Tafseer Bites 2022 – An Ayah that would change your life Annahl, Israa, Kahf

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The conversation covers various topics including recited emails, salt SR, and a "slacky place" in New Zealand. The importance of being optimistic and not complaining about computer issues is emphasized. The history of Islam is discussed, including the journey of Muhammad's journey, his desire for a pie and leash, his journey to the throne, and his journey to the throne. The importance of learning from Islamist teachings and finding the right person to help is emphasized.

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Today follow to hear that as

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you have heard from the daily email and as recited that completed solid and now we move to salt SR and after salt as well, we move to salt.

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I want to just maybe state a disclaimer before I move on with my I call it tavsiye bytes. The disclaimer is I am not

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given Huck to this stuff see, I am not giving it it's right. Because when you have only very like you have a time constraint, and then you want to give the seat before the slot for instance. So if the slot would take weeks, so to KEF will take maybe months if you want to go to the all the yard and the writing the lessons from it. So I want to know as allies my witness, I am not given half to disturb see. So as far as Forgive me, and also I asked for your patience.

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So these three souls are not natural means be in Arabic, and be with the bees, and then saw that slot as well to catch their own monkey solos. So Natalie is making but there's one area in it that is muddy area, it's verse number 110 Is the Madani area. But the in parcel is a murky solar, so it's sort of like a swamp. And so it's so that I'll, I'll cap, so what a nation is also called sort of a neon.

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And now it's known as sort of the neon Neon is the plural of nirvana or as you say, all met which means see, I have to I, I learned, although just because I can I need to speak although with my beloved vs. Yeah, but checkmate, checkmate, checkmate.

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You know, it's they have to add add data at the end. And, and the oh, if you want to speak although Shangela you always have to add Hey, at the end. Hey, like, yeah, hey, I'm gonna be Hey, you got to know you have to have the Hey, and then just before Sofia, is it true? You all laughing

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all right. All right. So what was I saying?

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The beat

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so often. So Allah subhanho wa Taala talks about the blessings now and his blessings, he first consulted, talk about the first name and then you have a way of Revelation. And then from Revelation, Allah subhanaw taala talks about the creation of the heavens and earth, the name of the heavens and earth, the name of

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the trician you know, when he says about an iron, and the animals that we are using, you know, to rise to eat from to drink from to make our clothing from

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the dynamic of

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our parents of our youth, takes so many dilemmas panel says verse number 17, what Intel doing and the philosophy that we can talk about all this, but you will not be able to enumerate these places, the blessings of Allah numerous you can count them, you can come to see analyzation and then Allah also says verse number 5253. About his Nam, he says Subhana wa Taala will not be convenient and nothing feminine Allah, any net that is bestowed upon you. It is from not yourself. It is from Allah. This demo of your job does not have your house the net amount of the car that you're driving the aroma of the roof that you have everything you cannot say it is all from me. I did it I deserve

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this because I worked hard. Yes, you work hard, but it is Allah subhanho wa Taala who blessed you with this with your health so that you're awake in the morning and go and provide for your families. So everything is from Allah subhanho wa Taala Yeah, and with Allah Xhosa

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what else from Florida in the health weekly?

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Nation why not? Why does Nam have in the hand why we why this was called The Big I have this beautiful example about looking into life with the eye of the bee versus the eye of the fly.

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What does that mean? Brothers and sisters?

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Told me please use chopsticks

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This was taken from my time now.

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What do you already find these

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words beehives where

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flowers Exactly. Where do you normally see flies?

