Mufti Menk – Ramadan 2021 Boost 27th Night – It’s Time to Change

Mufti Menk
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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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Milla he will hamdulillah he was salatu salam ala rasulillah he will Allah Allah He was happy at mine, my beloved brothers and sisters,

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it is only correct for us to commence by remembering our brothers and sisters, in what we as Muslims know as the third holiest Masjid known as the third Haram, which is Masjid Aqsa in Palestine. May Allah subhanho wa Taala protect them make it easy for them, Grantham goodness, safe God men, and May Allah grant us the allowance to visit there again and again. For indeed, it is the third most sacred place for the Muslims in terms of the massages and the houses of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Secondly, this evening, being the 27th of this beautiful month in this part of the world, we recited beautiful verses in the Torah, we

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and I think it's only apt and correct for me to go through some of these verses because there is a lot that can be said, for us as muslimeen we believe we know what's right and what's wrong, but we need a reminder, because the reminding helps those who truly believe Allah says, Was that good?

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found me and remind For indeed the reminding that is constant benefits those who truly believe. My beloved brothers and sisters right at the beginning of Sumatra, mujer de la or Alma de la, there is mentioned made of a woman who was maltreated by her husband, and went to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam to complain to him, saying that I'm actually complaining to Allah about my husband. And the story was something that I'm not going to go into detail about, but the reality is the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was still in the process of comforting her, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was still telling her to bear a little bit of patience etc. And this is

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brilliant advice. And in the interim, Allah revealed verses called a semi Allah.

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Pooja De Luca visa Mooji. Allah has heard the one, the woman who has come to you complaining about her husband, what is stalking in Allah, and she is complaining to none other than Allah. From this, what we learn my brothers and sisters, treat your spouses correctly.

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Ensure that when you speak to one another, you address each other, bearing in mind that more than anything else, this is a worshipper of Allah, a slave of Allah, a creature of Allah and Allah has created mankind as a shuffle, mfu cart, which means the most noble of all creatures of Allah is actually humankind. And the most noble of all of us is Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam. You have someone's son, you have someone's daughter, remember to treat them with respect at least, I will always say there is only one thing that you mainly need for a happy marriage and that is respect.

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With respect, everything else falls into place, no screaming, no shouting, no swearing, no abuse, no hurt, no lying, no cheating, etc. Because you respect each other. And if you respect each other for the sake of Allah, Allah is already in the equation before all of that, and that's how it should be. And this is why when we take each other in nikka, in the matrimonial bond, we always use the name of Allah. There are verses that are recited there is something known as a hot bath, which means a little reminder or a sermon for us to remember, only say that which is upright who Luke

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Sadie. We've heard that so many times, right? only say that which is upright my brothers and sisters, I'm only going to speak about that when it comes to the first surah but I want to move on to the next Surah Surah

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Surah Al Hashem is a surah within wherein Allah subhanho wa Taala makes mention of many things. And among those things, something that is striking is how Allah describes the companions of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam and amazing description. Imagine if Allah subhanho wa Taala were to praise someone in the Quran, it will automatically tell us these people are amazing. So you and I know that the people who were driven out of Makkah were known as the mahadji rune, they actually made hegira they made the migration

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For the sake of Allah, they went to Madina, munawwara and those who are known as almohad Jihoon. They made the Hydra Hydra they left their homes, their belongings, some of their relatives and whatever else and they went Fira and Illa Hebei Dini him, they ran towards Allah

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because of their deal with their Dean in order to be able to fulfill their Deen in a correct way they went to Medina munawwara.

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So Allah subhanho wa Taala knows that when they left everything, their businesses and everything else.

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Surely they are from among those who are to be praised for doing that for the sake of Allah. Allah Himself praise them. Listen to what he says. lymphoma in mohabbatein and levina

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una una minima.

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Allah Allah Rasool Allah, Allah Inka homos Saudi Po, Allah describes them initially to save these poor Maha Jeevan, who actually made the hatred of Allah who were driven out of their homes and their wealth was usurped from them. They went in order to help the messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam. Allah and His rasulillah that was the reason Allah says, You know what? They were the truthful ones. truthful? In what sense? Let me explain. When it's very difficult to be a Muslim, then you are a Muslim.

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You cannot really be a hypocrite. That's why they say they were no hypocrites from the Sahaba who accepted Islam. in Makkah, Tomoko Rama, you know why? It was so hard to be a Muslim, the minute you declare your Shahada, your family, persecute you, your community, persecute you, they harass you, they steal your wealth, they harm you, they plan your downfall, they might even plan to eradicate you and so on. It's not a joke. You have to really and firmly believe and Allah says, we will test you we just like we tested some others before you. Allah says in order to distinguish between those who are truthful and those who are paying mere lip service to say that we are meaning but they are

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Fallujah, Alamin Allahu lemina Sadako.

