Omar Suleiman – Qur’an 30 for 30 Season 2 – Juz’ 28 with Ust. Lobna Mulla

Omar Suleiman
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Welcome cyber cats, everyone, welcome back to on 3030 100 Bill alameen. We are now at just 28. And one to remind everyone and thank everyone for their support, have the love throughout the month, please do in Charlottetown as we wrap up on Milan continue to support European amongst your other causes, and inshallah continue to benefit from the resources and hamdulillah. But I mean, tonight we're joined by our staff, our life coach, our, our our I don't even know what to say to you so much for us on the side, keep us all motivated all the time, a

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board member, of course, at a technical level, we are so happy to have you with us. And by the way, we got comments. I think it was interestingly enough, yesterday's yesterday's chat. There was one assistant of an upcoming so like we we wanted to deliver 100 an hour but I mean, so

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I gotta tell you, the culture Queen, culture, Queen.

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we're gonna update the website right now.

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It's my honor and pleasure to be here.

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So 700 an hour. I mean, you been from the national television director for mass obviously. And you know, you do a lot out there and so Cal handed it off, when you're not giving us you know, webinars and when you are not,

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you know, giving us all sorts of life tips. You're in the mountains, right? That's kind of your thing, right? Yes, it really is my thing, and I love it so much. I consider like my camera. Really my husband, I love camping. It's so good. I love it a lot.

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Myself, I mean, last month, I bless you, like I think I think this room has attended board meetings while ziplining like, like,

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like, every time she turns the camera on, it's like, well, how do you even have signal out there?

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One question for you before we get started, do your do your kids fatwah shop in you and shift so he'll get your husband? So like, do they ask Do they pitch all against each other for religious opinions at times?

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And then when they and then when they like it, then they go to your pain and it's mine. It can be a pain first and then like mama died, whatever.

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By the way, Michelle on my daughter, daughter totally like within seconds somebody a professor was contending her about hijab and saying it's not in the Quran. And she's like you came to the to duty job and she put it in the chat and the teachers like thank you the professor at UCLA, so much.

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Clutch, big time.

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Allah, Allah bless you and your family are very happy to have you at home that inaudible I mean, on a more on a more serious note. And you know, obviously, Chef Abdullah is here. And, you know, we wanted to

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really think about the order tonight in a way that matches the sentiments I think of many of the Muslims right now. And our hearts are with mezakeh. What's happening in Uppsala? What's happening in Philistine the importance of your app for our brothers and sisters and philistin and all over the world, whether they're the waiver brothers and sisters, or Syrian brothers and sisters in Ethiopia, I mean, it's all over the worlds of Hello, there's just a lot of trauma but I think particularly our hearts are very connected to an Oxbow right now, as they should be, and to the people over there. And so shehab does topic surrounds do and I think it's appropriate and Charlottetown tonight, Chef

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Abdullah, you, you start us off in the night either with your with your selection within ourselves to fellowship,

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this one level salatu salam ala rasulillah earlier he was talking to a woman What do

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we ask Allah subhana wa Taala to alleviate the pain and suffering of those that are around the world and those that are in the holy cities as we see in motion.

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At this time, may Allah Subhana Allah make us of those that remember them every moment in every salon inshallah I humbly ask all of you, especially today when watching this video, when you turn this off, or when you decide to go, you know, and and in eat or sit with your family are going to totally please remembering this to do to make dua for them, to make God to alleviate the pain and suffering and any pain that is faced it's a that it is an explanation for any shortcomings. And we allow us to kind of adata you know, have his his mercy on them in sha Allah, anyone that has wronged the Muslim, the loss of Allah give them what they helpfully deserve. Me Allah Subhana Allah make us

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of those that are patient with his mother, and with his hikma with his wisdom and his predestination. And that leads me to the verses that I want to talk about in the chapter of Hashem while also kind of without a talks about those that have went through the struggle and because of their struggle as Allah subhanaw taala mentions that Yeah, he said, You know, he mentioned that the struggle in general is much quote on a kanessa ecommerce quote on the site or the

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The, the running or the rushing or the the toil that you go through is appreciated. Also any type of hardship that is faced when the Muslim have faces that hardship and they remember a lawsuit kinda with Donna or if that hardship is because of trying to get closer to Allah or in the path of Allah subhanho wa Taala it is not forgotten Allah subhanho wa Taala is that alim Allah, the Exalted is heavier, he is the all knowledgeable and he is well acquainted with all of the mining Shea of anything and everything that he knows. So Allah subhanho wa Taala speaks about in the chapter of hatia, he's talking about

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the mohajir don't and the unser he actually mentioned three groups of people and I want to briefly touch over them in sha Allah, when Allah subhanaw taala a couple of verses is talking about who the property is for the faith and the faith is that which is obtained by the Muslims without any any real dare we say war or any hardship or anyone had to die which is particularly different from the honeymoon. So in speaking about the categorizations of the fate or the the belongings that are being distributed, those aneema has certain category categories as mentioned in the chapter of unfuck. But the FE is more of that which is the last month Allah mentions those categories in verse number

