Abu Hafsa – Our Obligation in non Muslim Countries

Abu Hafsah
AI: Summary © The speakers emphasize the importance of sharing Islam with neighbors and avoiding confusion and chaos. They stress the need for quick response to needs and calls, the importance of being fit into one's own culture, and the use of cell phones for gaining access to information and social media. The speakers also emphasize the importance of giving people permission to speak the same way in court, and the need for everyone to be present and not allow anyone to enter Islam. They also mention a mobile clinic for medical students and a program for homeless people in the area.
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in handy when you want to stay in a home.

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I'm Christina, c'est

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vie de la

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ilaha illallah wa de la sharika wash. Mohammed Abu Salatu was

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Today's topic

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is an interesting one, it deals with what is it? The youth, the youth obligation to do down in the Western countries that is?

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Well, I have a tendency to do this. And I want to, because this, this topic kind of puts the youth in the hot seat doesn't.

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So that the elders can just kind of sit back and go,

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they should do it.

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I'm going to change this up a little bit. And say, the obligation of the Muslim community to give dow in the Western countries

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because it isn't all on the youth Actually, it's not.

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If we chose to come here

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and live here and benefit from the country here and benefit from the people here. Then we have an obligation we have taken onto ourselves, the obligation to share Islam with them.

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Allah subhana wa tada has said,

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Yeah, are you a nurse? Yeah, you will know about como la vi Hola, como la Vina publikum la la.

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Oh, people worship your Lord,

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who created you. And those before you that you may gain taqwa.

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Allah didn't just say, oh, Arabs, or old Irish people are all Indians are all Pakistanis are Africans. He said, Oh, humanity.

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Therefore, humanity has a right

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to hear at least, and experience this message of Islam.

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And those of us

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who decided to come here, have taken unto ourselves the obligation of sharing it.

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Whether it be that you decided to come here from Canada, like I did, whether it be that you decided to come here from whatever country that you came from, and I want to just change it a little bit and flip this idea for you, just so that you can see it from their point of view in shower, because I used to be one of them.

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If you want to use the word that I don't like to really use that one. But if you want to say it that way, I used to be a non Muslim, at one point.

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And I want you to just visualize yourself for a second.

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And I use this story a lot. If you want to just visualize yourself living in your own country.

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You go to work every day, and you come home. Every night.

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You have your family, you have your wife, you have your kids, and you have your home.

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And you're living there, relatively normal.

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And all of a sudden,

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a day comes when some new people move in to your neighborhood.

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They don't speak like you.

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They don't talk like you, they don't eat the same things that you eat, and they don't pray the same way that you pray.

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And you watch them a curiosity

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from your house, and you may look at them out of your window, you know, just observing them and you don't know really anything about them. And they don't really talk to you that much. Except when they want you to buy something from them.

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And they build these huge buildings

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they build these huge buildings that they don't even really invite you in.

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They kind of build it for themselves. And they, you know, they go and come all hours of the day and night, five times a day.

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On Friday afternoons, they fill up the place. They have some programs where they you know,

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apparently they didn't eat for the whole day. So they cook food and they go to these buildings and they don't share with you. They don't invite you to that place.

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You're curious but you're kind of shy because you don't really know if you should go in or not. Because they don't really invite you anyway, they don't talk

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To you, they don't speak the same language as you do.

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So time goes by and one day

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you decide to turn on your TV.

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And you see these people on your TV who look like your neighbor?

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And they are.

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Let's be gentle, they are causing some disturbance.

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Let's be gentle and say it that way.

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You will wonder to yourself, are my neighbors like that? Will my neighbors disturb my neighborhood?

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What would you think about your neighbors? If the only thing that you see about them generally isn't good?

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You would look at them, and you would be very suspicious of them. You would wonder why are these people here? What do they want here?

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And what are they going to do with us while they're here?

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Now you and I know that Islam is a religion of peace, and of justice. You and I know that.

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The problem is, is that there are a few million people out there who don't know that.

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So we have this obligation to at least share it with them, and show them that even if they don't accept Islam, and you don't embrace Islam, that hamdulillah they are safe with us. And may Allah keep Australia safe with us and keep us safe in Australia.

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And only one brother said I mean,

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So this is the way we we have to understand it from their angle. But it's not always as easy as that because Allah subhana wa tada actually made it very simple for us to call the people back from the worship of the creation to the worship of the Creator. homosassa sent my argument Jebel rhodiola and Yemen.

