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Ramadan is almost over. Will it be accepted from us?


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The importance of staying true to Islam and forgiveness is emphasized, as it is a fruitful fruit for everyone. Forgiveness is key for achieving success in the future, and staying true to one's values is crucial. Consistent daily prayer and practices are also crucial, as it helps strengthen one's spiritual life. avoiding conflict and bringing light back to one's heart is emphasized, as it helps strengthen one's life.

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In 100, ala Mata who want to stay in 101

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fusina was Dr. Molina, Mayor de la de la

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sala de la la

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la ilaha illallah wa la sharika one number hamedan Abdo Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam.

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Howdy, howdy Mohammed in Salalah, while he was in

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all praise and thanks belongs to Allah the Most High. We thank him and we seek His help and aid and we ask Him to forgive us. And we seek His protection from the evil of ourselves and the sins that we commit. Indeed, who serve Allah guides, no one can lead astray and whosoever Allah leads astray, no one can guide and a bear witness that there is no one worthy of worship except Allah alone. And I'm Mohammed Salah long he was in his slave and messenger. The best of siege is the book of Allah. And the best of guidance is the guidance, Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And the worst of religious matters are those that are innovative, and every religious innovation is a bit every bit

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as misguidance and every misguidance will be in hellfire.

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bidding for well to Ramadan

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is always a sweet or bittersweet moment.

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It is sweet on the one hand because

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we feel that we have fulfilled or about to fulfill one of the obligations that Allah has given us. The fasting and the praying

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that we've done what Allah commanded. And we are receiving accurate

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the aid that brings with it joy and happiness and enjoyment of Allah what Allah had made lawful for us.

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So there is that sentiment that we have as we are approaching the end of Ramadan

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and receiving what comes later. But there is also that other side to it that we cannot help let go of

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feeling that we are losing something as Ramadan is leaving.

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And that leaves this bitter taste in the mouth

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that the gates of heaven didn't never have been open throughout the month are going to be open all the time like they were

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and the gates of hell fire that they were closed throughout the month and then I'm going to be closed all the time like they were

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and the shape on his restraints will be limited.

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And things will change.

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And we know that

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and we miss it.

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And so part of our seals are hopes that the rest of the year could have that feeling of Ramadan.

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Allah azza wa jal in his wisdom understands from us,

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that the entire year cannot be Ramadan cannot be as intense, we cannot be as dedicated as we were in Ramadan.

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But the same at the same time Allah subhanho wa Taala has created this month

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not to become an aberration

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in our entire life in years,

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but Allah had instituted this as an institution

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as a camp if you may,

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as a thing that can propel us and changes and transform us.

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So that every year that we live,

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as it is actually every year a step that we take closer to meeting Allah subhanho wa Taala it becomes also a step that we take closer to attaining the pleasure of Allah and ascending into heaven and moving further away from the punishment of hellfire.

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We run a bunch should be like this and it cannot be like that.

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If Allah subhanho wa Taala does not help us to improve with every Ramadan and to learn something from every Ramadan

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so the question to ask ourselves is what type of Ramadan have I lived?

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How will I end this Ramadan and what type of person will I be after Ramadan?

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We still have a day left or a day or so left.

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And some of us here already we become we enter into the mood of Raiders from Oban is over, and we forget a couple of things. First of all, as long as you have a remaining night or nights of Ramadan, the potential for Lila to Qatar is still on.

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Please remember this,

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as exhausted as you may be as tired as you may be, as celebratory as you may be in your mind and heart expecting. Also remember that a lot may have saved later till the last night of Ramadan.

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So do not give up on Ramadan until they actually tell you. Now

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the next thing to remember is that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam said in our

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deeds are judged by their conclusions

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there is think about your life.

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The way that you're gonna die is the way that you live, isn't it?