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seven. We want to talk about his verse number eight in sha Allah tala, which is a comprehensive verse upon Allah and it's eight and eight and nine actually. Well that's what Allah mentions these categories. So last month I'll start off firstly saying who the fate is four as well he says, After are the banana ship on Jean lympho cola in hygena Latina woman Dr. emo I'm worried him you have it's a wonderful moment Allah was one. We also do not know what else hula, hula, hula sadhika. The first category is the mohajir on the mahadji rune are those that made his way up from Mecca to Medina. But most importantly, as we talked about a cup a couple of lessons ago, that hedger of the den is with

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the history of the kulu, the Hydra of the heart the migration of the heart, from tribalism, to toe heed from from classism to a being equal to recognizing that everyone is equal in front of Allah subhanho wa Taala level but I Jimmy, I don't know how to be intimate with tequila as opposed to some say that there is no preference of the Arab over the non Arab rarely the preference is with tequila. So they understood that wholeheartedly. And throughout this understanding, they went through trials and tribulations physical trials and tribulations, even Subhanallah emotional trials and tribulations that they went through, and they left with the promise of Allahu alayhi wa sallam with

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that being the case. That was the migration of the heart to Allah, which led to and which was the motivating factor and which was all that they had to make the migration to Almudena. So Allah Subhana, Allah is talking about them, but he says look has a little foot off, meaning that they left every Can you imagine leaving your belongings. I mean, Cipolla, rubbishing almost seen that when it was, you know, in Louisiana, when people had to with Katrina, people had to leave their belongings. And as he touched on before, some kind of love how people were so attached to their belongings, and in the time of hardship, they make statements that you know, supplies not be fitting for human

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beings showing that they're so attached to the tangible things but then you had your own during the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. They were mostly attached to Allah and His Messenger, because what was in their heart was so strong, so Allah subhanaw taala says, that will hygiene Allah Vina awkward human dare him what I'm wearing, the ones that were driven from their homes and possessions. And we talked about that, so driven from their homes and possessions because of the trials that they were facing, from the Quraysh from their own relatives, that did not want them to become Muslim that is owned and that fought them because they were Muslim. Allah subhanho wa

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Taala saying that they offered you it's the passive form of the verb, they were driven out with their money and their possessions. But what was the driving Yabba tahuna Fogg lemina la he wanted Lana. They want the pleasure of Allah subhanho wa Taala his favor and his approval. So this is very important for us to understand what the mohajir do and this is not something to be taken lightly. These are people that left all of their belongings left their families in whom some which they loved, but this was more beloved to them. You know, the promise of the lie there was some said none of you truly believe had to akuna have the min minassian Massimo katakana, Hubbard Elaine minasi

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that the process let me said none of you will truly believe until I become more beloved to you than your own self. Realizing that that love is the epitome of love and allegiance to Allah subhanho wa Taala by following the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and having that allegiance to him, this is what they possess. And through this they want because of this, you know this sign of wanting the pleasure and love of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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One. We also don't know how when I saw that so the actions of those that want this pleasure that have left everything this in actuality is the necessity of Allah and Israel Sula is the assistance of Allah and His Messenger because they were leaving off where they were comfortably, but it became uncomfortable to wear LASIK, kinda without a legislative for them to go to a place where they will be welcomed, which leads to the second category. Allah subhanaw taala says after that,

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what are the nuts about what Buddha when he met him in public and you have bounnam and hajra he, when he doing a few saluting him had just a minute or two where you didn't want to see him go, oh, Canada, him kasasa The second category of individuals that Allah subhanaw taala mentioned. So the first was the mohajir the immigrants from Mecca to Medina, the Abu Bakar you know, these illustrious companions that we see that live from Mecca to Medina. The second category are the ones that Allah says those who are already firmly established in their homes and in Amen. This is interesting, when Lenin, it's about what we've done when he man them in poverty, the ones that were established in

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their homes being the Ansari in El Medina that were Muslim that became Muslim, and in their Amen. And some scholars say, where's the turbo, amen? It is because their hearts were affirmed with the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and their belief in him when welcoming him and the companions. Some scholars say it was the strength of their a man that made their homes firm that made their homes well established, because their belief in Allah subhana wa Tada, and their willingness to help the people to what level Allah continues on. And he says, You hit bounnam and hajra la him. Now we talk about Subhanallah even, you know, immigration, you know, they love the

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ones that are migrating to them. How many times have we seen throughout this year, even with COVID suppiler, even with natural quote, unquote, disasters that we term it from hurricanes and things of this nature, opening up stadiums, you know, when we saw here in Dallas, the cold weather, the solidarity of people knocking on your neighbor's door, asking if they're okay, seeing this human side of everyone. Imagine if your neighbor knows that you love to help them, that you love to help them because they're human beings, and that is their right upon you as a human being. And as a neighbor, imagine if that along with being someone that associates nothing with Allah. So that is

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what the Ansari understood very well. And that's why Allah gave him this characteristic, you have bounnam and hajnal. II, they love the ones that have emigrated to them. And this should be the culture of immigration in general around the world, when you're helping those that are in need. Because there may be something that is going on where lives are being taken, whether it's some type of genocide, whether is a Thai radical person, and if you are in that situation, you would want to be helped as well. So this is the culture when we talk about immigration, that should be present, for the ones that have the power to accept or not accept people in their general public. Allah

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subhanho wa Taala continues on.

