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Should I not tell you about Who amongst you are the best of you are called obey Allah, Allah. He said yes he also Allah tell us Okada. Alladhina. Either rule Zucchi or Allah Who to add. The ones who wants to pick the ones who want when they're seen by others, they others remember Allah subhanaw taala just by seeing them.

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People whom when they are seen by others, remember Allah subhanho wa Taala remember his teachings and remember, obedience and adherence and good ethics. Those are the best. Now this hadith is a gem because he had something for quite a while. I'm not gonna be Oakland Michelotti come how would I tell you about the worst of God obey Allah Allah tell us about that as well

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as my show, oh, and I've been the Mima and mostly do and I've been a hip, elbow Hoon, a little Bora Elana. So he said three things here. So to assume those who walk between people with minima, and this is a figure of speech in Arabic, it means those who basically backbite or take a piece of information and give it and pass it along and tell what so person a white person B said about person A and then goes back and tells the person B that person they said, and then brings in person see, just for the just for the fun of it. And, and then that whole, that whole just there that that whole game is

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mostly doing ahead, but those who ruined relationships between people who love each other, those who find ways to ruin good relationships between those who love one another, elbow, Hoonah, Lily Bora, Ilana, it is a very specific matter. My teachers used to love this phrase and use lots and use to teach us about home and the ones who want to desire it. But the innocent Annette is deviation or bad behavior or loss of of clarity. So those who hope or wish or pursue for the innocent or for the good to fall, or to slip, or to lose whatever goodness or innocence that they have, or whatever good behaviors that they that they hold on to. And that's in the profit. You don't have a lot of Hadith

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of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam says, It's theological. Like if I were to put that together in a collection, I'd have maybe four or five times it was a lot. But I think this is something that this one here is worth kind of sharing because he's focused on your salatu salam in the second piece, the worst of us, those who who ruin relationships,

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those who ruin a relationship, those who hope for people who are doing well to fall and fail, and hope and those who see good relationships and hope to ruin them. Because they can't stand something like that to be to continue to be the best of us are those who when they are seen Allah subhanaw taala in his in his, in his magnificent is remembered

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just by your presence, Allah subhanaw taala is recalled. That's the big that takes a lot though. That takes a lifetime of sacrifice and a lifetime of commitment, a lifetime of good ethics and just continuous

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representation of what Islam is until the point where once you're seeing people remember a loss of height and width, and they go back and they take a look at themselves and try to be better. That's the best of us and I think it's something kind of worthy of, of contemplating the other one even Mr. Magoo famous study he presented so when I smell I've been two years either of you Allah who I know caught it by NWSL Allah Allah you already sent my future man, I would have been busy Rico Cordoba ya rasool Allah con Lavina either who Zuki Allah who died because I know what a beautiful Vichy la he can call rubella rasool Allah for cada Masha una Dyneema remove co2 and methane Heba Elba

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Ilana silica Sula, Isola on

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Lake wa Salatu was Salam wa barakaatuh Muhammad always make sure all right after so now she has also it will start his first lecture for this semester and acetyl carnitine everyone is welcome to attend if you want the certificate you have to register but please once you're done you're certainly if you don't have to attend please take the discussion into the into the extension associated Mustafa can begin his lesson to show he's looking look here so I said well