How Do I Deal With Toxic Mother In Law – Shaykh Omar Suleiman

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How do I deal with a toxic mother in law?

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Every situation is different. The toxicity here that's being referred to would need to be taken into consideration by someone that's arbitrating the situation. Generally speaking, the shutdown puts into place, protections right by enshrining the rights of each person in the family, very specific rights, right. So the parents, each person has to honor their own parents and then honoring the spouse, and all of these other factors come into play, they often come into play, because of the violations of those things that were meant to solve that in the first place. So, you know, space is something that's very important, right? So a woman having a right to her own space.

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You know,

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there are there are writes in his book that Allah subhanaw taala assigned within the marriage that cannot be trampled by anyone else, as we spoken about and a different question. So what do you do in these situations? Number one, try to follow the prescriptions of the media in regards to navigating that number to try to maintain courtesy always, you don't, you don't have to pick unnecessary fights and pick your battles wisely. choose your battles wisely. However, it's always better to solve these things, or to try to have that conversation to try to find that place of peace, before things completely blow up. And a lot of times, unfortunately, you know, something horrible happens, a

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person takes a lot of a lot of abuse, a lot of verbal emotional abuse, and then they wait and wait and wait, and then it blows up entirely. And then at that point, you try to figure it all out. And it's often very difficult at that in that situation. And so the best thing to do is when you start to feel things going in that direction, you try your best to, you know, to seek counseling or you know, in counseling doesn't necessarily mean in the professional sense right away, but some sort of counsel in a way that would help the situation Charlottetown even using it maybe as an opportunity to have a direct conversation and privacy in a way that would hopefully not exasperate the

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situation. These are very specific situations that require wisdom, wise counsel, and a lot of staccato and no point however, should a person tolerate beyond just the way that that naturally we're going to clash in our personalities, and we're going to find things within our personalities that don't always align. And people can get very territorial and things of that sort beyond those things that are normal and expected. A person should try to mitigate them at the start in Charlottetown, so that they do not become exasperated and lead to a more detrimental situation.

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