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The way What are you going to be saying and doing when you are dying? Depends on how you've lived. And the way that you're going to finish from a bond depends on how you live. So you want to finish Ramadan in the best of ways. As it says in another Hadith kaleena. a lucky vessel is what is at the bottom of the vessel is sweet. What is at the top is also sweet. And what is at the bottom is bitter and foul. What is at the top is bitter and Tao. So the way that you're going to be ending Ramadan, and you still have a chance.

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If any of us has an all of us Wilson Pamela has some regrets about days and nights that we've wasted and we feel that we should have done more. The good news is that you still have some of Ramadan left.

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Take all of that regrets and reinjected into what had remained from Ramadan. So that a lot would bless it for you.

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The way that you and tells you a lot about the way that you started and you lived.

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And Allah subhanho wa Taala says that he mentions about the attributes of those who believe in him. He says all

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those who ask Allah for forgiveness at the time of Sahar before done

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Who are those people?

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These are not people who spent the night sitting and then before dawn, ask Allah for forgiveness. We should of course as a lot of forgiveness whenever we do something wrong, but that's not what a lot is talking about there. These are people who are sent denied or part of it in worship.

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And then at the end of it

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engages in asking Allah for forgiveness, in case that there was any deficiency or lapses in their worship,

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anything inadequate in it, Allah would forgive it. They would ask Allah for forgiveness, because now Yes, they have worship, we know that we have fasted hamdulillah we know that it was made and we have prayed and hamdulillah now we do know that a lot accepted

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and some of the Sahaba said, If I know if I were to know that I pray to like as an ally accepted with certainty, I know like accepted that for me, I would die happy. They said why he said because Allah says in a minute, because Allah only accepts listen a lot only accepts from the pious that is if Allah had accepted from you really accepted from you, then you are from among the highest so they are worried at the end will ally except so your end of Ramadan should be you know should be sent to that spirit with the spirit office is a login accept all of this from me. I hope so he Allah accept will Allah forgive me if I daydream if I strayed, if I said something wrong if I didn't do what he

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wanted from me. And then when you think like that, you keep asking a lot for forgiveness, and you will end the month with the right spirit that he has now you've done something Alhamdulillah but I really hope that Allah will accept it from me.

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And what comes after Ramadan

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is also fundamental and how you will judge your own Ramadan. We keep saying this to ourselves every year

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after Ramadan be better than that days before Ramadan. learn something from Ramadan and we should

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what Allah has helped you to do in Ramadan

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He had helped you for a reason.

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Think about all the things that you've done in it.

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You fasted, he didn't eat and he did not drink, you're thirsty and you were hungry for the help of Allah azza wa jal Why were you able to do this? Because you decided to do it.

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You came to the masjid for Salah, you decided to stay up, you decided to spend more time in domestic, you decided to stay away from your phone from your TV, internet and spend time reading the Quran, you decided to give a little bit more money, you decided to be a little bit more courteous and respectful and kind, you decided to be more attentive of Allah you decided to restrain your tongue, you decided and you decided that you decided with the help of Allah but you decided

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I wanted to show you that when you decide and bring in the help of Allah, Allah who will help you and you can do it. Then Allah has zildjian wants to show you and wants to show me that if you decide that if you ask Allah for help, that change that you want in your life can continue after Ramadan. Post Ramadan is never going to be like Ramadan. But it can carry some of the spirits of Ramadan in it. It can carry some of the practices and lessons from Ramadan in it. Think about what a lot as those will meet you enjoy in Ramadan.

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You are allowed to taste the sweetness of a man

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you are allowed to savor the lessons from the Quran, learn some of them.

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You are allowed to rise and now be elevated spiritually so you can feel closer to Allah maybe in ways that was not available to me and you outside of Ramadan.

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Allah gave you a few gifts in Ramadan.

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What do you want? And do you want this to continue afterwards? Are you willing? Do you have the desire?

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Do you want to say to yourself, whatever I have gained whatever I have enjoyed whatever blessings I had, I don't want them to stop after Ramadan. Are you willing to continue with them being in the lab or not?

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At the conclusion of Ramadan, some of the setup like olive Nabil thought about the Alo one the others would say to themselves, oh we wish we know who is accepted among us. So we would incorrect congratulate him and who is rejected so we would console him.

