Bilal Assad – Reflections On The Prophets 22 Anomalous Desires Assad

Bilal Assad
AI: Summary © The history and characteristics of the first Iranian queen, Sir fired by the Iranian government, are discussed, including her hair color, relationship with her husband, her relationship with her children, and hypnotizing herself. The use of words in relation to sex and the influence of men on women is also discussed. The natural and biological buildup of man is also discussed, including the natural biological buildup of his body and the importance of natural preferences. The history of Islam, including the implementation of Islam laws and the use of head gear indicate the presence of gods, while also discussing the history of sexual behavior and the use of head gear to indicate the presence of gods.
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Hello, you My Lord.

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I bow to

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him and hamdulillah

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he was so happy, my brothers and sisters acetamide aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. As far as hair color is the Lamb his brother,

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he is the one that the Jews take pride in saying that we came from his lineage and we are the real people. And we are the chosen people. There are two types of general general two types of Jews and from them come out little sects. There are the what you call the universal

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types of Jews there, the mainstream that are common Jews, and there are the tribal types of Jews among them are the Zionists. So these people, designers and tribal type, they're very

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fanatic. In their ways. They're the ones who say that people on earth are going games games is like is in Hebrews saying that you're something similar to animals that you were created to serve them. And this is in the Torah, in their their Bible. And as for the rest of them, they believe that they don't have to have a land, they say we have to live among everybody. Now, I'm not gonna talk too much about them, but they pride themselves in being from his house. And they refused to say that, that is Marian is a prophet, Ishmael and they don't look at him as any significance, because the Arabs came from him and then despise Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam because he was an Arab, and they're

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the children of Israel. Israel is the our core values set and by the way, and it is one of the reasons so they don't take as many analogies and we take is how highly he sent him. He was a prophet of Allah and messenger of Allah, and we love him in a dome if he if he was alive over here and here we need to protect them or protect them with our blood. We love him more than ourselves and more than our parents, they are prophets of Allah, messengers of God. So handler for the blessing of Islam

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is how Allah His Salaam lived, and Abraham iclm and Sarah his mother, they lift him to see him. He grew up and he was righteous. And Allah mentions him in the Quran among the messengers of Allah the devout once. Then he had a son named iacobelli, salaam Jacob. Yaakov alayhis salaam, also lived to see his grandmother Sarah and his grandfather Ibrahim Ali Salim before they died. jacoba a surname is also mentioned in the Quran.

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As I said before, his name is Dr. Coburn, Israel in Israel in Israel, and they lived in Palestine.

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Yaakov Allah is Salam

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grew old. And he had two wives in the beginning, the form the first wife, he had,

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he had, how many Let me count them, how many children?

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So you have, he had 10 children from the first wife, and two children, two boys from the second wife.

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The 10 children from the first wife

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came from the lineage

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of one of the sons of Noah, and the other ones came from a lineage of the other sons of Noah.

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The two sons that came from the second wife, were better in conduct and righteousness than all the other 10 brothers. They were

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Binyamin, or Benjamin in English, and the second one was prophet Yusuf Alayhi Salaam. So they were brothers from the same mother, the other 10 from the other Mother

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jacoba alayhis salam loved his son, Yusuf alayhi salam, and after him he Binyamin or Benjamin, before his other 10 sons, he loved them more. And the reason why he loved them more is not because of favoritism,

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unfair favoritism. He loved them because they were more righteous in conduct and more pleasing to Allah than the others. Now here is a question. Are parents allowed to love

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some of their children more than others? Yes, because we can't control our love. Love is in the heart and only Allah can control that.

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There's no such thing as unconditional love and they teach you this about romance and baloney about hasn't been you know, man and woman loving each other unconditionally and and love from first sight there is no such thing. What we do have is action. And from that comes love. Love comes from treatment.

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There is instinctive love which Allah gave us towards our parents. Yes, but even that one can be lost.

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We can control it. Therefore, love for your children can vary. But here's the difference. The treatment must not vary. You treat them all equally, are also sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. He was sitting once, and a man entered from the Arab tribes. He had a son.