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And he told him, he said, you're gonna encounter people in Yemen, who are people of the book?

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Kind of like the Jews and the Christians that you have here.

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So he told he told him, What is that noise?

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Pan American nuts.

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He told them he said Jerome and Yoko La ilaha illAllah called them until they say that there is no god worthy of worship except Allah. This is the beginning of

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hijab doesn't matter if it's not done for the sake of Allah, beards, goats can grow beards.

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If it's not done for the sake of Allah, it doesn't matter Salah five times a day, if you're praying to a statue, it doesn't matter. The cornerstone in the center of Islam is and always will be the oneness of Allah.

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The oneness, the complete oneness of Allah, this is what brought me into Islam.

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And this is what will bring insha Allah, other people into well, Islam as well.

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Because most people will tell you that they believe in God.

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In fact, it is irrational and illogical not to believe in God.

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The uncaused cause of all things, if you want to put it in that term, the creator of all things created, everything has to have a starting point.

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Something cannot come from nothing.

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There has to be a cause, the creator of this entire universe, and that is Allah subhana wa Tada. It is also rational, that this creator should be one.

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Because to have to all powerful is unnecessary repetition,

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to have to creators that are all wise, it is unnecessary repetition. the oneness of a law makes perfect sense.

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And if you want to show them an idea, if you show them the analogy of the cell phone, your cell phone is made out of glass. It's made out of plastic. And it's made out of some other materials, most of which are found in a desert.

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You would ask someone, if I go to a desert and I find a cell phone? Does it make sense that the cell phone accidentally was created out of the sand and, you know randomly came into effect with all the nice keys and all the buttons in place? Or would it make sense that this cell phone was left here by someone who made it

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In a factory,

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it is logical to give power to people with the oneness of Allah and that a lot exists and that he is one.

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It is also logical as in homicide Salim said, a devil woman, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah,

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Allah, that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah, Allah would never

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allow would never leave us here.

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To do nothing, Allah would never just abandon us here for no purpose.

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Because that would be completely unfair. And a lot is the just an item.

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It is unjust for us just to be here and have to figure out a way around this place. In order to get back to Japan, insha Allah, where a lot to Ana sent us from in the first place with our father, Adam, it's not fair. And a lot is the adjust. So a lot would send us what we call revelation,

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a book of some source, whether it be the Torah, whether it be the Injeel, whether it is whether it be the board, whether it be at the end of the day, the Koran, which is the only book that is in its entirety right now. But Hamdulillah, and the last of all revelations,

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Allah would send us an instructional manual, if you want to simplify it,

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instructing us how to live here, how to worship Him and how to deal with each other.

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On top of that, he would send us an example.

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Because you could pick up any book and figure it out by yourself. And then I could pick up the same book and get a very different interpretation of that book. So Allah Subhana, WA, tada, sent us the messenger hammer sallallahu wasallam, as our human example,

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that he is our example. He is our teacher, he is our human example of the Quran. And we have the Quran and we have the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, both of whom both of which came from a loss of Hannah horchata. That is what you're calling them to.

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That is what you are calling them to, whether it be through lectures like this,

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whether it be through training sessions, that you would have a much more, you know, intense training session for the whole day to learn how to talk to people and to learn what to say to them in those in within those forms of data, whether it be through your social activities, because this actually goes a long way further than giving a speech, how you behave in the community, how do you take care of the needy people here?

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We are quick, and we should be quick to respond to the call of people overseas, we should do that. I'm not saying that we shouldn't do that. But we should also be quick to respond to the call of the needy people in the country that we take benefit from.

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Whether it be Australia, whether it be Canada, whether it be England, America, or wherever it is that we may reside, we should be quick to respond to the needs of the needy people from in the country that we reside.

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Because this is a part of Islam as well. Hammer Solo is Allah didn't only stand on a member and shout at people.

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He was a social reformer.

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In the city of Medina,

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he completely changed the landscape of the world by the permission of Allah with his behavior.

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And this is on the heads of every one of us, not just the youth, and not just the elders, and not just the new Muslims and not just the old Muslims, not just the brothers and not just the sisters, the sisters actually have a better idea of Tao than we do because they wear it every day on their heads.