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Malika Devi, Allah tests us in order for him in order for us to be distinguished those who are truthful, those who are not truthful. May Allah make us from those who are truthful. What will you sell your dean for?

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Five bucks 10 bucks. You might say no, a million No. 5 million No. 15 million

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500 million? What is it you want me to do? a selfie rula failing the test, learn from the Sahaba Allah iica homos saw the *. They were the truthful ones. Allah calls them truthful to their Eman. And then just what happened. We have a problem on the globe today. Because the meaning in pieces, we don't care for each other. We want to see the downfall of one another in business. If one is doing well. We want to actually make sure he is he is stopped because we are jealous of him or we feel we are the only ones who are entitled to have a certain type of business. If someone else opens a similar business down the road we get so angry and the Sahaba of the Allahu anhu were prepared to

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divorce their wives in order for someone else to have a wife. I'm talking of those with multiple wives. Obviously, no one's asking you to fulfill that sooner.

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But we are making mention of the sacrifice Subhanallah they were ready to do things. They said we will split our wealth half half with who total strangers the only connection is not Isla in llama Mohan rasoolullah no other connection.

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You ready to split half of your wealth with another person who's a Muslim from a different tribe from a different area today among the people of the same ethnicity. Still, we go back to the subcontinent in some ignorant ways. And we say but this person comes from another part of the same land so therefore these people are bad. These people are hot blooded. These people are liars and cheaters. Those are deceivers. This is what we know each other for La hawla wala quwata illa Billah on a night like this, that just really needs to be removed from our heart. There is good and bad in every community. There is good and bad in every tribe. There is good and bad in every race. It's not

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only for one and not the other. Take out the georginia and NASA sia mission people are equal like the teeth of a comb

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Subhanallah you really want to benefit from Laila to cuddle with Allah He I guarantee you that if your life has

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changed on a night like this and you feel something within you more. Allah has granted you the acceptance.

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Like you can go for Hajj. Some people say I went for Hajj 32 times I met an uncle a few weeks back in another country. He told me I haven't missed the Hajj in the last 20 years.

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In my mind, I thought to myself Mashallah Allah has blessed people. But I was too shy to ask the uncle to say, but did your life change Subhanallah I'm just hoping it has because if it changed even once that was sufficient for you, while in Harlan as he jubei at mustapa he Sabina, whoever is able and capable you have to make an effort to go for that hatch. We years back had no quota. You wanted to go for Harley, chances were 100% almost from a visa perspective. I'm sure that older ones from amongst us would know. Now it's become different things are changing. As time passes, it will become more and more difficult. That's why as soon as HUD is compulsory on you, no matter how age you are,

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how old you are, you must make an effort to go and when you go your life must change. That's when you know my HUD was accepted.

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We pass Ramadan.

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The Hadith says whoever stands in taraweeh with Eman yaqeen conviction hoping for a reward from Allah throughout the month of Ramadan. Allah says they will exit the month of Ramadan having been forgiven, totally of old essence. That is not a joke. It's not a joke.

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And the same is said about the one who fasts correctly throughout the whole month and fasting by the way is not only about those three things.

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It's about more than those three things. You might be wondering, what's the third thing?

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Well, when you're fasting, you're not allowed to eat or drink or engage in permissible sexual relations with your spouse. Those are the three things. Notice how I worded it.

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To be very honest, it's more than that. You're not allowed to say a bad word. You're not allowed to lie, to cheat to deceive to utter hurtful abusive words. You speak respectfully it is Ramadan. Ramadan is basically trying to make you realize what a true Muslim shouldn't be throughout the entire year. That is Allah He gives you a gift. If you think carefully when Allah says

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cootie by Allah kuchibhotla como Sonia mahkamah cootie Bella Levine bobunny como la la comunidad fasting has been prescribed upon you just like it has been prescribed upon those before you in order that you achieve the kua. Now if you look, the timing of Ramadan is perfect. The ninth month of the lunar year. Super. The exact duration of it 29 or 30 days super. If it was more, we wouldn't have enjoyed it. If it was less we wouldn't have felt it. Allah says we chose it for you imagine. Do you know when you see the moon of Ramadan? What happens? First thing is we start preparing for that are we right or wrong?

