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The speaker discusses various topics including a photo shoot, religion, and a woman who talks about being a member of a political party. They also mention a woman who talks about being a member of a political party and a woman who talks about being a member of a political party. The importance of avoiding hedge attacks and not forgetting to avoid hedge attacks is emphasized. The segment also touches on the history of Islam, including the use of piano for recording messages and the struggles of knowing and not knowing the day. The segment ends with a brief advertisement for a book on Islam.

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Without Him to Los Altos Ah, so that's Santa Monica hopefully.

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We have quite few songs to cover today inshallah Tana is on track to be a little bit fast so bear with me and be patient as well inshallah Tada. So I have 1-234-567-8910 lemon sauce to cover today in sha Allah Who data was shown to us from the Mufasa the only the very ends of the study of the

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soldiers 28 and 29. And then 30 There will be tomorrow, the day after tomorrow Allah to Allah, so a Sufi already complete so that the sub sort of Joomla and you just completed solid element after code, and then we'll cover solid development, bollock at the Helene and molecule and column

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sort of how and how to manage and noi. So these are all the sorts that we will cover today inshallah Hutan. Quickly a sub

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soft is, as we stand in line soft, we call this stuff it talks about unity, it talks about

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the struggling actually for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala in the live Shibboleth. He said in his Akbar, Allah Allah says Allah loves those who struggle in his path that from Allah had I had to say something. By philosophy come Allah bless you and give you lots of chocolate agenda.

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Kamala Baraka Loki

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and also the in this particular sort of Sonata sub Allah azza wa jal alludes to Asa and he said I'm making a mention of Prophet Muhammad Ali also Salaam in the prophecy of Raisa making a mention of Prophet Muhammad Ali Alayhi Salatu Salam aleikum, WA salatu salam ala Rasulillah, yet him in the mean barely smooth mud. So this is where ASA Ali Salam is making the mention of our Prophet when he was talking to his disciples. This is a sub Surah

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Al Juma sort of Joomla as you may know, so Joomla I bite started you will know what it talks about it talks about again unity Joomla

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ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada says that you handle Adina and I know either an odd salatu me Yeoman Juma at first degree or you will believe when the call for the congregational prayer is powerful, leave your trades and come forward towards the Salah. So this is solid and Juma and then there's this beautiful area whereby Allah azza wa jal talks about death. And he talks about you know, the the period of Allah azza wa jal when Allah azza wa jal says for an inland moat and the deep of your world I mean hope for in the Humala people say that you're trying to run away from the inner hula people eat shall get you, anyone Your time is up, your time is up, you cannot run away from your decree from

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your destiny, you cannot run away from the from the decree of Allah subhana wa Tada, this is sort of July. So that I'm gonna call this is a very, very interesting solar quiet, you know, it's scary as well, because one of the most dangerous phenomenon to deal with is when you deal with hypocrites, and when I say quote, unquote, hypocrites, you know, why would because you see, when you have an enemy, you know that your end is your enemy, or he's your enemy, you can deal with them accordingly. But when you have somebody who smiles at you, right, but that behind you, he blocks things that count against you. So these are the mourners within wasn't one of your tone, and it's not happened

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at the time of the prophet be offered all the prophets, Allah Himself was the RAM, they had to deal with this phenomenon of Anwar Capone. And in this particular Surah, Allah has mentioned about 15, cyber 15 You know, characteristics of these two of these people don't have your own so much. So, then Hamilton Hapa,

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who is given the gluttony from the Prophet Mohammed Ali was set out that he was among the people of Ghana, you know, the ashram, Oba Shalina. Will Jana Ahmad is one of them. And one the Prophet Muhammad gave these lists of the Mona Lisa thing that is Sahabi he went to him and he says, I don't want to know who's there. I just want to know if my name is there. If my name is amongst them, when African Allah the Prophet Muhammad Ali salatu salam says in this

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industry in the Surah, no, I'm sorry, the Prophet Muhammad says we're going to talk to them one after pain. He says, I have done one African Buhari the Prophet says I have done when I feel is three, the size of the hypocrites are three in one generation four, he says either had that together, were either

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to Minahan the sign of hypocrite is when he speaks he lies. When he speaks he lies when he makes a promise. He breaks His promise.