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They wear it every single day and they come out of their houses wearing it every single day. And almost every single day. Many of them are told to go back to their country, but their country is here.

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So they get this they actually understand this. And whenever we did do a dow Of course in Canada, most of the people that came out were sisters.

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And most of the sisters that came out took notes while the brothers came out and just kind of sat waiting to be entertained.

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Okay, brother, tell us what to say to the Christian. Like self defense martial arts class you tell us how to defend against the gun. basically tell us what to say against the Hindus tell us what to say against the Jews. Tell us what to say against the atheist. It is the same dollar basically

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dome annual ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasul Allah, that to call them to the oneness of Allah.

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And that Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam is the Messenger of Allah. All things in Islam come from that.

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Everything Islam comes from that. Why do you get up at 5am? At 4am? In Canada, it's going to be 3:30am when I get home, to pray for God.

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Why? Because you don't need sleep.

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No, you get up to do that, because the last panel Tyler told you to.

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So be very sincere when you call them the people and keep it there.

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They'll ask you about 100 different things don't answer 100 different questions. Keep it there.

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Why do people believe you have to come from your woman not?

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Because a lot told themselves?

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Why do you even pray five times a day? He's a lot taller. So why do you people fast in the month of Ramadan? So I told her so don't start talking about fasting as well. It's a good way to lose weight and who keep you slim as well, they see that most of us actually gain weight. And

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that theory is kind of going out the window.

00:16:15 --> 00:16:19

Why do you fasten them about a law said so keep it there.

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Keep it there?

00:16:22 --> 00:16:31

Well, our women should be modest, and that's why they wear the hijab. Okay, well, the woman who doesn't cover her head is awesome if she could walk in you have to be naked.

00:16:33 --> 00:16:42

But it's the idea is that it's a wise idea of modesty. That's why she does it. Because our Lord Subhana Allah told herself

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but there are a few things that we should start with.

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Believe it I've been here 15 minutes in

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a clean intention.

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In Alabama.

00:17:03 --> 00:17:10

You are not calling people to the oneness of Allah in order to get something from them.

00:17:12 --> 00:17:18

Some brothers will find the most beautiful girl in the street and give her a dowel so that they could marry her.

00:17:19 --> 00:17:23

This actually happens Oh, my girlfriend wants to take Shahada.

00:17:24 --> 00:17:34

I've actually heard of that of a sister doing the same thing in Canada. She'll get her boyfriend to take Shahada so that they can perform the niqab.

00:17:35 --> 00:17:40

And he'll be on the TV saying things like oh, I just said there are magic words and I got the girl

00:17:42 --> 00:17:55

I've actually seen this on the TVs are the guys there is you know why Canadian guy in the sisters is there and she's giggling with him. They're making a fool of myself while I just said their Shahada thing, Shahada thing.

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And I you know, I just said those magical words that they say in this Arabic language verse and I know I got the girl so I guess it's worth it. And he's laughing and she's laughing.

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A pure intention, you are calling the people to the oneness of Allah so that number one inshallah, they will enter Islam and be forgiven.

00:18:18 --> 00:18:23

inshallah, if they don't, you're calling them so that it will be off of your head.

00:18:26 --> 00:18:28

When you prepare for court,

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you know, if you haven't been to court, you will get a lawyer and you'll pay a lot of money. I know that personal experience.

00:18:38 --> 00:18:52

You'll pay a lot of money. And you'll you know, stay up and try to get your evidences together. dates, you'll spend money doing all these different preparations so that when you come to court, you are ready.

00:18:55 --> 00:19:00

prepared, even put on a suit. Some brothers even shave their beard off. look good in court.

00:19:04 --> 00:19:11

Well, there's another court. There are two courts. Actually, there's a court of law in this world.

00:19:12 --> 00:19:14

And then there's the court of law

00:19:15 --> 00:19:15

in an ashram

00:19:19 --> 00:19:20

and how would it be

00:19:22 --> 00:19:27

if you came in front of Allah subhana wa Tada. And you will come in front of the last panel. That is true.

00:19:29 --> 00:19:31

And there are a bunch of Australians

00:19:33 --> 00:19:35

who are following behind you.

00:19:36 --> 00:19:42

Saying that I Why will you put us in jail in America, these people lived with us.