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They don't find anything. What are you doing official duty, handwritten Mamadou. And this is interesting. So these people, the unsought, they're the ones that are firmly established in their homes and he met and they love the ones that are come, they love that they are coming to meet them. And after that, they say, Allah says, and they do not find any hajer any hazard, they don't have any jealousy from what they have been given from the faith, they don't have any jealousy from what they have been given, the more had you done. And this is interesting because sometimes in the Quran, Allah Subhana Allah will mention in action, and then mentioned the feelings that one should have, or

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that one should aspire to have when doing that action, as the last one says, but I want to because we don't know how to hacky McAfee measures or venom, some allow you to do with the unforeseen halogen monopolies, a lot of talks about following the promise of a lot he was telling me he says, I swear by your Lord,

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they will not truly believe until they use you as a legislator, and they don't find any tightness in their heart because imagine that the verdict was not for you. You're going to feel similar wasn't for me. I lost in this argument or in this body or in this, this system or this disagreement that I had with someone so Ally's mentioning the feeling here. They don't find any tightness in their heart. Totally selfless.

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Then Allah subhanaw taala says, Well, you don't want to other unforeseen Whoa, can you be here with us? Awesome. And this is Subhanallah beautiful, and they give from preference over themselves. Even if they were in need. He thought he thought we can roughly translate is selflessness and the scholar say this is the highest level of selflessness, which is he thought there was so hot as well. But this ether is something that is as a scholar as much as Subhanallah, who have been through mental hibou knifes one minute and while he was there a little while they're mad hatter tea. It is to where you make an effort to give something of that which you have from money and other than that, but

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there's a small caveat that

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You have given you actually need it, you don't want it you need it. And that is what the that was the level of the alonside robley Allahu anhu that they were the individuals that gave to the immigrants that were the folks that didn't have anything although what they gave they needed it that's the highest level because you may give something and you don't exactly need it. So Pamela z cat is a cat is to give from your surplus wealth, your surplus wealth, and that's a pillar of Islam. But here we see this kind of love to reach a higher level the companions gave from what they needed. What Oh, can it be in hustle sock? So Pamela, then Allah subhanaw taala gives a formula well manual

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Castro Hennessy for older woman mostly home and those that your Castro Hennessy in the way that is translated as vanilla. Even you know, those who are saved from their own souls, greed to save yourself from yourself, you are your worst enemy. So Pamela, and sure, is suppiler. Bahama helps, it is a conscious, continuous greed, that escholar say the show, you would think that this level of greed would be extinguished by having more money and more belongs but rather it's the opposite. When you receive more money that increases your greed that is sure. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said, when he asked what is the best time to give sadaqa he said well until so Hakan

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Shahi, he said until to give when you are healthy and tight * middle Lina what's up Sean facom. He said that you hope to be rich and fear poverty, this is the best time to give charity because you have it and you want to hold it. And it coincides with the loss of kind of what the author says Linton Alhambra had to tune Pico mimir to hipbone you will not reach true piety until you spend out of that which you love. Not only money belongings and infants you love, you give it to someone because you want to see them smile you want to see them happy you know they may need it more than you then a loss of power dollar gives the last category whether the gentleman back to Kenya Kowloon,

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and I've been affiliated with the one in the corner with a man with Lumina Villa Linden Avenue in Nicaragua. For those who came after them they say Our Lord forgive us of our sins and the sins of our brothers who believed before I so now he inshallah is talking about us. Alinea net to be open BSN the ones that follow them and righteousness being the companions, and then after the companions, those that follow them and the generations that follow. So understanding as a province that Allah Allah so let me say that the best generation is his humility, you don't know him similarly, any aluna home, then the ones that follow them. So seeing here that in Sharla, we fall into this third

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got a category of people that we make dua and call on Allah subhana wa tada to ask us to have the serenity and the softness in our hearts, for those that are suffering now that we make dua for the people that suffered as the companions did. Hence, we say lovely Allahu anhu, say sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And this should always remind us in general, the gentle fraternity of brotherhood that exists now and anyone that is suffering around the world, from the brothers and sisters that we make do and that we send messages to people to remind them of their virtue that Allah has upon them, and to remind them that there are those that are suffering. So let's take that opportunity within these

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last odd nights to at least put our hands up and make dua for our brothers and sisters and inputs right now with their suffering now some kind of love innocently facing these tyrannical you know panela oppression that is going on and we're sitting here so Pinilla and AC happily Camilla listening to the words of Allah subhanho wa Taala but never forget those that are suffering to make to offer them and to give what you have for the sake of Allah to help them and we inshallah will fall in this third category of people that allow us to kind of with the other loves me allows it kind of went down to bless us and make us of those that continually are selfless and to think about

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others and ourselves into holding that just

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zachman Lafayette on particular feature for the most part I bless you and reward you for that and my last parents Allah make it easy for our brothers and sisters all over the world how not to be even expensive and generous with our drops medical off

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type inshallah Tada, I'm gonna finish my part quick so I can hand it over to a standard of natural law so I'm just going to quickly do

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because I know my topic ties into yours inshallah. Anyway, and honestly, there's a lot about divorce a lot about divorce right? So just 28 speaks to the subject and I think that's important for us to to appreciate that the poor and does not leave things out. And it speaks to situations that happened in the time of the Prophet slice on them but that have manifestations even if they're disconnected from the mechanics of what was present in that society. They have somehow the same manifestations that exist today. And so the just starts off with an image

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data, it starts off with a woman who pleads and this is about a woman named cola bent from Alabama or the law of town and her now you may have heard the story, but I want to mention some of the details and how it ties to the last part of this just hold up bent. sokolova is this woman that comes to the profit slice and I'm with a pleat. And by the way, somehow the sort of that comes down is the only surah in the Quran where Allah His name is mentioned in every single ayah. And it's not a one page sword or half a page surah, right. Every single ayah mentions the name of a lot to say, Allah heard you, Allah heard you and Allah hears those who are in a situation like you. So Hoda been

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thought about she comes to the Prophet. So I said, I'm going to summarize the narrations that she mentions some details, because you start to get more of a clearer picture from it shall be allowed to run on her who heard the plea of this woman to the profit slice element, she was in the corner, and she could make out some of what Polo was saying to the profit slice on them. How not been thought about was an older woman, and she came to the profit slice of them to complain about her husband at Osaka summit. And she she mentioned she says that he was a that he was a person and she narrates her own story, by the way as well, that he added to have a hot temper. And you know, he

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came home one day, and we had been married for some time. And we got into an argument. And in the midst of the argument when he got angry, he said you are to me Khiladi on me like the back of my mother. Now that pronouncement be hard to say that you are to me, like my mother basically puts a woman in a suspended state. Okay, so you're not like my wife. So I'm not going to approach you like my wife. And at the same time, you're not going to get the rights of a wife upon me, you're just going to stay in a state that is more or less in a state that's suspended, you don't really know what your your situation is. And there's no timeline, there's no limit to this, I can leave you in

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the hot for a day, if I want, I could leave you for a year if I want, you just stay in that situation. And so you can think about the cruelty that's embedded within that now. I also have an assignment after you had the argument with his wife, Hola. He went to, to see some of his friends to blow off some steam. And as he went to hang out with some of his friends and blow off some steam, he came back and you know, he was calm again. And he wanted to approach her for intimacy. And Hoda said, No, no, no, you can't just pronounce the hot on me a few you know, a few hours ago and then come back and then you want you know, you want to take your right for me all of a sudden, like there

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has to be some sort of consistency. That's not doesn't work that way, it's not fair. And you know, at that point, she she says to the profit slice, um, that he tried to force himself on her. And she said, but but I was a younger woman than him and I was and he was an older man, he had some weakness because of that I was able to resist him and push him away. And she you know, as she's complaining to panela, she says, you know some things about about herself. She says that after I gave him abundant children, after I gave him the best of my ears after my womb gave him abundant children after I spent on him, he still put me in the situation. So she was infuriated that he pronounced the

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hot on her after a long marriage in this situation. And she said some had a lot. And this is one of those details that is often lost.

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She says that I was so poor, that I didn't have a cloak to go see the profit slice on them. Like I didn't have a proper hijab to wear it. So I could go see the profit slice I'm this show by the lens is not only respond to the rich, okay, nor is the profit slice, I'm only respond to the elite. It's not like, of course and does not come down then this elite person is going to really put me in an awkward situation in society. This woman was so poor, she said I had to go to one of my female neighbors and borrow a cloak from her so that I could go see the profit slice of it. And that's when she came to the profit slice and to complain about her suffering to complain about what her husband

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had done to her. And the profit size on them. You know, he he, he said to her that, you know, he's an old man and the Prophet slicin prompted her to forgiveness and fear a lot in regards to him and just, you know, he didn't have a solution at the time it he's the lotto sinner. And then Allah subhana wa tada revealed, quote, and to the prophets of Allah and he was telling them that Allah has heard quite semi Allah, Allah, Allah has heard the one who came to you complaining about about her husband, and this is the powerful source of energy. Now before this came the Prophet slicin on by the way, he he was empathetic, but you didn't have a solution. Allah subhana wa tada mentioned the

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hearing of that woman have honed over the allotted time and then even said to the Prophet, slice them into the oma by extension, the formula

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How to get yourself out of the situation. So obviously the penalty for the heart violating in that way is too fast two consecutive months. So she's the profit slice on the Elsa he's an old man he can't fast two months. And then the profit slice on them, obviously in accordance with the IRS says and let them feed 60 poor people she said he also didn't have that much remember where we're a poor family. And so that's where some had a lot the, the the ruling was even, you know, compassionate towards him and his situation and to her and her situation. So it didn't complicate the situation further, however, a strong message is sent down about a person who did not have much status in

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society and a person who was suffering from cruelty in her home, that a loss of contact revealed on in regards to a woman that was complaining about her husband, that didn't even have enough clothes to come see the profit slice on immediately to complain. And Allah subhanaw taala honored her from above seven habits. And that elevated her to what point on a hilltop will be allowed time and one time he was walking in the streets. And this woman, old woman right at the point she's an old, toothless woman, she calls out and she says yeah, oh my god. Oh man, I remember when you were homemade, and superior apart in the marketplace, and used to go around pushing around the sheep with

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your stick. So fear Allah in regards to those people now that are your flock, those people that have been entrusted to fear the punishment of doing wrong by them, and some How long will they last and who immediately starts to cry? And he lets her, you know, admonished him and she's going on and on with him. And some of the the people they don't know who she is. So they're saying, you know, look, why are you? Why are you listening to her this way? And they admonished her Why are you talking to him this way. And Omaha probably Alejandro stepped in and said, Let her be Don't you know who this is? This is coda. The woman who Allah subhanaw taala heard from above seven heavens. So of course

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all motors going to listen to her, I'm not going to cut her off, I'm going to listen to her. And another situation, by the way, another narration where almost all the Lahontan who saw her and he left a group of men, and he immediately started to take care of her and welcomed her in a certain way and started to listen to her and started to hear from her. And some of the people said, You left the best of grace to this woman and the prophets, Allah and Muhammad Ali alongside Anna responded way back attalla Madhavi, Woe to you don't know who this is. This is the woman who Allah heard from above seven heavens. And he stayed with her, he said, I would not leave her until she got what she

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came for. And or unless the salon came, the only way I would leave her is that I fulfilled whatever she was going to ask of me, or the salon would come instead. So somehow those that allow listens to we also should listen to, and, you know, we have to fear that you're out of them of room fear that you're gonna be oppressed, as Shaykh Abdullah was just alluding to as well. Now, somehow, what's the connection of this to the rest of the just the just talks about sort of the Pollak sort of dream, and it talks about how to not mistreat our spouses, especially in the process of getting a divorce. And this is really important because, and moja talked about cruelty within a marriage. And their

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intimate mentioned, by the way, about the heart about these jannetty practices, that there is no greater cruelty within a marriage than to leave your spouse in a place of uncertainty. So panela, there's no greater cruelty than that. And so the harder to leave a person that in a state that is more or less in a place that's suspended, which was okay at that time before, before this revelation. That's, that's so cruel. Women can be wondering for years, you know, what's my situation for months? What's my situation? And there are multiple manifestations of that, right? where, you know, people are not committing right to their spouses, and when they're not committing to their

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spouses, their spouses are losing their minds wondering whether or not they should continue to invest in this. And so they're being asked to invest fully spouses but at the same time are not receiving any type of security. And you look at the opposite of that. How did the profit slice I'm sure, I haven't shoveled a lot of time on her at all the actual with the alignment that our marriage is like this ropes not it's tighter than this ropes, not right. So giving that sense of security and not abusing that. And you find people I use all sorts of things. And that's why the harsh condemnations about weaponizing. intimacy, for example, I guess your spouse about you know, leaving

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them in a suspended state within these jelly forms, these ignorant forms of practices that have no basis in Islam. And then you find Of course with the talaq, as we said, it just goes straight to divorce. And this is a very important point, that just as there is a son in marriage, there is a son in divorce, Allah use those words to see her and the son, that there's a son in Divorce, Divorce is not a desirable outcome. It's not something that is recommended. In a normal circumstance. It's not something that we should seek. In fact, it should be avoided, to the greatest extent possible because when you get married, you get married with the intention of staying with a person and

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00:30:00 --> 00:30:36

What usually keeps a marriage going strong a lack of suburb is what usually leads to a quick dissolution of a marriage. Of course, I'm not talking about, you know, the the abuses and things that should, you know, that's the solution should be sought from but I'm talking about, you know, the idea of hastiness and what we the expectations, unreasonable expectations and the quickness and the lack of self accountability. These are things that perpetuate a higher rate of divorce. However, at the same time, sometimes it's a reality. And Allah subhanaw taala is saying there has to be a sign in that too, there has to be excellence in that to not abuse because what often happens is that

00:30:36 --> 00:31:11

suddenly, the other person is now your enemy. And so it's like, I want to punish you for having wasted my time with this marriage. And so I'm going to resort to all sorts of things and forget about voting and forget about you know, the the transgressions or the limits of transgression, or whatever I can do to get back at you for having wasted my time. So I'll punish you with wealth and weaponize if we have children from the marriage, I'll punish you in every way emotionally, I'll talk about about you, all of these things start to happen, how Allah and Allah is saying to see mbsr what attends to them Don't forget the good times that you have don't bad mouth, your your your exes,

00:31:11 --> 00:31:57

right? In this situation. And I'm going to ensure that I want to wrap this all up, I said I would take a shorter time started and I apologize. I took longer than I wanted to take here. But the idea of mercy and the idea of showing that I'll just say this, that I have rarely seen rarely seen people apply the sooner when it comes time for dissolution of a marriage. It is so rare. So out of the most religious people suddenly all the concepts of the process of counseling the process of arbitration, doing right by people and you know, observing the ADA properly, all those things go out the window, even with the most religious of people and the Sunnah, shows its brightness in the darkest of times

00:31:57 --> 00:32:34

when you apply the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet slice of them. And so fear Allah fear Allah truly fear Allah in these situations, you see people Subhan Allah immediately at the time of divorce, they abandon their spouses forget about I know, cut them off altogether. For skip tracing process, skip the counselor like ghosts, forget about trying to find a settlement or solution that is in accordance with their Deen just immediately skip all of that and throw it out the window. So Allah subhanaw taala is telling us in this just to have a son in marriage to have a son when there are arguments within marriage, the things that that you know, are normal in marriage, and then to

00:32:34 --> 00:32:50

have a son even if marriage comes to an ending. In the case of divorce, may Allah grant us ersan excellence in all of our affairs, Allah Ameen and inshallah tada with that study, I know that you have a lot to share in this regard. And I apologize for taking more time than I wanted to just

00:32:51 --> 00:32:57

let a coffee enjoy, of course, listening to both you and she comes out always, of course, can never talk for too long, but a coffee

00:32:58 --> 00:33:34

just allow us to sit on my lap. So I wanted to talk reflect upon two verses in sort of a Tilak, as Jehovah had mentioned. And those are parts of verses two and three. And subtitle of these verses are so powerful, not only within the context of divorce, but also in the context of any difficulty that we may be facing. So I wanted to talk about it from those two perspectives and Chola. And the idea is the end of verse two is, well May your tequila, yet your level mcritchie, while your resume and hypomania or mania to what galana longing for high school, let's find out here is saying,

00:33:35 --> 00:33:45

whoever has stuck in Allah, whoever has stuck on Allah, Allah, Allah will make a way out for you. Allah will make massage I will make a way out for you.

00:33:46 --> 00:34:25

So panela and here tequila, of course, it's a reminder that, you know, we typically say you know, fear of Allah subhanaw taala it's, if God consciousness, where we fear the displeasure of a lot, we don't want to do the things we we don't want to do the things that will displease a loss farfalla and it is the desire to please Allah subhanaw taala so when we're thinking about Allah, we're thinking, is this pleasing to Him? Is this not so this insha Allah is stuck. So then what else was the last one policy? And what else? Well, your resume in high school doesn't, and he will provide sustenance for him will provide risk for him from a place you would have never imagined. This is so

00:34:25 --> 00:34:59

profound. SubhanAllah and then and then the final kind of Capstone to this beautiful couple of days as that gives so much hope. Well, maybe you have to let go and Allah He and whoever places his trust in Allah, Allah, Allah isn't afraid. Allah is enough for him. So you know what's interesting here, as Dr. Omar mentioned, that this sort sort of collapse and this AI By the way, comes early in the surah. But it is talking about the Voodoo the boundaries, you know, what are people supposed to do within the, the divorce process, before during and after

00:35:00 --> 00:35:30

And here the the reminder here, for those of you that are getting divorce, it can be unconscious, as Dr. Moore mentioned, don't throw out all the sudden, and all the rules of Allah subhanaw taala out the window. But what's powerful here, for those of you who have Taqwa in the last month, Allah, Allah will make a way out for you. Because for those of you who have gone through divorce, for those of you who have a loved ones and that have gone through divorce, it can be a very necessary thing. Um, but unfortunately, unfortunately, it can be very messy, due to this lack of support

00:35:31 --> 00:35:34

on one on the part of one party or both follow on.

00:35:35 --> 00:36:12

Um, it can be very messy, so that, you know, when somebody is going through a state of divorce in this situation, it's a time of great upheaval. Where am I going to live? Who were at where my kids gonna live? I want my kids my ex wants my kids. He wants to do it like this. I want to do it like that's vanilla, how do I pay my bills? I don't have a job. No, so I was so many questions. It's a it's a massive time of upheaval. So this this, these as are coming as a comfort to you that are going through this struggle. Whoever has stuck on Allah smart Allah, Allah will make a way out for you. And what else and what else while your resume in high school he doesn't and will provide

00:36:12 --> 00:36:32

sustenance, sustenance, it's not just money, but it's it's a you know, can be wealth, health, it can be a job, it can be a new spouse, inshallah can be a child, it can be so many different things will provide from you, for you, from a place you would have never imagined. So don't wrack your brain and think how, of course, take all of the

00:36:34 --> 00:37:09

the measures that you can do, of course, you you know, look for a job you, you know, try to get that counseling between the two of you try to get the arbitration get all of the means do all the means that you need to do to settle your affairs. But when you are stuck, realize that let's form tala will provide a way out and will provide sustenance from a place you would have never imagined and what else and reminder, whoever puts his trust in Allah subhanaw taala whatever I still want called, Allah isn't a friend, the lawyers can try to mess you up your ex can try to mess you up family can try to all of a sudden become your enemy. Allah subhanaw taala is enough for you so difficult to

00:37:09 --> 00:37:17

remember, during this extreme times of hardship, and yet Allah subhanaw taala is reminding you of what is reminding you and all of us and shut up.

00:37:18 --> 00:37:35

And what's interesting is that this area, the suburb of Missoula, the reason why that this area was revealed, and it is mentioned in the books of Tafseer. There's a narration that has some weakness in it. But I thought that's a power it's again, a reaffirming such a powerful concept that there was a man

00:37:36 --> 00:38:12

who was did not have a lot of financial means, you know, quite a lot. He was struggling financially. He had a lot of dependents, a lot of children. And on top of that, and on top of that, his son was taken as a captive during battle. And so this poor man and his and his wife were so distraught, you know, what is the status of their son? Is he alive? Is he well? Is he injured? When is he going to be returned? They don't know. So of course, this is a great great difficulty and test and happens to be that Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was visiting this tribe. And so the man went to Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam seeking his advice. And he told him the situation is

00:38:12 --> 00:38:46

that the eldest, Lola advised me What should we do? prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam advised them to say that hola when the quarter in the villa, say this, you and your wife say a lot keep repeating lafonda with a quitter in the villa, that there is no strength nor mine, except for that last month Allah and this is a great reminder for us in terms of our difficulty, just to remember that the mind and the strength of almost $1 You don't need to figure out where and how Allah subhanaw taala is the most widely he will he will help us to Chola so this man went back to his wife advisor what a prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be on them advised him and they kept

00:38:46 --> 00:39:25

repeating the whole village with the 11 that until Subhanallah while mama Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings as parent law was still there in the tribe, they see what there's some coming in the distance and not only that, not only returning home safe and sound, it's quite a lot that he is carrying a goat in his hand. So quite a lot the goat was injured and prophesied seldom mentioned to the family that they could go ahead, it was okay for them to go ahead. And and, you know, kill this flock sacrifice this animal and to go ahead and eat from its current law. Look at that, that they were worried about their son by by focusing their attention on the last $100 they had there's

00:39:25 --> 00:39:59

nothing that they could do. There's absolutely nothing they could do except for liquor except for drop by repeating you know how long I've been there by putting their trust in us by By Allah, Allah subhanaw taala made a way out for them and what else and provided sustenance replacing would have never imagined they were worried about their son and not only to get their son, they got sustenance for their entire family. That's totally amazing. Um, you know, as Dr. was mentioning, the you know, the miracle in the sense of homeless, she's, she's complaining she's, she's saying I'm talking about this oppression about her that her husband is doing to her to prop up my house. I said look

00:40:00 --> 00:40:41

I'm pleading with him that you know about this injustice. And she got the miracle of revelation right about her answering her on the spot. Shout out to the on hunch, Subhanallah she was slandered, the whole community was talking about her. And what happened, the miracle of em came and and revealed her, of course, her, her innocence. And of course, all of the other admonishments about about slander in general, and all Saudis to them, when he was in front of the sea and Fernandez behind him and his people are with him. He doesn't know exactly what's gonna happen, but he has that dacor he has to work with, he has that trust. And also Tyler, he strikes his staff as he's

00:40:41 --> 00:41:16

commanded, commanded, and the the see parts, so quite a lot. So what I wanted to say was, you know, we may not see these miracles in our lives, we will see some form in shot law, but not like this. But the point of these miracles in the Quran is, is for us to look and say, Yes, I believe, I believe that Allah can do this for me, right? In these modern times in these modern days, when I'm racking my brain, I'm thinking, how am I going to get out of this bad relationship? How am I going to get out of this extreme financial difficulty? How am I going to get out of this sickness, I have people depending on me, and I'm sick, I can't work or you know, I don't know how I'm going to take

00:41:16 --> 00:41:55

care of my family. When you have all of these fears, maybe even doubts about the religion. Maybe you have some doubt that's settled into your heart. That's, that's Subhanallah completely up ended your your whole life because you want this religion. But now you have this doubt, and you don't know what to do. Allah subhanaw taala will make a way out for you don't despair in it, these miracles that happened are there in the core and for us to believe and these miracles can happen to you in the way that Allah tala wants us to see them in sha Allah. So, my dear brothers and sisters, you know, when we have those questions, how will I ever be happy again? How will I ever love somebody again? How

00:41:55 --> 00:42:15

will I ever feel safe again, how will I ever believe again, Allah subhanaw taala will make a way out for you. You just have to have Taqwa that the state that you're in of just fearing the disclosure of Allah subhanaw taala and wanting to do the things that are pleasing to Him, and let's want Allah except from all of us, and make a way out for all of us in our times of difficulties inshallah.

00:42:17 --> 00:42:56

Lama I mean, just like me, I started looking out for the beautiful words, channel, I think the relationship that you just touched on between tuck one Tilak could is one that's often not spoken about enough, if you are becoming a generally more aware person of Allah. And you don't want to commit the sins that will earn the displeasure of Allah. Surely, when you're put in a situation where easily forget a lot, you will remember him. And when people easily commit sins and justify those sins internally by saying, Hey, I was wrong to, you know, I'm getting this is my revenge time, this is my payback time, a person will hold themselves back and Subhanallah that's, that's so spot

00:42:56 --> 00:43:30

on. Because it's just, it really is heartbreaking, honestly, to see the way that people behave, Allah protect us. And I always say, We saved us a lot of it and a lot protect us from behaving in like manner, not just from being on the opposite end of something like that, from behaving like matter. When you see people just suddenly become just not themselves, right. It's like, when when those times come, and that's where true character shines. They say less than or look, good character is how you deal with someone with suit. And hook is how you deal with someone with bad character, the measure of good character is how you deal with someone bad character. So I think the measure of

00:43:30 --> 00:43:53

good character is how you deal with a bad situation. Not like as well, like it's not just how you deal with bad character, individual, how you how you shine in a bad situation, and stick to your ethics and stick to your principles. And that's, that's tough one that, that is inherently linked to, to what code where I know Allah is going to bring me out of this. If I do it, allow us a last practice, please.

00:43:55 --> 00:43:58

Though, you're any Mom, I mean, I'm sure you're seeing the

00:43:59 --> 00:44:06

breakdown in families and stuff all the time. Do you have any comments about this entire subject, I mean, that you'd want to share anyway.

00:44:07 --> 00:44:43

I mean, so Paolo just reminds me of the state of the process, I'm riff on the local area, you know, to, to, to, to be gentle with these with the, with these vessels, when speaking about, you know, the woman to be very gentle, because the sort of the, you know, you look at magenta, like it was in defense of, you know, a helpless, vulnerable woman, rather the love of Allah be pleased with her, the court on came down to justify her rights. And we have to think about that when we look at Islam in a certain way or some people may look at Islam in a way in regards to women, as though they are lesser of individuals hash of a color that is not the case, from a credo perspective, from when the

00:44:43 --> 00:45:00

authoritative sources does not validate that type of claim, or that type of understanding or belief, regardless of any culture, any individual that may have grown up that way. And we see that that was how they grew up with the one line items, the companions but the Koran came to transcend the culture itself.

00:45:00 --> 00:45:13

modify it in order to beautify it and every other culture in regards to preserving. And when you do that last month I said siyam was shut rainy Muta, Tabby and Subhanallah you have to fast two consecutive really fast in one month, rather than

00:45:16 --> 00:45:44

two months because you violated your wife, you know, you State Normal. Yeah, he surprised Allah, we this is not something that we you do not take the feelings of any individual, particularly your best friend, your wife, Allah subhanaw taala. As we know, it's a mythical Lila, it's a contract for between between you and her for a loss of kind of data, who's going to help me get to agenda and a lot protects each and every one of you. And this this chapter, so Pella, is a side of that.

00:45:46 --> 00:46:10

So how long would you just mention to the statement of almost all the alojado said, we used to have no regard for women whatsoever in January, until Allah revealed about them when he revealed and assigned to them what he assigned, imagine or model the llama on Hill, and cola winter that and what that does to him when he sees Cola, right? Like, that's, that's Islam, it took a society that was burying women alive,

00:46:11 --> 00:46:51

very little girls and turned it into a society where Allah reveals about an innocent woman that was planned and allow reveals pour on about a woman that was you know, being mistreated by her husband that was so poor, that she didn't have the clothes to come to the profit slice. I'm to complain about that. So Pamela, that's, that transforms a society. And that truly was remarkable. Just the period. Like it takes time to root that stuff out. Right. But the period at which all model the alojado changed, because he revered, what allow revered and what the prophets lysozyme commanded. And so that switched up their entire ethical paradigms. And it transpired in the most beautiful

00:46:51 --> 00:47:17

community to ever walk the face of the earth Lila on much marry most parents I'd be pleased with them. Son his peace and blessings on our profits a little long line. He was Salam Alaikum I mean, Sullivan and before we go, it's it's right at, we've got to end now. But you always have like these nuggets of wisdom. He's like gems, like, give us an inspirational quote something for people to take home in the last two, three days of Ramadan. Now, what's what should we do?

00:47:18 --> 00:47:29

What a collapse week like during the huddle, team huddle, and you're going to give like that, that speech right now. Right? So like, what's your What's this is the last huddle, fourth quarter of Ramadan, the last last two minutes and I'm a lot

00:47:34 --> 00:48:10

a lot, you know, I would say spent a lot because we were talking so much about helping people and we're talking so much about hardship in this in this episode. And we can take this inshallah with us these last few nights of Ramadan, you know, somebody is going to ask you for help in these last few nights, somebody somebody is going to maybe be moving they need, they need help financially, they need help, you know, guidance for their kids they need, they need help. And sometimes you're about to go to, you know, alright, you know, or, or I wanted to get this money to this organization or I need it actually right now I need to fix my car, whatever it is. So panela you know, as you were

00:48:10 --> 00:48:11

talking about, well, my main

00:48:12 --> 00:48:45

hospital I mess it up, messing up the team huddle, what's up, I don't know what I was gonna say was when you you know, just kind of push down your needs. And you go and you help your brother and sister in the swamps or you help your neighbor you help whoever it is, Allah, Allah will reward you so much so much, and will remove your own difficulties, your own difficulties because you set aside, you know, your own difficult situation to go help somebody else. So when that was when it comes in, you're like, oh, but you need this, or you're gonna use this time for something else. Go and help that person and the last one.

00:48:48 --> 00:49:31

Zach, whoa, hold on. So summary. expansive with your with your care, selfless, with people that you don't even know it's Paolo, the unsought selfless with your app. And selfless with your spouse's and do not wrong when you're in a in a place of power or in a place of distress. Men and women do not wrong their spouses in those situations they're not wrong people around you of any class in any situation. Expand your heart expand your goodness and a loss of parents either will expand his goodness upon you zachman level Hydra set it up now. It was a pleasure as always Zack luck Sasha Abdullah, you got to put up with me for two more to more of these men.

00:49:33 --> 00:49:47

We can do it. Like vacuums, I can walk us out on stuff it's really exciting. to consolidate cuts everyone we will see one show what's on my mind you inshallah to please support your team please continue to tune in keep us in your diet as well inshallah sound like lambs.

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So whether you're a student, an email a counselor, a youth

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