in the deal, and the story was narrated to say that our Omar, he said happened Allah Cooley Muslim and Jakob Bella rasa Abdullah

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Abdullah Abdullah, that it is incumbent upon everyone to kiss the forelock of Abdullah bin Khalifa Radi Allahu Anhu and I will start off by kissing him first Subhan Allah. So yes for Sahaba you know what, my Eman is non negotiable. My Eman is non negotiable. That's what Allah says as low Hatha beaten will follow half is summer. The Eman is firm. It's embedded in them. Okay, so I thought I did let me cover a big attina To recap verse 77. Oh,

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Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Have you seen this arrogant person as being wild?

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Kapha be it you know who denies our vs Wirkkala? And then says lo de and no definitely, surely certainly, I will be given wealth and children. You saying that in the next life so I'll tell you there are sought you out there. And again the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he SallAllahu sallam said pay people your finish, you own them my brothers settle the account here, because in Africa, the currency is your Amahl you will have to pay with your good deeds and how expensive a payment that is, how expensive a payment that is. Imagine you own someone and it offsets your false and it offsets your, your Salah goes. That's the famous hadith of Sahih Muslim, in which

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the messenger SallAllahu wasallam, defined a pauper.

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Ultimately, Sophina Mala Mala who an amateur in Alma Felice Amin on Monday, May 18, Yeoman Korea Mateus Salatin was the Amin was Salatin was the Curtin tradition da da da da da da da da da da for your da da minha casa de l'homme in Havana de that a person will come before Allah with a lot of credit but a lot of liabilities a lot of salons that God good action, offended, insulted, accused blame or players to hurt violated people. And each one of them will line up and then if they will make a claim. And then one will be given his prayer one will be given his charity one will be given this year. One would be given this year until all his good deeds will be depleted. May Allah protect

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us. Attalla Al Arabiya, Amita Dorinda, Rahmani Raza diverse 78. Has he peeked into the unseen? Or does he have a pact with Allah upon our labor, meaning it pillory *, you so confidently saying that I'll get up and I'll be resurrected, and I'll have wealth and I'll have children there. So, of course, resurrection is definite. There's no two opinions, but the confidence of which he will have children and he will have wealth. Has he has he peeked inside? Has he got a contact there? Has he seen into the unseen that he can make this claim? Yeah, I'm like on keytab on fee heated Razon in a comfy Hill Amantha. Hi, Ron. I'm looking for a man on Allina badolato Neela yo mill Tiama in mela

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Kamala Mata Ki Moon Sal, whom are you whom with Alika Saleem in surah. Kalam Allah subhanaw taala as that as believers, you claiming that in Astra you will have paradise and you'll have this Do you have a document from Allah subhanaw taala I'm looking Bara to me minutes zooboo in which it is declared that you know what? You've been given deliverance. You talking about such arrogance? You're talking about such arrogance. I'm looking for a man on Allina believer to Neela yo Milty Yama Inilah Kamala Mata Ki Moon

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have we made an oath in your favor that whatever you wish and dream and desire for it will come to fruition? No, no. Soon you will see the reality of taleghan life has he peeked into the unseen AMITA harangue the Rahmani anda or does he have a pact and an agreement and a contract with Allah subhanho wa Taala none of the above none of the above. Sometimes by way of example on a different note, a child is exploiting the authority of his father now he says no no my dad said that the Father is the boss the owner of the company and he's abusing this this authority of his father and walking around and say no no I can do this. You can do this you can have this your wait wait Hang on. You You You

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got carte blanche you got free content you got you know what open ended in

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leverage in what you want to do. Is this all yours? Is it in order? You just abusing the thing you abusing your father had not given you any permission whatsoever? Calla No, no, never never read your own. It is agile. Toby won't be to Him won't between Senate to Buma your pool. We are recording what he is uttered in what he is blurting what a Madonna who may be Magda we shall continue to intensify the punishment for him in Ultra.

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So in this world, Allah subhanaw taala gives him respite gives him grace gives him clemency. And because of his evil nature, he exploits it that he goes deeper into his arrogance and he does all his nonsense. And because of that, the punishment will be intensified. This verse gives me a shiver in my back and juice for Surah Surah Ali Imran Allah subhanho wa Taala says Allah Subhan Allah Vina Cafaro and nama normally la se rolly unfussy him Let not the disbelieve a feel that the extension of wealth and health is a good for him in nama normally Allah whom we give him grace and respite lays down to IFMA and he's going to abuse that and do more wrong with a longer life and more health and

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wealth. Well, a woman Ida boo Maheen and a disgraceful punishment awaits him. Calla not at all. He will not be getting any of the above in fact, see what's to follow Sunak to Buma your goal? We shall certainly record what he is writing Bilawal rasool Allah, Allah de him Yakubu The angels are recorded. When a Madonna whom in Allah

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Darebin Mad Dog, you won't get more wealth or children, he will get extended torment and affliction. And in verse 18, Allah subhanho wa Taala says, When nadie su when nadie su Maya Pulu via a T in Florida, we shall inherit from him all that he speaks about, and he will come to us alone.

