Yasir Qadhi – The Departing Journey of a Righteous Soul

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The segment discusses the loss of family members and the importance of Easter Easter related praises and names for the upcoming weekend. The use of positive Easter Easter related praises and names for the weekend is emphasized. The importance of remembering the presence of God and the holy month for the upcoming weekend is also discussed. The importance of speaking truthfully and not rejecting others' actions is also emphasized. The speaker also mentions a news program and a book called Jana and offers a recap of the Prophet system's teachings.
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In this world, we share nothing equally, neither wealth nor fame, no children nor status, everybody has a different share. But there is one thing that we all share 100% equally the same, and that is the reality of death. No person amongst us has any more or less we have the same share of death could Luminar they have fun, everybody, everybody that is walking on the face of this earth is going to one day disappear, couldn't do enough sin, that cultural moat, every soul shall taste death. And it is this inevitability that no human being can deny. In their arrogance. Atheists even deny God and this is just a verbal denial. Their words don't change the reality Allah is there and Allah is a

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hug, but in their arrogance, they deny God but they cannot deny death. No human being can deny this reality of death. And this reality is something that the Quran and Sunnah tells us to think about. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam commanded us to frequently think of death okviru cathedra increase your thinking of death. Why? The purpose of thinking of death is not so that we become sorry, morose, sad, will become something who's always worried about ending? No, we think about death, because in our paradigm, death is not the end. You see, for those who don't believe in God, they don't believe in Islam, they don't believe in the afterlife. For them, death is the end, death

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is non existence, death is nothing. So when they think of death, they become sad they become sorry, this is as the Quran is used to say Allah says in the Quran, that the Quran is used to say in here in La Jolla tuna dunya Namo Tijuana here, we have one life we live and we die. That's it. When are you recognized that dark times gonna destroy all of us, nobody will remain. But for us dear brothers and sisters, death is not the end, it is the beginning of the real life. Death is the beginning not the end, this life is not the real life had the Anhedonia Allah Hoon will live this life is playing this life is is amusement. This is not the real life, the real life, the life of the soul, the life

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that is eternal, when will that begin that will begin when we leave this dunya and therefore for us, death is not an end, it is a beginning. So when we understand that death is a beginning, then all of a sudden our paradigm we rethink through death is not the end. Death is not non existence. On the contrary, as Allah says in the Quran, in Dowdell, Hirata Allah he'll hire one, the doubt of the Hereafter the abode of the next life law here hire one hire one here does not mean animal Samira was my thing. I only hire one here means Allah azza wa jal see Allah Movado, the higher and higher l how quickly you hire one here it is the real life. Allah says the doubt will ask Hera, it is the real

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life not this life, this life and how can we take after this life law one this life life because what is law who and life what is law who and life law who and law is when we are busy, we are stressed out we're busy and work, we take a break and we play and then we come back to the real work. That's called the hook that's called Live. We go Allahu Allah, so that we take a break from the real world, from our jobs from our stress, we go outside we play then we come back in. Allah says this whole dunya is play this whole dunya that's not the real work, the real work that's up ahead. But this dunya the bulk of it most of it is not what we are truly here for Subhanallah

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brothers and sisters, the entire community is shaken by the death of our beloved younger brother Bilal Mohammed We ask Allah azza wa jal to forgive him to Grantham for those this tragedy. He was barely 19 years old And subhanAllah at the prime of his youth and it is Allah's Kadar It is Allah's God that I was telling Beloved's mother just a few hours ago, look, this is Allah's Kadar that one day playing happy and tragedy happens and the taken away, nobody should think back about what if this album that no when every one of us was born when I came to this dunya when you came to this dunya right then and there, Allah azza wa jal sent an angel, the angel blew my roof and to me, he

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blew your hand to you. And that angel wrote down four things. Number four amongst them agile, how long shall he live? How long does this person have when we were born? Our death has been decreed nobody can change it. Now you're stuck. You don't know who said it.