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As soon as you enter the masjid and the first Allahu Akbar starts and you hear that, and if

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me, Allah He you are already in full swing. full swing, the spirituality is felt everything changes with that fester away for the next whole month. It's gonna be different. That is the blessing of Allah. Allah is telling you do you feel it? The answer is yes, I do. I want to ask you Laila to cut them you feel it? You should be feeling it. I must sit and I must understand. Did my life change did something moving me? Did I cry regarding the sins I've committed? If I have good news to you, Layla Toluca

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and Fisher, that Night of Decree and ln little cutter is better than 1000 months. If you have got it even once in your life, you are a winner. May Allah grant it to us over and over again. spend every one of those last 10 nights in some ibadah but you need to realize clean your heart.

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Why do we say clean your heart? Because my brothers and sisters look at those mahadji rune who Allah says they were the truthful ones when Subhana Allah the people from Medina welcomed them those were known as unsolved the helpers and unsolved think of the term and saw the helpers some of the greatest men ever to exist. Subhan Allah the mohajir on the unsolved What happened? While loving

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a man kabani him you him boonah man, La La Kabbalah these people who open their homes for the mahadji rune and they love those who made hegira to them. Are you prepared to love a stranger just because they say Allah Allah Allah Allah? The answer

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There is no in the case of most of us, that's where we have gone wrong. It's a fact of life. Why does Allah talk about these people? If they were not important, they would not have been made mention of in the Quran in such a positive way. Because this is the root of the oma, the oma will never succeed unless it goes back to those qualities in that route.

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Do you feel for your brothers, someone is a different color you got a problem with him, someone is a different race, you got an issue with him someone's a different nationality you got an issue with the problem is with all of us. So all I'm saying in sha Allah make an intention here and now. I'm going to change this heart of mine.

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I'm going to change this heart of mine something needs to happen. I must be a respectful human being. I must understand life is so short, we've lost so many to this pandemic, may Allah protect us. It's the will of Allah indeed. But the lesson is, no one has a guarantee that you're going to see fudge

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factor is too far.

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My brothers and sisters we need to do something here A versus recited to us. And Allah is saying those who came thereafter. So he speaks about mohajir home and the answer, then he speaks about those who follow that could include you and me. Allah says when Levine Agia

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back Diem, Jaco Luna Lana Wadi who won in Sabah Puna mean him.

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Those who came thereafter, they may do out of forgiveness for themselves. And they say Oh Allah, forgive us and forgive our brothers who have preceded us in the man, the seniors from amongst us and those who've passed on starting from the very beginning all the way down to us or ALLAH forgive all of them while at alfea. Kubina

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here's the quality I was talking about. Oh, Allah do not allow a single droplet of animosity and enmity or hatred, or negativity in our hearts for any one who is who has believed.

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That's the dude who will make the do those who truly follow the mohajir on and the answer, they make a dua Oh Allah. Let us never hate someone who's a Walkman. Let us never have him feeling animosity, jealousy, whatever the negativity of the heart is towards a fellow Muslim. No, it shouldn't be. And you know what Allah calls those unsung. Allah says, because they protected themselves from the love of the dunya and they were prepared to give in a selfless way, they will not selfish. Allah says one minute Kasha Hanif seanie for Allah can move on whoever can protect themselves from selfishness are the truly successful.

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What is this? dunya? How much do you have? How much do you have? You have more than others? Do you know that it's a bigger test from Allah? Thank Allah, humble yourself. When you have lots of knowledge, be humble. When you have good looks, be humble. When you have lots of wealth, be humble. When you have a lot of authority and power, be humble, because there are others who have much more than you. And they are much more humble than you. They've already passed the test.

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Having been given the opportunity by Allah to travel a little bit throughout the globe, some times you see people you can cry, and tell yourself Allah He these people are backing away they are gentlemen, who are we?

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May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us goodness, oh, this is Surah. Allah makes mention of many things. And this is one of them to say the Maharaja Rhonda ansara. Those who follow May Allah make us from those who follow.

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We have thereafter surah to Montana.

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In it, I want to mention one thing you know, in life, we sometimes don't like people, for some reason. You're a human. I'm a human being. Sometimes you just want to keep away from someone. Hatred is a very high big word. It's a very big word for among the believers. It shouldn't even be a word. You say perhaps you might dislike someone you might have had a roadie you might have just this. Clean your heart. That's what I said.

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And remember, when you love someone, love them in moderation. You know why? When you love them beyond any limits, that love only belongs to Allah. But when you below love them beyond any limit, you might end up talking to them telling them things saying things that tomorrow when you are no longer friends, they will hold you ransom with what you told them.

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They know a little bit too much about you. It's hard, you're stuck. You're like enslaved Bobby Baca Hakuna Ma, Assa t akuna Bahia aka Yo mama. When you love someone love him or her in moderation. Mashallah beautiful love, but there's certain things you need to hold back on. Relax. Take it easy. You know why?

