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The importance of abstaining from sin during the last 10 years can lead to negative consequences and avoiding reciting the Quran during prayer is emphasized. Consistent reciting the Quran is key for avoiding embarrassment and improving one's character. forgiveness is also emphasized, and individuals should reach out to others during nights to improve their character.

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatu Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Well, Allah Allah He was happy ah mine. My brothers and sisters were almost at the end of the month of Ramadan. The Odd nights have clocked in one after the other. What are you doing in order to end the pleasure of Allah? How should I live in the nights? To be honest with you spend a great portion of the night. In worshiping Allah, the first thing that you need to know is to abstain from sin. People send in the month of Ramadan, people send at night, they do all sorts of things in the nights. They waste their time on social media, whether it's Tick Tock or Instagram, if

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you're doing good things, it's different, but they waste their time doing bad things. They dance around, they fool around, they swear they, they you know, they do all sorts of silly things. You need to know that Allah Almighty once you at least to begin with to abstain from sin during these blessed days, I mean, if you cannot do a lot of good, the minimum is stay away from bad. So Subhan Allah, we need to make sure during this time during the season point number one, stay away from everything that will earn the anger of Allah subhanho wa Taala don't do those things, leave them and so anything that is a waste of time, cut it out. Promise Allah to cut out even your bad habits

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Subhan Allah you know your bad habits you know what exactly they are? Promise Allah to cut them out. What's the point of having these 10 nights every Ramadan? And we don't know this might be our last one make the intention or Allah help me. I've got this bad habit helped me eradicated. I am serious about it. If you've only achieved that by the last 10 nights of Ramadan, you're successful. It's a great success. But there is more to it than that. So I hear Lael the profs are seldom used to live in the night by doing what he used to engage in extra units of voluntary prayer. More occurred two by two. So 2468 whatever you can extra cat. He used to do his tahajjud he used to do tM tM lane is

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the standing in prayer at night, be it the first part of the night, the middle of the night or the last part of the night. All of that is called a pm only. So you can start off with what we know as tarawih

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you continue later on, you can do your Salah whenever you have a chance you do some Quran, recite some Quran Now, many people say I want to cover the whole Quran in one night. No, don't don't there's no merit in that you will get no extra rewards by reading their Koran all in one night because, in fact you might get a sin because you're going to be whipping through the word of Allah, which is not a good thing to do. Many people say, Oh wow, that chair for this person, they read the whole Quran in one night. There is nothing virtuous about it. It is against the teachings of Muhammad salam to do that you should at least span it with within three days. Now if you're

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memorizing and you're learning and you happen to be reading the Quran and you happen to be reading for 1011 hours a day, you may complete it Alhamdulillah but if you're sitting with recitation of the Quran, or you're doing salata, Terra, we don't attempt to complete it in one night it's against the sooner you may earn a sin because how can you earn a reward for having read so fast that you've eaten some of the words of the Quran and you have not adopted the rules and regulations of recitation of the Quran, beautiful, melodious voice has seen on or unobvious Vatican where some of the scholars have told us we you should beautify your Quran with your voice. So we haven't

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beautified it we just whipping through it. Like it's something that you're supposed to be rushing through, not at all take your time. Always remember it's quality that comes first. So take your time, read whatever are on you can have a juice, one juice, two or three juice, and you spend a beautiful portion you know, the way you recite should be melodious between you and Allah, because on the Day of Judgment, you will be told to recite the Quran if you've memorized some of it, and you will only be able to read the way you were reading in this dunya so if you were reading in the dunya in a way that was embarrassing, you're going to be embarrassed in the hereafter to and if you read

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melodiously on that day between you and Allah, you will be reading melodiously because that's what you used to do in the world. You know, karma konta turati lwv dunya till karma Quinta turati lofi dunya oppure meaning it will be said to a person who is who has memorized the Quran or part of the Quran to recite in the same way you used to recite in the world. That's on the Day of Judgment. So that's part of how you live in the night then you do a car Vicki Subhan Allah Alhamdulillah Allah Akbar Allah, Allah and Allah so

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Many different as car, no specific number, but you can do as much as you can no specific vehicle but you can do as much as you can. One that we've been recommended to repeat Allahumma inaka if you want to hit bull f1 for amny Oh Allah you are forgiving you love to forgive so forgive me. Think about what you just said. You love to forgive so forgive me. You are most forgiving. Well, these are the qualities Allah wants to be the main qualities of the Night of Decree and les little other because when I shall have the Allahu anhu asked the prophet SAW Selim, what should I say? He recommended this Dre he told us say this. So it's amazing now my brothers and sisters you do other other car you

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seek forgiveness of Allah that's known as is still far. Oh ALLAH forgive me You can read what is known as say you do they still follow? Allah home and terribie Oh Allah you are my Lord. Now Allah in the US there is none worthy of worship besides you hallak attorney You created me what an app you can I'm your worship. I'm your slave, what? deca, deca? mustapa. And I am upon my covenant and my promise as best as I can. You know, I promised there's none worthy of worship but you and Muhammad peace be upon him is your messenger. So I'm going to try to adopt that as best as I can. Hello afternoon and Abdu quanah adekola addict Mr. Todd obika Minh Cooley Sreenivasan as I seek

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protection, I seek refuge in You from all the evil that I have done a Bula kabinet matica. Yes, I admit, and I acknowledge all your favors upon me. Well, I will be thembi and I acknowledge my sins as well for fiddly, so forgive me for in the whole nine zero vinoba illa. And because indeed, there is none who will forgive sins, except you may Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us true forgiveness. These are some of the car that we should be reading during the nights or when we are in the last 10 nights of Ramadan, live in the night, get up your family, perhaps those who are adults, you may get some of them up and you may actually engage in a bed and encourage them to engage in a battle as

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well. My brothers and sisters a few more nights remaining. Let's not waste this night, a night that is more valuable than 1000 months, that's 83 odd years between 83 and 84 years you can do the math. But my brothers and sisters, some of us spend the night doing the wrong things. That's what I started off by saying minimum don't do the wrong thing. Do the right thing. Another thing, reach out to people in charity during that night, you will get a great reward. Reach out to people in goodness during that night. You know do something great and continue make maybe make a plan I'm going to do this every night. And you can have a little timetable if you want. make a mental note of it. What

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you want to do, and then you might want to go to the masjid if the masjid in your area is open. And if they're having a doorway or a camel lane thereafter, you might want to join them so panela you'll get a great reward. encourage people to do good. improve on your character. check up on your folks, your family, your parents and so on. And Allah will bless you. May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us every goodness and open our doors are called locally hava or sallallahu wasallam or Baraka ala nabina Muhammad