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AI: Summary © The cosmetic industry has shifted from traditional drugs to alternative drugs and the importance of avoiding alcohol and drugs in one's health. The shift from traditional drugs to alternative drugs is discussed, including the importance of showing one's weight and effort in a relationship and the importance of showing one's physical appearance and bringing others into the relationship. The speakers stress the importance of not using pathetic language and not using pathetic language in their message.
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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen hobby, Almaty, Nineveh elemi Villa Marina in Venice. For super Han Allah He led the Hikmah to Who

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was he? When he moved to LA to La Casa de Maccabee? Wanna shadow La ilaha illallah wa de la sharika lahu Faena theory to me when a shadow NSA Donna molana, Mohammed Abu or pseudo Allah hi Donna kitabi Mooney, Medina Illa Allah He bill in

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Salalah alayhi wa early he was off to be he Mather Metallica workI Buta see. I'm about to forget Apollo la junta Baraka wa Taala. Phil coronial imagery, they will record in Hamid, all the wilhemina shaytani r rajim Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim, Mr. kabiri NaVi he said you're on your own, so that Allah Allah the

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respected scholars, brothers, sisters,

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we live in a world which is very much dominated by the concern of the well being of our physical bodies. If you look at one of the industries that are ever thriving is the cosmetic industry. The whole world focuses on the upliftment and the advancement of the external body and rightfully so. In fact, we've become slaves to our desires to the extent someone said in the English language, eat your food, like medication, or else you will have to eat your medication like food.

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And today, that's not the case my wife is a very health conscious person. And she's on this alternative medication and she you know, even the kids you take this year and natural and probiotic and, and make, you know, all these extra things to vitamins to boost you and not the conventional drugs and the side effects and detoxing and the rest of it, but it's a meaningful statement. Eat your food like medication, otherwise you will eat your medication like food. And that's precisely where the world is. So there's very little or no focus on the soul. And the actual human is the soul the real human because the external body is ever changing and evolving. So many of us if we look at

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our image and photo when we were kids, then you like those days the cameras were not good man.

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Now that's you

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that's you, right? Like it or not whether you blame me it wasn't a good image wasn't a good camera wasn't this pixel didn't have that, you know, ability, but that is precisely how we look. So we are evolving in our external appearance and this will continue. The thing that remains with us and we'll move on and will not change is the soul and it is the soul today that has become restless and we are treating the external body to suppress the restlessness and the anxiety of the soul. The Arabic poet said the habit to a lot Bobby re Haile Mahalia D Bobby Bobby ma Java Lee. Jealous to *a llama chic work.

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For Colton holla beloved McCauley, I tell you to kya Toby Bala Yaki Nene in B and Nicholas Tatum likoma, b Bally anila, Shaquille D GA, Berlin homiletic School demande de Fatah to ilica healthy keto, Falcone to mineral halali attorney for Jacobi Buda kalbi further we have a woman whose early Kashif to LA can surgery at a smart fee Hillel per annum intelli the pool will be under Murphy lt herban huashan ma de la la wa Taala famille mithya Saku Li Mo hora de manera de Cicco me Minh maka Rafael hapa wala is Amina Zocor me Willa so early for incontact bobbidi boo former religion lithium info Caracas ecology Bali Nusa Nomad either Maria buena vida will be owner be super early.

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This summary understanding Arabic here

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it's like oh, man, I was about to say if you understand Arabic, your heart would burst but those who understood there was no reaction. Okay, anyway, the focus of my talk is the restlessness, the depression, the anxiety is because we've neglected the soul. So in essence, if I could

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Capture the sentiments and give you a synopsis of the multiple stanzas that are presented before you and just walk you through it briefly and progress into my dog what I want to although time is quite limited so he says the happy to a lot Bobby I presented myself at the surgeon

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and I said to him the habit to ellipta BB UI highly, you know showing him my condition, while yet with Bobby Bobby Majora Lee jealous to facula shake work as a family. The doctor said to me, what are your grievances? What are your pain? What is your agony? So I said alcohol Abla McCauley my condition speaks louder than what I could express myself. I say to Kay Jacobi balaia teen in vn Nicholas the term likoma be barely and Allah kill her Mati Giada I haven't come to complain about the regular flu and the regular fever and the body aches that's not what I'm here, but in a home and let the touch school a family on the reverse. My fever is astonished at my levels of tolerance for

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to La kahal t k Tara, who frequently has terminal halali I've opened my mouth, not for you to examine my tonsillitis or my laryngitis. But I want you to look deep down and check and and examine me. Have you seen anything other than a halau muscle in my body?

