Myth 5 A Good Partner Can Always Read His Or Her Spouse’s Mind

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the myth of a good partner being able to read their minds and their spouse's mind. They explain that as human beings, we are limited in our understanding and that we need to learn to communicate our needs and communicate our needs. The speaker emphasizes the importance of being a good partner and being a practical person in life.
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Continue with our marriage segment on the program and today we are looking at Myth number five. But before that, let's do a quick recap of yesterday's discussion yesterday we discussed must number four, which reads a good partner assumes that nothing will change in his or her relationship. Now, we explained that as husband and wife we go through different phases of our marriages, etc, etc. And the marriage takes different turns at different phases of our of our journey, and we have to adapt accordingly. Today we are looking at Myth number five and it reads, a good partner can always read his or her spouse's mind.

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A good partner can always read his or her spouse's mind, we have to understand that as human beings, we are limited, we cannot see the scene. So we are not highly motivated because Shahada, that quality only belongs to Allah subhanaw taala where Allah knows the future, Allah can read minds, Allah subhanaw taala says, Well, we are level mirto Fie, Sudoku, Allah knows whatever is consumed in your heart. So Allah is the only being that is able to read your mind, your soul, whatever is going through your heart. Besides a law, there is no one else. So as husband and wife, we have to understand that we're not mind reader's.

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The reason why I say this is very often you find partners frustrated with each other, but manana. I expect him to know. I expect him to know what is it?

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You know, I thought I thought you knew you're not I got frustrated because I thought you knew about it. So we have to learn to communicate our needs, emphatically, we have to say it is easy. We don't have to beat around the bush. And we don't have to expect our partners to read our minds. So you know what the thought do? A man by the feather and he thought a chicken would grow. That's the meaning of thought. So you come in the house, and your wife is talking to you.

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she expects you to read her mind. Her husband asked what's wrong?

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And they get a dead silence? Yes, like What's wrong? Yeah. And he's asking, honey, you want to tell me what's wrong.

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And she doesn't speak. And after the fight is over,

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I expect you to read my mind, I expect you to know it. Well, hello, he hasn't received that credential from Allah subhanaw taala. We can read the minds of people. Only Allah subhanaw taala can read minds. So when you have a need, don't expect your partner to read it from your mind. express yourself. Honey, I'd like to get this done today. How do you feel about it? That's the way to communicate your needs. Instead of waiting and thinking that my astute partner will just pick it up and pick up the hint. And he will able to read my mind. Some people are good at reading the mind. Now indeed. But nobody can get it 100% accurate. And likewise, the situation can be turned around

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towards the husband, also the wife, the husband expects the wife to understand whatever he's going through and whatever his needs are, and whatever is in his mind, that is also being selfish. She cannot read your mind. You have to tell her what's happening. If something is bothering you, you need to tell her you can't say stay quiet and expect

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her to read your mind or you to read her mind. So we need to understand

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that we need to get into the habit of communicating our needs. We are not mind reader's, we are human beings, we are limited in our understanding. So we need each other to speak when something is bothering us. Or when we require something from our partners. It's simple as that. But the military complicate matters and we expect our partners to understand and read our mind, then we have been just too selfish and we expecting too much out of this relationship. So be pragmatic in life. Be practical, and it is something on your mind. You speak something is bothering you, you speak. If you want something you speak. Don't expect your partner to read your mind. Like I said the men a better

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The feather and he thought the chicken would grow. So that's the nature of thoughts. So today's myth is a good partner can always read his or her spouse's mind that is a myth. Leave it as a myth. Don't make it part of reality.