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The Faith Of The Prophets Before…

Episode 15: Everyone’s faith is occasionally challenged by doubt. Even the prophets had their moments. By immediately reminding ourselves that God is sufficient for us and is the best disposer of our affairs, these doubts can strengthen our faith rather than damage it.

Ramadan 2017

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So now when it comes down to low but a council Welcome back to the faith revival. The greatest inspiration that we have is the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and he often was inspired by the prophets that came before him, and wanted us to also be inspired by those prophets. He mentioned sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in one Hadith Nunu, I have COVID shacman Ibrahim, we have more right to doubt than Ibrahim when Ibrahim said Robbie Allah you're here where you meet areni kafer to heal Mota. Oh my lord who gives life and who gives death? Show me how you give life and give death. A lost parents I responded Oh lm tournament. Do you not believe already? Don't you already have EMA

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Allah Bella when I can the ultimate in Punjabi Brahim and Islam said yes. But I just want my heart to be even put further at ease. So the prophets lie. Some said we have the right to also ask Allah subhanaw taala at times, or to have those feelings Ibrahim had those feelings, we too will have those feelings sometimes. And that's why this was a big ibises favorite eye on the Koran. Because intellectually increasing yourself and knowledge allows you to feel more at comfort with your faith. And Mujahid Rahim Allah said about this ayah that Ibrahim was saying I want my email to be further increased. So it's I do have faith. But I want my faith to even be further increase. So the prophets

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lie some praised Ibrahim it has Salaam for for for the way that he asked that question and for the way that he answered. Then he said And may Allah have mercy on Luther alayhis salaam, he wished to have a you know a powerful ally someone to support him, but he was all alone in his city. And then he says, and if I was to stay in prison, as long as use of it his Salaam steak legette today, I would have responded to the caller. What is the profit slice i mean by that when Yusuf was in prison, and his you know, the Malik the king wanted his dream interpreted and use of provided the correct dream interpretation. And he sent someone to take use of honey his salon out use of it his

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the lamb said I will not come out until my innocence is established. So I need those people that got me in here. I want my dignity to be restored, I want my innocence to be established. Because if I get out because of you know something that I'm able to offer, as opposed to being innocent of the charges that were thrown at me, then it will not be sincere. So the prophets lie some was admiring the trust in Allah that use of Heidi's lamb had, after all those years in prison, still, he said that I want to have my name cleared. And I want to come out with all of those charges that were brought against me cleared and my innocence being established. Now of course in the province. I'm

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said today that I would have answered the call there. The prophets lie Selim is praising the attitude of use of Allah His Salaam as opposed to actually saying, you know if he was in that situation, that he would have responded to that dairy, in another Hadith, the Prophet slicin and points to a very practical tip for how we deal with challenges to our faith. Because it is often in those moments of adversity, that we find a strength in our faith, that meat we perhaps did not even know was there. So he said sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, that has to be a law whenever Mel Joaquin was said by Ibrahim alayhis salaam when he was thrown into the fire has been Allah whenever men were

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killed, meaning a lot is sufficient for us. And he is the best Disposer of our affairs allows enough for me. And Allah is the is the best Disposer of my affairs. So he said Ibrahim said haspin Allah netland were killed when he was thrown into the fire. So this is narrated by Ebony bustle the Alon and then he said that it was said to Mohammed sallallahu wasallam and to his companions in the nasaka Gemma hula conflict show him that this humongous army is mobilizing against you. So fear fear of them. And Allah said that to him he Nana that all it did was it increased their faith while calling who has been on law when their men were killed and they said Allah is sufficient for us and

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Allah is the best Disposer of our affairs. So they've been our boss was saying that this is what Allah strengthen Ibrahim with this is what allowed his faith to increase was his saying even in those moments has been allowed in Amador que Allah is enough for us and allows the best dispose of our affairs and with the profit slice among his companions, when they were threatened with massacre. What they responded with was heslin Allah when Airmen were killed, last sufficient for us and He is the best Disposer of our affairs and their faith was only increased then by the challenge. What this tells us is that when our faith is challenged, if we immediately resort to has been a law in there

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Loki, Allah is sufficient for us and is the best dispose of our affairs. We too would find that our faith would increase in ways that it would not increase in our times of prosperity for often in times of hardship that's where we find our relationship with Allah subhana wa tada for hustlin Allah when everyone will kill May Allah subhana wa tada always be our, our protector and May Allah subhanho wa Taala always be the best Disposer of our affairs as we call upon him haspin Allah when everyone will keep with full trust in Him, and May Allah subhanaw taala protect us against those that wish to do us harm and those that seek to decrease our faith or take us away from our faith

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alumna. I mean, does that mean well Hayden was said I want to go home to my home, but accounts