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AI: Summary © A travel guide discusses the history of the Muslim civilization in Canada, including the downfall of indigenous people being killed and the anteenth century when the Catholic Church opened schools for indigenous people to practice their culture. The guide shares their
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Hello everyone, I am in Canada, the city of Vancouver in British Columbia, the beautiful British Columbia. I wanted to quickly share something very important with you. I have some feedback from my Canada trip, I've been to different cities.

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I've been delivering lectures on the history of the Muslim civilization. I delivered lectures in Edmonton, which is in Alberta, the province of Alberta. Then I went to a very small city called Fort McMurray, with a population of nearly 100,000 people. And now I'm visiting Vancouver, which is the westernmost city in Canada, in the province of British Columbia.

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And I've been talking about the history of the Muslim civilization. I was walking through this place in downtown Vancouver, I came across this memorial

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dedicated to children who were killed or murdered at

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residential schools run by the Catholic Church from the late 19th century, to the mid 20th century. So these schools start started somewhere around 1860s. And then the last school was shut down in 1996, these residential schools were established to basically commit a cultural genocide, as described by the Commission of reconciliation.

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One of the state commission, established in Canada that basically made the statement that these schools committed a cultural genocide. So what was the role of these schools, the role of these schools was to bring children in by force from the indigenous people called the First Nations in Canada. So these were the native Canadians or native North Americans who owned all of this land where I stand right now and beyond. Right, so their children were taken away by force from the parents, and they were put into the schools.

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And they were not allowed to practice their culture. They were not allowed to speak the indigenous languages. And if they did, they were beaten, brutally severely punished, and in fact, even murdered, right. So this particular Memorial is dedicated to a group of children who were killed or murdered. At one of these schools, in a place called Kamloops residential school, Kamloops residential school. Google it and you will find the details. The remains of 215 children were found at the grounds of this particular residential schools run by the Catholic Church. So many schools

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throughout Canada, were run by the Catholic Church where children would be would be kept

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in boarding boarding areas.

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And it was by law necessary for all Native Americans to submit the children from the ages of seven to 15. From the age of seven to 15, children had to be by law surrendered to these residential schools. In other words, forced conversion was taking place, right under our nose in the 20th century. And not very long ago, right. So these indigenous people, they went through, like a cultural genocide that was happening in this country, unfortunately, I mean, there are many stories we can tell about what happened in the USA. What happened is a Native American people

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who are also called erroneously Indians or Red Indians. What happened to them is an understory in the USA, but here in Canada, a country which is very often seen as a liberal country, very open to immigrants, which is beautiful. It's a very beautiful country with many, many noble and beautiful people. But the history is absolutely crazy, you know, very shocking. What happened to indigenous people there. And what happens to this day, according to some people, is absolutely appalling. So all of these children were taken away by force, and they were raised as Catholics. And the language was not allowed, the culture was not allowed. And if they spoke the language, they were beaten

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brutally by rods and sticks by these nuns and priests and staff of the schools. If you go online, Google

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mass grave found of Indigenous children in British Columbia and you will see the details I'm talking about, you will see some articles news articles that reported this particular catastrophe. Okay, so this memorial is dedicated to them. There are many many, you know, banners there with messages, for example, Every Child Matters. That's a very moving message there. On the top there, you can see that every child matters and indeed Every Child Matters. Okay, why would the children of the native indigenous people call the first

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In Canada, treated, treated this way. So my request is for you to do some research into this. This is part of my history bytes, which I've been sharing. I thought this was a very important message. We should not allow this to happen ever again. In our history, it has been happening. For some reason, the Catholic Church has a history of doing this. Even as early as the seventh century this was taking place in Spain, were in the fourth Council of Toledo that took place in 633. C, it was decreed that all the children of the Jewish people are to be taken away by force and they are to be converted to Catholicism. And when Muslims arrived in Spain in the year 711, see,

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the Jewish people open the gates of the cities, welcoming the Muslims as liberated. Jewish historians say the saying this Zion Zohar, one of the Jewish historians, he actually stated this in his book, a history of Sephardic SFR, Sephardic and Mizrahi Jewry. This is a message I want to share very quickly. This is what happened to the native indigenous people of Canada who still suffer to some extent to this day. They have many, many social problems. They are marginalized in many ways, and they are still discriminated against.

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And it's very sad that history is absolutely appalling. mass graves of 215 children found at one school. Okay, there are 1000s of children who were murdered, systematically murdered by these schools. By maltreatment. Children are fed, barely fed, beaten, brutalized, sexually abused, there are reports of these children are systematically sexually abused by these priests and nuns, right.

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And the details are far too many for me to discuss in one short video. So you have to go and do some research on the treatment of these native indigenous children at these residential schools run by the Catholic Church predominantly, right. Very, very grim and painful history and this is a memorial very moving memorial to those children. You can see teddy bears,

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children's shoes and things like that. 1000s hundreds of 1000s of children lost their lives within a century in Canada at these residential schools and no one knows about it. So I just wanted to share this. Thank you so much for listening. More updates will come from Canada during my stay, watch this space and subscribe to the channel and inshallah support our history related work by following the links as long as they go on.