00:19:44 --> 00:19:55

They live with us for 20 years, 30 years, 4050 years. They had kids in the country that we call home as well. And they didn't invite us. Don't put us in Jannah start with that.

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At least give the people the right to say no.

00:20:04 --> 00:20:09

If they don't want Islam 100 a lot of blood. I mean, we don't force anyone to enter anything.

00:20:11 --> 00:20:13

We don't force anyone to enter Islam is all right.

00:20:15 --> 00:20:18

is right. Brother the right, answer me, man. Come on.

00:20:20 --> 00:20:23

We don't force anyone. Did anyone force me to enter Islam? No.

00:20:24 --> 00:20:27

No one forced me to enter some I didn't enter some to get married.

00:20:30 --> 00:20:37

So no one forces anyone to enter Islam, but you give them the option so that they can at least say no.

00:20:38 --> 00:20:52

So then it's off of your head. It's off of your case, because you tried your best you did what you could do in order to spread this deal. because let me tell you something, this may not go well with a lot of us.

00:20:54 --> 00:20:59

But I'm saying it to myself first, we owe a lot of people.

00:21:01 --> 00:21:02

We do

00:21:03 --> 00:21:03

think some

00:21:04 --> 00:21:05

things are wrong.

00:21:06 --> 00:21:08

We owe a lot of people.

00:21:10 --> 00:21:11

Least of all,

00:21:12 --> 00:21:13

the speaker

00:21:14 --> 00:21:15

not mean necessarily.

00:21:17 --> 00:21:18

But the speaker

00:21:19 --> 00:21:20

who travels

00:21:22 --> 00:21:33

from city to city, status state, country to country, continent to continent. And he's made it a point to do that for the rest of his life.

00:21:37 --> 00:21:43

And I'll use myself as an example here, because I can only actually speak for myself in this way. I'm from where Where am I from?

00:21:45 --> 00:21:48

Canada. All right. So where's my family in?

00:21:50 --> 00:21:53

Canada? Do you know where Canada is?

00:21:54 --> 00:21:56

It's across the Pacific Ocean.

00:21:57 --> 00:22:08

And it is the my family's actually on the east coast of the eastern part of the continent. So when I come here, I have to cross the ocean. And I have to cross the continent in my atomism.

00:22:09 --> 00:22:11

almost eight o'clock 730.

00:22:14 --> 00:22:16

In my house, let's say it's 730.

00:22:19 --> 00:22:24

In my house right now, it is 10 to six in the morning.

00:22:28 --> 00:22:37

So when we travel here, and not only here, but anyway that we travel, we put our families aside,

00:22:39 --> 00:22:54

we put our lives aside, we put our homes aside, and we come to Australia or to Canada or to South Africa or to Kenya or to England or to America in order to motivate you.

00:22:57 --> 00:22:59

We take grief from airport security

00:23:01 --> 00:23:02


00:23:03 --> 00:23:10

my personal friends love them very much. Right? We take grief, from customs.

00:23:12 --> 00:23:16

We take crap from the non Muslim newspapers most of the time.

00:23:17 --> 00:23:23

I often said that the Muslims think the speakers are superhuman, while the non Muslims think we're subhuman.

00:23:25 --> 00:23:25


00:23:26 --> 00:23:32

We take all this on our heads in order to motivate you, that's a small group of people. Number two,

00:23:35 --> 00:23:36

the people of Australia

00:23:37 --> 00:23:40

and hungry hamdulillah Allah guided Allah guide each and every one of them.

00:23:41 --> 00:23:47

Because they give you freedom to speak this way over here, with the permission of Allah.

00:23:48 --> 00:23:53

I couldn't say the things that I say in a Muslim country, you think

00:23:55 --> 00:23:58

right, deep in jail, quick.

00:23:59 --> 00:24:02

I don't speak against the government. But in some of our countries, you don't have to.

00:24:04 --> 00:24:22

So they've given us with the permission of a lot the freedom to function in an easy way in a comfortable way. We can build centers, we can build schools, we can build massage, and we can operate with with with some sort of autonomy in these countries.

00:24:24 --> 00:24:27

Some countries even Hash it out in family disputes.

00:24:28 --> 00:24:43

We can do that with the permission of Allah. We can have halau restaurants that are ours that belong to us in the community. We can have halau businesses, we can run things without problems as long as we don't break the law. So we owe them for that.