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We asked them to make us of those who are accepted and the conclusion of Ramadan.

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But for that also to happen a real sign of acceptance is transformation. And we'll discuss in sha Allah in the second part about how we can maintain some of that transformation after Ramadan, a holy moly how that was done.

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen

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without a can fee well suddenly was selama dasuki Mohamed Salah lawani you on earth he was happy he was in them and about

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what was available in Ramadan what a lot made possible for you and me and Ramadan happened to allow them because of three things happen because of Allah azza wa jal and his help

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happened because of your tablet and your iPad.

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And happened because of Alicia halaqa. Because you've gathered upon the obedience of Allah as the origin in one place, doing the same thing, three things and if you keep these three things after Ramadan, you'll be able to maintain at least some of what we have gained in Ramadan and maybe advanced beyond it.

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The first thing is the help of Allah has the origin. If you want, if you want protection, if you want to you want guidance, if you got one wisdom, whatever thing that you want, if you have a trouble and you want to overcome it, if you have a weakness and you want to overcome or whatever it is, as a law surgeon, because it is a law surgeon alone who made this possible.

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And it says Allah azza wa jal alone who can make transformation and change and piety and Russia in your life possible. So don't depend and trust yourself. depend on Allah zildjian Trust Allah. Allah helped me so every day and every more evening, every week, every July you keep asking Allah, Allah help me to maintain my he Allah helped me get closer to you helped me to obey me and obey you. Take me to heaven. Save me from hellfire.

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And the more that you make your close to Allah, Allah will help you and assist you. So depend on a lot and have to rely on him. The second thing that made it possible is your taqwa.

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When you worship Allah, you become stronger and more able to continue with worship and greater types of worship. When you worship Allah, you get closer to heaven.

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And your attention and your heart is taken away from the dunya and its attractions. When you worship Allah Allah who protects you from harm, and ease you into his mercy. So you have to think about what is my plan for the worship of Allah after I'm alone?

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We have plans for

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what are we going to eat? Who are we going to visit? places we're going to visit? We have plans for after eight. We have plans maybe for the entire summer. Now what are your plans after Ramadan when it comes to heaven and hell?

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What is your

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First of all,

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let me just emphasize a few acts of worship. Fasting, did not stop with Ramadan. Fasting has an incredible effect on your heart. In addition your body and on your relationship with Allah azza wa jal, it will cleanse you inside and outside. So let us try to institute and make it a routine like Ramadan became a routine for a lot of us. Let's try also to make part of our routine, the Monday or Thursday, fasting three days from every month. And if you start and you ask Allah to assist you, Allah will assist you and will become part of your life. So let's not start with Ramadan for fasting. And the six days of show well, because the prophets have a lot of you it was in them said

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if you fast this after Ramadan, it'll be counted as if you fasted the entire year. So six extra days after Ramadan, and it will be counted as if you asked for an entire year for Allah azza wa jal, very few days, but great rewards from Allah azza wa jal, and that is the incentive that Allah is giving you here Ramadan is over, I know and it's not an obligation on you, I you know, but those of you who want to compete and be better, here is more, are you willing to take that more and change your life, fasting,

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I want to emphasize also your Salah, the five daily prayers on time That goes without talking on time, because if you want a lot to protect you and to bless you that they have to be on time be vanilla, but what I want to emphasize is something extra, you've come to the message and you've seen its effect, you gathered with the believers and you've seen its effect. So coming to the Messenger of Allah as should also try, try and shall on ask Allah to assist you make it part of your routine. Once a day.

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You can make it the prayer, you can make it a prayer, any method that is close to you message that you're comfortable with. But say to yourself, I always want to be connected to the house of Allah has to make it your second home.

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And if it is your second home for some people, they will start liking it more than their own homes. So when you come to the house of Allah, Allah will assist you and help you it will strengthen you and your obedience will be able to be easier, your iPad will be easier, your telco will be easier. And you're able to do what Allah wants from you and stay away from Allah hates, stay connected to the houses of Allah.