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And he placed his little son on his lap, the man set and he placed his son way on his lap. Shortly after his daughter came in little daughter, about five, four years old, she walked in, and her father put her on the ground beside him. So he didn't put up like his son on his lap, you will know the Arabs, especially in those days, they favored boys more than girls, and it comes down so put her on the ground, and he favored his son. The problem so I sent him immediately said to him, You have not

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done justice. Now. I didn't. You have not done justice. You're not fair. said how you Rasul Allah. He said, You favored your son and you neglected your daughter. You have to treat them the same, put them both on your lap or both on the floor.

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I've been an absolute justice

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in the treatment of our children.

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the 10 brothers of use of Ra Salomon Binyamin, they got very jealous. And by the way that were older than them,

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they got jealous of use of valet, Sam a lot because they used to say our Father loves him more.

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And here is the story and the reflections on his life.

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Yusuf alayhi salam.

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As I said before, he was extraordinarily attractive.

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In fact, not just attractive, you know, how you have different types of looks in people we say, handsome, sometimes we say attractive. Other times we say,

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beautiful. And there are times when we say hypnotizing us all these words, right hypnotising

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Yusuf Alayhi Salam was all for

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he was hypnotizing, attractive, beautiful, handsome. And on top of that, his character was even more beautiful.

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So this is the type of man that women only dream of.

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I wanted to go a little bit into Yusufzai selling before I talk about his salon because I just wanted to mention something very important about the beginning of his life.

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And that is the fact that Allah had given us to find a salon, the beauty in an Ulta beauty, beauty, and yet, he had to suffer and go through trials a lot.

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are also sallallahu alayhi wa sallam named him. Al Kareem Abdul Kareem Abdul Kareem Abdul Karim is the only messenger that is called the honorable son of the honorable son of an honorable son of an honorable

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Who are they use of the son of the Prophet Yaqoob, the son of the Prophet is had the son of the Prophet Ibrahim, four lines, great

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grandfather, grandfather and father are all messengers of Allah, not just prophets, but messengers of the highest of messengers. So imagine being like that. Right? We always pride ourselves, my father.

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He was this or that. My grandfather was this or that. But imagine you say my father, my grandfather and my great grandfather were all messengers of Allah. prophets. It's amazing. It didn't exist for any other men in history as far as we know. And the use of Allah he said, he had he went through trials. Now Yusufzai Sam was extremely handsome as we said, that any woman would dream of. However, there are one group of people if they live there is time they will also dream of him and they will men.

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And now other people have lot Allah has said a lot Allah has said I'm taking you back and inshallah we'll leave the rest of the story of use of Allah His solemn till the next class that I have you with

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loot Allah His solemn was sent to the most difficult

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of duties that you can think of.

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Like, I mean, you will probably wish if you are given his duty, or the duty of going and calling people and suffering blood and pain fighting physically, you would set out to fight physically better than what

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SLM was sent with. He was sent to a people who are the most degenerated of moral values on the face of the earth. That time. Today they are worse, but that time the most degenerated and the first that you will hear of such type of people. So Allah sent them a warner and advisor, out of his mercy. They were the homosexuals. Men who found the attractiveness in an

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intimate manner towards men, and I lost my dimensions that inner core an

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inner regeneration what I'm doing in this?

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How is this, you find attractiveness in your intimacy towards men instead of women? I did not create you that way. In other words, a lot has been created that way. Since Allah did not create us with that. How do we explain this? Well, our scholars tell us and from the verses of the Quran, we say, this is an unnatural Act, which has got such a strong connection with the psychology with the psychology of the person. These people out of their own choices as they were growing up led themselves in that direction. I've mentioned this before, but I just want to mention again, because I can see new faces here.

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Alhamdulillah with the will of Allah smarter, not from myself. I've counseled young men,

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who were

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tested with this terrible disease,

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not just one, maybe about four or five of them.

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And I've also

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two of them, were young ladies girls, and they also had the other the other type of intimacy. So they came to me and Hamdulillah, we were able to convince them, it was the reverse that the only thing I saw that I had to convince them and handler with all four of them. It worked for boys and two girls, it all worked at hamdulillah. They're all safe from it.