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My trash who said trust

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I heard Yeah

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Give it to that boy not not the yellow T shirt give it to the boy next to the boy yeah

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he said it but give it to the boy so I say you need to look at life with the eye of the beat versus the eye on the fly be present be optimistic Don't be because he can it's easy to go complain. Complain about this computer it's always in that people always complaining, but you can yourself be optimistic and look at life with the eye of the bee versus the eye of the fly. And this is Eliza just calls it the you know this has been Allah has has ordered in the house was to be to take the inhabitants from or habitation from from from the mountain you can see be from telecom force and whatnot. They follow the order of us in return came out from them shut up a beautiful drink. And

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this thing this drink, it's called acid free. It has beautiful nutrition. No this acid this acid is you know is is Honey, honey, honey acid. So be like the bee. This isn't the head. So it's about what happens on your site. It's also an episode when the Prophet Muhammad went through Salama himself. When Prophet Muhammad went through so many difficulties and hardships, you know from his people from his own family from Polish, where he went to and he got stone from the people from the the lowest of the people have a bomb. And then you went back look, Prophet Muhammad he wanted a pie, but Allah subhanho wa Taala wanted the medina

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advice without being Medina, if they were to leave and support those who

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write, the Prophet Muhammad wanted the people of a five Allah who wanted the gem, because when Prophet Muhammad was coming back, you know, you embrace the standards delivered over five. So Prophet Muhammad was heartbroken Allah subhanho wa Taala wanted to mend his heart. So what happened? There are several reasons as to where the prophet was that night, when he believed came to him. I think he sat down with this animal unblock. And then they took him on he took him into this journey, amazing journey, the journey of LASR. And on May 1, they went to phosphate. Well, first they went to Epcot. And Prophet Muhammad did something amazing. What did he do before he entered beta? Notice he

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took the bullock? Do you know? What did he do?

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Before heavens

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he wants

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I owe you chocolate. I owe your chocolate I'll give you chocolate they are on fella but come to me after summer after the prayer. The Prophet Muhammad he took this he took the bullet the animal and then he took the leash and he tied it around the post before he entered the machine. The bullet was not delivered anywhere. The Barack had a mission stick Prophet Muhammad from Mecca to philosophy philosophy into the heavens and to come back it was not gonna go anywhere yet Prophet Muhammad, he took the means just like when you leave the car, when you left your car and you lock the deal, whether you left it open, go go if you left your car open, go back and lock it. So I'm not saying

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that you're gonna damage it. I'm just saying that the Prophet Muhammad took the means but he put his trust in the Lord of the Rings. And then he led the salah. And there were all these prophets of Allah doesn't have rocket, you know, and the Prophet Mohammed as was when he led the salah. And then she believes talking into that amazing journey now came into

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the ascending into the heavens whereby Prophet Muhammad by the way, who knows this answer quickly?

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What was the sisters on the sisters? They're just I'm sorry, I'm sorry sisters, what lamb sorry, I want to give you these brothers.

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The revelations you know Zakka

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Prophet Muhammad was in the masjid. Maybe he was in his home when the revelation came from Persia, in what house was when Allah subhanho wa Taala and give to him know the revelation of the Salah, in which house what house which of his wives

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and what house

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no house, there was not an Earth to the revelation, the revelation for the Sunnah at all the other commandments, all the other pillars, they were on Earth except a Salah, the Prophet Muhammad had to be ascended into the heavens to get the gift of the sun. So it's not it's not a must have talked about this, you know that this is law. And then after that advisors start talking about the aim and the struggle of universal law in and then how they have caused corruption on earth. And then Allah subhanaw taala talks about the do's and don'ts, some do's and some don'ts. What have talked to the auditor, the quote at the top was Xena in the whole kind of fashion was set as a vida what

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Allah who we live with, don't approach Xena don't even come close to Xena. What TOCOM we say don't come and sing Allah says when we can come to

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Also something is going to lead you to Zina. Just a lot of do's and don'ts don't spend extravagantly in all these and then at the end ALLAH SubhanA wa Isasa, talking about the virtues, the merits of the book of ALLAH SubhanA. Allah with Adam, and now full of this quickly. It's amazing as well. You almost love

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your love, don't you? It's it's a, it's a sorter that has four stories, four stories. The first story is the story of the people of the calf. Some boys, around 17 1618 years old, you know, some of them, we don't even know that number, were there five, or six or seven, how many were there. They happen to live in a time where in the room was where there was this man, you know, who was a ferocious son of a dictator, man, his name is the Kenyatta. And then they stood up and then they went, and then Elijah, they go to them to deserve to take themselves out into the staff to display and they know about the miracle of the kingdom. And then the second story is the story of the two

