Nadim Bashir – GEM #02 The Prophet SAW Dealt with Criticisms andInsults

Nadim Bashir
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the life of the prophet As knew as Speaker Sal Allahu, including a man who attempted to explain Islam to people and a woman who gave spoils of war to people of Makpaid. The importance of remaining calm and avoiding falling victim to one's emotions is emphasized, as it is crucial to not give up one's opinion. The segment also touches on the Prophet sallavi alayhi wa sallam and the importance of not letting go of one's emotions when someone comes in.
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So today in sha Allah, as you all know that last week or week before I started a new series called gem, which means that the genuine and exemplary model, and the best example for all of us the best role model for all of us is who Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So inshallah what we want to do in this series is we want to go through the life of the prophets of Salaam in learning how he dealt with, with different situations today inshallah I want to talk about that how did Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam deal with criticisms and insults? I'm sure that all of you hear at some point in your life. You've been insulted by someone you've been criticized the wrong way by someone

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you've been attacked, whether verbally or nowadays online by someone how would Rasul allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam deal with insults. That is what we're learning today. So the very first thing that we understand for the life of the prophet As Salam is that he would never I think he said, come down to the level of that person and begin to attack back. So we learned from the Prophet sal Allahu Allah, He was telling them that one time he was sitting with obika, the Allahu ion. Now before I get into the story, I want you all to understand what I'm about to say. See, a lot of times when I share a story or when you hear a story, you understand the story. But what we generally lack

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is to read between the lines we usually don't read between the lines, so Rasulullah salah, some is sitting one time with his with his best friend, perhaps Oh, Baccarat, viola, Juan, a group of people came and they began to insult overcrowding Allah Weimer. Now I want you to put yourself in a similar situation. Imagine you're sitting and someone begins to come and insult you. What's the first thing that you feel like should be done? Your best friend sitting next to you, you should have your best friend step in and intervene for you and defend you. This is what we think this is what we think a best friend should do in that particular situation. Albuquerque alone is sitting over there. His

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best friend Russ wa Salam is sitting next to him. They are going on and on. They are attacking verbally attacking Abubaker the Allahu Allah and the Prophet Salam is absolutely quiet. Now in a particular situation, we will begin to question our friendship with that person. The story goes on. The second time, they again launched verbal insults. alberca the Allah one Roswaal son was still sitting quiet. He didn't say a single word. The third time, the insulted obika The Allah one obika The Allahu Allah and like any other human being, he said, You know what, enough is enough. And he attacked back when he attacked back Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, what do you do? He got

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up and he left now read between the lines. If your best friend did that, once you question your friendship with that person after that, but what did Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam tell Obachan after that because opaca went after the problem. Suddenly he says get us to Allah. I was being insulted. And you didn't see a single word yet as to Allah. And at that time, the province has suddenly said Oh, Bucher, when you were not responding, the angels were there and they were responding on your behalf. The minute you open your mouth, the angels left and guess who came the shaytaan king and he says I don't want to be in that kind of gathering. So I left Subhanallah what

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we learned from this is that problems center will never come down to their level today. In that story we find that someone is coming in verbally attacking a bucket of the Allah one today. Most people don't even have the audacity or the you know, they don't have the audacity or the strength to come and verbally or verbally attack someone. Nowadays, all the attack is taking place where online, okay? All the attacks are taking place online. And Wallah he I swear by Allah when I say this, those people who attack online Wallah he, they're cowards. Well, Allah, He, they are cowards. Because a person when you have a problem with someone, you will come to them and you will say something and

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have a proper, you know, a an adult conversation with someone, but these people who sit there and they just attack and they, you know, sort of like inflate their ego Wallahi they are cowards. This is why my teacher always taught me something from the Quran. You know, in the Quran and sutra warfare, there's a story about a man, we'll call Roger minimun. Early for around a year to Imana there was a man from the people of Musa Islam who would who had concealed his faith, and he was talking to the people or to the family of fit on. The Quran says that there came a time where he's trying to explain to them that I'm trying to tell you to come to Najat I'm trying to take you to

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success, and you're taking me away from success. And then he says at the end, he says something very beautiful. And my teacher said that if you ever come into a situation where someone is insulting you over and over again, he says don't respond back, but rather just say to that person

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And although we do armory II the law, this man who had concealed his faith, he said this to the family, he says will fall we do Amory it Allah what does this mean? It means I transfer this entire matter I put this entire matter in the hands of Allah subhana wa Tala Allah, Allah handle it. And subhanAllah what do we see in the same Surah right after he said, I put this man in the hands of Allah subhanho wa taala. It is mentioned that ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala he sent his punishment on the L in a family of fit own. The point is that whenever you find yourself in that kind of situation, don't ever come down to their level, just ignore it at that time, but there's no point of coming

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down to their level. The second thing that we learn from the life of the prophet Salam, how he dealt with criticism and insults is that he will always he would remain calm. Now, once again, I talked about reading between the lines, right? It was after a battle that the Prophet SAW Allah at some he's handing out the spoils of war. And he gave a lot of spoils of war to the people of Makkah. Now, anyone who's reading there, who's that situation, what is he thinking? That he gave it to people in Makkah? He was born in Makkah, he is from Makkah, so he's giving it to his people. And we the unsolved, he's not giving us anything, unless of you Allah Who and this is a Hadith narrated by Anna

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Saudi Allah one. He's saying himself, that the unsolved became upset, the unsolved became upset, and they became upset at what the province Saddam is giving to these people of Makkah. And we are the ones who've always supported us without Salam. We thought that we had an amazing relationship with the Prophet SAW Salem. And you see, they came, and they sort of questioned Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Now, think read between the lines. Imagine if you if there is you have a good relationship with someone, and they will never question your authority. They don't question your decisions, and you don't question their decisions. But imagine when you have such an amazing