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Whether you're stuck at the moon, nobody can move it backward or forward. And in our brief, hotter today, I wanted to remind myself and all of you of what our profits are some told us about the journey of the soul and death. And we prayed that our brother beloved, and all of our friends and relatives were moved on are facing this journey, because one time in material club called in Madina, Munawwara, when a Sahabi was buried, you know, back then, the burial, you had to dig the grave right then and there, there was no, you know, lift truck and for coming and having it ready for you, when the body was brought, they had to sit down and dig right then and there. So one occasion when they

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were burying somebody, the prophets have sat down, waiting for them to dig the copper. And in that 20 minutes, 30 minutes, he explained, in the most detail ever, the journey of the soul, the most detailed Hadith we have about the journey of the soul, it took place in the cupboard in Bucky. When the cupboard is about to be dug and the person buried our Prophet system gave this hadith it's a very long Hadith it goes pages and pages, I'm going to summarize only give you the first half of it because he gave two journeys, the journey of the righteous and the journey of the one who rejects Allah and today's short Hatha, we're just going to comment a little bit about the first half, and

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that is the journey of the righteous. Our professor some said, when the righteous person is about to leave this dunya and he's facing the next airboat. The angels come to Him. Now this is when he's still alive. This is in the last milliseconds, the last time that he's still in this world. His Roar is still here, but he's about to pass away, either kind of Abdun bandlimited, or he's about to enter the Alpha era, the mullah Iike of mercy and Sakina come down from the heavens, and they surround him. As far as the eye can see, their faces are shining bright, their presence makes him calm, removes any fear and anxiety looking upon these angels, as far as the eye can see, and he finds

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peace and Skeena and then the medical mode comes Subhan Allah, Allah doesn't send the medical mode without the preparation without the angels that are coming to calm the person down. The medical mode, generally is a terrifying figure. If you were to just see my locomote you might get terrified, but the righteous person, ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala does not just send the medical boat instantaneously know Allah says I recited in Surah I recited in, in the Salah, in the Latina cholera Boon Allah Who for Mr. Como, those who were firm, and they were straight and they believed in Allah as their Lord xs Zulu, I lay him will melodica the angels come down in ranks and ranks and the angels speak to

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them. And the angels say, hola to Hafele. What as I know, don't be scared. And don't worry. Don't be scared about where you're going to go. Don't be scared about the future. And don't worry about the people you're leaving behind. Don't worry about your loved ones. No, don't worry about that. Don't be scared about the future journey. And don't be worried about the past that you love behind. Why not new Oh, Leah, Phil hire to dunya or Phil AFTRA, we're gonna take care of you. We are your protectors. The angels are telling this person, don't worry, don't be scared, we will take care of you. We took care of you before we'll take care of you now, not only outcome Phil had to deal with

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it after. And so the angels calm him down, the angels remove the anxiety and then the medical mode comes now the person is not feeling scared, the person is not feeling anxious. Now he understands he sees the beautiful angels, His soul is at peace. Then the medical mode comes and the medical mode simply says come out. Oh, so our profit system says when the medical mode says this, his soul leaves him as cleanly as smoothly as water is poured from a jug into a cup. When you pour water, it just flows out. Contrast this later on, we're not going to do the rest of the Hadith. But just to contrast, one phrase, the one who rejects Allah, the Prophet system said his soul comes out the way

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that a metal comb and Iren comb is pulled through wet wool, you know wet cotton. Imagine how that is pulled through. They don't want to leave the soul doesn't want to leave. The soul wants to remain it's fighting. That's the one who rejects Allah, the One who was pious and righteous. It just flows out. It just comes out and when it comes out the angels that are surrounding the soul, they put upon him the coffin of Jana they put upon him the softest garments and fragrance of Jana, the very cloth of Jana they put up on him and they send upon him the frequencies of gender and they call him with his most beautiful adjectives and names, whatever nice names and adjectives however people used to

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call him so for example, if somebody would say, Oh, you bring a smile to my face

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Oh, you are charitable Oh, you are generous. Oh, you're so kind. The angels have memorized every praise that was given to this person and they will then use that praise. And this shows us we need to increase those praises in this dunya we need to make sure our friends and family know us with the most positive adjectives with the most beautiful nouns and names so that when we leave, the angels will use those same adjectives. Our Prophet system said the best descriptions he was ever called in the dunya. That's what the angels are going to use. So somebody who was genuinely moved by you compassionate, you're so kind Jazak Allahu Allah, may Allah bless you. You're so generous, every