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Have you seen anything else? There's this long duration was a gnarly Rolando went to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam and yeah, Johan Levine, man oh Adriana je Tomaso La Paz demo Bane a nyjah was gone Welcome sir data, then he can

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do for in Allah haga for Rahim, this is the chapter of mujer de la the chapter of argument where a woman by the name of Allah Bharati Allahu Allah came and she argued respectfully to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam and she said my husband, I married him, I was young, I gave birth to his kids, and when I aged he divorced me. I want to be of Allah you need to create an opening for me of Nasha Bobby Naruto botany at the Kabbalah at Sydney one katawa diva harmony garden Samia Allah whoa whoa Lottie to Jaya De Luca fees. Oh gee ha, what a sticky illallah wa longwing Yes, ma. War Akuma my word, my word. This is just beyond me. This is the eloquence of Quran. I don't want to go into the

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details of it. In a nutshell. In the verse I recite that the hypocrites used to come to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam and they would sit close up and claim proximity and nobility and piety. So Allah then restricted their attendance by insane before coming to the province a lot ism give charity and they will not those who could spend. So as soon as the Quran said spend and you must come then like, okay, you know, Brother, you know, there's a good friend of mines. So he sells his chocolates. So he says, I tell the people, I'm selling chocolates, and they're like, Oh, brother would have supported you, but I'm diabetic.

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So then I say to them, no, it's fine. You don't have to pay It's on the house. They say okay, it's fine. I'll have one. Like, what happened to your diabetes?

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So it looks like your pocket is diabetic.

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So I'm like brother, I'm setting Oh, brother, I would have supported you will law he you know, I'm diabetes. I'm diabetic brother. And I go to monitor my sugar and my insulin and I go to take care of it. Okay, brother, it's on the house and he's poppin one after the other. And then he says, I realized you know what, it's not diabetic. His pocket is diabetic. May Allah make us generous by nature and generous to spend. So when Allah said that you have to attend by giving charity, the monopolies did not come say. He said, had he if he kitabi la Miami, LA,

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de la melby. Haha, don't buddy. I was the one who practiced upon it first. And nobody after that had the opportunity to practice because post me practicing upon it. The injunction was abrogated. I don't want to go into the academics, what we say man, Soho come back to you tilava the verse remains part of the Quran. But the injunction was abrogated. And I had the dinar in my hand, and I made it into charity, and I discharged it. And I came straight to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. And then I sat and I spoke with him. And once upon a time, the owner was inspired into these goals. I'm the first to practice on the higher. I'm the first to do this. I'm the first to do that. And today I

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often say people are so desperate for fame and recognition, and to have their names engraved in the books. It's like, I'm the fattest man in the world. And he's got the longest mustache and got the longest nails and like people don't mind

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I've been infamous to be famous, if you know what I'm saying, people don't mind to be infamous to be famous, just so that you know what people know who I am. And that's how people have become desperate for fame to be recognized to be acknowledged, and they they exhaust different options. May Allah guide us and inspire us. So I came and I sat down with a prophet sallallahu wasallam and then I asked him a few questions. And then amongst them I asked him, mother us not only know JT FC of prophesizing What can I do for the salvation of my soul? He said, Could you Hannah Allen.

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Cool Hello, Alan vocals can eat that which is pure and utter that which is true. Wow, that was comprehensive for that to LA healthy. For Cali. Terminal halali attack it for your puppy Buddha can be further we have a woman who's actually a doctor, a medical practitioner or physician. Do you have any clue about mind spiritual malady? Because that's more concerning than me losing my weight, then me being slim then me being petite or by me becoming obese? And I'm not saying you need to be obese. But you know, I landed in Dubai, and I was hopping onto another flight and I was tired. And this guy was walking by and he was like really obese. And he has this T shirt. I'm not fat. I'm just fluffy.

