What I LOVE About Malcolm X

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yeah, I definitely went through a period, when I was in college where I was just obsessed with Malcolm X and everything he wrote all of his sort of lectures and speeches and interviews. Now, it's easier, you know, with YouTube, you know, you can look up a lot of his interviews, and I have several books, a few different biographies of regrettably stuff that I haven't gotten back to in a while, I'd like to go back and re re familiarize myself with it. But at the time, I was very, very inspiring. And this was even before I became a Muslim. And one of the most significant things I think that we need to take from Malcolm X today is how he never lets himself be put in the position

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to apologize. And especially if you're YouTube, his interviews, right, and you see how people are coming at him with all of these loaded questions and these false assumptions. And he never takes an apologetic type of he never takes a meek attitude, kind of like begging other people for acceptance or approval or things like that. He is the epitome of dignity, right? He stands tall, and he throws it right back at the interviewer. And he questions their assumptions, and he makes them feel like a fool. And that's the type of swag, you know, if it were something that were done for the neffs, then that's what we call ego. But if it's something that's done for the truth, then that's what we call,

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you know, standing up for the truth and bearing witness to the truth. And I think that in North America and 2022 Muslims need that now more than ever, right? We need to be able to stand tall to look people in the eyes and say, No, you're wrong. Actually. Your way is backwards. We're the ones who have it. We've got it figured out and you need to follow us