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phrase anybody has ever said for the good deeds you've done. That's what the angels are going to say when your Roar is coming out. This is an incentive for me and you that we increase those phrases that people know us by the most beautiful adjectives and the most solid nouns and names so the angels are going to bring him out put upon him the coffin of Jana bring the high note and the perfumes of Jana. Pause here before we move on. What a beautiful, beautiful description how so why? Because every single sense is being taken care of and given Sakina and peace, the sense of the eyes, the sense of the ears, the sense of the smell, the sense of the touch, we have all of the senses,

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right? Every single sense. Allah subhana wa Tada is sending comfort, what the person sees will bring him comfortable. I see these beautiful angels I see the angels their very presence makes me feel calm. I feel confident I feel comfortable. What he hears the angels call him by the most beautiful names latter half of what wherever she ruble Jana NanHu. I will hear what he hears is beautiful. What he's what he's feels with his hands. This the shrouds of Jana are going to be put upon him no one has felt anything softer than that they bring from Jana forget the chief cotton we can put the cheap polyester we can put what can we compare to the coffin of the angels The angels will come and

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his daughter will feel the softness of Jana and not only that even the fragrance of Jana Subhanallah every sensation of his it has been taken care of why so that he feels no anxiety He feels no fear no worry. And this is why our profit system explain to our Isha that you know whoever is pleased to meet Allah Allah is pleased to meet him. There's a hadith Sahih Bukhari whoever is pleased to meet Allah. Allah is pleased to meet him. I Isha said, you have rasool Allah, listen to this. We are all scared of death. Is there anybody here not scared of death? Everyone is terrified of death, because it represents the unknown. We don't know what's going to happen. Our mother Aisha Alhamdulillah she

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verbalized what we feel in our hearts. You know, when the Prophet system said, whoever wants to meet Allah, Allah wants to meet him.

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If she were to be quiet, every one of us would think the same question. I don't want to die, but I shall we thank her. May Allah bless her and reward her. She said what we wanted her to say he helped us with Allah. Cool Luna necro whole note. We are all scared of death and our prophecies and said No, yeah, hi Isha. I'm not talking about that fear. That fear is natural. That fear is okay. It's an unknown. I am saying when the angel of death comes with the maniacal Terashima. The person becomes happy and Allah is happy to meet him. Ie at this stage. No Olia right now, when the person sees the angels, all of a sudden, do you think he'll he'll want to remain with me and you? When he sees the

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angels of Rama, when he sees the delegation from Allah, as far as the eye can see, he sees those angels, do you think he'll choose me over those angels? No person will want to remain in the dunya everyone will say, take me take me and that's what our Prophet system is saying. The one who wants to meet Allah. Allah wants to meet him at that stage. How do you get to that stage we just saw right now the angels are mentioning the positive names then what our Prophet system said they put the coffin of Jana they put the perfume of Jana and then the angels take him up through the doors of the skies to go up to Allah subhana wa Tada. This happens to every rule, every rule, it goes up to the

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doors of the skies to meet Allah subhanho wa Taala now as it goes to the doors of the skies, every sky every summer has the shut door. We know this from so in Mirage when the processor went up, the door was shut every door has she has every heaven the summer has a shut door. When this person comes they will ask Who is it? The angel with him will say it is so and so the doors will open and open and open and open. How does this angel know the name of so and so? Our scholars mentioned that the Quran tells us this answer. Allah subhana wa Taala experts

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Till he says in the Quran that

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well, I'm going to solve it through your firewall, that Eli he Yes, I will carry moto. Yep. Well, I'm going to salehoo your Pharaoh, good speech and good deeds are raised up to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, our prophets are some said, every Monday and Thursday your good deeds are taking up to Allah subhana wa taala. When our good deeds are taken up, they have the tag with our name on them. Every time we do a good deed, it goes up to Allah subhana wa Tala, and it goes through the heavens, and it goes through the gates. And every time it goes through the gates, those angels see the name on that gate, those angels, their memory, their registry is much bigger than me and you and they are

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monitoring every single good deed. So they recognize the names of the righteous whose good deeds are going up all the time. So when the person himself comes, he's already sent 1000s And millions of good deeds, the angels know him. So the angels say to Father, go ahead, you're well, welcome. We've seen his good deeds. Contrast is to the next part of the Hadith, which we're not going to go over in detail, that when the wicked when the evil go up, the angels do not recognize him, because he's never sent any good up there. The angels don't know who this person is. He's never done a good deed. So the door remains shut and he does not go up to Allah. We seek Allah's refuge but the righteous