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I'm not fat. I'm just fluffy. And I'm like, that's euphemism of a different level. Wow, that's being euphemistic now, you know, that's good. That's just a different thing altogether. Kashif to LA

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Kashif to La Casa de

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la. When you put your status go on my chest, can you hear the beat of Oregon? Can you hear the beat of Quran wah wah telemedia Salah for me, a Salah Mahabharata Imani Imani when you put in the thermometer and you measure in my heat. Can you tell me what's the level of my faith? Can you tell me what's the level of my Eman? satomi min mokara Fatiha Paya well, Amina so Camila, so Allie for incontact oB buffo Marilla journalism info chorus ecology Bali, if you're a doctor, tell me what's the way out of my sense. So anyway, I want to focus on three maladies. I haven't started as yet. But let's hope we can get some way or three melodies. We're talking about spiritual maladies. And I

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promise you this is where we are grappling. And this is what we've neglected. And this is what governs the body. If this internal spiritual melodies are taken care of, everything will be in order. Like I often say to to prospective couples. The Quran speaks about three types of beauty. Generally, when a bride and a groom or a boy and a girl or prospective couples, they speak about every type of beauty in going into the marriage ahead, but about the beauty which Allah identifies as beauty. So it's a beautiful wife. It's a beautiful man. It's a beautiful house. It's a beautiful income. It's a beautiful community, everything beautiful, but have you spoken about the beauty which

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Allah spoke about? And what is that first verse Oberon? jameelah, first fluffy, soft, Jimmy.

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Ma aku Luna.

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Jalan jameelah Allah speaks about beautiful patience. Allah speaks about beautiful tolerance. And Allah also speaks about some people in life. You need to just move on with and not stagnate and just ignore them beautifully. Just move on. Carlos aka takato Scimitar, called to LA home in La Jolla, Bella Bella Bella Sharif Tahoe, Carlo cada cerca de Vaca. The whole Scimitar poltrona boom in Java Bella beneficiary Mr. Amato and also the tosha Amita. Well, Kal boo Salam Riva when

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someone said to me second that you silent Walker, the whole center where these people are arguing with you hula hoop in La Jolla, Bella Bella beshara. Mr. Whoa, I said, I don't want to retort. I don't want to reply. Because if I reply, it's a can of worms. I'm just going to make it more ugly. It's going to exacerbate it. Amanda. Natasha has submitted Don't you see the lion is sitting silent beneath the tree, and yet it's been feared and the dogs are the dogs are being a barking away. People are hurling stones at it yet it continues bunkin so silence is not as a form of weakness. And barking is not a form of strength.

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Anyway, three spiritual weaknesses that I want to speak on briefly, which the Quran focuses on. And that's what I'm trying to draw my analogy on. Allah speaks about the pagan Arabs and this is a verse of the 18 Jews. And Allah says mustache kabiri NaVi. They were arrogant and haughty, and public.

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out about it. So in basic grammatic Arabic context, the B he needs a margin, it needs to refer to something. But the scholars of the field tell us from the SIOP and the sybok, the Association and the affiliation that the Arabs had with the Cabal was such that it could be referenced and understood and implied without a categoric mention. So I don't go into too much academic language, suffice to say here be he is referring to the sanctuary of the Kaaba, the first evil of the pagan Arab that the Quran highlights three spiritual maladies. So my forward my preamble was just to outline that we need to start taking care of our spiritual body, and that's our soul. We make so

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much focus on the external and we go through extra mild, little scar pigmentation one dermatologist to another dermatologist, I keep on saying to my kids, and I say in my dogs, back in the days, people were born with straight teeth, not born with teeth, but what I mean the teeth when they developed, it was straight and the speech was straight. Now you go to the orthodontist, it will cost you an arm and a leg to get those dentures and teeth straight, and the speech still remains crooked.

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Right? So you'll spend an arm and a leg, if not few legs, to get that teeth straight for your son. And that same boy will throw back at you something's like that you did nothing for me. Like you know what, it's what my teeth if you know what I mean?

