D15 Du’aa for Seeking Refuge against shaytan

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AI: Summary © The hosts of a radio show discuss the end of a program and the importance of seeking refuge from the shrinivasan. They also discuss the lessons learned from their experience and the need to address badness within oneself. The hosts end the program by reminding viewers to stay focused on their actions and end the program.
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My dear brothers and sisters, we're coming to the end of this program for tonight and inshallah we end with a, as usual, and today's dad I've chosen for you is related also to seeking refuge from the Srinivasan and his tricks. And this is that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam taught Abubakar Ali Aline, he said, bully lahoma father son our to a lot of Ali Malloy, your Shahada, Rob Bakula. shinwa Monica eyeshadow La Ilaha Illa and our will be coming shuttering FC woman Sherry Shay Bonnie was Shirky say to say Allah Allah, the One who has created the heavens and the earth, the one who has the knowledge of the unseen and that which is seeing that which is present, the one who is the Lord of everything,

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and the owner of everything, and the supreme governor and Sovereign of all things. I seek refuge of you from the badness in myself, and I seek refuge of you from the evil of the shavon and his association. And that is beautiful because in many ways, it is teaching us an important lesson towards the end which I mentioned. But first of all, it starts by announcing and proclaiming the qualities of Allah, the greatness of Allah Subhana Allah, Allah is the Creator of the heavens were submitting to the reality that Allah is the Creator of the heavens and the earth, that he knows everything he knows all of us unseen, all that is concealed, all that is hidden, he knows all that

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is apparent, all that is shown all that is clear. So he is aware, he knows he is not has knowledge of everything. And He is the Lord of all things and he is the king and the supreme Sovereign of all things. So Hannah,

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there's an acknowledgement of Allah Subhana Allah has greatness as beautiful and you make do is to acknowledge because Allah Subhana Allah loves, that you praise Him and glorify Him and magnify him. So handle and handle, you know, in a normal life, but then the beautiful lesson here is teaching you to seek refuge. Now yes, we're used to saying our old relationship origin but this is the process that led to it is to seek refuge of the shell within the badness within yourself first, and this is an important lesson that we learned from our Milan as well. Because the shout lane are locked up, then any badness that comes out any wrongdoings that you are doing is related to our neffs

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primarily, there's a there's a badness within you which you have to get rid of and control. So you are seeking refuge of Allah from Sheree netsy woman Sherri Shepherd shavon when we should get and then followed by the badness of the shavon and all that he tries to associate with a loss of Hannah what time so this is a beautiful time to learn another one of those dogs I hope you are learning and making use of

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the eyes are great weapons for the believers. And if a person understands what they're saying, coupled with intention coupled with the right attitude, then Allah Subhana Allah will answer being the latter and so we end the program today and we will ensure Allah make our way to end this night in sha Allah Allah