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person, his deeds have been sent up, which means me I knew we had better be sending our good deeds constantly. We want the angels to know our names, and every good deed that we do. The angels will know our names, every good word, every positive encouragement, every sadaqa every Salah it will go up and the angels will know our name, then the roof goes up until it is in the audience of Allah. Now the Hadith doesn't say that the Lord sees Allah. Most we don't believe the law says the law but the rule and knows that it is in the Presence of Allah and Allah azza wa jal will say, oke to walk it out but Abdi Phil allein, write the name of this servant of Mine in the high Registrar of elite

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in the Quran mentions the high register of elite write his name in that registrar he has passed, Allah will give him the verdict. This is immediately when he's put into the cover, this happens and the people are still around the cover. And then the rule comes down. But now the rule has coming down away from the audience of Allah, the rule is going to feel have made it all the way up, why am I going down? So then the rule will hear Allah Subhana Allah Himself recite the verse directly in diverse men ha ha cannot come. We're fee when are you to come woman, her no creature come Tara and okra, we created you from the earth, and we shall return you to the earth and then from the earth

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will bring you back up again. So that the rule is given the constellation you're leaving now. But that's not because you're going away forever. No, you're leaving my audience now to go back to this earth. Because everybody has to go back to this earth, it is a temporary going back. And then a time will come we'll bring you back up. And that will be the permanent time. So even when the roof is coming down. Because imagine you got all the way there you think you've made it, then you realize you're going down constellation is given, don't worry, everybody is going down. Your time shall come then when the rule comes down that point in time, Mancha and Nikita, come SubhanAllah. All of this

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happens in our worldview, milliseconds and our will with you. We're still outside the cover putting the sun on this is already happening at that time. And then once the rule comes down, then Moon Karan Nikita come and won't get an A kid. There are three questions are known to all of us. There are three questions or no to all of us. Who is your Lord? Who is your prophet? And what was your way of life? And subhanAllah? The questions that won't get in Nikhil, they are not questions of the actual of the brain, they are questions of the color of the Royal doesn't matter how much studying you've done up here. Doesn't matter what you've memorized on that timeframe. When you are in the

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cover. Your memory means nothing. It is your color. It is your heart. It is your lifestyle. So when the angel says Who did you use to worship? It doesn't matter what you've been taught in high school or in middle school? It doesn't matter what you went to Sunday school? Who was the one entity or what was the one being that you sacrificed everything for? What was your goal? What did you really venerate? What did you spend your entire life magnifying and making the biggest thing and your dunya? Was it your mile? Was it your jaw? Was it your fame? What did you really worship? Your memory will mean nothing. It will be your lifestyle? What did you sacrifice for to gain What was your final

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goal? So the one who chose Allah over everything has and will respond and I recited the verses in South Asia. You

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bid Allahu Allah the nominal this verse is a reference to Monica Nikhil you tap Bucha. Hola. Hola, Dina Amanu Bill holy Sabbath, Allah will give you the answer and give you that Allah will tell you firmly how to respond. Our memory cannot respond in the cover, it will be our color and Allah will give back to the culture. Allah will allow us to answer may Allah make us answer correctly. So the one who prioritize Allah will say, Oh, I worshiped Allah. Allah was my goal. He will respond, then who is your Nabhi? Again? It's not what you memorize as a five year old No. Who did you really love? whose lifestyle were you so obsessed with? You wanted to model your life behind? Who will you really

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following? Mimicking? Who did you want to copy every single thing? Who Ciara were you studying? whose lifestyle? Was it? Somebody on Instagram somebody on Twitter? Was it some famous Hollywood Bollywood star that you're always wondering and obsessed? Or was it a Nabil Habiba? Mustafa, who did you really love? And so if you are new, and if you follow the Prophet sallallahu sallam, you will say it was the prophet system. But if you had somebody else in your life, that you made him the role model, you made that person, I want to be like that person. Well, then don't be surprised. You won't know because that's not the answer. It's not over here. It is your actual it is your actual life