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Where's it and before the speech was straight, the teeth was straight. Now neither of the two is in order. So we need to focus on the soul. So I'm saying the first weakness of the Arab that the Quran speaks about was arrogance, over the service they offered to the dean, and that was the association with the Kaaba. They were proud about this they will haughty they will arrogant. Now something that Allah dislikes and despises and is deplorable and detestable and despicable to the Almighty is that when we become arrogant on any act of worship, and I promise you the arrogance on piety is worse than the arrogance on affluence, while both is repugnant and disliked by the Almighty, but arrogance

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over piety is worse. matauri fitna Abdullah used to say abhi Tana Emma will also be Hannah Dima abou la Ameen and abhi Taka, Emma was Bahama Java. If I spent the entire night sleeping, and I don't engage in vigil and nocturnal prayer in tahajjud prayer, and I get up in the morning lamenting the fact that my night passed without prayer. And we're not talking about the obligatory prayer we're talking about the optional, the nocturnal that the huddled prayer, which is meritorious and has great virtue, but if by chance my night went and I slept away, and I didn't engage, and I get up in the morning regretting. That's more beloved to me than spending the whole night in worship, and

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getting up in the morning, arrogant and proud that I'm better than others.

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You know, Imam ghazali his words or it just gives me a shiver in my back, he said, and to move you softly through the discussion. He said earlier on. When you see a small child, then you must say to yourself,

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have Allah

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wa say to Felicia nobuhiro Mini. This is a minor This is a junior, this child has not disobey the law. So this child is better than me because I have since and this child has no sense.

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Whatsoever it can be run and when you see a senior, you say to yourself, has Abba de la cobbly financial nobuhiro Mini. This person is worshipping Allah before I was born. So how dare I assume I am superior and I have excelled him or her. What is our at john Helen? And when you see an ignorant person, a foolish person who's committing sins, you say to yourself, ha ha ha Salahi Jilin,

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La Habra, heileman suffragette Allahu Akbar. This person has disobeyed a lot of ignorance, and I have disobeyed a lot despite my knowledge, so he's better than me. Are I need to have a law Whoa, whoa, whoa, what

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are you mean, Wakata Marilla. In summary, what will be what?

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Have you not seen the person whom Allah misled despite his knowledge, Allah gives two examples in the Quran of those who have knowledge and yet they do not execute the knowledge they do not walk the talk in one place Allah equates them to a dog in one place. Allah

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equate stem to immune for methyl Luca methylene. In mill Allah He has our

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methodology and I'm just passing on my time is doesn't allow what is our retirement and when you see a learned scholar, you say has an Anima Madame alum Bella Madame abloh Guna mithila This man has committed the Quran to heart. He's committed the Hadith one of my scholars used to say, some of our young kids, we would say they so heedless, oblivious, negligent, careless, that oh, I wouldn't even give him the car keys. I wouldn't even trust him with a house. I wouldn't leave my phone with him. He is so clumsy, he is so oblivious, but hang on that very negligent careless child. Allah has trusted him with the whole Quran. And Allah has entrusted you with one juice of the Quran.

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And then you can decide who's clumsy and who's negligent. So Allah gave him the Quran and included him in the fraternity we're in Allahu Allah hifu. And we are those that will protect him. And Allah included him in this rich galaxy, who are part of the plan of Allah for the preservation of the final revelation. And you and I are grappling to memorize one chapter. And that puts the spotlight on redefining intelligence versus negligence. So when you see someone who has memorized the Quran, or learn it, then you say, How can I even dare equate myself to this person? He has so much knowledge? What is our aitikaf Iran? And when you see a disbeliever you say

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that it is highly possible that Allah will guide him or her prior to his or her demise. What am I gonna find? I saw a little Danny Allah for your kuno then who am Elmo carabin akuna Minal mobile ad, it's possible and this happens, we've seen it with our own eyes, that alone can change the life of a person prior to his death, and he will be closer to Allah. And Allah can cause my heart to deviate before my death. And then I will be distant from Allah. I was in the Caribbean on a lecture tour. Just when I wrapped up a brother came and he said, Sure, I need you to meet a particular brother. I'm like, Okay, let me juggle my commitments and see how we can you know, what, make this happen.

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The next day, I had other engagements I couldn't he came back. He's like, please, Chef, you gotta meet this brother. I'm like, okay, what's the President about it? He breaks down his emotional he tears. I said, Brother, are you fine? He's like, I'm a revert to Islam. The man who brought me into the fold of Islam has left Islam.