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relationship with someone, and he began to question your decision, you would think that I thought we had, you know, we had believed in each other, we trust each other. The Prophet SAW Selim, he hears about this, that the unsoldered getting upset, he's thinking to himself, that we you know, I've done so much for the unsought and yes, the ansata have done so much for me. But at the end of the day, who's questioning was was on him who is sort of upset in this situation is the unsolved, what is the problem Sam do he could have got upset that I thought you trusted me and I trusted you? And now you're questioning me? No, that's not what the problem did. He's he called the unsought. And he says

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that I've heard rumblings. Is it true, and is unsolved. He stayed quiet, which means that they understood that the problem understands that they were saying some things. And the Prophet SAW Allah while he was set them then began to explain to them he is calm. See in a situation like that when someone who you have so much belief and if they ever question you, you don't get angry with them, but to sit there and calmly explain to them, Ross is telling the Assad that they are going back home with dunya and you're going back to Medina with who, with Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he never got upset with him. There's another story also, when a man came inside Makkah, he was told he

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was he was, by the way, his name is Lima as the you can find him in the seat of the Prophet Salaam. He was known as a psychologist, that was his profession. When he came inside Makkah. He was told that there is a crazy man in Macau. Don't go to him. He said, this is perfect. I get another patient, right? If I'm a psychologist, and there's a man who's mentally insane hulless I get another patient of mine, right. So he went to the province, Salam and he says, you know, are you Mohammed? So Salaam? He says, Yes. I heard you're insane.

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I'm here to treat you. What is wrong? Don't do D get upset. No, because he knows that this man is not from Africa is fine. He's been he's been brainwashed. He's been told he's been given, you know, false news. And what is the problem? Some do? He never got upset? He says, Can you say something to me? Talk to me. You don't want a person. As a psychologist? When you're talking to someone who's potentially a patient, you say talk to me and you began to understand where they're coming from? What are the promises I'm saying? He began he said in Alhamdulillah Nakamoto. Who was there no one has thought through the problem sudden went through the entire bottle hija when this man he heard

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these words. Paul was ma he was blown away. Now he thought to himself that this man probably just you know, was a fluke, okay, by chance, he probably did not. You know, he probably did not mean that he just said it. He might be a mental patient, right? He didn't say it again.

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And at that time, our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam What did he get? Again? He said in Alhamdulillah Muhammad who was there in who? When I stopped feeding, and he went through the entire hospital. Hajah then he after he asked our PA

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Salam, you're nothing there's nothing wrong with you. Why do they say that? That is when Ross was salam, he gave the hour And subhanAllah this man he converted to Islam. So the point is the second the second important point is always remain calm, try to address the issue to more important points in your Salah. It will finish number three is do not ever fall victim to your emotions. After the death of provinces send them on to photography, Allah Juan, he had a shoot off in the shadow there was a young man.

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This young man's uncle came and he says you are in the shoot of Omaha? He says yes, he was I want to meet your immediate he goes Okay, fine. He came to me and I'm gonna photography Hola, Juan. And he says that and he began to criticize almond hubbub, he began to insult him that you're not a just leader, you're not a just ruler and so forth. And he just you know, there was a you know, as they say, the floodgates open literally with this man, the floodgates of insults just started. At that time, you can imagine. I'm going to talk about the Allah on how many times the life of the prophet saw me. He said, Yeah, so Allah just give me the permission, right? Just snap your fingers, and I'll

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take care of the rest. This man he's coming with all these insults, insults. What do you I'm gonna hop out do he could have just taken care of him. This young man who was in the shooter, he said he read just one verse of the Quran. One verse of the Quran was enough to help him understand. He says, Who the alpha, what more Bill earth? What are our eternal journey? He goes, take the high road, let go this person, he's a giant he doesn't understand. And what did I want to help out? Do? He let go of that person, he did not say a single word. And he let that he let that he just completely ignore that person. Third thing we learned from the life of the prophet saw Allah while he was some is

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learn how not to fall victim to your emotions. The last thing I want to share is that in a situation that someone insults you, the last thing that you can do is perhaps a times you can try to see what are they insulting you about where they criticizing you about? And this could be a moment of reflection that is there an actually serious? Actually, is there a serious problem with me or not? Is there an issue with me or not? If someone comes in insults your character at that time, you can ask is there something really wrong with my character not if someone comes in socio but anything that could be a moment, once again, you take all the other steps that I've shared with you, but at

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the same time when someone does criticize you or insults you or attacks you, that also could be a moment of reflection for any one of us. So that is why once again for things how would Roswaal Salam deal with insults or criticism and attacks. The very first one was not to fall to the level of the ignorant will fall we will only get along. The second one was what be calm and explain gently. Number three is do not fall victim to your emotions and ignore the ignore the ignorant. And the fourth one is the moment of reflection. Is there a serious issue with me or not? These are things that we learn from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Now inshallah next week again we'll go

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again into will dive into the life of the prophet Salaam. And take another another interesting topic from the level of the problem that is relevant to all of us Inshallah, I ask Allah subhana wa to give us a HELOC and the character and the demeanor of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam I mean noble Allah mean what is that Kamala Hey, salaam Alicante libera Katelyn

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in Latin Mussolini now almost Lima D one meaning me 91 quantity now I look on it the more slowly again I was saw the bond he was saw Dina was Slavia before she you know

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what unfortunately no one was watching I do one downside BP now one downside the party was slow on me now was all in

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one have you Lena photo gentleman wouldn't have failed What the was that good enough? Guess

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what the guilt or? I don't know hula.

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Now Lena

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