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that is gonna give you the answer. And then, according to what did you live your life? My Dino here means? What was your ethics, your rituals? Where did you derive it from? Was your life in accordance with the Sharia, you changed everything so that your lifestyle was rounded? Sharia or you couldn't care less? And your worry was capitalism? Your whole lifestyle? Was deen and duniya is just dunya and Mal, how did you live your life? What is your ethics? And if you follow the Sharia, if you took the lifestyle of Islam as your lifestyle, you will then say Islam, but if you didn't, then don't be surprised, as the Prophet said, in the next part of the Hadith, the man is going to say, ah, Allah,

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did he? I don't know. I heard people say things, but I did not do them. Notice here he knows in his head what to say he cannot say it. Because at that stage, it's not the knowledge of the mind. It is the actions of the heart that speak volumes. So the righteous person will answer everything, and Subhanallah brothers and sisters, I've been a professor for many, many years, I'm still a professor as the Islamic seminary. And you know, professors, they hide their exams to the very end, no professor tells you the exam. Can you imagine first day of class I walk in, and before beginning to teach, I hand out the final exam. I say, Guys, this is going to be your final exam. Who's going to

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fill that class? Guess what? Allah has given us the exact questions. We know the questions, yet still, many are not going to pass we know the questions they've been handed to us. We know exactly when and we know exactly who's going to ask and we know exactly the questions all we have to fill out the questionnaire properly live our lives love Allah azza wa jal follow the messenger live, according to Islam will answer the questions. So those who answered correctly the angels, the Mongkut and Nikita will say So Doctor, you have spoken the truth, and we knew you would speak the truth. The angels know we know you are truthful in this regard. Then the angels will leave and a

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door will be opened up the Prophet system said in his cupboard, a door will be opened up and he shall see what Allah has prepared for him of the palaces of Jannah of the rivers of Jannah of all that is his plot in Jannah. And the fragrance of Jana will waft his way and he's going to smell and he's going to see the wind of Jana little bit is going to come in the cover. And so he will say, Yeah, Rob, yeah. Rob. Allow me to enter. So Allah will say to him, not now, after the trumpet is blown after the piano, so he will say yeah, Rob I Gil Qiyamah Oh, my Lord make Takayama close. I wanted to be right now. I don't want to wait all that time. Allah will say it's time will come and

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he shall be in that Bozak happy and content and in a state of peace model called the Quran calls Yahweh Ilana Mumbai ethanolamine, Mother Kadena Monica called means our place of nap, the Arabic word Model Club. It's a place of nap of rest. So the one who is righteous in the cover, he's just taking a nap, because the real Jana is right ahead of him is just an interlude, peaceful interlude, and then he's going to enter Jannah and in this timeframe, as well, we learned I did the long series of buttons as well, that the person who is righteous, the good deeds that he is given, he shall know who gifted them and he will know by name and in fact, many of our olema including Ibaka, Ubuntu and

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others, they they affirmed that the dead nose the one who's visiting in the graveyard, I gave a longer lecture you can listen to the two opinions even Okay, and by the way affirms this that the dead in there the righteous not the not the wicked, the righteous when you visit

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at them, and you give salam in front of them, Allah allows that person to know that he is in front, and you make dua for them and he knows you're making dua, and you give him sadaqa, you give him or Maura, you give him Hajj, and he will know that so and so has remembered me, and he will be appreciative of that. And our professors have told us that a person will be in the cupboard, and he will see his arm lifted up, for example, he will see his palace be even bigger, even better, he will say, Yeah, Rob, where did this come from? I'm in my upper Europe, how did I get this upgrade, and Allah will tell him, this is from the dua or the sadaqa, or the good deed your child has done for

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you, when you're in the cupboard, somebody gifted you I gave you that upgrade. So this shows us that even in the cupboard, we can still benefit the people by doing good deeds and DUA and is still far and again, the Hadith goes on and on. But this is a summary of the journey I will face and you will face if we are righteous brothers and sisters, there's another part as well, we don't have time today. And that's if those who reject Allah, we don't want to be amongst them. There's only two categories. Either you pass or you don't, we want to be of those who pass our brother, beloved has moved on to his abode, we sincerely make dua that he is tasting all that I have just described, and