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Whoa, my words. That gives me a shiver in my back. What did what did Imam ghazali say? That even if you see a disbeliever don't feel great about yourself, you don't know we have no guarantee how life will pan out and how things will change. So can you imagine and just to move on from this year, one of the great scholars said, Oh, this is so amazing. I'm just gonna give you the translation because time is short. He said its mandate read to aspire to become pious, like I always say in my lectures, aspire to inspire before you expire.

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aspire to inspire before you expire. So it's mandatory, it's obligatory, it's compulsory to try to become pious, but it's forbidden to consider yourself bias.

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So I gotta get on and I got to push myself I got to do something. I got to exert myself. That's the way I got to go. But to claim it that's forbidden. We move on to the next thing. Mr. Comedian, that was the first spiritual malady May Allah protect us. The second one some urine. Now, if you linguistically dissect this word summit in Arabic refers to moonlit night. It was a favorite time for the Arabs to chit chat and sit and talk and pass time. When it was a bright moonlit night they would sit outside and they would just gossip away and speak away. Allah said this was the second evil that was found amongst them. And trust me, this has parallel lines that we use. The night is

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young and the day has no direction. They'll spend the night hours upon hours chit chatting talking killing time and time is just going by Mohammed bin idrissa Shafi said to Sophia Phantom and amin whom Allah we can imitate him, I can narrow my life's experiences into two words and walk to say phone, a doctor who Oh kata time is a sword. Either you cut through it or it cuts through you, and then it's your knifes *ufta bill happy OSHA let Kevin battle. Either you dictate to yourself and say I'm going to read

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Koran, or your ego will dictate to you and say you're going to peruse porn and unsavory material. The analogy of the ego the scholars say is like a person on the back of a horse. So when you get on the back of a horse, the animal examines the confidence levels of the rider, you'll find that the horse will move around, it will jostle, it will turn. If you show firmness and you show authority and you hold the reins firmly, then you ride the horse, you Gallop, the horse, you truck the horse, and it's an amazing animal eloheinu motto Don't be nervous, the higher the prophets, Allah, some said Allah has attached goodness to the for lack of a horse. But if you show weakness and you

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succumb and you buckle under the pressure of that animal, then you're a dummy on the back of that animal, the horse rides you, you're a dummy. There are millions of people that today their ego is writing them. They are a dummy on the back of this ego. And what can you say about the ego well with

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the facade that is somehow one to one or the woman fee in Allah says, the recipe for destruction is when you subject the truth to base desires. So the second thing briefly is look at the words of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam lassa morata della Isha. Don't get into chit chatting. Don't get into social discussions. Because when you sleep late, you are inevitably going to compromise standing up early and study the Great's of the entire world, religious or otherwise, they would rise early. What do they say in English? The early morning breeze has a secret to share with you. Be sure you up to listen to it. The early morning breeze I had, I'm ending shortly. I know it's the time of Missouri.

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I'm wrapping up. I was for a program locally. So I took a flight to the Kruger National Park. Many people know about it, it gets tourists from around the world. And you get on YouTube Kruger sightings if you're into wildlife and Safari, etc. So I was there for the program. Recently, I took a domestic hop, I had a lecture and I was flying back as I was flying and my mind kind of alerts to all these things. And I you know, bring it into my dogs. So just before boarding this domestic airport, I see a sign there because it's at the National Safari Park. It's a nice sign that reads there and it got me thinking every morning, a gazelle gets up in Africa. And it knows it has to run

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faster than the fastest lion, or else it will be killed.

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Every morning a lion gets up in Africa. And it knows it has to outrun the slowest Gazelle, or else it will starve to death. It doesn't matter whether you're a lion or a gazelle. When the sun rises, you better be running.

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When the sun rises, you better be running

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some urine, the most dangerous thing in life is to do nothing.