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He's talking of having more children or having children and wealth in Africa. Allah says in verse ad, he will lose what he has not have more, he won't have what he has. In other words, currently, the children that you have you lose it. And you know what, in terms of Earth money, there's an amazing explanation given you that not only what one is the translation, let me let me let me break it down. What are the URI through

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what is you know, two bodies so a man who has Allah says, to inherit, to inherit, so when you die, then everything comes to Allah and everything belongs to Allah now as well but temporarily, Allah has given it to us but when we die, everything comes back to Allah subhanho wa Taala and so on the next person and ultimately everyone will die and everything comes back to Allah. So Allah is saying that when he dies, he will lose what he has. That's one explanation. The other explanation is that whenever he to whom is good, we will inherit what he's saying, meaning he's talking about his wealth and his children, his children, and he had two sons. Both were blessed with iman. Right asked bien y

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el amor been answered the Allahu Anhu. And as mentioned it of Siddharth money. So never mind having children and that claiming you're going to have it there. Your children are also on the side of Islam. Your children are on the side of Islam. So what are you talking about? You have nothing you have nothing and physically also you will die and everything will come to Allah and spiritually now you are a disbeliever and your sons have come into Islam. So they are they are with the believers they are with the believers

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under that ayah in Surah Tula chapter 114 where Allah subhanaw taala speaks about Abu Lahab whose actual name was Abdullah Hamza ma alguna ima whom I know who wanna kiss up his well didn't be a benefit him and what he acquired what he earned. Inshallah the Allah has narration is mentioned in that of Syria Merryfield Quran that Casimir refers to your children because your earnings or your children or your earnings, it's the best of what you can actually harvest it's the best of what you can reap is your children. So you proudly talking of having more in an era you're gonna lose what you have in this world and for the record, your both your sons are Muslims already, so you don't

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even have them now because they are on the side of Islam. So don't be so proud and so arrogant. What Nari through who may have pool we will inherit what he is talking about where you're at in Florida and he will come to us alone. You will come to us alone. Nobody, nobody. When you die, nobody stands with you. Nobody stands with you. Everybody leaves you launches you desert you abandons you, and you go on. Well, I think in Africa, you will come before your Lord alone. And then Allah subhanaw taala says in verse 81, what the hadoo woman doing in life and he had done Leah Gouda, whom is leaving Allah they made other gods there diety with the hadoo they made me do Nila besides Allah Allah Gods

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right there worship different things. Lee Hakuna who Marisa so that these deities can be a source of honor for them in Accra, this is what they used to say how Allah issue for our on our end Allah these gods these objects these isms will intercede for us mana Budo home in LA to your country buena Illa Allah Hindutva we only worshipping them so that they can enhance our position before Allah subhanho wa Taala this is their they believe that they used to say verse 81 What tocado mean don't Allah He early ha and they made gods What the * do they made mean besides mean doula besides Allah Allah deities, Leah kulula Who Mesa so that it can be a source of honor for them. Allah

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subhanho wa Taala concludes the discussion and detail of aspen wa l and his arrogance in verse 82 can learn never never set for rune are very bad at him. These gods that you worship these gods that you worship will deny your worship, they will deny your worship. So yet Faloona binnorie by the team where your guna Allah him with Da and they will become adversities to the worshippers. Ma couldn't tune in Jana Daboo dude, they will stand up and say you did not worship us. You did not worship us. Now there's a quick question here is many of the things that

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worship will objects and items and isms and stones. So how is it that they will speak how is it it was stone? How would it they'll speak and in biannual Quran it is mentioned, just like Allah subhanaw taala will make the limbs of man speak what God holy judo, the Himalaya, Masha hit to Marlena Carlo and Tatianna Allahu La Vie and taka ko let's say, a person will ask you then but why are you speaking? And the hand would say Allah made me speak alumina Timo Allah of WA he him today we will see them out what to Cali Mona ad him the hands will testify what the shadow original him and then legs will give evidence Bhima can we actually boon of what they perpetrated, achieved or

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committed. So just as Allah will make their organ speak likewise, these gods will speak up. So can you imagine the uniquely Asian the embarrassment that the object that you worship in the hope that it will grant you deliverance and an honor, leave alone giving you deliverance? It will blatantly and reef blatantly and vehemently refute the fact that you worship it. So these gods will say listen Mark unto me, Jana taboo and Allah, they didn't worship us, don't involve us here, and what would be the embarrassment and the humiliation of the disbeliever at that time? So that's it. We'll leave it on that note verse 82. Allah subhanahu wa taala protect us from arrogance. And may Allah subhanho wa

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Taala grant us Tawheed in its purest form, believe in Allah subhanho wa Taala in its purest form, amongst the advices that Lachman gave to his son Yamane Allah to Shrek biller in the Shiva, callaloo, Munna Halim Oh my son do not ascribe partners what Allah Surely that is the most evil crime. May Allah bless us with Toshi the heart is pure Toshi, and may He take us from this world with pure and wholesome Tauheed Amenia ruble Alameen wa sallahu wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Adjumani will hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen

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