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What to me now when he's given the trust, he does not fulfill his trust is MLM This is one of the son of hypocrites. I ask Allah subhana wa Janah not to make us amongst them. So what are you following the try? I'm trying to summarize as much as possible. And I'm running you know, guessing the time is what it's already five minutes. So that when it talks about an all this particular source, they start with this gear. I'm okay am I

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Okay, now bringing it out by Thomas. It talks about the Day of Judgment. It talks about the day of a divan where people will gather in the Day of Resurrection and the mobile hear the theme of this particular Surah talking about a dowry that Eema conning people towards believing in Allah subhanho wa Taala and also learning about Allah as to his names and his attributes Subhana Huacaya this is sort of observable and then sort of Attala you all know so that the Taleb so by its title, you know when he talks about but this particular solar Talat it puts in roots it puts in conditions right if that was to happen if that was to happen I'm a marriage officer sometimes people would come here you

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know asking for a divorce I say I'm here to you know, try to find a resolution I always say if both parties want a resolution it can happen if they both wanted recourse to Yes, it can happen but if one party does not one and one party wants it not gonna happen both by the they have to want to re consider it with one another. But if May Allah forbid, there is no mean or there is no you know, purpose of resuming the fight with one another Allah,

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Tala, but he puts in Subhanallah some losing conditions so much so that in this particular sort of data, you will find Allah is just talking a lot about Tacoma. It Tacoma, it Aquila it Tacoma so when you if you were to issue Tala, there has to be some fear of Allah subhanho wa Taala you already know what up Allah Allah Bakun and then he also says what at times I will not comment on another area. It says Do not forget the good in between you. You know sometimes when we divorce may Allah forbid people they become like enemies where as Allah says, Don't forget this and don't forget the good among one another and then the solid heading so that the payment comes after sort of Tada This this

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is an interest in solar because of the Hareem there's a story behind it the story is mentioned in behind the Muslim when Prophet Muhammad used to go and spend time with his wife Xena been to Egypt and then whenever he used to go to his house he used to eat used to feed him Honey

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Honey Yeah honey. She used to feed him Honey I'm very gently say very gentle. Mary jam. I call it Jen's like jam and honey and everything's we say honey you say John Mary honey.

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So he she used to feed him honey and then her Isha and Sofia they teamed up

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you say when Prophet Muhammad comes with tell him he smells

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he's has bad breath is melted off his mouth this

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mafia mafia is is a tree that that's got you know, some some fruit that comes out from it. It has a it has some sort of smell. It's like a mimosa gum. If you know I don't know if you would have ever come across this particular fruit. So Prophet Muhammad came one day and then it says, Allah, I smell you smell Matthew says I was with Xena. I was just she just fed me honey.

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You spend Mojave

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and then he goes to half sizes.

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You smell Marathi and you smell Rice's ice and not eat honey no more for Allah azza wa jal VPN you have maybe never had any luck with all your profit. Why would you make something that Allah has made? Helen you made it forbidden you made it ha Allah has revealed that Surah

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after this particular incident that happened to the Prophet Mohammed so that you almost electromech or at least you must have heard. It is also called Tabata also what I learned and then according to grimace rude he says that the Prophet Muhammad Nazism says so the word innocent man Yeah, man Yeah, it is the one that says from the punishment of the grave. If you are to recite it every night, if you are to memorize it, and recited at this recited every night before you go to sleep, it is that so that that comes and accompanies you in your grave. It is a soldier that insha Allah who died I wouldn't have warned off the punishment of the grave. You know, from what from each other and

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shallow data so try to memorize the surah that starts with Kabbalah can lady via the Himalayas, it talks about the Allah the omnipotent it talks about these dominion? It talks about Allah and Malik and Malik and McTighe Allah subhanho wa Taala and then surah and cannon or noon it's also console at noon also Adam brothers and sisters.

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Chocolate time

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What did Allah subhana wa Taala create first before anything?

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Angela's known

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Ben Ben, Ben, Ben, Ben ALLAH, do you have to do this pen pen column? There you go brother and Ben now do you have Hadith on that one? Do you have any bills

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want a whole other foreigner who for either I'm gonna have to pilot up to

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either Yeomans piano masala.

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14 level. Yeah, you can Yeah, the big guy the big man.

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Oh, he knows how to you. He's on diet Michelle lights okay.

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I love

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the friend first thing that Allah has created is Ben. And it all depends, right? Depends what should I write that pen says right? Everything has to happen until the end of time. I'll column important as per line. So it

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talks about the comparison between two groups, that people have the rights, the believers and the majority meanwhile the enabler and the non believers

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and also Allah subhana wa salatu salam also known Allah azza wa jal min the heart of the Prophet Muhammad Ali was salam when he says no one was telling me almost all

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the images known the recording him as soon as you know what Madonna think in all those images known Muslim crazy hey right miss no crazy so much known Jana Mahajan, Yanni Raha Hello, hello when you say so they used to call Prophet Muhammad Michonne crazy so Allah azza wa jal is testifying that

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because you mentioned earlier not because you were in a coma and Allah testified that the Prophet Muhammad is of best our moral character, some of Allah Newson sought to have power. So if Hatha talks about the Day of Judgment, this is why we call it piano because it

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is all the names of the Day of Judgment in this particular sort of Lazarus it talks about these two groups again, the people have the right Elia mean for amendment will take whatever will be I mean, those who will receive their book of records from the right hands, and those will get the book of records from the left hands with a the will and the other third group who will get the book of records from where

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from the back anyway, hi at the back from the back with Aw, May Allah save us not make as much them. So that's sort of how I saw that in my iris and saw that then saw that in marriage. So automatically, again, it's about the piano the day when ALLAH SubhanA wa, Anna will resurrect everyone. Yo, toddlerhood Malayaka

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seen as a sinner, when the angels and the whole and everyone would resurrect would be resurrected. And everybody wouldn't be in this land in a day equivalent to 50,000 years one day equivalent to 50,000 years all waiting for Allah to come down to stop the he said so kinda hope. In the home, you'll own a home by Walmart who carry that they think it's fun that they start to come and steal Allah. Allah is which is one of the Liberal Party but it's near that day is coming very, very near. And then brothers and sisters so that no, this is the final Surah that we will cover today. So that no, no, he talks about the surah talks about the struggle of knowing and he said, I don't have any

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doubt of how I close my peoples day and night. I called them publicly I called them privately I called them

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in a community level I called Yeah, and he he did not leave No.

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He called his people at all times for 950 years. And I said that only about 83 people believe in his message for 950 years only 82 People you know for follow these matters. And he Salatu was Salam brothers and sisters and if that would save your life, and I will save you a man saw that Atlanta was number three. So that the luck was number three, Allah subhanho wa Taala says, one may adopt in

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Houma Khawaja one also home in haste Allah

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Williams in high school they have to see what may yet tequila and whosoever says Allah Yes, Allahu Maharaja Allah who will make a way out for him. Remember when advisorshares in Solon in the when he talks about Ramadan and Ramadan as a contact that rune so that you may why do we you know fast the Ella contact tacos that you may think that's what it is, you know the feel of Allah subhanho wa Taala is feeling Allah azza wa jal So the Prophet Muhammad he pointed to his heart resist turquoise hill that was in the heart. So Allah says well may indicate that the key to your allergy problems to your hardships is in Taqwa because Allah says, Allah Who Maharaja, Allah isn't sure we'll make a way

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out with all the doors are locked before you. Allah subhana wa sallam will open those doors through your tap to the field of ALLAH SubhanA wa jalla wa zuke on top of that, while you're on Zuko, mean Hazel. And Allah when we provide that person from ways and avenues it has never turned off. They said that you cannot have that job. They said that you can't have that son this is that you cannot have a baby this is that you don't have a housing whatever they say in that pillar, if you were to feel Allah Subhana Allah truly truly as he supposed to Allah subhanho wa Taala will alleviate your stress and your hardships and Allah will provide you from ways and avenues you've never thought off

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Subhanallah with the hara I ask Allah to bless you and bless all of us and as providers to save us all in this lesson like balaclava

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What's up South Africa hopefully I didn't catch

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