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And it gets more dangerous when you have plenty of time to do nothing. And that's where we are today. So the second evil of the pagan Arab which was a spiritual malady was the Knights which has been dragged on, they would talk they would gossip they would chat and they would just drag and the Prophet sallallaahu and just put an end to it. Last summer at about $1 a shot no chit chatting no social discussions no engagements after Felicia Rita to bed early rise early be productive in society. And the last thing and time is against us. June. One is a Hydra yahiro that means to migrate and to relocate while avoiding what Obama on the hill refers to blurt things that are

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nonsensical, incoherent, obscured. So when you sit and you check chat, then inevitably What are you going to talk, it's not going to be structured, it's not going to be calculated. You're going to be talking obscene, vulgar, immoral. These are the kinds of talks that you are going to utter and you speak to the average and you just happen to overhear the kind of vulgarity that today is been spoken about. I was in London for a program. And then this youngster was in the car and he was taking me so he had his

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you know, GPS on, and he had it in youth mode.

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So I'm like, brother, Now relax. So this is like a provocative language. It's a daring a day you take right now and then I'm omitting but it's vulgar all along. And I'm like, has the world stoop so low, that devices have now the option of you have a Male Speaker and a female speaking

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You know, on a lighter side, myself and my wife were driving and there was another brother as well, and the Sat Nav the GPS was on, and then the brother made a mistake. So the boys on the Sat Nav on the GPS says, make a U turn when possible, make a U turn when possible. So the brother says there's one thing I love about this woman.

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So I just cleaned like this because he his wife in the back and my wife in the back bold, I love about this woman. So I said, Okay, what's it? He said, when you make a mistake? She reroutes you politely?

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While but that was a profound message. Imagine if each one of us can help one another. The son My brother, Listen, my sister you've made a mistake in life. Can let's just reroute. Imagine if that's the way we work together. We reroute one another. Listen, you can't take a U turn. When possible. Take a U turn for a boon for a boon your hands would burst if you comprehend what Allah says, Where are you going without me? Where are you going without me in? a boon Qatada says I will pour on abandoning the Quran and where are you going? So this youngsters got this provocative language in it. And he's just throwing out obscene language. That's the third malady that has learned to speak

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language that is correct. kulu Colin sadita use words that are appropriate. The Prophet sallallaahu sin speech was polite, let me across all the lines are some fashion Well,

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the prophets Allah said never heard obscene language, never used obscene language. In the seven Jews. On the last page, Allah is addressing the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. It could be a man or a common law big La Ilaha Illa who

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mushrikeen Allah says, follow the divine guidance and ignore these people. And Allah is addressing the Prophet sallallahu wasallam in what we refer to as a singular form. And then Allah says, Allah does so bernadina their own amin donella, fire Subala

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Gallic as they

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look at the pragmatic nature of our faith, and do not slander or use foul language or be abusive to those who worship dieties other than Allah, because then they will be abusive to Allah, and then it will just be a chain reaction. So don't use vulgar. Don't use foul language, don't use don't slander, the scholars of the seed analyze something amazing. They say ally is referring to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam and saying you don't do you don't do and then when it comes to when at the sobu our switches from singular to plural.

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And what's the reason that Allah changes the format? And they say, because the prohibition of using vulgar language applies to everyone but the Prophet of Allah. He never ever used vulgar in any form, shape or size. He was never vulgar in his entire life. So three spiritual maladies. Let's focus on that year. The first thing is May Allah free us from arrogance, because we don't know what's accepted? See, there's two things here. The scholars say it's fine to say I have done more than you. That's not pride. One person went for 10 hide one went for one hug. is the brother Have you been for 10? No, no, no, brother? Not really. I mean, there's 10 stamps in your passport you went for 10 Be

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honest and candid. That's fine. It's correct to say you've memorized 10 Jews his memorize three Jews. So since the you've memorized more, no, well, I don't know. No, of course you've memorized more. That's fine. That's not arrogance. It's fine to say I have done more. But then to claim because I've done more I am superior. that's problematic, because maybe Allah has accepted his three Jews and rejected your 10. Maybe Allah has accepted his endeavor for Hajj without performing hajj and rejected your 10 hij.

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So how can I be proud when we don't know the outcome you cannot rejoice though the results are not released and the results will be released in alpha. And the second thing is let us retire to bed early and rise early. That's the life of a believer. And the third thing, let us take care of our tongues. Watch the language at home. guard your lips when a child is near. four children repeat the things they hear. Let no ugly tongue be heard. No careless talk no angry word. For it is a gracious sin to mother innocent language, vulgar or unkind, leaves its mark upon the mind. So let your speech be wise and mild in the presence of a child was Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah.