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A Mighty Book The Inimitable Quran – Proofs of Prophethood Shorts

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Mohammad Elshinawy

Channel: Mohammad Elshinawy

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The Quran continues to have a unique and extraordinary impact on people wherever it goes. Just during the Prophet Muhammad lifetime there are multiple accounts of vengeful murderers Arabs, who sneak up to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam for no other reason than awaiting a moment to catch him off guard and assassinate him. And yet they would find themselves this armed by hearing his recitation of the Quran and find themselves transformed from his staunchest enemies to his greatest allies. No single work man made or divine has ever gotten people and societies to thrive in such a holistic way, on every level, be it spiritual, be it moral, be it social, be it

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civilizational it breathes new life into the world and illuminates it for centuries at a time it has done so and continues to do so and will continue to until the end of time.