00:24:47 --> 00:25:00

This country, just like Michael was just like Canada opens the doors to us on a consistent basis, even though I don't know about here. But even though in Canada at least there's a small movement to stop

00:25:00 --> 00:25:01

Muslim immigration. Did you know that?

00:25:02 --> 00:25:03

Do you have that here?

00:25:05 --> 00:25:07

You have it here, it's a small movement is all right.

00:25:08 --> 00:25:11

Hopefully it'll stay small. Hopefully it'll go away.

00:25:12 --> 00:25:17

It's only going to go away if the Muslims give them a reason to send it or

00:25:18 --> 00:25:21

to send it away. So the people of Australia

00:25:23 --> 00:25:25

number three, the Sahaba.

00:25:28 --> 00:25:28

The Sahaba

00:25:32 --> 00:25:33

wrote the Allahu anhu.

00:25:35 --> 00:25:36

who struggled,

00:25:38 --> 00:25:59

who struggled through the Battle of better through the Battle of hurt through taboo through the hegira, both of the hedgerows, the first one to Africa, the second one to Medina, the Sahaba, who stood behind their Prophet sallallahu wasallam, even though they could not see the one who they believed in somehow.

00:26:02 --> 00:26:05

You owe them we owe them I owe them

00:26:07 --> 00:26:08

because they've suffered.

00:26:09 --> 00:26:11

They used to eat the

00:26:12 --> 00:26:17

leather from there, she's just so that this message could eventually come to us.

00:26:21 --> 00:26:23

And we all demand himself.

00:26:24 --> 00:26:26

Hammer soul wireless and

00:26:27 --> 00:26:32

who took this message by the permission of Allah, under great difficulty?

00:26:35 --> 00:26:39

Can you imagine someone else panatela telling you that

00:26:40 --> 00:26:46

he wanted to throw himself from the mountain civili there was some that he thought he was going crazy.

00:26:49 --> 00:26:56

Telling Khadija to cover him he didn't know what it was that he was receiving from above seven heavens.

00:26:58 --> 00:26:59

Losing Khadija

00:27:01 --> 00:27:02

the amazing

00:27:05 --> 00:27:09

you know, protector that he had in her world, the law losing her

00:27:11 --> 00:27:24

losing, losing everything until he had to go and also live in the desert until the people of Medina took him in. So a lot of them you owe him, I owe him. And most importantly of all,

00:27:26 --> 00:27:51

you owe an i O Allah subhanho wa Taala. The one who gave you this in the first place, the one who from above seven heavens revealed a complete way of life to Mohammed salatu salam who taught it to in Sahaba to pass it on to the Tabby alien, and attach it all the way through the centuries until it reached you and me.

00:27:55 --> 00:28:08

We all every single one of those people, all of them. And of course, we don't say that a lot as a person, but after them, we owe the one who put the sun in its place the King of kings, Allah subhana wa Tada.

00:28:10 --> 00:28:12

So we are in tremendous debt.

00:28:14 --> 00:28:21

And I'll close with this. You may ask yourself, well, who cares? If they What do I need to tell them anything? Who cares?

00:28:24 --> 00:28:24


00:28:26 --> 00:28:27

let's pretend again.

00:28:29 --> 00:28:31

What happened? What would have happened? Let's say

00:28:32 --> 00:28:35

that the companions of the Prophet SAW silent,

00:28:37 --> 00:28:41

went to a shop, which they did.

00:28:43 --> 00:28:46

And they said, Who cares about these people? Are

00:28:48 --> 00:28:55

these Lebanese, Jordanian? Syrian? Who cares for us too? Who cares? Maybe they would have said that, what would you be now?

00:28:58 --> 00:29:01

hamdulillah they didn't say that. And you are here and you are Muslims?

00:29:04 --> 00:29:10

What happens if the Messenger of Allah saw send them send people to have the signia? And he did.

00:29:12 --> 00:29:26

And they said to the Africans who care? You people who cares if you become Muslims? I don't care. Let me just take the money from Abyssinia. Yes, let me just build the business. I'll just get these people to buy from me. And that's it and cares.

00:29:27 --> 00:29:32

Who cares? The whole area would have been the same way it was

00:29:34 --> 00:29:40

that whole area Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalia, all the way down through all the way throughout Africa because it started there.