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The thing that helped me was that they were Muslims. So they believed in a law and they didn't like what they were doing. What I mean by like,

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in their, in their reasoning, they knew it was wrong. And they don't want to anger a loss pinata. But in their desires, they liked it. But they hated it, they knew it was wrong, because they don't want to meet a lost contact with it. So that was a step. They work their brains. And the other end, we convinced them use reverse psychology with them, and reminded them of a Lost Planet, Allah Alhamdulillah they stopped. I remember one particular sister, she had just met some of these types of girls, and they convinced her that she's

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a female, you know, homosexual or lesbian. And Alhamdulillah. The things I said to her were as follows. I said, sister before you met these girls, did you think that you were like that? She said, never crossed my mind. I said, So what makes you now think so? She said when I met these. I said, so you met them? He started thinking like that, how long? Have you known them for say about two months? I said, Have you done anything? She said no. So I'm handling that with you. As soon as you take the next steps, you start to it becomes more difficult to get out of it. Whether it's this or whether it's any sin, any sin we take further and further the shaitan works step by step. That's how he

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He works step by step doesn't work quickly, like 10 steps, step by step. And the further you go, the harder is to come back, like swimming in an ocean, the further you go deep into it, the more of a challenge to come back at is. That's exactly how sins our brothers and sisters, you lead from minor to bigger to big until finally, you lose everything, including even your belief in the last panel down. So this is one of the ways and hamdulillah I said to the sister I said so they convinced you she said, You know, I never thought of it that way. I never thought like that before. Now I am simple stuff. I said if I brought you a very handsome young man right now, the one that you like,

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and she likes sports many, right? And I said if I brought you a nice sports person, you know, like maybe an Olympian Taekwondo champ.

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And I said, she said, Yes, I would, I would, I would marry him. Why not? I would get to know him. I said, I'm the lead. And that means you are not what they say. So long as you still have that natural desire and hand unless you went away.

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I don't wanna go too much detail in case we identify her. But also the other brothers, we had similar occasions with them. So one of them took about a year. To get out of the situation. It was really desires and thoughts and they had done some things but not too deep. But hamdulillah it was reversed. Now I want to ask you a question.

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As a man or as a woman?

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Do you think it's natural? Unless you've got a deformity or you go to old age? Is it natural for you? To lose complete desire towards women? Do you think that's natural? I mean, a man is married and I know there's young people here but inshallah Allah, he married soon. But a man you're married right, even after years of marriage. So panela, this same woman, after years of marriage and the same man after years and years of marriage, Allah has created a natural biological build up within our bodies. When this biological buildup grows, you desire your husband, you desire your wife, even though you've been years and years, you'd say to yourself, well, it's time to get bored of them. But

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this desire stays in you.

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So it's natural to desire to this opposite gender, but it's unnatural to design with the other one because the other one that you can, you can actually get out of it again,

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and you weren't born

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With it narrow so sallallahu Sallam said the men have to cover themselves in front of other men in a certain way.

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Isn't it right from the navel to the knee, even in front of other men? There is a wisdom behind it. Because every person has an innate curiosity. Yes, it's a curiosity.

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And women have to cover in front of other women from novelty as well, because there is also that curiosity and the shape on always goes with the curiosity. That's how we might add the money, send them eat from the tree. He didn't eat because Adam I sent him was weakened his image, but he went to his curiosity and he said to him, ah, then why are you forbidden fruit? Because there's a secret. And you're not going to know that secret until you eat from it. So we ate and what was the secret? Nothing. There was no secret. The shaitan laughed his head off and thought that he had one. But guess what?

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Adam Allison did not come down to earth so you can stay here. Everyone who dives down into the ocean.

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The diver that goes down into the ocean, comes out with pearls. And Adam alayhis salam dive down to the earth and is returned back with pills. And this is the whole idea we come up with pills to enter Paradise in a more developed way at hamdulillah. So low delay Salam was sent to these people, not one of them. Not one single person, man or woman

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obeyed Lord Allah His center. It has certain durations that he stayed for more alcohol and how many years but decades. Not one of them except that he's cold.

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He had daughters, their three daughters, Natalie salon, and the wife, his wife was a disbeliever. And Allah mentions in the Quran, she used to help the men.

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She was a matchmaker for the men

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and lo tala is Salaam couldn't stay with her either. But he had three daughters from her. SubhanAllah it was just for the Prophet, that Allah subhanho wa Taala. He put him in that situation and she disbelieved. In our time. We're not we're not permitted in our Sharia in our Deen after the prompts are sent to marry someone like that. But he was a circumstance for him. He was in a necessity. However, his daughters were all believers.