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gardens. Allah has blessed this man with lots of wealth, what did he do with this wealth, he attributed all that he has looked to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, but to himself. And then the third story is the story of Musa and

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and the story teaches you and I about the belief in the power of Allah, and to accept that sometimes things happen to us. And we wonder why. And you may say, Have I not worn my hijab? I wouldn't have lost my job. She was not wearing a t shirt. But then when she decided to wear her hijab, she lost her job that day, when you decided to come to further intermission, you got into an accident, you know, or you had a ticket or whatnot. Sometimes you don't understand why certain things happened to why I don't deserve this. You may say, Musa alayhis salam he did not have certain answers, he went and then you have a word and he racked this boat. And then why did you rock the boat? The people

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were nice to us. Why did you rock the boat? Iran, he went to explain to him that in fact, this boat, you know, if we were to leave it as is who would have gone and reached his land and this land leave this man who was this dictator, he would have taken the boat and killed us all. So sometimes you don't understand certain things maybe Allah isn't has seen you from maybe cause you to have to go to some sort of hardship to save you from a bigger evil. And then the fourth story is the study of the domain. Brothers and sisters. Why is four stories and what do they have in common? They're talking about Phaeton temptations.

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The first fitna is the fitna of

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a beam, the figure of

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the people of the gap. The second fitna is the fitna of a man, the thickness of wealth, the people of the province. The third fitna is the fitna of

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the people of the enemy. Because Musa was asked, Who is the most knowledgeable man on earth, he says I and Allah wanted to teach you know, it's not your God.

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This is the third fifth now, the fourth fitna is the fitna of power. So

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he was a powerful man but he was righteous and he was with us to help people. Today we see that this is why Allah Associates is the Prophet when he says that he is full of the test. If you were to do so as if you were to memorize the list of sorts of tests, you shall be saved from the fitna. As the JAG you see the connection at the jet was the sisters. Lastly, an ayah that would save your life.

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And I AI that will take your life. Verse number 23

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Or you want it is 23 when she doesn't

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even know how 2323 So Allah subhana wa Dionysus work on a book I love Allah who

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will follow up book

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in May a new one. That kind of Ebola I don't know

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what turn her woman welcome.

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Karima Your Lord has decreed that you wish if not by him and it'd be good to your parents.

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That would change your life that you honor your parents that you become to your parents in my younger Ohana and that helped Kibera I have the home out Isla Houma but a couple Lahoma of what they reach a certain age maybe now they don't need your help. They can shovel the snow themselves over you to do it yourself. You know although they can do their own things on their own. They don't need you maybe they don't need you at this time but when they reach a certain age

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for adequate Lahoma in what I've done haha man don't even say all again.

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Me all Dad Oh man even that, Oh, don't say your father who worked full time, part time over time to provide for you your mother who believe her dreams for your dreams, the most beloved title, listen to this and write it down in gold, your mother your most beautiful title on Earth after the title of MDF profits for me is my

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mother own book oh look among your mother, your mother, your mother.

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When your mother travels for Hezbollah as I may have said he had before you don't have to tell her or remind your mom please make the effort. In fact she's born in the making for you, your mother, you can never pay them back your parents for other other book and let them do what they do every day. Yes And your Lord has decreed that you wish not but him and you'll be good to your parents. May Allah subhana wa Tada bless our parents, may Allah subhana wa Tada bestow His blessings upon our parents. May Allah raise our parents in the highest level occasion. May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant our parents the companionship of Prophet Mohammed, EJ, man, those amongst us who stands out

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alive, I asked him for guidance. I ask Allah to bless them. I ask Allah Subhana Allah Allah to the warden in this dunya to reward them in Africa. Those amongst us whose parents have passed away I asked the bus driver mercy upon their souls.

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And Zach Moffat again. I'm so sorry. I took so much time this time. I promise I won't do it again. Is that