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he is seeing all that I have just described, we ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to forgive him and exalt his ranks. Remember, our Prophet system said brothers and sisters, that a janazah passed by and the people praise the person made dua for the person said, what a you know what a good person he was. And the prophets are some said, whichever, but this has come true. They said, What do you mean? He said, Unto him, shahada, Allah He followed. You are Allah's witnesses in this earth, when you all collectively testify about the piety of somebody, this indicates Insha Allah, we cannot 100% only Allah knows. But in sha Allah Insha Allah, when the community when a large group of people, when

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there's genuine love, genuine respect, genuine compassion for a person that's going on, then Insha Allah, it is a very positive sign that this person is beloved to Allah. Our Prophet system said, when Allah loves somebody, he announces to the angels, I love somebody, so love him. And so the angels love him. And when the angels love him, love is written for him on this earth as well. Our brother Bill Alhamdulillah, his janazah today is perhaps one of the largest analysis we saw, you know, in, in this semester, that hamdulillah and this really shows insha Allah a good he was on his way to memorize the Quran, he was doing so much good, the family has asked me to announce that

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they're opening up Asada kajaria charity and endowment in his name, every year, they will be giving to different causes refugees or whatnot. And so they want to keep the legacy alive. But I have a personal request as well for us to think about and that is when our young brother at the prime of his age 19 Subhan, Allah, his whole life ahead of him so much to do, Allah has chose him to move on and inshallah he is happy and in a better place, but we are still here, let his moving on his death, let his moving on to the next life. Make every one of us think about our own lives. No one is safe from death. No one can predict when it is going to happen, how instantly how quickly from doing one

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thing to now Subhanallah literally, this is the reality of life. So let his moving on. Empower every one of us to think about our own lives, to think about that inevitable ending that we're going to face. And if him moving on causes each and every one of us to be a little bit better, a little bit more pious, to be more reflective to think about this never this inevitable reality, then this is a sadaqa Giardia to belong, that is going to be continuous, you're changing your life. When you see something else like this happen can actually potentially be gifting some good deeds to him without you diminishing any good Allah gives to everybody Allah gives to you and Allah gives to everybody.

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So let this be a reflection for all of us brothers and sisters final point Subhanallah how often we stand here I stand here and we remind ourselves of the inevitable death. How often you know, especially during COVID The last three years how often we kept on giving reminder Subhanallah don't we realize the time will come when it will be your reminder and my reminder don't realize this one by one every one of us we lose family we lose friends we lose grandparents, uncles and aunts fat for relatives. This is the reality of life phone call comes so when so passed away what I was just with him while Elijah said salaam I literally had lunch with him last week I saw him in the supermarket.

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Don't we realize the time will come when your name will be mentioned. And somebody's going to say I was just with him and it's going to be me and you in the cover me and you moving up and down me and you mancha Nikhil our time will come as well. So let us benefit with each and every passing each and every death let us benefit

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As our Prophet system said, frequently think of that which will destroy all pleasures frequently think of death. May Allah subhanaw taala allow our lives to be a fruitful and productive one. May Allah Subhana Allah Allah grant us the best life and grant us the best death. May Allah make our best days the last days on our best deeds, the last DS May Allah azza wa jal take our souls only when he's pleased and happy with us. May Allah subhanaw taala grant every one of us the shahada to c'est la ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasool Allah, may Allah subhana wa Tada grant us easy that's unpeaceful that may Allah subhanho wa Taala make our cupboards a vast place of Jannah May Allah make

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our cupboards enlightened and full of light. We seek Allah's refuge from the darkness of the cupboard from the tightness of the cupboard. We seek Allah's refuge from the punishment of the cupboard, we ask Allah azza wa jal to give us the bath when won't get in a good question as we ask Allah subhana wa Taala to open up a door to Jana to see our palaces of Jannah when we are in the cupboard, we ask Allah subhana wa Taala to expedite for us the beauties and the blessings of Jannah We ask Allah subhanaw taala to be resurrected with the Prophet salallahu it he was setting them to be sheltered under the shade of Allah to be fed by the prophets and from the house and from the

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fountain to enter gender bid lady hisab. And well either to be in the company of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam fie Jana to the third dose of Allah wa through that one in hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salam ala who was selling them about 101 early he was on big mountain was salam ala rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh

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me know.

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And levena woofie sala de he fosse your own well levena umani love we weren't born well. levena Zeca differ you will levy now who's only 4g him have you hone in

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as Why do you

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get amen?

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Malou me

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