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And the wife of lot descriptions about her being disbeliever is in the Quran. It's also in Hadees, that she used to try and help the men. I'll tell you soon what I'm talking about. His daughters became believers. So remember, last week, when I told you the two the two angels came to Ibrahim alayhis salam, and they told him gave him news that is going to have a son. They said, We have come to the people of Lord.

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So they went to the people of Lord to destroy them. Every people that came to a prophet Allah gave him chances and chances and chances. And in the end, after the warnings, they disbelieved and I lost my destroy them brought them back to him. So they went to destroy them. It is said Allahu Allah, we don't know which two angels they were, but it is said that it is jabril la ceramica.

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When I came to the people of lot, and it was a place called saddam ever of Saddam Sodom and

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Gomorrah, it's a place in Jordan.

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Okay, not to think ill of Jordan, but that's where it was. And right now, it is called the Dead Sea.

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The weather towns where it's now called the Dead Sea, there's only a sea, which is called the Dead Sea there, there are no towns anymore.

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And if you were to look at that sea,

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you will find that only not many fish live in it. And every now and then you will find special types of stones floating on top.

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And they are hate conductors. they explode.

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And they say scientists tell us about the Dead Sea that it's extremely dense water.

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It's difficult for anyone to drown and

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I'll come back to that in a minute. inshallah. There were seven cities for the people of Sodom. See, I don't like calling them homosexuals or gay I call them sodomites. And they know what that means and they hate it. Because you're referring them back to the origin and this is the truth. They are suddenly suddenly noon.

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Some people call them Luca Yun in Arabic I say this business a lot. He doesn't say that a lot is a prophet and they say and don't say that. He's like Lord Lodi, Sam wasn't a homosexual. So that was saddam Yun. saddam the people were Saddam's there were seven cities. The two angels entered. And they went to a well, and the way they entered so Pamela was in the form of the most extremely handsome men that you can lay your eyes on. That came in the form of handsome men. When they entered that one of the daughters of Luther SLM was at a well, and she saw these men. So she raised her father and said, Father, I just saw two men and they are extremely handsome. I've never seen people

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like them before. Meaning please go and advise them not to come in here.

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So, Prophet Lord I sent him went to them.

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And you know, it is from the nature of prophets and their character

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that they can't be rude. They can't just kick you out and tell you go, but they try to hint it to you and that's how we should all take that trait be sensitive and

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you know, sensible and considerate to people's feelings. So Lodi, Selim went to them. And he's tried to hint to them. He said, You're strange people. I've never seen people like you here. They said yes. And I didn't tell him why they're there. And he said to them, You know what, this land that you're in I have never seen more corrupt and terrible than this land is trying to hint to them don't come and live here Leave go. But they wouldn't leave. So then he invited them to his house.

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When they were in the house. It says in the Hadith that Lodi salams wife, the disbeliever went out to the people and she informed them of these two men. She said to them, there are most handsome men in my in our house. The next day, the men came to the house of law to lay his cell and this is also in the court annual funding the FCC didn't have time to go through at all. They came to his house in large numbers. And they started to bang his door. They almost bet you know, through his door down. And I would say to him words like this. Look, we know you have them in, let them out.

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And Luke alehissalaam was very embarrassed he thought these people will just menu and he coming as guests. So look, I sent him opened the door and he looked at them and said to them, fear your Lord and He will he said these words them in the Quran, la Sufi comrade, Jr. Rashid, is there not one man even among you, who thinks who has some wisdom?

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They said, let him out your Lord. We are not going to obey what you're saying. He said, Don't you feel God that will bring on you upon your punishment. And in one of the men who was the angel came and tapped Lotus and said close the door and come in. He came inside and he said to him, we are messengers from your Lord.

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Here the narration said that it was jabril alayhis salaam and Allah knows best. So jvI Sam said

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we have come the command from YOLO to destroy them.

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Take your family, your daughter's white for the night. Sahar. Sahar in Arabic means the darkness of the night. So there was no moon and absolute darkness. Everybody's asleep. He said in the middle of the night. Take your daughter's and Run, run away and don't even look back.

00:22:36 --> 00:22:41

In Mohali aku Allah had him Korea we are going to destroy the people of this town.