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One day you might not have that love anymore, then what will happen? The same applies when you dislike someone, be careful what you say about them. Don't be cursing and don't be harmful hurtful to the degree that one day when Allah creates love between you and the one you used to hate. It's embarrassing because they remember what you said and what you did. Subhana Allah I believe the believer Kahuna ma as an akuna Habiba. Yo mama.

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When you dislike someone detest them in moderation, become relax, maybe stay away in the nice way. Allah says what had your home

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jameelah when you stay away when you actually have literally, you know, you don't want to talk to someone do it in a sweet way in a beautiful way. In fact, among the believers Allah says what either taba, hormonal, Jai Hilo, Nakano, Salah when the ignorant address you, you just say Salaam and you walk away.

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You walk away nowadays, all the kids they don't say a Salaam Alaikum Have you noticed? They just say Salah Subhana Allah, Allah grant us ease. I'm sure it's not from the verse, it's actually wrong. You should be saying the full Salaam it is an ibadah Assalamu alaikum. And if at the beginning will earn you a reward, say it nicely as salaam alaikum. Add to that. What about a cat? What are you losing, you're gaining free rewards, the angels are making the draft for you to change your life Greek properly Subhana Allah respond to the greeting also nicely. It's a great act of worship. Imagine someone's asking for the blessings, the mercy and forgiveness of Allah for you. If that is accepted,

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as the greeting is exchanged, you are successful.

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You are successful. So Allah says in this surah Assalamu

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komaba Levine

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Allah is unable and capable to create love between you and your enemy. He did it. Abu sufian who was he clearly didn't when he didn't move here. Who was he? These were enemies of Islam. At one stage, they became most beloved, you know, fairly dependent. Allah one who says there was a time when there was nothing more hated to me than the name of Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, and they came a time when there was nothing more beloved to mean and the same name Allahu Akbar. Look at how Allah changes the hearts

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and continue to make a dua, Allah hum Miam Caliban, colo sambit Hello, vana de la Cava beautiful Duan, O Allah, The Turner of the hearts, turn our hearts towards your deen keep it steadfast.

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My brothers and sisters, these are beautiful verses of the Quran. Allah subhanho wa Taala reminds us in so many ways, we have a verse we read this evening. Yeah, I you

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know, I don't know Kumar.

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in any game, oh, you who believe? Should I not show you a business that you can do? That will save you from severe punishment? A business why business? Everyone's interested in business. Imagine someone says Can I show you a big business you won't go wrong. And you say tell me and then they tell you strive in the course of Allah. You can say I thought you were gonna tell me something more interesting right? crypto or whatever else it might have been discovered Allah By the way, let's not talk about that. The reality is the true Business is business with Allah. Allah that's the true business. What is it I read for God? Against all odds, cold winter night geezer not working no

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electricity cold water from a ghetto Mashallah, Mashallah, I did it because that's my

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business with a lie packed away one gold bar, rocket surgery room minute dounia one mafia. This Hadith has really taken up a lot on my own mind. Because to think what the professor seldom said he said, the tool aka heart of Suna of fudger is better than the whole world and what ever it contains. We sleeping. We're not interested. We couldn't be bothered we rushing for those two. That's why come early because the true reward is for those who did it properly, that you rush through something if the art of sooner of fudging is so valuable, think of the others the ferret itself, what must have been when the Hadith the prophet SAW Selim says that Allah says that there is nothing more beloved

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to me than what I made fun of. Why did Allah make things compulsory? Do you know the reason? He says the reason himself,

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he loves it. So he made it compulsory so he loves it. So when you do

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Follow up, you're doing something that Allah really, really, really loves. Then when you do your sooner and you're nothing, you are increasing in your relationship with Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us goodness, I want to move on. So what will Mana rakuen Allah subhanho wa Taala in this particular surah and is named in a way that makes clear to us that they were hypocrites, and they are hypocrites. He mentioned some of the qualities of the hypocrites. But at the same time, when we hear these qualities, we need to remind ourselves protect ourselves from these qualities, the Hadith makes mention of some of them quite clearly, that you know, the qualities of a monastic, when he speaks he lies. When he is in an argument or a discussion, he explodes. When he promises he breaks the promise. He breaks his trust. These are some of the

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qualities of the hypocrites and then Allah says, Yes, buena Kula Sahaja Allah him, oh, that's a heavy one. You know, sometimes the Imam, I'm giving you this many examples that someone could give you, but I'm giving you one. If the Imam is saying something that you know, you shouldn't do this, and you shouldn't do that, and these people amongst us thinking, this guy's hitting out at me. It happens, right? The guy's hitting it because you're a hypocrite. That's why you're thinking that because the quality is in you. That's why when someone just came out of the pub, and walked somewhere, and then the mom is talking about alcohol and the pubs and how the people do this and

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that that's from Allah, the Imam is probably just innocently talking those Allah guides people to say things that you and I need to hear. And then you start thinking, I think he's attacking me. You know what he's not. Allah designed it for your ears, because what God to you was never meant to miss you. That's the reason I don't think so. Because why would you feel he's attacking you? Because you're guilty, right? If you were not guilty? Would you feel that way? The answer is no. So there is an element of hypocrisy you find what I'm saying. May Allah subhanho wa Taala protect us. Let's move on. We have Sugata Palak, where Allah subhanho wa Taala speaks about tala can various issues but a

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powerful point that comes clear in these verses of surah Palak. Allah says, Why am I tapping Allah? Raja Zuko, hoomin

00:27:30 --> 00:27:43

tehzeeb whoever develops correct taqwa, Allah will always make a way out for that person. And Allah will bless them with sustenance from where they did not imagine.

00:27:44 --> 00:28:24

Where you didn't imagine what do you need duck? Wha What is the duck what is to create a barrier between you and the punishment of Allah? Some people say the fear of Allah, the consciousness of Allah, I like to say, to create or to develop the correct relationship with Allah. That's what you need to do. What is the relationship? Oh, it's a massive thing. It's a lifelong dedication. Develop the correct relationship with Allah in everything. If you do that, what happens? You become a friend of Allah Allah Dena amanu. Allah speaks of Olia Allah in the Quran. Who are they? He says they are the ones who have two qualities. You want to be a friend of Allah, you need to believe and you need

00:28:24 --> 00:28:26

to have Taqwa. That's it.

00:28:27 --> 00:28:35

And you can develop that to a level of wilaya you can become a friend of Allah. May Allah subhanho wa Taala. Grant us that friendship.

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My brothers and sisters, the verses continue. And they continue to say within those verses, whoever is conscious of Allah, Allah will open the way Allah will grant him, Allah will forgive his sins and so many other things. May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us a true opening. I want to end off with the last surah we read this evening surah Atari, where Allah tells us yeah, are you * Alina man Oh toboe in Allah.

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Oh, you who believe. Return to Allah in a true way. In the most genuine and sincere way, returned to Allah in Toba

00:29:19 --> 00:29:46

is to the far end tober are two different aspects of seeking the forgiveness of Allah one that is still far but is when you ask Allah to forgive you. That is a stowford Allah, Allah forgive me. Then you say what? A tuber a lake and I returned to you. I will come back onto the path. So I asked Allah to forgive me that is the verb. I changed my life that is Toma, you see the difference?

00:29:47 --> 00:29:53

Toba is far more encompassing than is still far because it includes in it the element of seeking forgiveness.

00:29:55 --> 00:29:59

I can say I'm sorry, but I did it again and again and I never changed anything. Are you really sorry.

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But I can say, you know what, I've changed my ways my habits. I'm sorry for what happened in the past. Apologize. Forgive me. It's not going to happen again. That's Toba. May Allah grant us truth over. And that's why one of the verses filled with emotion is the only place in the Quran where Allah addresses the kuffaar by saying, Yeah, are you ready in a couple?

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What do you think that address will be? You know, when Allah says, Yeah, you, Medina, amen. Oh, you who believe. It is only when you have to imagine in your heart that you quickly want to know, What did he say? You know what? He's talking to me.

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But when you don't feel like a movement, the verses are read and it doesn't even bat an eyelid of yours. You know why? Because you don't even consider yourself truly a movement. That shouldn't be the case. soon as you hear, yeah, I your

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eyes open, my ears are open. I want to know Allah is talking to me. What is he saying? So imagine Allah always honors the believers. When it comes to the disbelievers only once he says, Oh, you who disbelieve and this is an address for the Day of Judgment. Last

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don't present any excuses today. You are only being given the recompense of what you used to do.

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Me ALLAH forgive our shortcomings. Brothers and sisters never lose hope in the mercy of Allah. These are the days of repentance. resetting your relationship with Allah on the night of Adam. re kindling your relationship with Allah. starting afresh, making sure that you do the right thing. No matter what people say, this is the right thing. I have a relationship with Allah, I must purify my heart I must follow the Sunnah of the Prophet Sal and to the best of my abilities, and I must try to resolve matters instead of creating matters May Allah bless every one of us, a cola cola sallallahu wasallam albaraka Alana. Bina

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