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And with all of that,

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your focus in sha Allah will shift more towards the

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more toward what Allah wants and has sought for you in the next slide than this slide.

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There is a beautiful saying from a Buddha.

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Somebody came to visit him.

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They asked me to tell him, he came into his house. He says, Where is your furniture? Where's your stuff?

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He says in Atlanta Darren

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Medina, he says we have a house better than this house. We're sending all our furniture and stuff to it.

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He says lacking level data commitment, I imagine he is but you have to have something some stuff some furniture as long as you're living here. He says in Asahi bergmans. He did a a double energy to pee. He says the owner of this house is not going to let us stay in it does not allow this. What is he talking about?

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He's talking about two houses a house in this life and the house in the hereafter. When he's telling him Where is your furniture and stuff and belongings here? What is he telling him? It's saying I'm sending any data we think that I have today.

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That is my bedroom house in my permanent house. So think about this. Are you building your house over there only him and is your house here but they're unattended

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Your house over there.

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I'm sending everything over there. So he says, but you need something over here. He says the owner of the house won't let us stay in it. And who's the owner of the house?

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The house that you're living in, you're not the owner.

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As the Creator,

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when you come to the masjid when you read the Koran every day, and that's something another thing that I wanted to emphasize, don't sever your connection from the book of Allah has

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you been listening to it and reading it every day. If you want to put blessings in your life and in your family and in your children and in your money, there's no limit to these blessings. If you want to love to do this assigned to yourself from now, this is part of your plan. How much is the Quran do wanna read, start small few ones. Let's start with the page. But be consistent. Before I go to work before I go to school, I'm reading one page, I'm not leaving, like I eat my breakfast. I'm not leaving without reading this, or before I go to bed, I'm not going to bed before reading this, but be consistent. And then build on it and build on it. And you will find that you're always connected

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to Allah connected to the wisdom that Allah has deposited into hold on that that words of Allah in your heart, on your tongue in your ears protecting you, protecting your family, if you stay away from Allah and his house and his words and worshipping Him, what do you think the chiffon is going to do to you and he's going to be released after Ramadan, he's going to be attacking you ravaging you and your family and your loved ones. So you need a law surgeon in your life. So Ramadan is this short reminder is a very short reminder that you can do a lot. A lot can bless you. And you can advance and you can be live a spiritual life. And you can be the person that you want to be always

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dreamt that you want to be. You can be like the people that you read about in the books, but isn't it it's not a fantasy, it can happen. It can approximate what they're doing, but it needs a will and a resolve. And you know that you have that problem resolved. The only thing that you need is afterwards ask Allah azza wa jal, the second thing decide and the third plan and then act upon that plan. So we asked Allah has

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to accept from us whatever we have done in Ramadan, Allah accept all of our events in Ramadan, except our fasting and praying and Allah make us of those who are blessed and forgiven in the month of Ramadan. Those who are freed from Hellfire in the month of Ramadan You

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forgive us and bless us and our children and families and hundreds of us as he was he Allah make us of those who conclude the month of Ramadan with the best of deeds asking you for forgiveness make us the ultimate Island in war transformed after the month of Ramadan help us to stay connected to your mystery. Help us to stay connected to your book help us to stay connected to your cleanse our hearts yada yada cleanse our hearts from disease from arrogance, from envy from all types of disease and bring us closer to who you

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are we know that we have heart and heart a lot we know that our hearts are not so responsive to you. So we ask you a lot to bring life back to them. Yeah, love bringing light back to our hearts, revive our hearts so that when we hear your words and commands we respond to them and we hear about your prohibitions we run away from them and make us the mean of the people of gender. Grant is the highest levels of gender and protect us from Hellfire and us and all the above.

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masala got to come.

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Becoming Sheree Messiah

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Ruben Allah de

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la dee

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it in Marcy was the lead your island.

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Allah Allah Allah, Allah. Allah

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Allah Allah nee

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