00:22:45 --> 00:22:53

The man was still banging on the door. So shall I sell him open the door he grabbed some dust as in the Hadith, and he blew them in their faces.

00:22:54 --> 00:22:56

And they all became blind.

00:22:59 --> 00:23:10

They all became blind. And they went away to their homes yet the headset as a headset that has Setsuna deuteron. They went touching the walls and pillars to know where they're going because they were blind.

00:23:11 --> 00:23:29

And they said Sahara and a lot this is in the Hadith Lord has done sorcery upon us. Every messenger that came this is what their people used to say. They've done magic and they said this about Prophet Muhammad SAW said them because I couldn't explain what this quote and he said they said it's words of sorcery, but it's not. We know it's not.

00:23:31 --> 00:23:37

And they said, We will see what's going to happen to you tomorrow yellowed tomorrow in the mornings our appointment.

00:23:39 --> 00:23:41

Allah replied to them in the Quran saying,

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for some

00:23:44 --> 00:23:55

book rotten, moussaka. The next morning, Allah met them with a terrible punishment.

00:23:56 --> 00:24:27

Nautilus from the middle of the night, Allah says, When Ajay Nan whom besar we saved Luton, his daughters in the middle of the night, in another verses Illa Jews on Phil hobbiton except an old woman who stayed with the disbelievers. That was his wife. Allah did not save Lodi settings wife, she stayed with them. The next morning, they woke up, Allahu Akbar, and this is what the Hadees says the angel and as we presume is probably not a synonym. He took one feather out of his wink, one feather

00:24:28 --> 00:24:36

and he placed it underneath the towns. How many towns did we say they were seven, with one feather from the wings of realize

00:24:37 --> 00:24:45

he carried seven cities. We're talking about middle heights, broad meadows, Glen Roy Faulkner Preston Coburg.

00:24:47 --> 00:24:59

Brunswick, all those seven cities with one feather that's an Alice pantalla is great. So can we cannot describe it. This is only his creation and look how so beware anyone

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defier last time, he places fed on the seven seas. In the head, he says he lifted him. He lifted them up until it reached the worldly sky. So went up into a particular horizon.

00:25:12 --> 00:25:20

And then it rained upon them rocks a lot longer describes them in the core and rocks of fire, they ignite

00:25:22 --> 00:25:32

and he screamed in them, and they all died. And he twisted the seven cities upside down and crushed them into the ground. And then they developed above it.

00:25:33 --> 00:25:34

A huge sea.

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I watched a documentary about Sodom and Gomorrah. And I found that studying the biblical term, it's very close to the Quran. But they thought it was a landslide that was slid. But the Quran and the Hadith circumcised and says he twisted their cities and the Quran says he twisted this city's upside down, which Allah Allah has made it up, down. So twisted upside down. I looked at the they looked at the edges of the, of the of the mountains around it. And so Panama it looked like finger like finger.

00:26:12 --> 00:26:21

Lane lane lanes, like a person placed his finger in there. And I said, so Panama this talks about wings. And I thought well how it is actually as if someone scooped it out.

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And now it is called the battle may eat the Dead Sea.

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This is what happened to the people of Sedona and in the Quran, and obviously now asuna this type of relationship is forbidden. And we must stick to the

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restrictions that our last pantalla had given us in relation to guarding our modesty and decency, even in front of them in. It's very funny and I end up with this when we say hijab, what do you think of last question? When I say hijab? What do you think of hijab? What do you think of?

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women, women in a scarf? That's what we think of a scarf and women there are two problems not with you, brother, but we all answer that. Two problems when people answer scarf and women, hijab does not mean scarf and hijab does not only apply to women, in fact, it applies to men before women. Allah said in the Quran, yeah, you could mean a whole Domino upside he can tell the male believers to lower their gaze. This is part of his job. His job means to God, God your gaze from looking in the last four men or towards women. He said what Colin Minetti mean upside for him. And then second, say to the Muslim women, believers, to God also their side. So hey, john doesn't mean scarf. It

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means also the behavior and the clothing and the words.

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So thank you for listening, such as our common law code for being here last month and accept our good deeds. May Allah forgive us, give us his mercy and grant us his gender. I mean, how there was some aloha intervener, Muhammad Ali or some big names Salaam

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