00:29:42 --> 00:29:45

And at Hamdulillah, Africa now has

00:29:46 --> 00:29:49

millions of Muslims because they cared those people care

00:29:51 --> 00:29:55

what would have happened if the people who brought Islam to India

00:29:57 --> 00:30:00

so who cares about those people

00:30:01 --> 00:30:04

I'll just choose the prettiest girl give her Shahada and that's it.

00:30:07 --> 00:30:18

Well, hamdulillah they care. So you, brothers and sisters from the subcontinent, you are where you are, you are in Islam from the guidance of a lot, because also the people care.

00:30:22 --> 00:30:29

So I'm not asking you to do a lot. I'm asking you, by the, by the permission of Allah to care.

00:30:31 --> 00:30:38

care enough to share with these people in a good way with your good character that I know you have.

00:30:40 --> 00:30:44

I know you have it. Worldwide, you have it.

00:30:45 --> 00:30:50

Because if one sister didn't care, I wouldn't be where I am.

00:30:53 --> 00:31:10

A sister took my Shahada in 1996. Why? Because she cared. She wanted me to learn about Islam, she was encouraging me to learn about Islam. And now she gets the ledger and the reward for every single thing that I do now in Islam, every single good deed, I keep the mistakes to myself.

00:31:12 --> 00:31:42

But she gets old, every talk, whether it be in Canberra, Australia, Melbourne, Australia, Sydney, Australia, Dublin, Ireland, Nairobi, Kenya, San Diego, California, London, England, Toronto, Canada, and the list can go on and on and on and on. She gets to adjust for that. And then hamdulillah Vladimir, I managed during one of those trips to Kenya to give my own wife, her Shahada. So we keep passing it on and on and on, as long as the law will allow us to do so.

00:31:48 --> 00:31:52

My final statement, and I will, I will close inshallah, and give the floor to

00:31:55 --> 00:32:03

take some initiative, younger brothers as well as older brothers, younger sisters, as well as older sisters, form groups of people

00:32:05 --> 00:32:06

that are going to do this work.

00:32:09 --> 00:32:11

I can help you but I can't do it for you.

00:32:12 --> 00:32:16

You have to do it yourself. You live here. I don't. I'm leaving on Saturday.

00:32:18 --> 00:32:21

And then on Monday, I'm going home for a little while.

00:32:22 --> 00:32:24

My mom's visiting I guess that's the reason to go.

00:32:27 --> 00:32:37

Although guy or she didn't take her Shahada as yet, but we'll keep we'll keep trying with her. But she did say that Islam made me her son, the best dad on the planet and the best man that she's ever met.

00:32:38 --> 00:32:42

So her heart is soft. I don't know that I am that. But she said that

00:32:43 --> 00:32:44

makes me better than what you think.

00:32:46 --> 00:32:57

So form groups of people volunteer have have have charities that that help the people here there's a group of Muslims in Tampa, Florida. I didn't even know there were Muslims in Tampa, Florida.

00:32:59 --> 00:33:08

They called me to go there and to do a dour workshop for the weekend when we can. And they said okay, we need you to advise us.

00:33:10 --> 00:33:46

So I said, Okay, what are you doing already said, Well, we have a project on Wednesday nights where we have pamphlets, and we have battle like lunches that we give to homeless people in the streets. We feed them and we give them pamphlets. And we have another program that is sponsoring an orphanage in Mexico, where we send money to the orphans in Mexico. And we try to let the sisters take care of them. And that's their project. We have another project. It's a mobile clinic for the medical students. They give free Medicare and free medical to the to the people in the area. And I just said I don't even need to be here. I just won't.

00:33:47 --> 00:33:50

Because you're far ahead of anything that I've ever thought of.

00:33:51 --> 00:33:57

And the President of that group at the time, was 22 years old.

00:33:59 --> 00:34:01

22 years old.

00:34:04 --> 00:34:14

It can be done. People are doing it. So my advice to you brothers and sisters. Don't worry about the young people and the old people work together. The young people they know the culture here.

00:34:15 --> 00:34:34

They understand the culture here while the older people, they have the experience and they have the resources. So work together in order to share this incredible, amazing, perfect message with the people of Canberra, Australia Jazakallah Kula fire on May Allah bless you and reward you and I will be somewhere else tomorrow.

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